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A piece of history.

Can you explain what this means?

Everybody got it right.

The first word which @arshiet got partially correct is DHANUSHTANKAR ie ophisthotonus --> dhanu means bow and it refers to the person spasming into the shape of a bow.

The disease is tetanus as everybody has said!

Wear shoes and avoid pricks!
@arshiet This is the history of the Bata Corporation!…
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I normally don't push brands on social media but @SkechersIndia has to be an exception.

I have suffered from plantar fasciitis for years and it has been gruelling.

I have tried every brand --> homegrown to foreign and most of those don't work. Image
I bought this pair of running shoes a few days back and put them through the paces.

They are amazing. No doubt about it.

Single best pair of shoes I have ever worn.
Hard surface or soft, uneven ground or metalled roads --> this has your back.

The heel support is great and it really feels like an extension of your feet.

This is a great buy as far as I am concerned.
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Is India's Consumption is Booming or Bombing ? keep updating the thread with Nuggets ...
Kantar's FMCG Pulse report .. April-Aug 2022.
Average MONTHLY sales of FMCG packs were 19.2 bn, or 62 packs/household, from Apr-Aug 2022
vs PRE-COVID: Average MONTHLY sales of FMCG packs 15 billion or 51 packs/household => 20% Increase in VOLUME

BUT #DEVIL lies in the #detail
packs bought pre-pandemic weighed 438 grams on average, the size has shrunk to just 309 grams now amid soaring inflation .... thats a 30% reduction in Volume/Pack...

In Other Words, CONSUMPTION per household in FMCG is Down 15% .... Cant recall such a BAD SCENARIO in 35 yrs..
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A beginner's guide to long-distance consistent running

I had no sports background & had never run before. Started #running 2 years back (6 Nov 20) at age 49. Ran 5454 km in 2021, and 3604 in 2022 until today. 9058 km in 643 days (Av 14.1 km/d). Includes 591 10k+ runs and 106 HM
Running resulted in several benefits- 22 kg #weightloss (95kg before to 73kg now). HbA1C: 4.8; normal cholesterol & BP, resting HR 45/min. Physically active and mostly pain-free despite having #ankylosingspondylitis Not on any medications.
I wish to answer some common queries, mostly based on my personal experiences (and some based on my medical knowledge)
1. Can everyone run long distances? Yes, if there is no significant medical illness, anyone can run. If you have a health issue, get clearance from your doctor.
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So much to get from #scrapbooks Image
. @blackjen1 argues that visual strategies in #newspapers are the beginning of #graphicdesign
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On a spring day, sandals are absolutely a must have for those long walks in the park while enjoying the cool weather.

Here's how you can walk around comfortably looking like your best self with the right sandal.

#sandals #shoes #highheels…
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Just thought I’d share this study again in response to a patients Q earlier today regarding running in one shoe only vs rotating multiple pairs.

I’m a big fan of rotating between multiple “different” types of shoes to “ spread the load”.

1/4 #ukrunchat #run #Shoes #physio
We can’t remove forces and physics but we can be smart with them.

It’s a strategy I use myself.

Of course there are runners who use one pair and don’t get injured as well, there’s far more to this puzzle than simply changing shoes as I talk about often,

but maybe, for some, it’s something to think about trying alongside appropriate training and recovery.

It’s a far from perfect paper, as many are, and other confounders may apply but it’s a tactic some may wish to apply.

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Budget friendly, durable and great styles
#ShopeePH #Korean #shoes #flats
Barefoot.MNL Sassy ✨ CB 126 Thin braided strap

Barefoot.MNL Faye Flat Braided Strap Sandals
Barefoot.MNL Lea ✨ 1" inch Block heels

Barefoot.MNL Zia ✨ 1 inch Block Heels
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#Thread about #Kangaroos #Australia #animals #USA #trade #AnimalsMatterAF #Shoes #Nike #fashionstyle :

California banned the import of kangaroo products in 1971. Now politicians from both camps want to extend the ban to the whole of the USA.…
However, the commercially hunted kangaroos are not critically endangered species.
However, it is difficult to monitor the ban. The corresponding police unit is already fully occupied with monitoring the illegal trade in ivory and other exotic animals.
Eating kangaroo meat is certainly not for everyone, and the meat is an absolute niche product.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/21/2021…
Debunking Piketty and the Left's Celebrity Economists | Mises Wire…

#Piketty #debunk
How a Small Rise in Bond Yields May Create a Financial Crisis | Mises Wire…

#FinancialCrisis #bond
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I took many pictures at Bolsa Chica this afternoon including many of terns diving for food and a fire that erupted a few minutes after our group left the environs of a WWII gunnery emplacement. Until I get to that part of the queue, you are stuck with various experiments.
I am very fond of #DoctorWho, so I have a small selection of action figures and a TARDIS. Attempts to photograph my tiny collection haven't given me results that I like until I use one of the #sfx filters installed in my Nikon Coolpix W150.
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10 Crazy Tricks That Will Help You Manipulate The Instagram Algorithm, Grow Your Instagram Page, Attract Massive Sales And Save You A Tonne Of Money.

You will discover a simple, easy and...
straightforward way to make your target audience find you, follow you, pay you and promote you for FREE.

We will start here…

Why you desperately need to do SEO on your Instagram page...

There are three reasons...
𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗳𝗶𝗿𝘀𝘁…

People are increasingly searching Instagram for products they want to buy or services they want to hire...

So if your platform is nowhere to be found when they search for whatever they need...

then you will lose the sale that could have come from the...
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@BoleMataz is a brand set to revolutionise how bole is sold in Nigeria. Bolemataz is an environment-conscious brand.

As popular as bole is in Nigeria, it’s sold and served differently, in different parts of Nigeria. In the Eastern part of Nigeria, it’s mostly served with beans.
In the West, #bole is served or eaten alongside groundnut. In South-South, it’s served with some oil or peppery sauce alongside some “badass” (for lack of a better word to describe the taste of the) roasted fish. #VUNBlog #VictorUgooNjokuBlog #lifestyle #Nigeria #Trends #Thread
Roadside sellers of bole sell in takeaway packs or wrapped in some old newspaper. Not @BoleMataz Bolemataz has decided to give some prestige to the way they sell and package bole. #trendsofnigeria #lunch #food #Nigeriafood #Africa #ecofriendly #eatclean
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