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Tip for anyone teaching now or preparing to in September: online or in a classroom, teaching is still teaching, learning is learning, & it’s still “in person” & personal. Dress accordingly. @AnneLouiseAvery is of the finest resources for sartorial #Inspiration (and/or foxiness).
I’ve tried teaching in colour (like you’re supposed to as per advice on How To Look “Good” On Video), and it’s just not comfortable. Sorry. Back to black for me, for work with focus.
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WaPo beclowns itself again.

This “news”paper participated in my doxxing because I did what they wouldn’t— I, with your massive help, held Metro accountable. #wmata
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Indeed it is. Most of the 🤖 I’ve blocked in this thread are claiming to be “Liz supporters” as if we don’t already know that most of the reliable Liz stans started riding with Biden after the 1st Super Tuesday and aren’t here for bullshit. It’s *very* transparent. 🙄
Seems we’ve officially arrived at the very prescient #EvergreenTweet PJ archive stage of this here thread, y’all... #saddleup #tallboots 🌵💣🔥
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A friend just told me his boss (who’s the CEO but in general runs the company in a very modernized/worker friendly way) is willing to allow work from home but refusing to take more safety precautions b/c “the whole #COVID19 thing is a hoax from the biased media”. #MAGAMasochism😷
The whole story really highlights the problem with the unholy alliance between business owners, supply side economics (that aren’t worker friendly) and the @GOP. In a public health crisis, the CEO mentality still attempts to maintain profits while skimping on worker well-being.
IOW, the CEO mentality is very much aligned with Trump’s inclination to minimize the threat of Coronavirus/COVID19, not just b/c many of them voted for this disaster and still support it, but b/c acknowledging the scope of the problem then working to fix it requires less profit.
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NEW: Keir Starmer’s latest donations are in…

£100k from Robert Latham, who appears to be a housing barrister
£5,000 from Richard Hermer
£2,500 from Iain Simpson
£2,700 of hotel stays kind from a firm led by Farah Sassoon, once dubbed ‘Sally Bercow’s drinking pal’

It's likely there are donations that are *not* on today's list, because Sir Keir has a 28-day window to declare each one to the Commons.

The only cash donations he declared today were accepted on January 27 and declared on February 21: 25 days later.
In other words, any donations Keir Starmer received after Feb 3 didn't have to be declared today. And no donations from after Feb 3 were.

This is a big deal in the eyes of Long-Bailey's team, who say delays will mean most members have voted by the time funding is fully disclosed
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Why are there helicopters flying over the Mission
Unfortunately it is not Matrix filming. Stay safe everyone.
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I'm not sure if this article's authors, @NickAtNews and @mihirzaveri, are active on Twitter

But I want to thank them for one particular sentence, because it prompted me to do some searching – and it turns out the fix was in well ahead of time

Walk with me...

The article Nick and Mihir wrote includes this particular passage

Which is a weird thing to not know!

Filing a lawsuit is a big deal. Typically you can at least ballpark when the thing was filed, right?

Especially over such a high-profile issue?

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(Non-consensual hugs typically qualify as assault in most jurisdictions btw)

Are those... tears?

Because they look like tears

I bet they're delicious

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A lot happened this weekend.

Some of you have asked us at #MWEG for our take on the 10-day social media fast and the confirmation of #Kavanaugh.

We have some thoughts we will be sharing on this thread very soon so #staytuned.
(Unless of course you are participating in the social media fast, in which case you can subscribe to our emails by clicking here)
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It's Monday morning, so where are we with Brexit?

Well, as you might expect after last week's unambiguous statement from the EU that the UK needs to get moving fast on the Withdrawal Agt, not much

May's second attempt at a presser (w no Qs, obvz) on Friday did manage to deflect much attention, both by saying it was the EU's turn to come up with ideas and by being more steely on Chequers

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Someone asked me to make my answer to this question an archive mega thread so here we go.... #WhyINeverBerned
Prioritizing Civil Rights Over Privilege
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This is what a #Hamas ceasefire looks like 👇🏼
#BREAKING: In response to over 36 rockets launched from #Hamas-controlled #Gaza, #Israel responded with air strikes. This press release describes what happened. 👇🏼
#BREAKING: At this point some 70 projectiles have been fired from #Hamas-controlled #Gaza today.
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While this certainly could be the bombshell it seems to be, I'm not convinced yet

The law has long held that clients don't need to be aware of settlement details for them to be binding, if parameters on an attorney's settlement authority were hashed out ahead of time
Say you're in a car accident, and you hire an attorney. Before the attorney sends a demand for $$$ to the other side, you tell him/her "I'll take anything above $10K."
If the other side offers $10,001 and the attorney accepts it, he/she had no obligation to run it by you first in order for it to be binding on you
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