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1/2 "Here, we demonstrate an increased survival of infected #honey #bee #larvae after their #queen was #vaccinated, compared to offspring of #control #queens (#placebo vaccinated)."…
2/2 "These results indicate that #trans-#generational #immune #priming (#TGIP) in insects can be used to majorly enhance #colony #health, protect #commercial #pollinators from #deadly #diseases, and reduce high #financial and #material losses to #beekeepers"
1/2 "The idea came to be known as the “#butterfly #effect” after Lorenz suggested that the flap of a butterfly's wings might ultimately cause a tornado."…
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Instead of spending a lot of public money and wasting council workers' time spraying vast quantities of carcinogenic chemicals on tiny bits of green space, collect plastics strewn all over Brum.

#Pollution Image
Stop spraying highly toxic chemicals on the bits of greenery left in Birmingham and the W Midlands.
Save workers' health/lives and have your them collect the masses of litter/plastics everywhere
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#TreeTuesday #VLMTreeOfTheWeek 🧵
Tree No4, planted on land taken from dairy farming by the #VeganLandMovementCIC

Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa)

Part of the cherry family this pretty tree is sometimes known as "Mother of the Wood" but it's commonly more famous for its berries ... Hubert Berberich (HubiB), via Wikimedia Commons
Flowering as early as late February (flowering from last year's growth & another reason not to cut hedges) & before its leaves are formed, its glorious abundance of creamy blossoms provides vital sustenance for bees after winter.

#Insects #Pollinators #savethebees 🐝🐝 JuliaC2006 from Rochester, UK. via Wikimedia Commons Tawny M
The Blackthorn flowers are hermaphrodite meaning they have male & female parts in each flower. ♂️♀️

That makes this beautiful tree self fertile 🌸🌳 Sally V, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons
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Last week I gave a talk at #ECCB2022_Prague, entitled “(How) can the EU Common Agricultural Policy #CAP still address the crisis of farmland biodiversity?”. Here I give a short summary of the presentation. 🧵
1/x we are facing several interlinked crises: #ClimateCrisis (extreme events like droughts, heat, floods), we are losing #biodiversity, #pollinators and natural pest control; we face soil erosion and land degradation, water scarcity and loss of water quality.
2/x Environmental factors are THE key factors leading to crop failures and risks to food security. Farming and farmers are at the core of a major conflict around land: both as a driver of losses and the sector most affected by it. We need to act fast, as it has impacts on us all.
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Heatwaves, droughts... We can't ignore climate change ! Does climate change affect plants, pollinators? Does drought affect pollination, the cornerstone of the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems?
>>> Check out our new paper in @JEcology and please retweet !!!!!
a thread 1/17
2/17 Manuscript accepted in @JEcology: Long‐term experimental drought alters floral scent and pollinator visits in a Mediterranean plant community despite overall limited impacts on plant phenotype and reproduction…
3/17 We measured floral traits in a natural Mediterranean community under drought: floral scent, flower number, colour, size, nectar production. We also measured pollinator visits, species richness and composition, and plant reproduction.
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Our new paper ‘Quantifying exposure of #bumblebee (Bombus spp.) queens to #pesticide residues when hibernating in agricultural soils’ is out in Environmental Pollution! 👉… #Pollinators #OpenAccess @ELSenviron @NigelERaine @McArtLab 🐝👑🧵(1/5) Image
(2/5) Many bumble🐝 species hibernate underground, where they can be exposed to soil contaminants. To quantify #exposure to #pesticide residues for these 👑, we sampled soils from suitable likely hibernation sites on🍎and diversified farms in Ontario 🇨🇦 during fall🍂
(3/5) We found that bumble🐝👑 are very likely to be exposed to complex #mixtures of multiple insecticides, herbicides & fungicides in agricultural soils (including high levels of cyantraniliprole, chlorantraniliprole, & boscalid‼️). 53 active ingredients were detected. Image
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"The world may be facing a devastating 'hidden' #collapse in insect species due to the twin threats of #ClimateChange and habitat loss."… #ClimateCrisis #BiodiversityCrisis
"Our findings, published today in Nature, reveal that insect declines are greatest in farmland areas within tropical countries – where the combined effects of climate change and habitat loss are experienced most profoundly."
"Throughout the world, our analysis also shows that farmland in climate-stressed areas where most nearby natural habitat has been removed has lost 63% of its insects,on average,compared with as little as 7% for farmland where the nearby natural habitat has been largely preserved"
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/30/2021…
The fight for $15: can Joe Biden usher in a higher minimum wage?…

How Trump’s Tariffs Really Affected the U.S. Job Market…

#trade #tariffs #policy #jobs
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1. #SeedWeek is all about celebrating the brilliant growers, gardeners and #seed keepers reviving seed diversity in the UK & Ireland.

As the week draws to a close, we thought we'd get a wee bit serious and talk about WHY their work is so key for us all...
2. Simply put, there's no #food without #seed!

Almost everything we eat is grown from, or ate something that was grown from seed.

Seed is important to every single one of us, every single day.
3. But it's not just the existence of seed that matters. It's the diversity of seeds available to us, and whose hands those seeds are in.
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This section deals with Investing in the Engines of #JobCreation Only one party has a specific plan for rebuilding the great American #MiddleClass. ..the other has a loyalty pledge to a con man whose lies cost so many American lives. 1/14
#Democrats will invest in the American heartland and rural communities. 2/14 #DemPartyPlatform #WeAreFarming #rural #DemFuture
#Democrats will make it easier for new and beginning #farmers, aquaculture farmers, ranchers, and foresters, including returning veterans, to start and grow their operations by expanding U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) ownership and operating loan programs. 3/14
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LET the ISBA live tweeting commence! View of the soon to be filled conference room at beautiful McHenry County College. Full day of speakers starting at 9 with Brian Rennecker from the @ILAgriculture
Lots of good talks scheduled. Which ones are you most excited about? #ISBA #ApisM #Beekeeping
Side note: conference chairs probably some of the most comfortable this posterior has sat in. 10/10
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Short lap. Check out the horn on that caterpillar, though!
I was gonna start a 🦆 party hashtag, but there was some weird stuff associated with that. Seriously, always check before you start a hashtag.
There was some serious jostling and splashing going on. My guess is it’s the feisty young adults, testing their feathers.
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Reporting at a seed bank for native and ancient plants today ... #biodiversity
Just a reminder that healthy ecosystems and landscapes support insect diversity.
... and #pollinators
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Yes! Buzzin'
EU agrees total ban on bee-harming pesticides… #neonicotinoids #neonics #Pesticides #pollinators
EU member states support near-total neonicotinoids ban… #neonicotinoids #neonics #Pesticides #pollinators #bees

A beacon of hope for bees
Exciting indeed!
We just need to see a change in our chemical sodden farming practices to accompany this news
#neonicotinoids #neonics #Pesticides #pollinators #bees #permaculture #agroforestry #organic #agriculture #health

Time for change
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