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#pleaseread Thread: Couldn’t understand why I could not sleep. I then realise that it’s four years ago to the very night that I hit my lowest point. I was in despair, borderline suicidal with no idea what to do or where to go. All because of an abusive relationship.
I was with my bully of an ex. He showed such narcissism that led me to believe that absolutely everything was my fault. I was never good enough. I’d been bullied so much that I’d lost over 20kgs in stress and fear in just over 12 months. I’d become a crumbling wreck.
He told me this night he debated leaving me as he didn’t find me sexy. I was ugly. That I didn’t do it for him anymore, and I believed it was all me. I wasn’t good enough. I was frozen. He still wanted sex but then berated me when I couldn’t do it. Too scared. Leaving me in tears
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Domestic violence is never ok.
I've met hundreds of women who have come to see me over the years who were in abusive relationships and a constant request from many of them is to pray for them and ask others to as well. Here are the stories of four of these women. (Thread) #DomesticViolenceAwarenessMonth
I request you to read them in their entirety with an open heart and real love. Then, as this night begins to enter into its late hours, I would ask you all to join me in praying for each one of these women as well as the thousands of others who have similar stories.
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I am angry.
I am hurt.
And I am afraid.

I just picked the children up from their visitation w their domestically abusive father.

My daughtr gets in the car & starts telling me how this visit was a little better for her. Then she tells me WHY it was better...
Do you remember the last dropoff, when my 12yo panicked and fought bc she didn't want her abusive dad to touch her and he wouldn't stop? The incident that she talked about in the subtweeted video above? Do you remember that he told her if she refused his affection, he'd slap her?
My 12yo girl told me that THIS visit was better bc she figured, if she cant make him stop, if fighting him off won't work, then she'd make a deal with him, that even though she didn't want him to hug her, she would tell him he could if he agreed not to tickle her & other touches.
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October is #DomesticViolenceAwarenessMonth.

I left an abuser nearly 2 years ago with the help of friends & today people regularly ask me what they can do if they know or suspect that someone is in an abusive relationship.

Here are some tips — as based on personal experience.
Don't try to shame someone into leaving

A person in an abusive relationship is already being shamed. Shame plays a part in making them stay

"Look what you made me do" = the unofficial slogan of abusers. The victim is held responsible for the abuse. Don't make it worse for them.
Do affirm the victim's positive sense of self

Abusers whittle away our confidence and disorient us as to make us complicit in our own suffering

It's important for a victim to know that someone cares about them & *respects* them. It helps them see things from a different angle.
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This tragedy is repeated daily in America. Women are murdered by men who claim to love them.

#LaurenMcCluskey was one of those victims.

My heart breaks for this family who lost the light of their life because a man wouldn't take no for an answer.

It's #DomesticViolenceAwarenessMonth. Men can begin to be abusive as soon as you start dating.

I wrote about the dangers here.…
It's #DomesticViolenceAwarenessMonth. Men often start to control women as soon as they begin dating.

The most dangerous time for women is when they say no.

I wrote about #DomesticViolence and guns and how little we do as a nation to protect DV victims.…
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The past two hours have been our regular reminder of how close we always are to #gunviolence.

Shots fired on the block at the end of #ThisIsUs followed by police knocking on our door and The Wife having to detail events.

The front of our house is now a crime scene.
For the handful of people NOT inured to #gunviolence who asked how we were, we are ok. Someone is dead however and it is the third killing in front of our house in four years, so it's pretty unnerving.

I am frankly shocked that this tweet didn't go viral. Then again, maybe not.
Until gun violence in black neighborhoods like mine matters as much as in white neighborhoods there is never going to be any kind of resolution of America's gun problem.
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#BrittanysLaw #DomesticViolenceAwarenessMonth After making many calls to our NYS Legislators today, I can not reiterate this enough. Violence is violence - Remove the word "Domestic". for just a moment and see that this bill is NOT adding new crimes to our legal books, these
crimes already exist!If any of these VIOLENT crimes were committed in a public place, charges would take place and penalties enforced, but for some reason when the word domestic is added, and the crime has taken place in the home, it is being looked at as "a new crime".
If anything, it should be worse,these crimes are against people that the other supposedly LOVES. #LoveShouldntHurt
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