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The SEC's recent lawsuit against #binance and #Coinbase has sent shockwaves through the Web3 community

But the Spotlight shifts to the SEC's classification of tokens as securities in the lawsuit 🪙

Here's a rundown of the top 8 tokens in the spotlight 👇 Image
👉 The SEC says digital tokens are securities, following standards from the 1933 Securities Act & landmark court decisions.

👉 And Cryptocurrencies pass the Howey Test” criteria to determine whether a transaction qualifies as an investment contract, a type of security
What is a SECURITY? 🤔

👉 Generally, if an investment is made in a business, expecting profits through the efforts of someone else, it is considered a security.

👉 The SEC applies these criteria to crypto, highlighting that several tokens meet the definition of securities Image
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Highlights from Building Communities that Laugh & Last @Gateway_Conf with

@JakeHartnell - @JunoNetwork, @Yannimoto - @ChorusOne and @ZKValidator

Moderated by @samantha_bohbot ImageImage
🚀Communities are all different kinds of shareholders, with different needs that have to be met - contributors, validators, developers…

What you want is for each to care about the product and engage is shaping it based on a shared vision
“Community is the only moat within crypto. It’s the only thing that can’t be copied!” — @JakeHartnell
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1/ Cosmonauts, Neutron is coming ✴️

Prop #792 ‘’Launch Neutron on Replicated Security’’ has strong support with over 99% YES votes.

It’s time for a deep dive 🧵

This is what @Neutron_org is about to bring in the Atom Economic Zone 👇 Image
2/ Neutron is a permissionless CosmWasm platform.

Smart-contract applications can be deployed on Neutron without being whitelisted via a governance vote.

By adopting Hub’s security, Neutron will be Cosmos' most secure CosmWasm platform.
3/ For providing security, the Cosmos Hub will receive from Neutron:

- 25% of transaction fees
- 25% of MEV revenue
- 7% of the NTRN supply as an initial drop
- Help strengthen ATOM’s position as interchain’s reserve currency
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An ATOM-aligned ecosystem set to share value and grow the interchain economy is emerging ⚛️

The Atom Economic Zone is entering the bootstrapping phase!

Participate by voting on the 3 on-chain proposals opening a new #ATOM era:

#790: LSM 💧

#792: Neutron ✴️

#794: Stride 🌊 Image
#790 is a signaling proposal to replace the staking, distribution, and slashing modules on the Cosmos Hub with variants that regulate liquid staking. These variants are collectively called: the Liquid Staking Module (LSM).

The proposal has strong participation and support:……
#792 is the proposal to launch Neutron on Replicated Security. If successful Neutron will be secured by the Cosmos Hub validator set and officially join the Atom Economic Zone.

The proposal reached the quorum today with massive community consensus:

-99.8% YES
-44.2% votes cast……
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1/ Cosmos Hub Governance is more active than ever!

In the last months we saw an increasing number of draft props and forum activity.

This is the sign of a thriving decentralized community.

It also enlights the need for a specialized channel for governance.

Meet @CosmosGov ⚛️
2/ @CosmosGov will cover all major aspects of Cosmos Hub governance.

It will provide governance summaries, analysis, retrospectives, guidance through the governance process, relevant information to decision-makers,  and suggestions to keep the community updated and involved.
3/ Governance is an essential piece of Cosmos.

And since inception has been the primary use case of #ATOM

In 2023 governance will play a critical role in onboarding Consumer Chains, this is why it is a priority to dedicate time and attention to the governance process.
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We love what @jacksonfall has been doing with #HustleGPT so we’re doing our own crypto edition!

The lowdown: We’ve given #GPT4 a budget of $100. We’ve instructed it to make as much money as possible.

Can GPT-4 navigate the choppy crypto waters and stay green?

A thread 🧵 Image
To get it up to speed, we fed GPT all of our Markets News stories over 7 days, a selection of our most viewed stories over the same period, plus a round-up of 2021 and 2022. Here’s what #GPT4 thinks. Image
OK, it looks like #GPT4 is playing ball. We're a go! This is what it’s asking us to buy.

$50 to Bitcoin (#BTC)
$25 to Ethereum (#ETH)
$15 to Cosmos (#ATOM)
$10 to an NFT or Web3-related project 🤔 Image
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1/ For too long Cosmonauts have been lost in space, seeking home!

Exciting times are ahead with Replicated Security…

We need a place to speak #ATOM, find #Alpha and explore new Consumer Chains.

Introducing the #AtomZone ⚛️

The first #ATOM centric community call🔥
2/ This is not an ordinary community call.

The #Cosmos community is passionate, curious and ever-expanding!

We need a place that embodies the Cosmos Culture for the years to come.

A home to seek updates, meet fellow cosmonauts and discuss the future of the Cosmos Hub.
3/ For this reason, this community call will have its own brand: #AtomZone

A logo & visuals able to capture the excitement around the upcoming Atom Economic Zone.

A community call with a soul forged by the passion of Cosmonauts for exploration.

And there is a lot to explore!
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Do you ever get overwhelmed by all the links, bookmarks, and sources you must keep track of in your research?

Don't worry; I got u.

🗃 I introduce DeFi Web3 Research library I have built using @NotionHQ and @raindrop_io 🧠

(Surprise at the end)
First, my goal was to make research as easy as possible by eliminating the need to look for information in many different places.

- Now, it is much more than that.

Did your browser tabs ever look like this?

Even more frustrating when a $2000+ laptop becomes slow because of it!
📝 Imagine one gateway to everything Crypto & DeFi Research.

- Exclusive reports on your voted assets
- 200+ Crypto research tools
- Live embedded tools with instructions
- Good AI tools & strategies
- Exclusive whale wallets
- TG chat

= "Escape research chaos, simplify now."
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1/ Replicated Security is a much-awaited @CosmosHub feature!

Coming with the Lambda Upgrade, currently in voting period.

Considering the importance of this upgrade for #ATOM future...

Today’s thread will address community feedback, starting with Validator Cost & Slashing 👇
2/ Validators will need to run all consumer chains that are approved by governance or face downtime slashing. This is essential to preserve the high-security properties of Replicated Security.

Some are concerned about the cost of running additional consumer chains.
3/ @informalinc, the team leading the development of replicated security are taking several steps to address validator costs:

First, consumer chains will set their downtime window to 3+ days, meaning that validators can be down for a long time before receiving a downtime jail.
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📢 It’s going to get incredibly easy for dApps to start launching their chains with the rollout of @cosmos ’ ICS & @terra_money ’s Interchain Alliance.

But will #LUNA surpass #ATOM as the main hub, with feather and alliance?

Let’s find out! ⬇️
@cosmos @terra_money 1/ Alliance

🤝 It is an open-source @cosmos SDK module, that aims to boost economic activity across #Cosmos chains by leveraging interchain staking to form economic alliances and foster innovation, user adoption, and cross-chain collaboration.
@cosmos @terra_money 2/ Cont.

An economic alliance can be formed by staking the asset of a larger chain, such as #LUNA, on a smaller chain like White Whale. This results in increased staking rewards for users of the larger chain and a boost in users and activity for the smaller chain.
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1/ Cosmonauts! You may have heard that Replicated Security is coming…

By staking #ATOM you will receive multiple new tokens from upcoming Consumer Chains.

The Cosmos Hub is transitioning to become an Interchain Service Provider.

So, in detail, what is Replicated Security?
2/ Replicated Security is a new upcoming feature of the Cosmos Hub, that will be introduced with the Lambda Upgrade (V9).

Originally named Interchain Security (ICS), specifically Interchain Security V1.

As of today the correct term to use is Replicated Security.
3/ Replicated Security is a shared security model. The Cosmos Hub will be able to offer security to new projects launching as Hub-secured consumer chains.

The Consumer Chain is a blockchain that leases security from the Hub.
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Pobawiłem się w szacowanie kiedy ile atomu powstanie w Polsce wg zapowiedzi które padły, trochę sobie dośpiewałem, trochę urealniłem (za mało).
Rollce-Royce liczę jako duży blok.
Póki co wliczam wszystkie 79 BWRX-300.
Dojdą jeszcze MMR od Synthosu, Enea i Tauron.
Dojdzie jeszcze kilka bloków nieokreślonej technologii w grupie Azoty, było MoU na wdrożenie w PL francuskiego Nuward SMR, zapewne dojdą jeszcze kolejni mniejsi chętni do inwestycji w różnego rodzaju SMR.
A jeszcze mam dla Państwa wykres zmiany w mocy zainstalowanej źródeł węgiel+gaz+atom, daty wyłączeń części bloków węglowych oszacowane na podstawie daty uruchomienia bloków gazowych, przełomu roku 2025 (brak finansowania programu bloki 200+), reszta zostawiona do 2050.
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Get ready for #Cosmos growth in 2023! Levana is excited to be a part of this adventure. The Levana path to launch is clear, and you can read our blog post… or scroll down below to learn more about Levana’s exciting plans for 2023

This tweet thread is long, touches on a wide variety of subjects and is targeted to a few different audiences: Cosmos Bulls, Perps enthusiasts, NFT fans, GameFi fans, and scifi/fantasy geeks.

For the best experience, you may prefer to learn more via these blog posts

2023 General Levena Update (start here)…

NFTs and Perps -…
Levana vs Other Perps -…
Levana Side Projects -…

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The Manhattan Project: The Birth of the Atomic Bomb and its Impact on the World"
How was a double-edged sword created that, if the wrong people were given control of it, would cause chaos in the world?
There was a time, in the middle of the 20th century, when war raged throughout the globe. Germany, Japan, and Italy, the Axis powers, were at war with the United States, the Soviet Union, and the United Kingdom, the Allied powers.
It was evident that the Axis powers were gaining the upper hand as the war raged on. 

To change the course of the war,  the leaders of the Allied powers knew they needed to devise something innovative and potent.
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1) Curious Cosmonaut Research is excited to launch our platform in open beta, the most comprehensive research platform in Cosmos after a year of stealth! Featuring over 210 articles and over 90 platforms/writers to start. Please follow, retweet, and share with other Cosmonauts!
2) The website can be found here, and some of the coverage from day one is listed in this thread.
3) @agoric - smart contract blockchain focused on JavaScript

@akashnet_ - decentralized cloud and computing

#ATOM/@cosmos Hub - hub of Cosmos working towards being the IBC center and security of the ecosystem
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🇹🇷#Turcja #energetyka #NATO - Bezpieczeństwo energetyczne Turcji. Zapraszam do 🧵i RT, ponieważ bardzo mało w tym temacie i dużo newsów o mocnej współpracy #Turcja 🇹🇷 i #Rosja 🇷🇺? Czy to prawda? A oczywiście tak i nie, a w końcu chodzi o państwo z drugą armią w Sojuszu #NATO 👇
Jednym z dowodów na silną pozycję 🇹🇷 jest jej strategia wobec bieżących konfliktów międzynarodowych, w tym m. in. jej zaangażowanie kwestię sytuacji w 🇺🇦, co powstrzymuje dalszy rozwój kryzysu żywnościowego na świecie - na rzecz swobodnego przepływu statków.
Kierowana przez R. Erdoğana partia AKP zdecydowała się na utrzymanie kanałów współpracy z Moskwą🇷🇺, nie odrzucając przy tym możliwości dalszej kooperacji energetycznej. Erdoğan zdaje sobie sprawę, że w obecnej sytuacji jego zachodni sojusznicy nie mają innego wyjścia 🇺🇸🇫🇷🇪🇺
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Another week, another ecosystem update

This week - #Cosmos, #Avalanche, #BSC & #Polygon

#Blockchain #Crypto #Cryptocurrency
1/ @cosmos presented an updated roadmap for their #ATOM 2.0 proposal & was rejected by 37.4% NoWithVeto votes.

A thread by @TheDeFinvestor on what’s next following this major event in @cosmos history.
2/ @dualityxyz debuts #Duality, a #DEX optimized for capital efficiency & composability on @cosmos.

Duality's novel product design & incentives system allow LPs & protocols to have control over liquidity parameters & distribution.

Mainnet launch in Q1 2023
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#ATOM 2.0 에 대해서 최대한 이해하기쉽도록 핵심만 톺아보았습니다. 🧵

비록 시그널링 제안은 기각됐지만, 각 요소는 더욱 세분화되어 다시 논의될 것으로 보입니다.

스레드에서 다루지 않은 자세한 내용(리스크 등)은 추후 구체화되는 대로 다양한 컨텐츠를 통해 알려드릴 수 있도록 하겠습니다🙂
1/ [코스모스 허브(ATOM)란?]

코스모스 허브는 ‘The Internet of Blockchains’ 라는 슬로건처럼 독립적으로 존재하는, 독자적인 블록체인들을 구축할 수 있도록 하고 이들을 연결하여 블록체인 생태계 확장성 문제 해결을 목표로 하였다.
텐더민트 합의 알고리즘, Cosmos SDK, IBC 및 다양한 인터체인 모듈 등의 기술스택을 통해 코스모스 생태계에 저마다의 유연하고 독자적인 체인들이 만들어질 수 있도록 하였고, 그러다보니 기술적 결함에서 오는 리스크를 최소화 하기 위해 ‘허브 미니멀리즘’ 이라고 하는 기조를 지속해왔다.
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Heute ist die ☢️Änderung des #Atomgesetz sowohl Thema im #Umweltausschuss als auch - in erster Lesung - im #Bundestag. Ich verfolge die Debatte hier.

Freitag sehen wir uns dann zum Protest in Berlin - denn #Atomkraft ist #gefährlich und ##überflüssig…
Wer die Anhörung im Umweltausschuss live mitverfolgen will:
#Atomkraft #KeinenTagLänger
Den Beginn macht @fouquet_doerte. Gesetzentwurf der Bundesregierung als Antwort auf Stromkrise - Ukraine und franz. #Atomausfall. Streckbetrieb als geringster Eingriff. Keine neuen Brennelemente .
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A critical perspective on #KUJI.

a thread 🧵

#KUJIRA @TeamKujira Image
$KUJI was initially built upon Terra's anchor protocol.

So it experienced the $LUNA crash in May 2022 firsthand.

At its peak $KUJi had $152 million TVL, a few days later that dropped to a mere $1.1 million TVL.

That whole collapse was scary stuff.
This collapse meant a price change for $KUJI that was as follows.

$KUJI price dropped to $0.008 from $0.88.

And has since recovered to up to $1.80, and today trades for $1.

A beautiful comeback.

But what facilitated this come back?
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🧮 I have created a calculator to have an estimate of the returns that my investments in @BlackWhaleDeFi could achieve in various periods of time.

This information is on the internet, but if you stay until the end I will share the calculator so you can try it or download it. Image
First of all, comment that this thread is educational, the results could change due to variations in the time of the APY, % vault, fees...

It is a very useful tool to understand Impermanent Loss (IP) and know where your investments are headed.
What variables must be taken into account?

4⃣ (50%) AMOUNT $TOKEN "A"
5⃣ (50%) AMOUNT $TOKEN "B"
8⃣ APY
9⃣ DAYS Image
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Finally, the thread (you didn't know) you have been waiting for 🥳 "How can we use X-ray scattering to learn about the way the atoms sit in a #small #nanoparticle?" - lets use the Pair Distribution Function #PDF ! It's all about the neighbors 1/6 /@RPittkowski
To get information from small #nanoparticles, where periodic lattice planes are rare, we measure the X-ray scattering to very large scattering angles. This is called #Xray #totalscattering. So we need to come veeeery close with the detector to our sample.😱😬 2/6
Again, we integrate our scattering image (check up older tweets), but we are not done yet. More data treatment is necessary. We use a #Fouriertransform and transform from reciprocal (Q) space to #real #space - and there we have it, our PDF 😍3/6
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1/🧵 What is @Umee_CrossChain & why is it key to unlocking DeFi for Web3?

Problem: interest rates in crypto are entirely based on narrowly focused supply & demand data.

Solution: build crypto aggregated term structures that use time-to-maturity & credit-worthiness

Read on 👇
2/🧵 How does #Umee do this?

There is an entire ecosystem of uTokens that are claims on constantly accruing interest (in the form of uTokens). uTokens can simultaneously be used as collateral.

3/🧵 #Umee will also features meTokens which are essentially staking derivatives except the interest stream accrues in the form of meTokens (such as meATOM) that can then be used elsewhere in DeFi
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