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In all systems of oppression you will find a broken or suppressed balancing feedback loop. (I think...I am writing out this thread to test an idea in my head.) #SystemsThinking #Patriarchy #WhiteSupremacy #Ecocide
Balancing feedback loops measure the difference between a desired state of a system and the actual state and actuate corrective action.
Without balancing feedback, systems spin out of control. Think a car without brakes (or without a clearheaded driver to press on the brakes). Think a virus in a population without immunity or a cancer cell without immune surveillance or a police department w/o citizen oversight.
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1/ Four years ago I wrote on #BlackLivesMatter by putting its ideals into conversation with our greatest thinkers: #IdaBWells #MartinLutherKingJr
#FrederickDouglass #AnnaJuliaCooper #AudreLorde #JamesBaldwin #Langston Hughes #ZoraNealeHurston…
2/ My ambition was to honor our cherished tradition of black intellectual work and approach the movement by putting its ideals into conversation with some of our greatest thinkers and writers
3/ Chapter 1 sets the stage with Douglass and Wells grappling with what it means for blacks to find a meaningful place in a young #democratic nation founded on #4racialbondage and murder
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Problematic things I heard in church. A thread.
At youth service:

Girls, you aren't pieces of meat. Don't put yourselves on display and then wonder why you're not treated well. Guys can't control themselves.

At a Sunday service:

Women, listen to me. You would never, and I mean never, put your child in a dirty bed. But that's exactly what you're doing when you have sex before marriage.

(He moved onto a different topic after, not addressing any of the men in the room)
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@jmjafrx started off my day sending this article this morning. I read it and gonna share a few thoughts, since Black women’s outrage over it has now started to trickle into my TL and mentions.…
So let’s stipulate how appalling it is that this woman just up and dissolved a company she worked years for and fired 13 people back in March at the beginning of quarantine because her husband didn’t know how to entertain their kid for 12 hours a day.
Every vestige of strong Black woman I got let wonders why she didn’t (metaphorically) slap his ass and tell him to be an adult and get his life together. But y’all: how are you angrier at this white woman than you are at her terrible dude? How?!
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A thread on #Punjabi #Music.

I am to punjabi music like fish is to water.
My landlady is a nice woman but I am not sure if she likes #JassManak as much as I do and, no you don’t listen to punjabi music at a moderate volume.
One of the reasons I go out everyday, besides work.
I tend to go back to Sukhbir’s तारे गिन गिन as it has made me appreciate music’s deceitfully manipulative emotional power. The heartbreaking lyrics “समझ ना पायी क्यूँ तू मेरे प्यार भरे जज्बाता नू” conveying the story of devastated man has an entire country dancing, for years!
Popular Punjabi music is a double edged sword with evil magnet of patriarchy and angelic consumerism attached on respective sides. From one end, it toxically objectifies women and and on the other side it fuels consumerism in the aspirational classes, better than best ad campaign
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Acceptance for chip implants grows, "despite fears of surveillance". COVID19 will assist in fast-tracking societal acceptance of implants as more & more businesses/corporations (that are permitted to remain open) refuse paper currency citing the virus. #4IR #WEF
"Bill Gates will use microchip implants to fight #coronavirus

Gates answer to how business will function w/ social distancing:

"Eventually we will have some #digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a #vaccine who has received it."
The ‘digital certificates’ are human-implantable ‘QUANTUM-DOT TATTOOS’ that researchers at MIT & Rice University are working on as a way to hold vaccination records. #Gates had approached them about solving the problem of identifying those who have not been vaccinated. #COVID19
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Offensive Language Warning.
OK @BBCNews, over the last 10 years on Social Media, I have been called a cunt, bitch, whore, ugly, stupid, insane, vicious, foul, a hag, a Facist, a spineless Leftie Liberal, a Satanist, a Feminazi, an Anti-Semite, a betrayer
of the White Race, a mongrel bitch, a nigger-lover, a White Feminist, a bag of pus, a bleeder, an old fish, a hater, a soft cow, a misandrist, an Islamaphobe, a slave of Islam, a Christian, an Anti-Christian blasphemer, arrogant, pathetic, weakminded,
a disgrace to womanhood, a narcissist. My work has been denigrated, my character impugned at length and my late family abused. I've had dick pics, pictures of pork products designed to offend my 'religious sensibilities' and photos of weapons that were
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I’m a Brahmin woman.After my parents were kicked out of Kashmir by your ilk,my father drove an auto and worked as a part time compounder to ensure my sister and I got education, values and food. He also took a loan at 30+% interest to fund part of my first yr at IIT. #patriarchy
@hussainhaidry I would wish this Brahminical Patriarchy on your entire community across the world. Your women deserve to be uplifted in a similar manner
My father used to tell us that as Pandits, all we had to fall back on, was education and made sure that we never lacked for it. If thats #patriarchy the whole world needs that.
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This is such a complete inversion of feminism. Your bio should read #patriarchy pretending to be feminism.

Your female body is a fact.

a) it should not be used to make assumptions about your temperament and capabilities (gender essentialism)
b) you should not be expected to dress and conduct yourself in a way which signals female subordination/sexual availability, or be treated badly for not doing so (gender presentation). You should be free of sexual assault and violence either way.
c) given its reproductive role, your body should get you some consideration in terms of accurate data and healthcare collection, access to contraception and abortion, access to maternal healthcare and childcare if you need it, policies that do not penalise you economically for...
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My long thread on patriarchal power, the monster that has awakened with a particular vengeance since a black man has dared to become the president of the United States and a white woman was popular enough to be the next. /Thread #cdnpoli #Patriarchy #USA #Brexit
White patriarchs can only cling to absolute power by excising democracy and installing autocracy and Fascism. We are seeing the rise of a real nationalism movement today - a backlash against human progress that exposes the corrupt power propping white men.
What is white patriarchy? 👇🏼
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1 I had a thought-provoking, emotionally 'full', inspiring #StoryhouseChildless @StoryhouseLive We explored 'living in as a non-parent in a family-centric world' #childlessnotbychoice #childfree #childlessbycircumstance #ttc #childlessbychoice Here are my highlights
2 @gatewaywomen: the shame of #childlessness is a powerful tool for keeping us apart: it prevents conversation, community, it creates separation, isolation, stigma and vilification #StoryhouseChildless @StoryhouseLive
3 @gatewaywomen: #abortion is the 'taboo within the taboo' of #childlessness #Storyhouse
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A thread on some quotes from @gautambhatia88’s “The transformative constitution “In equality jurisprudence, the approach of focusing on the disproportionately exclusionary impact if politics rather than their formal character or motive is known as disparate impact”
“It is based on the premise that inequality and discrimination result not (only) from individual hostile acts, but from structures and institutions.” @gautambhatia88 Only in brackets important & added by me.
An test for entry may be “neutral” but yet exclude by aligning with exclusionary institutions; if an physical entrance test for firefighter includes activities not necessary for fulfilling duties and unintentionally poses #gender-barriers, deserves to be struck down. #NoteToSelf
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I was raised with a lot of the toxic ideals of #purityculture, and these heavily impacted me. It also left me feeling pretty crappy about myself after experiencing #assault at a young age, and severely unprepared for certain adult situations. /2
There was a time when I was trying to break away from those #purityculture ideals, and had found someone I thought really cared about me and my family. /3
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Ever since humans developed culture, man/woman has always been as much a social concept as a biological one. Men & women developed different in-group cultures, adopted different clothings & hairstyles & were socialized into different behavior patterns. That's why we have gender.
I've always believed that the #genderbinary is a cross-cultural, ahistorical phenomenon. Homo sapiens are a sexually dimorphic species after all. There are considerable in-group variation and cross-group overlapping, however, so exceptions may apply.
Some feminists believe that before #patriarchy, there was #matriarchy, but there's no evidence for that. Yes, there were matrilineal societies, but that's far different from matriarchy, and why do they think matriarchy is desirable while patriarchy is evil?
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Two days ago I talked about #whitesupremacy. Yesterday I talked about #patriarchy.

Combine those two toxins and you get misogynoir, the vile poison suffered by women of color, and more specifically, black women.
Yesterday I joked and told a friend the amount of rum it would take for me to discuss #misogynoir would put me in a coma. I wish that was funny. I don’t want to write about this sober. I’m not qualified to discuss this with nuance and deftness.

Also, I am out of rum.
Coined by a queer black feminist Moya Bailey, misogynoir lies at the heart of all of what we think of as intersectional.

If you could imagine a Venn diagram that displays the overlap of racism, sexism, transphobia, & homophobia, the cruel bullseye at its center is misogynoir.
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I just finished a stint in @Twitter jail for "hate speech" (I quoted Jay-Z's song "The Ballad of OJ & used the N word instead of some euphemism like ni99a).

Whoever is in charge of "hate speech" at @Twitter is more dedicated to silencing black folk than actual hate speech.
@Twitter In any case.

Recently I gave a brief, incomplete primer on white supremacy. Any time I discuss racism, I’m obligated to confront my own internal biases, and check my own internalized #misogyny.
@Twitter What follows is directed to any men reading this. Any women reading this: please feel free to add to, amend, or correct this diatribe. The LAST thing I want to do is mansplain misogyny to women.

First of all, all #patriarchy is sexism.
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Introducing my #the100dayproject inspired by @QMUNITY and my fellow #ADE @Sharon_Drummond. 100 days, 100 GIFs, 100 queer terms to educate and connect our community and allies. All GIFs created with #AppleKeynote and will be compiled on @GIPHY :… @AppleEDU
Day 1: QUEER - widely used among the community to refer to the spectrum of non-heterosexual +/ non-cisgender ppl as a shorthand. Important - this is RECLAIMED language that was/is still used as a hate term. #pride #education @QMUNITY @sogiUBC Follow along ———> #100daysofQueer
DAY 2: HETERONORMATIVE - social roles & structures that reinforce idea that heterosexuality is the presumed norm and is superior to other sexual orientations. #pride #education #sogi #humanrights @QMUNITY @sogiUBC @HRC

Follow along —-> #100daysofQueer created on #AppleKeynote
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I’ve been researching female agency in anticolonial resistance and it’s an extremely interesting subject… I’ll be publishing on this in due course but can’t help sharing some pics here… (ongoing thread)
#anticolonial #resistance #femaleagency #empire
Firstly, Josina Muthemba Machel (1945-71), an important figure in the anticolonial struggle against the Portuguese in #Mozambique. #anticolonial #resistance #femaleagency #empire #machel #josinamachel
In 1964, at 18 yrs old, Josina Machel fled the country with the aim of joining the FRELIMO resistance movement in Tanzania, but was arrested and returned to Mozambique. She was imprisoned for five months.
#anticolonial #resistance #femaleagency #empire
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Glad to be part of this convo! Need to define terms to begin:
Here are a few helpful ways I think of #racism:
Racism = Prejudice + Power to impact the lives and futures of the “other”. #LiberatingEvangelicalism 1/
Racism = the implementation of structural, systemic, legal and/or political hierarchy of human belonging based on arbitrary physical features. #LiberatingEvangelicalism 2/
Racism = the #racialization of society’s systems and structures by #intent OR by #impact. 3/#LiberatingEvangelicalism
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Good morning Twitter friends. I’m still in bed sick, but possibly on the mend at last after 4 days. Last night @tropigalia & @laura_luna asked me to do a #thread on the devaluing & misrecognition of #femme relationships so here we go.
First, if you don’t know what femme is, read this, this thread will still be here:…
So to be clear, femme is a queer gender expression not tied to sex or gender identity. Femme is also not exclusively about appearance, but this thread will emphasize appearance bc I’m going to talk about the way femme relationships are read, thus based on visual cues.
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OK, Twitter. Pour the tea. It’s time to talk about #ToxicMasculinity and the #myth of the #AlphaMale . You ready? I got my tea right here. It’s green tea spiked with whiskey, honey, garlic, mint, and wasabi because it’s going to be that kind of thread. Here we go.
First off, let’s deal with this #AlphaMale nonsense. Take a quick look in the mirror. Are you a wolf, a chimpanzee, a gorilla, or a bonobo? Are you a chicken? Are you a large herd animal, like a horse or a bighorn sheep? No? OK, then you’re probably not an alpha anything.
Alpha males, which distinguish themselves based on physically dominating behaviors DO exist in gorilla and chimpanzee societies. But guess what doesn’t exist in those societies? Higher-order organizational structures such as governments, militaries, or police forces...
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Circling back to the AdWorld's #MeToo after a while.
A grand total of 13 Men were accused, some anonymously, some openly.
Subsequent posts will examine what happened (or didn't) with them, and with the ad world in general. #TimesUp #Advertising #MeToo

After the usual "shocked" "outraged" etc. reactions - mostly from men (sidenote: seriously, though, was this truly any surprise??), the big networks distanced themselves from the perpetrators. DAN went first, with the following…
Followed quickly by Publicis.

Of course, it makes complete economic as well as PR sense to NOT have sexual harassment accused on payroll, for globally aligned and fairly well known companies…
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Had an infuriating conversation with my mum’s physio today about the #MeToo movement.
As she finished her treatment for mum, as part of her usual chats with me, she said today, “I am so tired of all this drama surrounding #Sabarimala and #MeTooIndia

@IndiaMeToo #TimesUp
Excerpts: “If something happened 25 years ago, why didn’t people speak up then? Why keep quiet? All for negative publicity now.”

Perhaps because the ostracisation that existed before isn’t as vicious today. Because finally, there are people to listen.
#MeToo #TimesUp
“As long as you are dignified in your behaviour and dressing, nothing will happen.”

I was 11 when someone first touched me the wrong way. It was at my own house, I wore a half sleeved Kurta (free-sized because I was a plump kid) and jeans.

What would you tell 11yo me?
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For me, the real issue in the #trans #GRA reform is #maleviolence against #female & trans. I note #transmen seem to be absent from discussion. They obvs don't present as #women so don't use women's spaces. But they can't draw attention to themselves as trans because... (1/2)
(2/2) in a male space they would run the risk of attack by men who would see their bodies as still female. I can't find stats on transmen being violent, or female violence on transmen. I guess there will be some, but very small no's. The problem is male violence. #patriarchy...
So we need to be looking at #male #violence and how/why our society raises #boys to think violence is a way of dealing with the world. NB I know this is a generalisation and not all males are violent & not all females are peaceful!
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