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There is a Privacy problem in Web3.

@SecretNetwork which launched in 2020 is here to solve the issue! #secret

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@SecretNetwork is a decentralized network solving one of the largest problems in blockchain technology and that is Privacy.

Generally, blockchains expose user data to everyone. If you have the wallet address of a user, you can see all their assets, metadata and so on.
This is where #Secret comes in.

@SecretNetwork is the first Layer 1, Proof-of-Stake blockchain with "Privacy-Preserving Smart Contracts".

All #DeFi apps built on their network are cross-chain interoperable and private by default.
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1) Today #cosmos was the main theme of the Messari research from their “unqualified opinions” here is an overview of some of the information without the premium subscription. An enterprise subscription is required to read beyond. #atom #osmo #juno #secret #evmos
2) Title “Looking at the Cosmos, but not from the James Webb Telescope”

Evaluating the Cosmos Chain vs L2 Decision for Investors and Builders. Decentralized exchange dYdX recently made headlines in the crypto community when it announced it was leaving the Ethereum L2 …
3) ecosystem powered by StarkWare to launch its own #Cosmos chain. #dYdX was the biggest protocol by TVL on L2 at the time of the announcement. The move prompted questions from the #Ethereum community on the long-term attractiveness of L2s for builders.
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1) @SecretNetwork has such an interesting value proposition when you start thinking about all the ways that no privacy can be a challenge. Just some quick takes. #cosmos #stargaze #secret
2) Public facing services like Venmo/PayPal would be great on chain but if I send you $100 you should not see my entire history that is not your business. This is a perfect example where even various stablecoin banking/payments and interest accounts would be huge.
3) Front running can be a real issue. For example if I see someone buy 5 #NFTs back to back and go to their account and see they recently loaded up on crypto they may be highly interested to buy more. I then buy up some of the floor and raise it 10-40%…
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Selamlar, Secret ekosisteminde olan @CyberAgents_NFT koleksiyonundan 3 kişiye 10 #SCRT ve 1 Free mint #NFT

Katılmak için:

- Takip: @CyberAgents_NFT
- Katıl:

Bol şanslar❤️

#Secret #Cosmos #NFTs #NFTGiveaway #Giveaway
CyberAgent, Secret Ağı üzerinde 1111 NFT'den oluşan 3D dijital sanat ve PFP koleksiyonudur.

Bunların 631 tanesi Secret ağında olacakken, 480 tanesi ise @AssetMantle üzerinde olacak.

Amaçları, Secret ağı ve tüm Cosmos ekosistemi için benzersiz ve güçlü bir topluluk oluşturmak.
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#Casino players make no #secret of attaching great importance to RTP. Not that they see it as an imperative but definitely as one of the decisive factors in the choice of games. Why is it so? Isn’t it enough that we can pick the next fave simply in accordance with our individual… preferences? If anything, nowadays we can dive into the vast sea of different themes, reel mechanics, and bonuses. Well, slots are easy to play but if you want to make the best of your spinning time, it’s a good idea to figure out how they work and how… In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at what’s hiding behind the acronym RTP.

Short for return to player, RTP is the long-term theoretical payback percentage from all bets placed on a certain game or, in our case, slot.
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MEGA Thread #SecretNetwork : The Data Privacy Platform For Web 3.

Here's everything you need to know about $SCRT, the first blockchain with data privacy by default.

A thread 🧵👇
2. #SecretNetwork is the first blockchain with privacy-preserving smart contracts.

@SecretNetwork primary goal is to enable secure, private computation over encrypted data and gain global adoption.
3. $SCRT Network's mainnet went live on Feb. 13, 2020. #SecretNetwork has gained traction and adoption. Using trusted execution environments, they keep data secure.

Using secret contracts, written in Rust, allow applications to utilize encrypted data without exposing the data.
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Time to let ya'll in on a #secret. Know that #PinkShirtDay guy? Travis Price? I attended college with him & he is one of the biggest, most arrogant #bullies I've ever met. #Mysogyny is his dominant trait.

On one particular occasion, in a classroom with 8 women...
including our instructor, he was vehemently arguing with them that female genital mutilation is a cultural practise and that we have no right to interfere.

Imagine, a full grown, straight, white man defending female genital mutilation to a class of women. That's the one...
that really stuck with me.

Another is that he didn't have anything to do with the idea of #PinkShirtDay2022. He took advantage of the situation & claimed the idea as his own. The real heroes weren't interested in the media and public attention. The anti bully guy stole...
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Selamlar herkese, #Secret ve #Astar üzerinde olan platformlar benim için heyecalandırıyor.

Platformlarını her fırsatta paylaşıyorum, daha önce katıldığımız @StakeEasy testnetinin v2'si geldi, bir kaç düzenleme ile güncel şekilde katılalım.

Keyifli okumalar<3

#Airdrop #Testnet
1- Keplr walletımızı üzerine bağlıyoruz. Bağladığımızda otomatik olarak Pulsar Testnet ağı ekleniyor.

Daha önce katılanlar eklemiştir zaten.

Pulsar testnet cüzdan adresımızı kopyalayıp faucetten SCRT alıyoruz

2- Şimdi platformda bir kaç işlem yapalım.

Create sSCRT Vieving Key butonuna basıyoruz sağ altta ki.

Daha sonra SCRT stake ediyoruz.
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Selamlar.. Çoğu arkadaş cosmos ekosistemine girmek, platformlara likitide eklemek, validatörlere stake etmek vs işlemler yapmak istiyor ve bana yazılıyor

Normal şartlarda bu tarz paylaşım yapmıyorum, bugün kendim yapacağım 2 işlem var onları anlatacağım

#Cosmos #HUAHUA #Secret
1- Anlatacaklarım:

1. HuaHua stake ve vote
2. SCRT stake ve validatörü


Ekstra olarak Akash ve DVPN stake yapmayı düşünen birisiyim, ancak onları bugün anlatmayacağım, Akash veya DVPN ilgilisi varsa anlatırım. Yoksa meşgul etmeye gerek yok

(Akash kesin yapacağım ben)
2- Bu floodu sıfırdan yazmak istiyorum, hiç bu ekosisteme bulaşmamış, platformları kullanmayı, öğrenmek isteyen kişiler için.

Osmosis'i, deposit, withdraw işlemlerini biliyorsanız bir kaç twit ilersini okuyabilirsiniz.
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Selamlar. Bugün katılacağımız testnet Secret ekosisteminden, malum cosmos'u ve ekosistemini çok seviyoruz..

Dün paylaşacaktım bunu ancak gece 4'te yayınlandı, taptaze bir testnet ve ÖNEMLİ bir testnet.

@StakeEasy #Cosmos #Secret #Airdrop #Testnet
1- Öncelikle bizim bir keplr wallet'a ihtiyacımız var eğer yoksa yoksa cüzdanınız hem alıntılı twitteki testneti yapın hemde cüzdan kurunuz.

2- Daha sonra platforma giriyoruz ve cüzdanımızı bağlıyoruz.

Bağladıktan sonra pulsar test adresimizi kopyalayıp, sitesine girerek test token alıyoruz.

Bol bol alabilirsiniz algorand gibi :)

aldıktan sonra latforma geri dönelim
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@SecretNetwork is a privacy smart contract network build on #Cosmos. It is not a mainstream hyped coin, but it does have some serious utility and that’s why I think it’s time to shine a light on $SCRT 🔦

The platform and it’s token can be used cross-chain.
@SecretNetwork #SecretNetwork allows devs to develop (private) NFTs and dApps. All data and information can be encrypted so it is only accessible to certain people. 🔏
This is different from the usual blockchain principal, where in most cases things are transparent & open to everyone.

@SecretNetwork In some cases, transparency isn’t a good thing. Privacy is also a human right… so there is definitely demand for some privacy within blockchain networks. Otherwise, mass adoption will and can never take place; definitely not from institutions or organizations 🏢🔎

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2/First up: Listen to @AInfanteGreen's interview with @IanDon -- Fast forward in the link to about 11:40 and you will hear her LIE on 7/9/2021:
"...I know that here in RI we do not have a CRT policy, that's not what is being taught in the schools...."…
3/EXCEPT: We DO have a CRT policy here in RI, and not only that, it's being supported by @GovDanMcKee, by RIDE, and also by @SANDRISCANO (Chair - Senate Education Committee) and Joseph McNamara @RIDemChair - (Chair -- House of Rep Education Committee.) SITTING LEGISLATORS.
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#USA is a free democracy, #India is a "partly free" democracy
#FOE Japan is a free democracy, India is a partly free democracy: Compare the ratio of critical/unfavorable articles, to favorable articles, in the top 3 news sources in Japan & India respectively, to find which press is freer! #SciMe 1st data, 2nd Analysis, 3rd Policy/views!🧐🤔
3/demo #Majoritarianism & freedom: Compare treatment of minorities in USA(non-christian), Japan(Korean etc) & India (Muslims): In particular plot over 70yrs th % of minority pop on same graph & compare decadal changes[summarizes it's discrimination(in cntry) & opportunities(ROW)]
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Bulgarian prosecutor's office details how 6 person spy-ring with access to the Bulgarian military and parliament operated.
#espionage #russia #gru #natsec #intelligence #counterintelligence #bulgaria @NATO @EU_Commission @NSAGov @CIA @NCSCgov #EU #SCS #security #cybersecurity Image

The #GRU tasked for #SECRET info on #Bulgaria, #EU, #NATO & specifically the NSA, CIA and their joint SIGINT entity the SCS

#espionage #russia #gru #natsec #intelligence #counterintelligence @EU_Commission @NSAGov @CIA @NCSCgov #SCS #security #cybersecurity ImageImageImage
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1 observation made on Index since feb 2014 which I will reveal to limited people. 😀👍

#Secret 😁😁😉😉

Please do not DM me😀🙏🙏
Nifty Observation

1. Since 2014 all rallies lasted for either 6 or 13 months pattern.

2. Current rally if repeats history expect good correction from 23rd March or 6th April 2021(13th Month)

3. All the rallies retraced 38-50% of previous move in 2-3 months Image
4. Except 2015-16 fall (9119-6825) which took more time to correct rest all the falls are done in 2-3 months

5. 13 is a fibo number. Expect either new high or lower top formation. Let the market decide it. Strength of next upmove will decide the next big move in markets
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"Réflexions sur le mensonge" : un essai court et clair, où Alexandre Koyré interroge le renouvellement du mensonge au cours du 20e siècle.
Une lecture éclairante et actuelle. 1/20
Via @EditionsAllia
#philosophie #postvérité #posttruth #espritcritique…
Écrit de guerre datant de 1943, Koyré, à travers ce texte, vise le mensonge de masse des mouvements totalitaires.
« La parole, l’écrit, le journal, la radio… tout le progrès technique est mis au service du mensonge. » p 12
#médias #histoire #espritcritique #EMI Image
« L’homme #moderne – là encore, c’est à l’homme #totalitaire que nous pensons – baigne dans le mensonge, respire le mensonge, est soumis au mensonge à tous les instants de sa vie. » p 13
#totalitarisme #postvérité Image
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C'est le retour du #thread de méca spa 🙌

Je profite de la nouvelle année pour vous parler enfin... des autoroutes interplanétaires ! 🛣️🚀🌍

Aujourd'hui nous allons découvrir un #secret bien caché du système solaire : son #réseau de chemins qui peut nous emmener sans effort n'importe où ! Enfin pas si caché que ça car il explique une partie des caillasses que la Terre se prend dans la tronche:…
Rappel: Jupiter a tué les dinosaures.
(Enfin on sait pas mais bon)


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Cablo #UK #StrictlyConfidential su #Mattei che avrebbe detto
"Ci ho messo 7 anni per condurre il Gov italiano verso una apertura a sinistra. E posso dirle che mi ci vorranno meno di 7 anni per far uscire l'#Italia dalla #NATO e metterla alla testa dei paesi neutrali"
Agosto 1962 Image
Conferenza stampa #Mattei 1962 #Roma, un giornalista chiede "abbiamo sentito parlare di minacce di morte,di sabotaggi al suo aereo...è vero?"
Ho ricevuto una lettera di morte scritta con la stessa macchina e stile ricevuta da #Hammarskjö fatto dell'aereo è un altra prova.. Image
Dag #Hammarskjöld Segr Gen #ONU morto in un incidente aereo in #Zambia nel 1961, durante la crisi del #Congo e le cui cause non saranno mai del tutto chiarite....
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#Wikileaks #GIFiles #Stratfor Il corpo di Osama #BinLaden #OBL non è sepolto in mare ma è stato trasferito con un aereo della #CIA nell'istituto di Patologia delle Forze Armate #USA a #Bethesda
#September11 #TwinTowers…… Image
#PlusD Già nel 1994 la famiglia #BinLaden si era tirata fuori dalle responsabilità delle azioni di Osama..

"Disapprovazione per il suo comportamento che non riusciamo a controllare in quanto è fuori dal paese da + di 2 anni" #Confidential 1994… Image
#PlusD Relazione #SECRET su Osama #BinLaden dall'Amb #USA in Arabia Saudita Wyche Fowler Jr (1998)… Image
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Historique! Après des années de rapprochement et une alliance qui n'osait pas dire son nom (pro US, anti Iran), #Israel et les #Emirats Arabes Unis annoncent la normalisation complète de leurs relations sous l'égide des #USA
C'est l'aube d'"une nouvelle ère de #paix" entre #Israel et le monde arabe, annonce #Netanyahu, qui se met dans les pas de Menahem Begin (accord de paix avec l'Egypte en 1979) et Yitzhak Rabin (avec la Jordanie en 1994)
#Emirats #EAU
Les #Emirats s'inscrivent aussi dans les pas de Sadate & Hussein de Jordanie avec #Israel. Rappelez-vous, l’ambassadeur des #EAU à Washington avait comparé sa tribune parue le 6 juin dernier en hébreu dans le Yedioth Aharonot au "voyage de Sadate à Jérusalem"
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#Pedogate Arrestata #GhislaineMaxwell la procacciatrice di minorenni per l'elite...qui al party per il 18 anno della Principessa Beatrice figlia del Principe Andrea duca di York con #Weinstein e Jeffrey #Epstein con la divisa dei US #NavySeal... Image
Cablo #SECRET #FBI sul magnate Robert #Maxwell (padre di Ghislaine) sospetto contatto con i russi della Germania est, pronto a facilitare il commercio di società con i paesi del blocco orientale in cambio di alcune informazioni di intelligence (1954)… Image
#Pedogate #UK #GhislaineMaxwell sul trono della Regina #ElisabettaII insieme a #KevinSpacey durante un tour privato su invito del Duca di York principe Andrew (2002) Image
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