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Anti-authoritarian and anarchist Visions. Tweets, Texts, books, debates sources... Thread
#anarchism #anarchy #thread
What is anarchism? - Alexander Berkman…
What Is Anarchism? An Introduction

Donald Rooum and Freedom Press (ed.)…
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This is a 2022 book on Black Liberation Theology. It's become increasingly clear that single greatest cause of deconstructed/ing US evnglclsm is the abysmal failure to fully believe the gospel during slavery through the 1975ish. Sad but true.… @amazon
The theological method that allowed Jonathan Edwards to own slaves and sadly prevented Billy Graham from marching on the front lines, arm-in-arm with MLK, is the exact same framework that set the stage for the current #deconstruction/#exvangelical trends. There be no Du Mez book.
The "blind spot" was a cancer. They will not be able to church plant their way out of what they created. There is no "discipleship" program that can rescue them. Not .org for pastors. No study center on a college campus. No campus ministry. No new parachurch org. Etc.
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i was born into the southern baptist church. my grandfather was my pastor for the first decade of my life. i was "born again" when i was 6 after a particularly terrifying sermon about hell. i spent 32 years in white evangelical churches, and it fucked me up in a lot of ways 🧵
i attended bob jones academy, a conservative fundamentalist christian school where interracial dating was banned until the year of their lord 2000. i was taught that the bible is 100% literally true/historically accurate and that the earth is 4-6k years old don't ask questions
the #purityculture movement of the 90s and 00s shaped the way i viewed sexuality, gender, marriage, and divorce--basically that sex is a sin anywhere outside the context of a cis/het monogamous marriage. and it motivated me to get married at 21, which is my single greatest regret
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W/ the recent slanderous takes on #deconstruction, friendly reminder:
Derrida coined deconstruction
He was inspired by Heidegger’s Destruktion of the history of philosophy
Heidegger was shaped by Luther’s destructio
Deconstruction is at the heart of the Protestant Reformation.
Disclaimer #1: There are many iterations & variations of what ‘deconstruction’ has come to mean. It would be reductive to try to encapsulate all of them here. Indeed, the very meaning of the term suggests that texts & words have multiple meanings
Disclaimer #2: there are HUGE distinctive differences between Luther, Heidegger & Derrida. For one thing, Derrida, a Jew who experienced the effects of anti-Semitism and colonialism, would want nothing to do with Luther’s blatant anti-Judaism or Heidegger’s Nazism.
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In the wee hours this morning I heard the heartbreaking news that Anne Rice died, surrounded by loved ones, due to complications from a stroke.
Anne revolutionized gothic horror writing with her layered, humanizing, and sensuous approach to storytelling...
Anne Rice initiated a trend toward more sympathetic portrayals of (say) vampires, telling the story of their eternal power and anguish from *their* point of view, which became the de facto norm for later shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Twilight, and True Blood.
The LGBTQ community in particular embraced Rice's supernatural creatures’ ‘outsider’ status as their own, and she embraced them right back, becoming an early safe haven and trusted voice for queer folk.

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I've been getting a lot of requests for book recommendations to read in #deconstruction. Let's start a thread. I would love for you to recommend a book that has been helpful for you in your journey. Bonus if you say why. Double bonus if it's not a repeat! Ok GO. 👇👇👇
I'll get us started with these...
Ok I'll just keep going here a bit...
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A note on humanity.

This thing happened where I tweeted something out and realized later that it was accidentally word for word a tweet that had been shared by @newvangelicals so I reached out to apologize and he was so kind about it.

That kind of thing happens on Twitter. 1/
But while I was there I asked Tim a few questions about some assumptions I had about their account and what they're doing and it turned into scheduling a Zoom call this morning and we sat down to sort through. So often, even in the #deconstruction space, we categorize people. 2/
It's instinct, right? We see a tweet, a statement, a ::ahem:: name, and we make assumptions and choose our proximity based on those assumptions. We had great dialogue and I hope that all of us on Twitter collectively can do this more. Say the thing. Have the conversation. 3/
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A little thread on #deconstruction. The past few wks, my phil of religion students have read essays on the religious exp of ppl in marginalized communities, challenging students to think abt how religion intersects w/ slavery, segregation, ableism, trauma, colonialism & sexism.
Their papers have been pretty 😳, both in how they admit they're largely ignorant of such perspectives & yet the stories resonate w/ them. They have lots to say abt how they feel religious institutions have failed them & give detailed reasons for why the find religion untenable.
There's a whole industry right now of conservatives [usually white guys w/ power] glibly explaining away #deconstruction , #exvangelical & #deconversion stories, often gaslighting victims & blaming them for their own questioning or loss of faith. They simply aren't listening.
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When it comes to thinking about #deconstruction in Christianity, Paul Ricoeur rightly argues for the creative and spiritual uses of Freud, Nietzsche, Lessing, et al. They are helpful on many fronts. They help us see what is “not God” and hear God more clearly.
They allow us to use a “small hammer” to tap the idols we are worshipping and hear their hollowness and emptiness. We need deconstruction as we learn to reinterpret the sacred texts and dogmas once again.
In interpreting a text, we will be forced to be disinstantiated from our Sitz im Leben and existentially re-emplotted by the Word, the Sitz im Wort, into the new world of God’s green country.
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Hi all. This is a thread about what is commonly referred to as "deconstruction," Joshua Harris' new "course," and the grifters of the post-evangelical internet. Buckle up. #purityculture #churchtoo #deconstruction
I've been holding my tongue and biding my time on the "deconstruction" movement for a while now. Language evolves and we needed a useful term for the process many of us have gone through that involves unlearning, deconverting, and/or reconfiguring the toxic faith we once had.
What I'm about to say is in no way meant to imply that one must have specific credentials or certifications to be an expert in one's own experience, nor is it meant to imply that credentialing orgs are free of white supremacy, queerphobia, classism, and general vileness.
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Going to retweet some of the New Yorker article with parts that stuck out to me as it illustrates why I started questioning complementarianism and eventually decided this whole debate is fit only for the trash can.

This will be a thread, and probably a long one. 01/?
"For a time, Barr fell under the sway of an abusive boyfriend, who, while menacing her, spat Scripture demanding her submission. The fact that she couldn’t question him made it harder to see the abuse for what it was."

The first time I ever felt called on to use counseling training was when a young woman I worked with confided in me that her then-boyfriend was mentally, verbally, and socially cruel to her. Neither were saved, but I realized "complementarianism" had no category for this. 03/?
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I've seen a lot of pushback from evangelicals about those of us in the #deconstruction / #exvangelical process. They say we're too angry and need to move on or let go.
This is true, we are angry from a multitude to reasons but its important to remember that behind that anger is years of pain, trauma, and even abuse of many kinds.
It's not like we wanted to end up where we have yet, this is where we have landed. Many of us, myself included believe God brought us to where we are. Leading us away from a system that looks nothing like the Jesus the claim to follow.
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Let’s talk about the recent misrepresentation of the deconstruction movement as solely a “millennial” issue and how this ageism allows the church to escape criticism. 👉🏼 from an ageism researcher and person who is deconstructing religious beliefs 🙂 #deconstruction #ageism
You might be seeing more talk about deconstruction of belief systems, from Christian church leaders or from ppl who are deconstructing themselves. I’ve seen church leaders recently attribute the mvmt to millennials, centering it as a gen. issue from the ‘social justice warriors’
I cannot speak for everyone who is deconstructing and give it a single definition, but I can tell you what it is NOT. It is not millennials getting angry at the church just because we are the “social justice gen” and we believe everything we see on social media
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Today I'd like to invite you in, for a discussion about the waves in which our belief in God changes, grows or transforms. I'd love for you to share your thoughts with me once you've had a read
If your belief in God has changed over time then today's conversation about #Deconstruction and my walk with God is for you! Image
Have the shifts in your belief caused you guilt or anxiety?

My cartoon and this thread about The Four Gods Of #Deconstruction show you the 4 stages of my belief in God may help unpack those feelings.
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