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🧵 Pre-match press conference thread Gameweek 3 [Friday]

🐦 Liverpool

📢 Jurgen Klopp on Andy Robertson: "Robbo trained the whole week, of course he [is] in contention, no doubt about that."

#fpl #gw3 #CHpressers #lfc #LivChe
📢 Klopp on team news: "Millie [James Milner] will not be ready – I think that's it pretty much. All the rest trained and looked good and sharp."

#fpl #gw3 #CHpressers #lfc #LivChe
☔️ Aston Villa

📢 Dean Smith on team news/injuries: "Ollie Watkins will train with us today and if he gets through training, he’ll be available for selection.

"[Leon Bailey's] progress is going ok but tomorrow will come too soon for him..."

#fpl #gw3 #CHpressers #avfc #AvlBre
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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant adverse impact on football clubs, though it is important to distinguish between money that has been completely lost to the game and income that has simply been deferred. This thread will analyse what this means for the Premier League.
Many clubs have listed the revenue impact of COVID-19 in their accounts, while others have not quantified the amounts. In the latter case, I have made assumptions consistent with those clubs who have provided figures in order to estimate the impact.
On the face of it, Premier League revenue held up quite well in 2019/20, though there were only 3 months impacted by the pandemic that season, as 4 clubs reported revenue above £400m (#MUFC £509m, #LFC £490m, #MCFC £478m & #CFC £407m), while all but one club was higher than £100m
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Crystal Palace’s 2019/20 financial results covered a season which ended in “a relatively disappointing 14th place following a run of bad results after lockdown”, according to chairman Steve Parish. Financial results were adversely impacted by COVID-19. Some thoughts follow #CPFC
#CPFC swung from £5m pre-tax profit to £58m loss, mainly due to profit on player sales dropping from £46m to only £0.5m. Revenue fell £13m (8%) from club record £155m to £142m, partly due to COVID, while expenses increased £5m (2%), including an additional month.
Main driver of #CPFC revenue reduction was broadcasting, which fell £11.7m (9%) from £124.4m to £112.7m, while match day dropped £2.8m (19%) from £14.6m to £11.8m. However, commercial rose £1.4m (9%) from £16.4m to £17.8m. Note: this revenue split is from club’s Annual Review.
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Crystal Palace accounts for 2019/20 published, covers 13 months to include whole of season which ended in July:
Highlights #CPFC
Revenue down 8% to £142m
Wages up 11% to £132m (mainly due to 13 months)
Operating loss £60m
Player sale profits £0.5m
Total income includes all matches from 19/20, down a bit but expected due to loss of matchday & broadcast rebate.
Palace matchday down 19%. In bottom six of EPL which reinforces view that stadium expansion & new stand needed. #CPFC
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Queens Park Rangers 2019/20 financial results covered a season when they finished 13th in the Championship, an improvement on the previous year’s 19th place, though the campaign was disrupted by COVID-19. Some thoughts in the following thread #QPR
#QPR loss widened from £10m to £16m, as revenue fell £16m (47%) from £34m to £18m, though expenses were cut £11m (24%) and profit on player sales increased £3m to £6m. Also impacted by £4.5m write-off of previous training ground development.
The main reason for #QPR £16m revenue reduction was broadcasting, which dropped £14m (62%) from £22m to £8m, as parachute payments stopped, though gate receipts were also down £1.4m (25%) from £5.4m to £4.0m, while commercial fell £1.4m (19%) from £7.2m to £5.8m.
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🧵 Quotes thread Blank Gameweek 36 [Sunday]

☔️ Aston Villa

📢 Dean Smith asked if Jack Grealish will start against Spurs or in #GW38: "I’m hopeful [he will start one at least]. He’s pushing, he’s had no reaction in..."

#fpl #bgw36 #CHpressers #fantasypl #gw37 #avfc #TotAvl
📢 Smith asked if Grealish will start against Spurs or in #GW38: "...his first game [against Everton] or today so he’s building those minutes."

#fpl #bgw36 #CHpressers #fantasypl #gw37 #avfc #TotAvl
📢 Smith on Matty Cash: "Cashy will miss the last two games. It is a recurrence of a hamstring injury. Nowhere near as bad as last time but enough to put him out for a couple of weeks."

#fpl #bgw36 #CHpressers #fantasypl #gw37 #avfc #TotAvl
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🧵 Pre-match press conference thread Triple Gameweek 35 [Friday]

🤍 Spurs

📢 Ryan Mason: "Ben Davies is the only one that has not been training. Tanguy [Ndombele] and Lucas [Moura] didn't train for the majority..."

#fpl #tgw35 #CHpressers #dgw35 #fantasypl #gw35 #thfc #LeeTot
📢 Mason: "...of last week, they trained the day before the [Sheffield United] game.

"But this week we have had a fully-fit squad."

#fpl #tgw35 #CHpressers #dgw35 #fantasypl #gw35 #thfc #LeeTot
📢 Mason on Gareth Bale: "I can only go on the last two weeks. I experienced playing with him as well. He's a top professional. He's happy and I'm happy and that's important..."

#fpl #tgw35 #CHpressers #dgw35 #fantasypl #gw35 #thfc #LeeTot
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🧵 Pre-match press conference thread Blank Gameweek 33 [Thursday]

🫐 Everton

📢 Carlo Ancelotti: "We have a lot of players available – almost all the squad, apart from [Abdoulaye] Doucoure and [JP] Gbamin who are out..."

#fpl #BGW33 #CHpressers #fantasypl #gw33 #efc #ArsEve
📢 Ancelotti: "...the others [including Dominic Calvert-Lewin] are in good condition.

"We are ready to fight for this final part of the season. The squad is now much, much better and I have a lot of options."

#fpl #BGW33 #CHpressers #fantasypl #gw33 #efc #ArsEve
🔫 Arsenal

📢 Mikel Arteta on five players [David Luiz, Tierney, Odegaard, Aubameyang, Lacazette] being out: "Yes, it is unfortunately the situation we have at the moment. They are all doing really well to be fair..."

#fpl #BGW33 #CHpressers #fantasypl #gw33 #afc #ArsEve
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Crystal Palace lost £58 million in 13 months to 31 July 2020, wages were 93% of income. This is from club statement, full accounts will be published later @kevinhunterday #CPFC
@kevinhunterday Can't draw too many conclusions from figures as some clubs published 12 months & others 13. Best to look over period 2019-21 in due course. Palace 19/20 revenue mid table, Sheff Utd figs show importance of final league position.
Some may be surprised that Palace gross wages > West Ham but after adjusting to 12 months ave weekly wage is lower at 'just' under £57k a week, up 1,304% in a decade. #CPFC
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Sheffield United’s 2019/20 financial results covered a season when they finished 9th in the Premier League following promotion and reached the FA Cup quarter-finals, which was described by the club as “a respectable achievement”. Some thoughts follow #SUFC #twitterblades
This is the first year under new #SUFC owner Prince Abdullah after the High Court ruled that Kevin McCabe had to sell his 50% share to the Prince. This also triggered an agreement whereby the club had to purchase the stadium, training facility, gym, hotel and offices for £38m.
Following promotion #SUFC swung from £21m pre-tax loss to £19m profit, a £40m improvement, as revenue shot up £122m from £21m to club record £143m, though profit on player sales fell £10m to £4m and competing in the Premier League increased expenses by £72m. Profit after tax £18m
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West Ham’s 2019/20 financial results covered an “unprecedented” season when they finished 16th in the Premier League with their finances significantly impacted by COVID-19. David Moyes replaced Manuel Pellegrini as manager in December 2019. Some thoughts follow #WHUFC
#WHUFC loss before tax loss widened from £28m to £65m, as revenue dropped £51m (27%) from £191m to £140m, offset by profit on player sales rising £12m to £25m and expenses falling £2m. Loss after tax increased from £27m to 65m.
Impacted by COVID, the main driver of #WHUFC revenue decrease was broadcasting income, which dropped £45m (35%) from £127m to £82m, though there were also falls in match day, down £5m (17%) to £23m, and commercial, down £2m (5%) to £34m.
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🧵 Pre-match press conference thread Double Gameweek 26 [Friday]

☔️ Aston Villa

📢 Dean Smith on Jack Grealish: "He’s getting better. He won’t be ready for tomorrow but he’s getting better.

"As I said last week..."

#fpl #dgw26 #CHpressers #gw26 #avfc #LeeAvl #fantasypl
📢 Smith on Grealish: "...there’s been an awful lot of speculation where Jack is involved.

"People speculated how long he’s going to be out for – I’m not sure how they can do that when I don’t know, the doctor doesn’t..."

#fpl #dgw26 #CHpressers #gw26 #avfc #LeeAvl #fantasypl
📢 Smith on Grealish: "...know and Jack doesn’t know.

"I was very vague last week because it’s a bit of a strange injury.

"Jack could be back to play against Sheffield United next Tuesday or Wolves next week..."

#fpl #dgw26 #CHpressers #gw26 #avfc #LeeAvl #fantasypl
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🧵 Pre-match press conference thread Double Gameweek 24 [Friday]

🔫 Arsenal

📢 Mikel Arteta on Kieran Tierney: "We have to see how the knee reacts when he starts to get a bit more load. He hasn’t done much yet. We will see in the..."

#fpl #dgw24 #CHpressers #afc #gw24 #arslee
📢 Arteta on Tierney: " few days, the moment he starts to train with the team."

On Thomas Partey: "He felt something during the [Aston Villa] game. We didn’t think it was too bad but after the scan, looked a little bit worse..."

#fpl #dgw24 #CHpressers #afc #gw24 #arslee
📢 Arteta on Partey: "...he won’t be available to play against Leeds and we will see how it evolves in the next two days but it is a muscular issue."

On Gabriel Martinelli: "He came back and did really well but then he picked up..."

#fpl #dgw24 #CHpressers #afc #gw24 #arslee
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Everton’s 2019/20 financial results covered a “very challenging” season when they finished 12th in the Premier League. Carlo Ancelotti replaced Marco Silva as manager in December 2019. Adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some thoughts in the following thread #EFC
#EFC loss widened from £112m to a club record £140m, mainly due to £57m of exceptional charges (including impairment), up £47m from prior year. Revenue fell £2m (1%) to £186m, but profit on player sales doubled from £20m to £40m. Overall, operating expenses were flat.
#EFC broadcasting income dropped £35m (26%) from £133m to £98m, while gate receipts fell £2m (16%) from £14m to £12m, mainly due to the delayed conclusion to the season. However, this was largely offset by commercial rising £35m (86%) from £41m to £76m.
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Tottenham Hotspur’s 2019/20 financial results covered a season that was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but they still benefited from the new stadium. The club finished sixth in the Premier League and reached the last 16 in the Champions League. Some thoughts follow #THFC
#THFC swung from £87m profit before tax to £68m loss, a deterioration of £155m. Revenue dropped £69m (15%) from club record £461m to £392m (including exceptional £11m TV rebate), while profit on player sales rose £4m to £15m and expenses increased £85m. After tax loss was £64m.
Main driver of #THFC revenue fall is broadcasting, down £108m (44%) to £136m, due to Premier League deferral/rebate and reaching Champions League final prior season. However, new stadium led to growth in match day, up £13m (16%) to £95m, and commercial, up £26m (19%) to £162m.
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Norwich City’s 2019/20 accounts covered a “challenging period” for the club, as they were relegated after just one season in the Premier League and their finances were impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19. Some thoughts in the following thread #NCFC
Despite the impact of the pandemic, #NCFC swung from £39m pre-tax loss in the Championship to £2m profit, thanks to revenue surging £85m from £34m to club record £119m, though competing in the Premier League increased expenses by £46m. After tax went from £33m loss to £2m profit.
#NCFC profit would have been £12.7m higher at £15m without the “significant” impact of COVID-19. Revenue was £10.2m lower, due to rebates to broadcasters £7.1m and season ticket holders £3.1m, while costs were higher after extending the season to July.
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Football clubs generate most of their cash from revenue they earn from gate receipts, TV deals, prize money, sponsorship and merchandising, but often they need additional financing, either from their owners or the banks. This thread looks at financing in the Premier League.
This analysis will cover the last five years from 2014/15 to 2018/19 (the last season when accounts are available), looking at the 20 clubs currently in the Premier League, i.e. including those promoted last season.
In the last 5 years, the 20 Premier League clubs have benefited from £1.9 bln net financing with most of the money coming from their owners £1,569m (81%) and another £366m (19%) sourced from banks. However, there is a big difference between business models at individual clubs.
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A THREAD! 👇 Ahead of the new Premier League season, we're going to be asking one tactical question which each club faces ahead of the 2020/21 campaign. Image
First up, the reigning champions... 🏆

Will a creative midfielder unbalance Liverpool's team?


🔴 #LFC Image
Have Crystal Palace finally replaced Aaron Wan-Bissaka?


🦅 #CPFC Image
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19-year-old smarterscout young prospect Nathan Ferguson has joined Crystal Palace on a free after leaving West Brom. He can improve as an attacker and in ground duels, but he's the rare player with similar output and style on both sides: 🙇‍♂️


1/2 Image
Nathan Ferguson also scored a laser from the left side. Just so you know.

2/2 Image
P.S. Video of said laser:
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Earlier this week I posted a thread on the 2018/19 financials for the Big Six Premier League clubs. Today I am going to look at the numbers for the Other 14 clubs #AFCB #BHAFC #BurnleyFC #CardiffCity #CPFC #EFC #FFC #HTAFC #LCFC #NUFC #SaintsFC #WatfordFC #WHUFC #WWFC
Obviously, there will be a significant impact on these numbers in the 2019/20 season (and probably 2020/21 as well) as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, which has resulted in clubs earning much less revenue for a few months, but how did it look before the pandemic struck? ImageImage
Other 14 Premier League clubs generated £2.2 bln of revenue, but £2.6 bln of expenses (including £1.5 bln wages and £0.6 bln player amortisation) meant £393m operating loss. This was improved by £241m profit on player sales, offset by £35m interest, giving £188m loss before tax. Image
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Now that all the Premier League clubs have published their 2018/19 financials, we can compare the results, but we will do this a little differently by separating the analysis into two parts, as the numbers are so different for: (1) the Big Six clubs; and (2) the Other 14 clubs.
Today’s thread will focus on the 2018/19 financial results for the Big Six Premier League clubs #AFC #CFC #LFC #MCFC #MUFC #THFC. Clearly, there will be a significant impact on these numbers in 2019/20 following the COVID-19 lockdown, but how did it look before the pandemic?
Big 6 Premier League clubs generated £3.0 bln of revenue, but £3.1 bln of expenses (including £1.7 bln wages and £0.7 bln player amortisation) meant a £97m operating loss. This was improved by £193m profit on player sales, offset by £23m interest, giving £33m profit before tax.
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Newcastle United’s 2018/19 financial results cover a season when they finished 13th in the Premier League, 3 places lower than the previous year. Steve Bruce replaced Rafael Benitez as manager after the season ended. Some thoughts in the following thread #NUFC
#NUFC profit before tax improved by £18m from £23m to £41m, very largely due to profit on player sales surging from £4m to £25m, as revenue dropped £2m (1%) from £178m to £176m. There was minimal expense growth of just £1m. Post-tax profit increased from £19m to £35m.
The largest #NUFC revenue decrease was broadcasting, which fell £2.5m (2%) to £124m, mainly due to the worse finishing place in the league, though commercial was also down £0.5m (2%) to £28m. In contrast, match day rose £0.9m (4%) to £25m.
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Crystal Palace’s 2018/19 financial results covered a season when they finished “in a respectable” 12th place under Roy Hodgson. This secured a seventh successive year in the Premier League, their longest ever spell in England’s top division. Some thoughts follow #CPFC
#CPFC improved from a £36m loss before tax to a £5m profit, very largely due to profit on player sales (mainly Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s move to #MUFC) surging from £2m to £46m, though revenue also rose £5m (3%) to a club record £155m. Partly offset by expenses increasing £8m.
All three #CPFC revenue streams grew, led by broadcasting, which rose £3.2m (3%) to £124.4m. There were also increases in commercial, up £1.0m (6%) to £16.4m, and match day, up £0.9m (7%) to £14.6m. Note: this revenue split is taken from the club’s Annual Review.
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I’ve prepared a few more of the financial fact sheets for selected football clubs. To be clear, this is not new information as such, but just a more succinct presentation of previous data. This thread covers #AVFC, #AFCB, #CardiffCity, #HTAFC, #NCFC, #SUFC, #WatfordFC and #WWFC.
#AVFC posted huge £69m net loss. Operating loss even higher at £115m, including £46m promotion payments, but £14m HS2 compensation. Offset by £36m stadium sale and £11m player sales. Revenue fall due to lower parachute payments. Debt-free after write-offs and equity conversion.
#AFCB lost money 2 years in a row, as revenue has fallen from £136m to £131m, while wage bill has grown from £72m to £111m. Little benefit from low player sales. Debt up to £100m, 9th highest in PL. Spent £150m on player purchases in last 2 years with transfer debt up to £81m.
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