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A woman was once asked:

What do you "gain" from praying to God regularly?

She replied:
Usually ′′ I don't earn anything ", but rather ′′ I lose things on the altar of prayer ".

And she quoted everything she lost praying to God regularly:
I lost my pride. Image
I lost my arrogance.
I lost greed.
I lost my urge.
I lost ′′ my ′′ anger.
I lost the lust.
I lost the pleasure of lying.
I lost the taste of sin.
I lost impatience, despair, and

Brethren, there are habits we must continually cultivate if we want our relationship
with God to be rosy.

If we want our victory parade to be constant.

The first question is...

When was the last time you came to the altar of Prayer, just to guage your relationship with God?

Have you noticed or observed that, We monitor almost everything in life;
From the
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Als #Grundantwort wird in der #Nachrichtentechnik die #Reaktion eines #Systems auf ein #Eingangssignal bezeichnet, wenn sich das #System zuvor im #Ruhezustand (auch #Grundzustand) befand, insbesondere also alle inneren #Energiespeicher des #Systems #geleert waren. Image
#This is the definite #proof of the #abuse and #application of #programmable #matter & #time via #Primenumberarchitecture, thus a #mockery of the #victims of #Nineeleven 9/11 AND a #worldwide #show of #power, thus presenting the ability to #blackmail any #country into #obedience Image
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Personal Prayer Walk Chronicles, 11th March, 2023...

I REALLY HAVE A ?? this mornin

Anyways, Woke up this mornin with so much energy(glory to God), at a time, I was considering walking from ABEOKUTA- Ibadan just to show that my frenemy, Pst. @Abel2goupOla that I was fitter.. 😂
Anyways, I set out early praying in tongues, which is my usual practice, but, midway, I decided to listen to one of the audio messages on my phone. The lot fell on Pst. E.A. Adeboye's message, titled, "THE CREATIVE POWER OF GOD'S WORD"

OBTAIN etc. It can serve in every capacity and can do all things, even d imagined stuffs can b brought to manifestation.
Making time to study His Word is really underrated. Many today just glance thru & rush off. This will not help. We must make time in d midst of no time.
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All it is/has been this whole time is, ones who have been long gone for YEARS NOW but continuously put within the public eye with CGI or people wearing masks & Ones who sing/dance along with the false reality
Trying to give the truth BEYOND face value like I do but little to no one sees what those who have bo choice but to sing & dance along with the script are saying ..
Those who have to sing & dance along with the scripted reality that has been scripted for the last 100 years
Have bo choice but to leave it up to 1 “nobody”/GOD because of they try doing what God is supposed to do, the people will look at them with the eyes they’re supposed to look at God.


Most of The people have chosen everyone
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#Work/#FunEmployment: "Record numbers of people aged 50 and over in the #UK have become economically inactive since the start of the pandemic, the Office for National Statistics said this spring"…
"For a number of respondents, caring for family members was a factor, and while most do not envisage having to return to the job market, various people said they may have to do so because of spiralling #costs in Britain."
"'#This profession was who I was, for nearly 30 years. I was surprised at how little the decision impacted me, apart from a feeling of guilt at leaving my colleagues and students mid-year,' he says. 'Now, I look forward to having more control over my life. I won’t be going back'”
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#SriLanka @CBSL chief at #PressClub event - “What we have is a balance of payment crisis. But now it’s has evolved into a political crisis and social unrest”
#SriLanka @CBSL chief at #PressClub event - “Suspending the debt repayment was the best option out of many bad options until we come to consensus with our creditors”
#SriLanka @CBSL chief at #PressClub event - “Suspending the debt repayment mean we do not have to find $2.5 bln for debt repayment this year. But anyway we have to pay for imports.”
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Summary of #THIS spaces:

-Team with extensive advertising experience bringing their experience in the cryptocurrency industry

-Focus on community and culture building
The mechanism of the engagement contest
The owners are Electors and curators (incentivized)
-Several projects have contacted white labeling our mechanism for EaaS

-Negotiate deals with GREAT Youtubers

- Expects to grow SO well beyond CT.
-SocialFi has all the tools to drive cryptocurrency integration. Artists can use #THIS for crowdfunding. Celebrities can use $THIS for charities. Communities can use $THIS to address urgent needs.
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This scripture is not only deep, but, also very profound.

Ephesians 2:6 KJV
And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus:

Ephesians 2:6 MSG
Then he picked us up and set us down in highest heaven in company with Jesus, our Messiah.
1. "He hath Raised us up..." KJV
"HE picked us up. MSG

2. "...and made us sit together" KJV
"...and set us down" MSG

3. "sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus" KJV
"set us down in highest heaven in company with Jesus, our Messiah." MSG
Truly, He raised us up. Truly, He picked us up.
Truly, He made us sit 2geda in heavenly places with Christ.
Truly, He set us down in highest heaven with Jesus

These quests. thus arise.

Are we still seated?
Have we walked away because, our ways are at cross-purposes with His
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Day 3 of #100DaysOfCode
Motivation, Don't Repeat Yourself.

1)Defining a function
def function_name(parameters_if_any):
"""indentation identifies the code block of a function"""
return data_if_any
Parameters: are variables in function definition.
Arguments: are the values put into parameters when functions are called.
Calling a function: function_name(arguments_if_any)
These are the codes written to perform useful tasks. Some modules are already part of standard library and others need to be

-To import an existing module e.g. math
import math #imports whole math module
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The sadly recently deceased Ian Gibson MP was a great #MECFS champion.

I revisited the recommendations of the famous “Gibson report” of MPs & Lords of 2006. This thread is some of the startling quotes from that, with so much inacted upon, still in urgent need today:

Areas for Further Examination
1. Is this one disease or two – CFS/ME or CFS & authentic ME? Is there a clear distinction or is it a spectrum? Large-scale epidemiological studies ... will help delineate subsets of patients
2.Why does the DOH not keep or collect data pertaining to the number of CFS/ME sufferers in the UK?...

3.No representative who appeared at the Oral Hearings proposed CFS/ME was entirely psychosocial. So why has this model taken such a prominent role in the UK?
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#ThisNunsStory #OfGodAndMe Part 1:
I’m a 100% post-Vatican 2 London working class cradle Catholic. We always went to the folk Mass in our lively parish. We spent summers in Italy, which was more conservative, though my parents said it was nothing like the strictness they'd known
Our local community was close-knit. My hairdresser mum did half the road’s hair, & we knew all our neighbours, helped each other out, I’d play with my best friend etc. Our Italian context even more so, as my dad came from a small village & mum’s family stuck together like glue.
I made my 1st Communion when I was 7, and have a strong memory of how I prayed after. Despite knowing several formal prayers, in both Italian & English, I very naturally - instinctively even - chose to speak to Jesus in my own way, using my own words and sentiments.
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Twitter tips to boost engagement in your tweets.

This is a thread without any relation to astrology, but I read a research on it once, and thought, people could use this...
Most important part of every social media engagement tips...

Know WHEN to tweet, instead of WHAT to tweet.

If you wanna go viral, that's crucial. You can't have retweets if your followers are asleep

This is crucial for those with a large follower base abroad, but less locally
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◆20 डिसेंबर 2019 ते 8 जानेवारी 2020 मधे इंडिया टुडेचा एक ओपिनियन पोल येतो त्यात नरेंद्र मोदींची लोकप्रियता प्रचंड घसरलेली दिसते.

◆2017 मधे 65% लोकप्रियता असलेल्या मोदींची लोकप्रियता जानेवारी 2020 मधे 46% वर येते.

◆2017 मधे 10% लोकप्रियता असणाऱ्या राहुल गांधीची लोकप्रियता -
20 जानेवारी 2020 च्या सर्वेमधे 34% पर्यंत येऊन पोहचते.
◆म्हणजे मोदी आणि राहुल गांधीच्या लोकप्रियतेमधे फक्त 12% चा फरक शिल्लक राहतो.
◆निवडणुकीच्या चार महीने आधी हा अंदाज होता म्हणजे निवडणूक जवळ येता-येता,मोदींची लोकप्रियता अजुन कमी होण्याची शक्यता होती.
◆त्याच पोल मधे बीजेपीला- 237 तर कांग्रेस आणि मित्र पक्षांना-166 जागा मिळतील असा अंदाज होता.
◆म्हणजे एकटया बीजेपीला एकहाथी सत्ता मिळणार नाही असा त्या सर्वेचा स्पष्ट अंदाज होता.
◆लोकसभेच्या आधी झालेल्या मध्यप्रदेश,राजस्थान,
छस्तीसगढ़च्या निवडणुकांचा अचूक अंदाज इंडिया टुडेच्या
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“Those with the condition don’t have a shortage of attention. They pay too much attention to everything”
“People with ADHD are disorganized, because just about every organizational system out there is built on two things — prioritization and time management — that individuals with ADHD do not do well.”
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1/ You are missing the forest, by choosing to focus one one tree. Neo-Nazis were ordered to be on “stand-by” last night. #This is not about partisanship. This is setting the stage for a coup that leads to ethnic cleansing. #WAKEUP #Snapoutofit!
2/ Okay, so some staffer made a mistake, but RIGHT NOW @Hillsong has a choice to make. Will you remain silent; holding to policies that are INAPPROPRIATE in these circumstances? Or will you stand on your spiritual authority and speak what you know to be true? #Debates2020
3/ If you fail to speak, @Hillsong, you might as well be holding Trump’s mic when he calls neo-nazis to fill our polling stations and kill our democracy. #Debates2020
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#This thread is a testimony of how gunmen "stood still" when I ran into them.

It's a testimony of God's faithfulness.
It's a testimony of God at work in my life.
This scripture came alive....

@threadreaderapp unroll
Exodus 15:16 KJV
Fear and dread shall fall upon them; by the greatness of thine arm they shall be as still as a stone; till thy people pass over, O Lord, till the people pass over, which thou hast purchased.

Yes, the gun men stood still until I passed over.

It was a bright
Saturday morning and I was to the ancient town of Oyo in present day Oyo State, South West Nigeria. It was around 10am and I was in company of my sister. We were on our way to a friends engagement ceremony
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How a bible passage saved an army in the 1st World War.
#This is a true story...enjoy and be blessed .

In his book, the romance of the last crusade, Major Vivian Gilbert, aBritish Army Officer, describes an amazing event that was part of Gen.Edmund Allenby's 1917 conquest of
Jerusalem during World War 1.

in the book, the Bible as History, Werner Keller quotes Gilbert...

"in the 1st World War, a Brigade major in Allenby's army in Palestine was on one occasion searching the bible with the light of a candle, looking for a certain name his Brigade
had received orders to take a village that stood on a rocky prominence on the other side of a deep valley.

it was called Michmash and the name seemed somehow familiar.

the Brigade Major found the name in this passage of scripture, " And Saul and Jonathan his son and the
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How a bible passage saved an army in the 1st World War.

#This is a true story...

In his book, d romance of d last crusade, Major Vivian Gilbert, aBritish Army Officer, describes an amazing event that was part of Gen.Edmund Allenby's 1917 conquest of Jerusalem during World War 1
in the book, the Bible as History, Werner Keller quotes Gilbert...

"in the 1st World War, a Brigade major in Allenby's army in Palestinewas on one occasion searching the bible with the light of a candle, looking for a certain
name.his Brigade had received orders to take a village that stood on a rocky prominence on the other side of a deep valley. 

it was called Michmash and the name seemed somehow familiar.

the Brigade Major found the name in this passage of scripture, " And Saul and
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We are monitoring the less important things in life.

what isof utmost importance to you?

What do you monitor?

Yes, We monitor almost everything in life;

From the petrol in our car to that in our generators.

We monitor the money in our banks as well as that in our pocket.
#We monitor our performances at work and those of our subordinates...

#We monitor our health,

#we monitor the temperature gauge on the dashboard of our cars, monitor and gauge the air in our tyres.
#We monitor virtually everything and take action(s) where necessary to ensure things go on smoothly. 

#This action(s) gives us great satisfaction, yet, the most important things are left unmonitored.

#Our spiritual gauge has been reading zero for a longtime unattended to.
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I’m working on our text for final LIVE webinar #HowtoDecolonizetheBible. Think: Pentecost. I’m seriously getting excited. Seeing new things in the text that I never saw before. OMG!!! What?!?! 🤯

Join us tomorrow (Monday) at 12pm ET. Grab your seat here!…
Finished prepping for today’s LIVE #HowtoDecolonizetheBible webinar last night after 6 hours studying one passage. I am literally blown away by what I saw! Can’t believe I’ve studied Acts 2 a million times and never saw #THIS! Still time to grab your seat!…
Note: When you register you’ll be registering to enter today’s session and you will receive the previous 3 weeks of sessions, so you can catch up. You’ll need them to follow along. Each week has built on the previous sessions.
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Dear @NYGovCuomo, Thank you for your leadership in #Covid_19 crisis. I appreciate your call to learn lessons and come back better. Please DONT FORGET lessons of COVID re: Impact of structural racism on public health. 1/
#This is opportunity to make black/brown communities healthy: More supermarkets/farmers markets, far less fast food, more green space, walking trails, roof gardens, white roofs, stronger housing regulation and action against slumlords, and better public healthcare. #Covidlessons
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DAY 2: Python Training on Twitter
Topic: Python Syntax
Day 1, we talked about how to set up Python environment on your computer. 👉()
After today thread, you should be able to identify and debug Python syntax
Let Go 👇

#Python #twitterpython #Syntax
What is Python Syntax?

It is referred to a set of rules and principles that describes the structure of a language (i.e. what constitutes a correctly-formed program).
The Python syntax defines all the set of rules that are used to create sentences in Python programming
Eg: we have to learn grammar when we want to learn the English language.

In the same way, you will need to learn & understand the Python syntax in order to learn the Python language.

Python syntax is more like English language unlike other programming lang.
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Kata @fadlizon Linux gratisan itu rentan akan keamanannya, dalilnya karena gratisan.

Kalau liat kapasitas orang yg kaga ngerti IT, tapi sok2an ngomong, malahan jd keliahtan tolol.

Linux itu adalah Operating System open source.…
Linux di kembangkan oleh Linus Torvalds, dimana dia mengubah struktur kode dari UNIX dan dikembangkan lebih dalam.

Keunikan linux, memiliki package repository. Sehingga bisa diubah-ubah program respositorynya bahasa shell paling populer "Apt-get install" ataupun "apt-get update"
Kalau dibandingkan Windows ataupun MacOS, malah Linux lebih superior jika digunakan untuk web server.

Nasa dan SpaceX menggunakan Linux, bahkan peralatan untuk ngehack Windows sama MacOS pun menggunakan Linux

Untuk membuka DeepWeb, ataupun web bervirus aman menggunakan Linux
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