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The #Grenfell community was very close to Meghan’s heart; the hubb ladies welcomed her and she in turn built a kinship and partnership with them to assist the community. Prayers to them as they continue to honor and mourn their loved ones 🙏🏾

#DuchessOfSussex ImageImageImageImage
How the “Together: Our Communtiy Cookbook” started

The Launch of Together Cookbook

🎙️ Meghan.
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#HarryandMeghan with United Service Organization(USO) 🇺🇸#PrinceHarry #MeghanMarkle #DuchessOfSussex ImageImage
#PrinceHarry made remarks at the warrior games ceremony #WarriorGames

#DukeOfSussex ImageImage
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To all haters, this is who you are hating on.
#MeghanMarkle aged 11.
#MeghanMarkle as a young teen travelling in europe.
#MeghanMarkle as a young girl.
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Here's the true story of what took place.


The videos are from @ChezSoryuChris, please thank her not me.
For those of you disparaging John Miller: Image
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For those of you who lack comprehension skills, including #Media & #Tabloid personnel, #GovernmentOfficials & general #Haters

✅ Near catastrophic - the potential to cause great harm, damage, suffering.

How could this be possible? The paparazzi could have #HarryandMeghan Image
caused a serious accident not just to H & M but also pedestrians, other drivers or the NYPD police with them.

If one of the Police or pedestrians had been severely hurt or died would you considered it catasthropic? Would you consider it a great damage or would you not care?
✅ Chase - pursue in order to catch or catch up with.

Chase is not about how fast or slow the chaser is moving.

I could say I chased my sister or if the house. Would you have a problem with that?

What exactly were the paparazzi doing if they weren't chasing H & M?
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NEW #HarryandMeghan's press secretary Ashley Hansen said:
"I have never experienced their vulnerability as much as I did last night. They were incredibly scared and shaken up."
"There were several times where the car stopped, and security got out," she told me.

"There were instances where the police confronted the paparazzi and had asked them to stop or give them space, to do this safely. Unfortunately, that wish was not respected.
Tom Buda, a former detective with the NYPDsaid: "They used e-bikes to help their sedans to keep up. I witnessed at least 15 lights blown by the paparazzi vehicles."
"As security, we don't know what the intention of these supposed paparazzi are - and we don't know who's who.
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Prince Harry’s latest judicial review hearing against the Home Office has begun.

Duke of Sussex’s legal team say he should be able to pay for police protection & that the head of Met Police can make a discretion for this.

#PrinceHarry #RoyalFamily #HarryandMeghan Image
Decisions about security for royalty and public figures is made by a committee called RAVEC.

Prince Harry’s legal team say the committee should have put forward the Duke’s offer of payment for security to the chief police officer and the he should have decided instead of RAVEC.
Justice Chamberlain is questioning Prince Harry’s barrister by raising case law relating to payment for police protection.

He says whether protection is on public or private land is an important factor.

“The conclusions we drew is that it is at best unclear”

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Many professionals have identified that #HarryandMeghan have narcissistic tendencies. This 🧵outlines a destructive narcissist & what to do. It seems The King has been dealing with them & the stupid PR is their meltdown of being ignored. Keep Calm #KingCharlesIII & Carry On.
When you’re dealing with a narcissist you’re dealing with an entitled childish ingrate who lacks boundaries & has very little, if any empathy & conscience. In addition, you’re dealing with a master manipulator. Someone who is willing to go to any lengths, lengths that you and I
cannot even fathom, just to get their way, just to win the right fight, just to look like the good person, just to look like either the hero or the victim, they’ll go to any lengths. So you want to be sure you choose you’re battles wisely. It’s in you’re best interest to back
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#PhoneHacking the first time around.
History is condemned to repeat itself.…
‘Allegations that News International journalists were involved in hacking people's phones for information led to the closure of the 168-year-old News of the World tabloid in 2011 and a trial costing reportedly up to £100m.’…
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I don't know why anyone expects Charles @Royalfamily to be anything else than what he is -
1. Friends w notorious paedo Jimmy Savile
2. Married a teenager and didn't love her
3. Was jealous & insecure of Diana's popularity
4. Cheated on Diana repeatedly
5. Wanted to be a tampon
6. Divorced his wife, left her no protection
7. Made his children walk behind their mum's coffin
8. Moved the mistress (Camilla) in
9. Promised never to marry her, then married her
10. Promised she would never be Queen, now QC
11. Allowed her to use William @KensingtonRoyal
12. Allowed her to use Harry to bury stories abt her drugs addicted son.
13. Charles and Camilla sold William and Harry to the tabloids for favourable press of them
14. Is spineless against William's incandescent rage
15. Has refused to officially title his mixed-race grandkids
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1. From @RollingStone ... Whereas the public had previously seen the Queen as a longstanding grandmother of the nation, Charles is not the country’s grandfather so much as a blank emblem of the royal family.
2. “I don’t know what there is to gain for artists by associating with him,” says Meg. “With the Queen, she was fab and glamorous to some people. Charles doesn’t add anything — there’s not a legacy of his that anyone (@Adele @eltonofficial, etc) would want to align with.
3. It’s televised, so a lot of people will hear your songs, sure, but in terms of long-term PR strategy, I don’t know if performing would add positively to an artist’s narrative unless they were staunchly pro the monarchy.”
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My timeline has been reduced to mainly promoted posts, RW and #Brexiteer type posts with just a spattering of my usual collaborators.

I usually RT a lot of posts, if you think I’ve stopped I haven’t. I’m just not seeing them.
#RejoinEU 🥴
My priority on Twitter has always been #IHateBullies / challenge #Brexit / promote #RejoinEU I”Also related equality issues.
#StopTheHateNow #HarryAndMeghan
#Immigration etc
etc …
New Twitter #algobot seems to have skewed my timeline -
#Catch22 Not sure how to deal with new Twitter algobots - I no longer see many posts about issues unless I post a lot about them - only tend to post RT a about things I see. 🥴
Also reluctant to set up any ‘circles’ that only include accounts I’ve ‘approved’
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1. I posted a tweet about #MeghanMarkle today and in the clip she spoke abt how she was scared and feared for her life and the life of her kids. I would say a large portion of the hateful, and vile comments that tweet got was from white women hiding behind @KensingtonRoyal pics.
2. Of course I punch harder than you can punch at me in my responses, but while I am not surprised or shocked, I guess I am disappointed in the amount of women that felt it was okay to denigrate another woman especially a WOC and a mother with lies and downright falsehoods.
3. I've said this before I am NOT a monarchist, or royalist, I've grown up in 3 countries that are sovereign to Britain including living in the UK, and I've seen how useless the actual @RoyalFamily is when it comes to anything of substance for British subjects.
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🫖Who's ready for me to spill a nice BIG cuppa HOT TEA⁉️🍵🔥🔥🔥😊 Image
This tea🍵 is coming in steaming hot♨️! -So, I will pour it out slowly as we all sip along together!😚
First, this tea🍵 confirms what we have always believed about their 'pregnancy'🤰. On a visit Meghan made to an animal shelter, a 'popping' noise came from her 'bump' when she arose. An AI Expert has analyzed that sound on the video & it's SILICONE❗️🤯👇🔍 Image
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Prince Harry’s newly released tell-all memoir is sending shockwaves through the Royal Family, painting a picture of a Family at odds with both Himself and Meghan. Here are some of the more bizarre claims made in the new book 🧵 Image

Harry had trouble connecting with his father. Often, at events or parades, he would approach the now King to discuss Diana, to be met with orders to “be quiet” or “shut up” ImageImage

Harry calls out Royal “sense of entitlement”. In one bizarre incident on first meeting Meghan, the Late Queen sniffed her “at the neck”. “Nobody around said anything” ImageImage
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Watched it. Despite the sheer madness and bullying they've had to endure, they seem to have remained madly in love and have two adorable children to show for it. I hope they thrive. #HarryAndMeghan
Although I meant every word of this tweet, it was also an experiment to see if it would back up claims made in the documentary as to how Harry and Meghan are used as clickbait for monetisation and how orchestrated campaigns work against them. It didn't disappoint. Read on.
I have a small number of followers, so my tweets don't gather a huge amount of attention. But in comparison, as you can see, a single tweet around Harry and Megan - explodes. If my livelihood depended on generating clicks and views  - Harry and Megan would be the way to go. ImageImage
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News UK boss Rebekah Brooks is under fire for her close friend @JeremyClarkson hate speech on Megan Markle - but few know that Brooks is also facing allegations of industrial scale PHONE HACKING and DESTRUCTION OF EVIDENCE at the High Court.
@JeremyClarkson Here are a selection of @Binvestigates stories revealing recent allegations made against Brooks...
@JeremyClarkson The Sun Hacked Phones and Illegally Obtained Personal Medical Data, Court Told

'Many of the new hacking allegations made in court... arise between 2003 and 2009 when Rebekah Brooks edited The Sun.'…
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How has public opinion of Harry and Meghan changed since their Netflix documentary? A short thread on the latest polling #HarryandMeghan
In the aftermath of the documentary's release, my own polling has Harry & Meghan's "net rating" at -26

Only 22% of Brits now have a positive view of the couple, 48% negative, 30% prefer not to say/don't know
If you want a reference point, this puts them broadly where the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was at the time of the 2019 general election
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It is very untrue that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were not protected from mistruths. I revealed on @einstein_evans what happened:

1. #HarryandMeghan had an obsession for the press/media/PR. They wanted to always respond to EVERY story, which became tasking ...
... for KP and BP staff. #PrinceHarry would write VERY RUDE emails and scream at people over the phone demanding that EVERY story be corrected, removed, etc. with THREATS!! (Hundreds of these emails exist and were part of the bullying investigation).
2. However, the press team was getting overwhelmed. They were dealing with the nightmare of Prince Andrew and Virginia Guiffre, as well as leaks and planted lies (from Meghan Markle, YES, Meghan) against William and Catherine. (Yes, MM was briefing her friends and others)
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Ok. I’ve done all three. (Watching at 1.5x speed is very helpful). #HarryandMeghan
So where to start …?
Essentially, this is a story of so much promise that ended in acrimony and sadness. With family breakdowns on both sides (Harry and Meghan’s). It’s a pretty sad situation all round
Harry and Meghan - along with friends, family and supportive colleagues - make the case that the breakdown can be blamed on:
1. tabloid press
2. the inability of the Monarchy and a country built on the riches of Empire, to adapt to Meghan’s arrival in the UK
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🧵#MeghanandHarry So they didn’t meet at the Soho club. She didn’t Google him, but checked out his Instagram feed. The Millennial phone book.
Whoops Tom Bower! You got the dishwashing story wrong.
“Straight out of Compton” #MeghanandHarry #netflix
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🚨 Watch: Meghan and Harry's Netflix documentary trailer promises to explain why they quit Royal Family…
🔴 The first trailer for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's Netflix documentary has launched, promising a "never-before-seen look" at their private lives which will explain why they had to leave the Royal Family.

🔴 The one-minute trailer, in which Netflix confirms the existence of the six-part documentary for the first time, the couple are interviewed on camera while intimate behind-the-scenes photographs of their lives are played out.

Read more ⤵️… CREDIT: Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images
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I am doing a thread about Prince Harry and Meghan Archewell Foundation partnership with organizations. Squaddies are welcome to add to this thread.

Partnership with World Central Kitchen:…
Video clip of Chef José 👨‍🍳 talking about their partnership. The UK media only focus is spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories about #HarryandMeghan.
Another video clip showing the completion of one of their projects with World Central Kitchen.
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Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex September photos through the years 💥💫👑🔥 #PrinceHarry #MeghanMakle #HarryAndMeghan
Spotify calls Meghan Markle,The Duchess of Sussex upcoming podcast series GROUNDBREAKING.…
Tyler Perry called Queen Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex a ‘PRINCESS’ while wishing her happy birthday and royalist lost it completely.…
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