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Get ready for #Cosmos growth in 2023! Levana is excited to be a part of this adventure. The Levana path to launch is clear, and you can read our blog post… or scroll down below to learn more about Levana’s exciting plans for 2023

This tweet thread is long, touches on a wide variety of subjects and is targeted to a few different audiences: Cosmos Bulls, Perps enthusiasts, NFT fans, GameFi fans, and scifi/fantasy geeks.

For the best experience, you may prefer to learn more via these blog posts

2023 General Levena Update (start here)…

NFTs and Perps -…
Levana vs Other Perps -…
Levana Side Projects -…

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⚛️Cosmos Ecosystem - Q3 2022 Quarterly Report

This report dives into an overview of the @cosmos & the #Cosmos Ecosystem

💠Network Activity
💠Ecosystem Breakdown
💠Highlight Events
💠 #Kava #Osmosis #Secret #Juno Highlights

Let’s dive in 🧵👇

@cosmos 1/ Network Activity

1.1 Total Value Locked (TVL) of @cosmos Ecosystem

▪️ @kava_platform is ranked first with a TVL of $291,2 million.

▪️ Next is @osmosiszone with a TVL of $209M.

▪️ @THORChain came in third with $105.85M.

@cosmos @kava_platform @osmosiszone @THORChain @DefiLlama 1.2 Developer Activity

▪️ @osmosiszone & @cosmos are two projects with remarkable development activity

▪️With a total of 1865 commits in the third quarter, #Osmosis is in first place

▪️ #Cosmos is in the second position in the third quarter with 1,718 commits

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1/ will be the hub of Gnolang chains with the intention of providing libraries for building other chains’ contracts as well as a way to reward people for developing good contracts or libraries. Image
2/ Gnolang language is inspired by Golang, and it aims to be a good entry point for web3 developers as it is structured the same as developing an app in Golang but for building smart contracts.

Instead of app chains, Gnolang is envisioning IBC as an internet of smart contracts. Image
3/ The strength of the framework includes a few key traits:
-Automatic documentation
-Same API for the Web, TXs and cross-contract calls
-Built-in gas-less rendering with support of parameters Image
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1/ ATOM 2.0 is here.

If you ain't got time to sift through the 27 pages long whitepaper (though by all means, you should), worry not - Cosmos Guides is here to dumb it down and ELI5!

LFG, #Cosmonauts 🧵⬇️
2/ The Cosmos Hub has successfully initiated the Internet of Blockchains, achieving its early goals.

We've got a software stack used to build and connect app-chains, meaning: Cosmos SDK + IBC + Tendermint consensus.
3/ $ATOM was left without a purpose, serving more as a cumulated index of Cosmos ecosystem projects that people would speculate on.

Utility practically 0 since you could build your own Cosmos project and never need to touch $ATOM or the Cosmos Hub.

That was then.
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Time for @cosmoshub to generate 'ATOM ECONOMIC ZONE' with Collaborative Innovations at the center #INTERCHAIN


$Atom #Cosmos #Cosmoverse
1. $Atom Economic Zone will originate New Economic Activities while setting $Atom as the 'Reserve Asset' at the center of #Interchain scales solutions such as Liquid Staking, Interchain Security, Interchain Allocator, and Scheduler.

#Cosmos #Cosmoverse
2. Interchain Security is the essential component while building secure consumer chains for the Atom economy.

The growth of economic activities and user interaction is inevitable with ICS.

$Atom #Cosmos #Cosmoverse
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1/ Cosmoverse 2022 begins tomorrow. The Medellin event is bigger and better than any previous Cosmos meet-up with hundreds of crypto dignitaries in attendance.

Here's what to expect 🧵⬇️ Image
2/ 1400+ attending #cosmonauts, 85+ speakers, 10+ side events, 12+ workshops, tattoos, special performances, $ATOM 2.0 unveil, the Cosmoverse Awards, whole lotta merch, and over 9000 announcements & alpha drops!
3/ Excited, anon? You better be! @CosmoverseHQ is organised by only FOUR cosmonauts. Shoutout to @Cryptocito, @Habibi_Cito, @fabi_defi, and @jurimaibaum for making this magical event happen!

Make sure to delegate to @frensvalidator and @stakecito to show your appreciation!
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Agoric's $BLD token is coming to Huobi (@huobiglobal) 🙏

In addition, Agoric (@agoric) is planning to roll out a stablecoin $IST.

What's all the fuzz about?

A 🧵👇
Agoric is a Proof-of-Stake chain utilizing secure #javascript smart contracts to rapidly build and deploy DeFi.

Agoric believes that bringing the world economy online requires making it easy for the world’s programmers to develop smart contracts.
The key to make it easy for developers to build smart contracts is to enable development in the programming language they already know.

There are already thousands if not millions of #javascript developers.

Hence, Agoric is a smart contract platform for JavaScript developers.
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There's a secret no one tells you…

Buying the dip is not enough.

Working in crypto pays 10x more than just investing.

Here are 10 non-technical ways to start a successful crypto career 🧵👇
1/ Generational wealth is made during the bear market.

When you see red numbers left and right, your Frens are leaving the market…

You have to take action!

This bear market is the chance of your lifetime.
2/ But buying the dip and waiting for the bull market is not enough.

Working in crypto pays 10x more than just investing.

Today, we explore 10 ways to start your career in crypto (specifically the Cosmos ecosystem) 🔥
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This is a follow up to a post I made back in 2021, there've been a lot of folks that’ve been asking about quality fundamentals posts and how some of these block chain technologies stack up in the real world, it certainly feels like the right time to talk about $ATOM.
I've been listening to all of the @cosmos_voice podcasts since the beginning and taking notes, I went back and read all of the old @Cosmos blogs, posts and articles, accumulating information on the Telegram groups, Discord channels, Reddit, Githubs, Mediums.
Piecing together pieces from Conversations with @Jack_Zampolin and @chjango's Interchain.FM, every gem that’s ever been dropped from @Cryptocito, @L1am_Crypto, @Wickex2, @ConeyDaddy, @ZoltanAtom, @Adriana_Kalpa, @johnniecosmos. It became quite fun.
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