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1/ In my class on "The Bible in American Politics," I had to find a way to explain to students where evangelicals come from. I did this very basic infographic of how scholars generally map the roots or lineages of "evangelicalism." There are two streams, each with their groups.
2/ The New Apostolic Reformation as an expression of Charismatic dominionism would have their roots in the "Pietist-New School Presbyterian Methodist/Holiness-Pentecostal" stream.

#Evangelicals #Evangelicalism
3/ The term "evangelical" comes with its own definitional problems. To know more about "evangelicalism" as a category, you can read this long thread I did on a book by D. G. Hart entitled: "Deconstructing Evangelicalism."

I'll end this short thread here.

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1/More #courtevangelicalism w/ Tim Wildmon & Richard Land on the Todd Starnes Show. Wildmon is head of the American Family Association-- a long time Xtian Right organization. Land is the president of Southern Evangelical Seminary and former SBC leader.…
2/They are on Starnes's show to talk about Franklin Graham's June 2 call for prayer on behalf of Donald Trump.…
3/ Signers of Graham's call for prayer include #courtevangelicals Robert Jeffress, Michelle Bachmann, David Barton, Gary Bauer, Mike Bickle, Tim Clinton, Kenneth & Gloria Copeland, James Dobson, Mike Evans, Jerry Falwell Jr, Jentezen Franklin, Jim Garlow, Jack Graham, John Hagee,
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Glad to be part of this convo! Need to define terms to begin:
Here are a few helpful ways I think of #racism:
Racism = Prejudice + Power to impact the lives and futures of the “other”. #LiberatingEvangelicalism 1/
Racism = the implementation of structural, systemic, legal and/or political hierarchy of human belonging based on arbitrary physical features. #LiberatingEvangelicalism 2/
Racism = the #racialization of society’s systems and structures by #intent OR by #impact. 3/#LiberatingEvangelicalism
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1. 🎶 On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to Twitter thread! 🎶 Walter Moberly's latest response to me in JTI demands a reply, and this seems like as good a time as any. (If you want the article, DM me.)
2. First off, a word of thanks to Moberly for humoring me over the past several years. It's been an illuminating dialogue. This exchange began in 2012 when he published an article on Bultmann and Augustine on the role of the church in theological interpretation.
3. I responded in 2014 with an article clarifying and correcting Moberly on RB's actual position on the church. Moberly had overlooked RB's explicit acknowledgment of the church's role in exegesis & had grossly misread RB's position on the German Christians.
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141) "It is worth noting that Dominionism has also long-resonated with, and helped to develop contemporary White nationalism, neo-confederate ideology and White supremacism."…
142) The 'Religious Right' was built on opposition to the Civil Rights Movement.…
143} ''There's a growing divide in 'Evangelical' Christianity and it has a lot to do with race.''…
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I find it very, very difficult to explain where I've been and what I've been through. I adopted the term #exvangelical for myself when I saw so many people who could explain what had happened to themselves & it gave me a way to explain parts of myself.
Often, so much of what happened is contradictory and confusing and when one person can verbalize one part, it helps me understand the whole experience better. I especially feel healing in the tweets of @TenaciousMandy & @hannahpaasch who are able to verbalize things so clearly.
It's nearly impossible to explain to someone the psychosis that revealed itself as religion in my dad or the instability of moving constantly or switching schools, homeschooling, living in a state of constant change or how abuse was allowed and even encouraged by multiple
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hey y’all remember that time my college roommates/church leaders gaslighted the shit out of me for a full year and i had no where to go or escape because i would face the same thing with me family and friends and church
remember when my roommates would call “house meetings” and then spend an hour telling me what i was doing wrong as a christian and friend and person and then, when i would start to cry, tell me “we can feel the rejection you feel and you should only be feeling loved by this”
remember when they told me i was a bad friend because i began isolating myself, avoiding them as much as possible, and becoming very private about my life and feelings
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