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6 #leadership styles and when you should use them? ✔️

Leadership can and should be situational, depending on the needs of the team.

Here is a thread 🧵 that brings you different aspects of leadership. #threadstorytime

#LeadershipDevelopment #curated
The pacesetting leader

“Do as I do, now.”

Expects and models excellence and self-direction.

Works best: When the team is already motivated and skilled, and the leader needs quick results.
The authoritative leader

“Come with me.”

Mobilizes the team toward a common vision and focuses on end goals, leaving the means up to each individual.
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A #thread about some interesting facts about Switzerland.

1. The national flag of Switzerland is square.
2. It is illegal to keep only one pet. The reasoning is that animals are social creatures, so keeping one might make it feel lonely.
3. The Swiss are very concerned about Sunday, and many shops will close on this day, so friends may not be able to buy things on Sunday in Switzerland.

On Sundays, you must not mow lawns, wash clothes to dry clothes, or wash cars, because too much noise will disturb others.
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A #thread about John Priest, one of the luckiest men to ever walk the Earth. Image
Imagine surviving the Titanic by swimming through the arctic water with nothing more than a pair of shorts, then being one of the only survivors out of your 70 friends being blown up in WWI, and then escaping another sinking ship on the coast of Greece.
This was a reality for John Priest- a British stoker (someone who puts coal into the ships’ furnaces) who survived so many ship crashes by the skin of his teeth that he was nicknamed the unsinkable stoker by the media.
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A #thread about how Johnny Depp prepared for his iconic role as Captain Jack Sparrow.
When Johnny Depp was first offered the role of Captain Jack Sparrow, Disney did not envision this character to be the beloved, flamboyant character we’d come to know.
According to Johnny Depp, in the original screenplay, they’d expected him to play a pirate who “swings in, fights a little bit and then swings out, grabs a girl and that’s it”.
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A #thread about Yasuke, the first African to enter Japan and the only Black Samurai to ever exist.
The man known to history as Yasuke (possibly a Japanese corruption of Isaac) was most likely a member of the Jaang (Dinka) people,
...of what’s now South Sudan, who had been trafficked to India as a boy.
There he entered the service of the chief Jesuit in Asia, Alessandro Valignano, who was on an inspection tour of the Indies.
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A #thread on some of the most badass things ever said by a historical figure.

1. General George Patton
George Smith Patton Jr. was a general of the United States Army who commanded the U.S. Seventh Army in the Mediterranean theater of World War II, and the U.S. Third Army in France and Germany after the Allied invasion of Normandy in June 1944.
During WWII before one of the battles he was reputed to have said:

“As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil because I am the most evil man in the valley.”
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A #thread about Elizabeth Bathory, one of the worst human beings to ever live.
Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed was a Hungarian noblewoman from the noble family of Báthory, who owned land in the Kingdom of Hungary.

Báthory has been labeled by Guinness World Records as the most prolific female murderer.
(The Bathory family crest)
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A #thread about a truly mesmerizing character from history: Grigori Yefimovich RASPUTIN

(21st January 1869-30 December 1916)
Rasputin was a Siberian peasant and mystic whose ability to improve the condition of Aleksey Nikolayevich, the hemophiliac heir to the Russian throne,
(Aleksey Nikolayevich)
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A #thread on some of the most stingy billionaires to ever live.

1. Ingvar Kamprad
The founder of Ikea flew economy, rode the bus, drove a decades old Volvo
...and regularly ate lunch in Ikea’s cafeteria. He passed away on January 27, 2018 at the age of 91.
He was worth around $58 Billion at the time he passed.

A truly remarkably man.
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A #thread about the dark sides og some incredibly famous people you know.

1. Mahatma Ghandi
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. One of the most universally revered figures in modern history.

We've come to know him as a frail, nobly malnourished old man with a purely moral, pious soul.

But it seems he wasn't a saint after all...
Gandhi was staunchly racist for at least much of his adulthood.

To him black South Africans were barely human.

He referred to them using the derogatory South African slur “kaffir”.

"Kaffirs are as a rule uncivilised—the convicts even more so.
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A #thread about some intriguing facts about China.

1. The modern word “China” most likely derives from the name of the Qin (pronounced “chin”) dynasty. First Emperor Qin Shi Huang (260-210 B.C.) of the Qin dynasty first unified China in 221 B.C.,
...beginning an Imperial period which would last until A.D. 1912.
2. China is the fourth largest country in the world (after Russia, Canada, and the U.S.). It has an area of 3,719,275 square miles (slightly smaller than the U.S.) and its borders with other countries total more than 117,445 miles.
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A #thread on some of the most evil humans that you most likely have never heard about.

1. King Leopold of Belgium
Cut off the heads of the men and hang them in the villages, have sexual intercourse with the native women and hang children and women on crosses.”

King Leopold II of Belgium to his generals, refering to people of his personal colony in the Congo.
A child victim of Belgian atrocities in Congo stands with a missionary,
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A #thread of extremely scary facts curated for your reading pleasure.

1. Zhonerism
In 1997, 14 year old Nathan Zohner presented his science fair project to his classmates, seeking to ban a highly dangerous chemical from its everyday use.

The chemical in question? Dihydrogen monoxide.
Throughout his presentation, Zohner provided his audience scientifically correct evidence as to why this chemical should be banned.

He explained that dihydrogen monoxide:
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A #thread on some of the biggest scams and cons in history.

1. The Shed at Dulwich
If a restaurant is ranked as being the best in London, it has to be good, right?

In April 2017, Oobah Butler, a writer for Vice who had previously been bribed by restaurants to give good reviews, set out to test the system, to prove a point.
(Oobah Butler)
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A #thread on some of the most intelligent criminals who ever lived.

1. Frank William Abagnale Jr.
Frank William Abagnale Jr. is currently an American security consultant known for his career as a con man, check forger, and impostor when he was 15 to 21 years old.
He became one of the most famous fraudsters before his 21st birthday by impersonating an airline pilot, a physician, a US Bureau prison agent, a lawyer, a teaching assistant and a Louisiana Parish prosecutor.
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A #thread on some shocking facts about Israel.

1. Gun Culture
Israel is the only country in the world where women can freely move with machine guns in their back.

It is interesting to watch these beautiful alpha females being armed. It is because the military training is compulsory for both the men and women.
Surely, I can't be the only one who finds these pics mesmerizing.
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