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Seit mehreren Tagen haben "konservative" Politiker, Medienschaffende und rechte Aktivisten die @StadtBibMuc angegriffen, dafür, dass Sie eine angebliche Drag-Show vor Kindern abhalten wollen. Stimmt das? #Muenchen #drag
Zur Klarstellung: Es handelt sich dabei lediglich um eine Lesung aus Kinderbüchern. Diese beschäftigen sich mit dem Thema des anders sein. In einer NICHT sexuellen, anzüglichen Weise. Die Lesung ist freiwillig. Niemand wird von den Veranstaltern gezwungen, dort hinzukommen.
Es wird dort auch NICHT, wie oft vorgeworfen, zu sexuellen Handlungen kommen. Wie so ein Treffen ablaufen kann, hat @VickyVoyage hier bereits gezeigt.
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Ein Gesetzentwurf, der letzte Woche vom GOP-geführten staatlichen Gesetzgeber verabschiedet wurde, erlaubt es dem Staat, Lebensmittel- und Getränkelizenzen von #Unternehmen zu verhängen, auszusetzen oder zu widerrufen, die es Kindern ermöglichen,
an einer "Live-Performance für Erwachsene" teilzunehmen, die "ein juckendes, beschämendes oder morbides Interesse anregt". Der Gesetzentwurf beschreibt spezifische Handlungen, wie "die unzüchtige Exposition von prothetischen oder nachgemachten Genitalien oder Brüsten".
Der #Gesetzentwurf gibt keine #Drag-Shows an, aber die Gegner sagen, dass die Sprache auf sie abzielt. Die Gesetzgebung scheint bereits eine abschreckende Wirkung zu haben. Zusätzlich zu Live-Shows verbietet der Gesetzentwurf Städten und Landkreisen, Genehmigungen für andere
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1/ Short 🧵 on anti-#drag efforts in Texas:

The Senate passed a bill this month that is pitched as a way to protect kids from explicit drag shows.

But legal experts said it would criminalize everything from dirty dancing to #LGBTQ Pride parades.… #txlege
2/ The lawyers identified 4 areas of concern: The bill includes vague descriptions of new crimes, specifically targets people “exhibiting” as the opposite sex, is overly broad in its definitions of “sexually oriented” and lacks discussion of an alleged scofflaw's intent. #txlege
3/ How could this suss out in the real world?

The bill criminalizes "real or simulated" groping of the butt, which the lawyers said could land performers and venues in hot water if dancing crosses is "prurient" content and is in front of a minor.… #txlege
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NEW Ngo investigation: A #drag queen & ex-elementary school aide who helped groom a child into becoming a drag performer was convicted of nearly a dozen felony child sex crimes in Oregon. She was sentenced to less than a year in jail in a sweetheart deal.…
Last year, @hunnybadgermom & I reported on Kelsey Boren's arrest ahead of a child drag event at #Antifa bar Old Nick's Pub in Eugene. (The pub is a meeting place for Antifa.) Boren was one of the adults who groomed the child into becoming a performer.…
On Oct. 23, 2022, #Antifa & far-left extremists gathered to attack the small group who protested the child drag event at Old Nick's Pub. The child performer was taught how to do drag by a now-convicted child sex offender.
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Senate Bill 12 gets FINAL PASSAGE in the Texas Senate by vote of 20-11. It would criminalize drag shows or any other performances deemed overtly sexual if they're in front of or may be in front of minors.

Background:… #TXLege #SB12 #LGBT #LGBTQ #dragqueen
Senate Bill 1601, which would bar public money from libraries that host #drag shows, is up for final passage in the Texas Senate.

@SenRoyceWest, the only Democrat who voted for it yesterday, is asking Qs of the author. #txlege #SB1601
@SenRoyceWest West asks one question: Would the drag queen library bill apply to men wearing kilts in libraries?

@SenBryanHughes says no.

West asks no further questions. #txlege #SB1601
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Video of a British cabaret show for young children has emerged featuring a drag queen doing handstands in a thong. The show is aimed at "parents & their babies." The CABABABARAVE has an upcoming show on March 11 as part of @VAULTFestival. HT @Dominiquetaegon…
@VAULTFestival @Dominiquetaegon CABABABARAVE locked down its Instagram & has removed its Facebook page from public view so that you don't see images like these from their shows.

Controversial footage emerges of British cabaret #drag show aimed at young children and their parents. ImageImageImageImage
CABABABARAVE has released a statement on its Instagram saying it is the victim of an anti-trans and anti-non-binary “trolling attack.” It says their controversial drag thong performance for the babies is age appropriate because infants don’t comprehend what is happening. Image
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For those who fear drag. It’s a long-time tradition. For kids,
for all of us, and we were all fine
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Bar Wotever @BarWot is back!, and I missed it and @thervt so much! 💜🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

But I want to talk about one of the performances - by @MonsiuerC - and #ADHD 1/
#barwotever #queercabaret #drag #dragkingsofinstagram
Closing @BarWot performances yesterday, @MonsiuerC said “See? This is what you get with me. A chaotic [1]” and the room cheered loudly and I thought “Yes! This is ADHD!” 2/

[1] forgot the rest, sorry, but it was good!
They took us on a whirlwind journey of laughter and empathy, politics, mental health - therapy and surviving on benefits -, family and black vs queer community issues.
And everyone agreed: it was brilliant and magnificent. 3/
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Hello world! It’s @tim_lytc checking in for the morning. I’m a NEW TALENT Fellow on the programme. I’m a Queer dance creative working across theatre, film and creative tech. My work is centred on advocating for gender, health, race and Queer issues.
My #digitalplacemaking research looks at the potentials of combining #Dance & Movement with #CreativeTechnology to create safer spaces for #Queer folks. Check out my page for a little taste of what I've done✨
At the beginning, I was inspired by past work I had done with @LiminaImmersive @SplashAndRipple @lisamaythomas And their approach to bodies and technology - The conscious effort to create comfortable, inclusive spaces, where audiences could escape and connect at the same time.
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Up next we have "Distributed Multimodalities: Ethnographic Experiments in Memory and Performance" ·
"Multimodalidades distribuidas: Experimentos etnográficos en memoria y performance"

w/ @trgenovese @alchemyburns @visual_gonthros @fukudapero @nasrat @js_rubin

#Distribute2020 Image
"Slowly I begin the process of transformation... I'm not sure what the gathering of anthropologists will make of me or my performance in what I am calling #Dragthropology" - paraphrase of @nasrat
"With performance of living history, these reeneactors conduct public and private reverent rituals that perform a continuity of distributed trans-historical solidarity in order to evoke and honour the memory of their fictive kin political ancestors" - @trgenovese
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