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Looong extension ahoy!

A major headache for the EU
Let's assume EUCO today doesn't talk extensions, because Johnson doesn't ask for one

That means if Saturday happens, and amendment succeeds, EU will be asked for 3mth extension, but knowing #EURef2 likely

Ref'm needs a good 9 months to sort primary legislation, designation, campaigning, dealing with outcome, etc.

@ConUnit_UCL reckon 6 months at breakneck:…

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While I'm stuck in the traffic (on the bus, road-safety fans) to the airport, let's think a bit about how best to secure various Brexit outcomes

You'll recall there are only 3 options here:

- leave with a deal
- leave without a deal
- don't leave (ie revoke)

Plus, the old favourite, seek an extension

What's the most reliable way to each of these?

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Look at the state of the bottom of this list.
@Nigel_Farage is ranked 747th out of 751 for MEP voting.
Less than 40% of votes.
Taking taxpayers money & doing nothing.
One of the very worst lazy, overpaid, "gravy train" MEPs Leavers are always railing about.
#WakeUpUK #BrexitsACon
@Nigel_Farage This analysis of MEP value is from here:…
@Nigel_Farage By comparison, here are the top 30 or so of UK MEPs
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This is an important one, so let's run through it

Headline is another request for extension to art.50, this time to 30 June 2019.

Aim is to complete MV4/WAIB process by 22.5, so can leave on that date (i.e. ahead of #EP19)

This time is needed for on-going negotiations with LAB and then Parliamentary process

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Right, let's see if we can't work out what the impact of yesterday was:

I'd open by noting that even after a sleep no-one seems very confident about how it could play out, which suggests that if there's a cunning plan behind it, then it's very cunning, and thus liable to not work

The most obvious impact is that it complicates No.10's route 1 - MV3- and so makes it less likely

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Briefly, on the EU27 agreeing to an extension:

EU is open to idea of an extension, to avoid no-deal.

BUT it needs a purpose for that extra time

Obvious examples include:
- a few weeks for wrapping up ratification;
- some months for a GE;
- some more months for a #EUref2

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NEW: Mega poll of 25,000 people by @YouGov for the @peoplesvote_uk campaign:

Voting intention:

CON 40%
LAB 34
LD 10
Green 4

Poll conducted among 25,537 people online, 21 Dec-4 Jan.
Same poll...

Please imagine that a Brexit deal passes with the support of most Conservative MPs and most Labour MPs. How would you vote at the next election?

CON 42
LAB 26
Lib Dem 17
SNP/Plaid 5
Other 10
Same poll...

Please imagine that a Brexit deal passes because it is supported by most Conservative MPs and Labour does not instruct its MPs to oppose it. How would you vote at the next election?

CON 43
LAB 26
Lib Dem 16
SNP/Plaid 5
Other 10
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I've spent the last 2.5 years in a horrible place and no, I'm not talking about Birmingham - in fact, I love where I live, in the place many seem to fear most, a truly multicultural neighbourhood, it's part of why I fight so hard.
We voted Remain btw
When the referendum came I wasn't paying attention to the world, I was just hanging out with my 3yo child, who was going to start school that autumn.
It was our last Spring of hanging out together.
I read around all the arguments for Leave but in my view the EU is not our enemy
In fact, my experience of the EU has been very positive as previously I worked in Home & Child Safety promotion and before that set up a small business in event services with the help of EU regional development funds.
Plus I have lived in Germany, my friends & family are European
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Let's run through the "Parliament will vote to stop a no-deal Brexit" once again, because some people haven't been paying attention

One of the recurring lines we hear from MPs is that they'll be voting (some day) against the WA, to stop it and to stop a no-deal

these are two very different things

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Let's see if we can make sense of yesterday's events:

Lots to consider, but maybe less of lasting consequence than we might imagine

First up we have the AG's opinion in Wightman, recommending unilateral revocation of Art.50 is appropriate.

It's at the top end of campaigners' expectations, but it's only an opinion, so until the ECJ actually rules, this doesn't change anything clearly

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Birmingham City Council commissioned an independent report to give the best possible indication of what leaving the EU could mean for the city and region.
It was published yesterday
#SaveBrum #BrexitRegionalImpact…

Here are the key points:
The report highlights issues and concerns in the following key areas: trade; infrastructure and investment; ‘just in time’ impacts; employment; productivity and skills; business adaptability; EU funding; economic and financial; security; data sharing; public services.
Automotive sector is of particular concern... given that only 40% of components are sourced locally, making it vulnerable to supply interruptions & delays
Essential that the city and region has formal input into future trade negotiations in order to support the local economy
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It's Monday morning, so where are we with Brexit?

Well, as you might expect after last week's unambiguous statement from the EU that the UK needs to get moving fast on the Withdrawal Agt, not much

May's second attempt at a presser (w no Qs, obvz) on Friday did manage to deflect much attention, both by saying it was the EU's turn to come up with ideas and by being more steely on Chequers

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Last year, when I was really suicidal because #BrexitReality has unbalanced me, I made this petition to David Davis asking for a FinalSay.…

I'm grateful to everyone who signed up, but it made no difference & I nearly gave up.
Rumble strips are a godsend.
I'm OK but I must fight those feelings of helplessness every single day.

Then there was another #FinalSay petition on @HocPetitions petition that, despite @DExEUgov trying to reject it, went to (great) debate in December 2017.

@HoCpetitions @DExEUgov How much longer do we need to wait until we all accept that we need to put the brakes on & check Brexit?

We'll never be United Kingdom without #FinalSay

It's a result we can all respect, however it turns out

Better safe than sorry

Look before we Leave…
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So tired of all this Brexshit.
I wish I could find the generator of the Someone Else's Problem field that has bewitched people

Next they will ask us to #RespectTheResult.
I will, when it is a respectable result. Not this #Brexitshambles
#Fairvotenow #FinalSay
Brexit won't just hit the UK.
Many of the places it will affect the worst did not choose it.
I get Brexiters don't care about me, but is everyone really OK with the fact that this will seriously impact on all our neighbours too?
We're not just shitting our own bed in protest here
Maybe I'm wrong but I do not want to believe that enough people were aware of this + all the other things that voting Leave would mean.
This is why I want #EUref2
I don't #RespectTheResult - because I #RespectTheRules & informed Democracy
#VoteLeaveCheated #VoteLeaveBrokeTheLaw
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I'm supposed to be in #AltUK for a couple of weeks.
I'm losing my hope along with my sleep and my sight.
Quite exhausted.
Much love to @spaceangel1964 who I met at the start when we were all shell-shocked staggering sucker-punched & has fought so hard to put the brakes on Brexit
@spaceangel1964 Bannon is Brexit
Trump is Brexit
Putin is Brexit
Johnson is Brexit
Farage is Brexit
Banks is Brexit
Rees-Mogg is Brexit

Is that who you are?
@spaceangel1964 Please help to put the brakes on Brexit, before it's too late to steer away from the iceberg ahead without scuppering the ship

We need change but not for the worse

Let's Not Leave
Brexit is a bad decision
We need #FinalSay on our shared future or we'll never be a United Kingdom
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Some notes from @whatukthinks speech at #BrexitPolling, despite his summary containing most of it:
Ppl a bit more economically pessimistic than post #EUref and some more concern, but not huge shifts
However, bigger shifts on quality of final deal, esp post #GE17, w falls in confidence
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Some ppl asking, “What happens if parliament votes to reject Brexit deal but Article 50 window almost closed?” Here’s my view...1/
Govt falls. New govt must go back & ask for better deal. EU refuses unless UK willing to offer additional concessions on its “red lines”. 2/
Govt goes back to parliament & says, “This is best deal available unless we are more flexible. Over to you, sovereign parliament...” 3/
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