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Bud Selig was on record as thinking the #Athletics moving to Oakland was a mistake, because it somehow "hurt" the #Giants. That's silly.

The SF/Oakland/Berkeley metropolitan area is 13th-largest in the USA. Add in the South Bay, which also has fans, and it'd be 6th-largest.
The SF Bay Area is in no way a one-team market. The #Giants didn't have any right to be the only one just because "we were here first!"

Keep in mind they almost moved to another state twice, first.

Remember it was the #Athletics who offered South Bay rights to let them stay.
Also note that Selig undoubtedly helped his frat brother Lew Wolff get in as part of the #Athletics front office.

Say what you will about their seriousness, but they had multiple stadium sites they tried to make progress on, including Fremont and San Jose.
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There is a controversial HUGE secret hidden in plain sight all around the world.

But as much artifacts that could be was carted away and hidden beneath places like the #Smithsonian institute & the #vatican.
[they] hid the traces of GIANTS from us as much as possible.
Taking exhaustive measures by removing bones from "indian" mounds, relics, artifacts, texts and countless archaeological relics of these GIANTS to cover up the massive truth of our real past.
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Said on @SNYtv to wait for fine details before reacting to Daniel Jones' contract with the #Giants.

Here's why, per sources:

4-year deal came with $36m signing bonus. Base salaries are $9.5m (23), $36.5m (24), $30m (25) & $46.5m (26).

The #Giants guaranteed his entire '23 and '24 base salaries. $12m of Jones' $30m '25 base becomes GTD if he's on roster 5th day of 2025 league year, while $12m is GTD for injury at signing.

There are no guarnatees for the final year ($46.5m).
Jones' cap hits are as follows:
2023: $18.5m
2024: $45.5m
2025: $39.5m
2026: $55.5m
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Realm Research Index 𐂫

➤ Mercury 🚧
➤ The World’s Fairs
➤ Bells, frequency, health
➤ Electrofield
➤ Sound
➤ Starforts
➤ Sigils & Circuitry
➤ Nukes 🚧
➤ Sophistication (external)
➤ Airboats 🚧
➤ Radium
➤ Dicyanin

Realm Exploration
➤ Structures
➤ Giants
➤ Giant trees
➤ Shape of the Realm
➤ Creatures and things
➤ A Map
➤ Paris

Mercury, a key element? (1/x)

Perhaps you might not yet be familiar with the (al)chemical and rather magical properties of Mercury, so before we get into Red Mercury let’s
have a look at regular Mercury.

>Only metallic element that’s liquid at room temperature
>Extremely dense
>Still used in electrical apparatus
>Found in nature as Cinnabar
>Cinnabar is either red or black
>Mercury amalgamates with almost all metals
>Doesn’t merge with iron,
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¡SE VIENEN LAS SEMIFINALES! ¡LOS JUEGOS DE CONFERENCIA! En este hilo repasaremos todo sobre el primer partido de este domingo, #Eagles vs #49ers. Si te gustó, ayudarías mucho con un like y RT. ¡COMENZAMOS! 🧵
Las #Eagles y los #49ers se han enfrentado 34 veces en temporada regular, siendo 20 de estos partidos victoria para San Francisco, 14 para Philly y 1 empate.

El primero de todos, fue el 6/10/1951, donde las Eagles ganaron 21-14, luego SF comenzaría a dominar la serie.
En playoffs se han encontrado solo una vez; Ronda de comodines 1996, donde los 49ers ganaron 14-0. El partido se jugó en malas condiciones climáticas con fuertes lluvias y vientos de 96 km/h. Aun así, el QB del equipo rojo, Steve Young, logró lanzar para 2 TD's.
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Key takeaways from #Giants GM Joe Schoen's presser (Brian Daboll was there, but didn't reveal anything)
Thread 1/?
- First and foremost, Schoen preaches PATIENCE in everything that he does. This is the way. And it's the opposite of how Dave operated. For EX: He says (cont)
Schoen: "I don't believe in the "you're one player away" re: finding the #Giants a WR1. He will let it come to him. All great GMs (and poker players) display the ability to wait for their spot rather than force the action.
- Schoen also recognized the value of not using (cont)
NOT using free agency for the #Giants core. He discussed the value of extending in-house b/c: "The good thing about extending in house, you can eliminate some of the margin for error since it’s a known commodity. You know their work ethic, how they train, who they are."
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Joe Schoen: “There’s tremendous energy in the building right now.”

Thanks the Mara and Tisch families for providing the resources for building the best team they could in 2022

“The foundation has been set.”

“We’d like Daniel to be here.” - GM Joe Schoen

On QB Daniel Jones
Giants GM Joe Schoen, asked if he ideally wants to sign Jones to a long-term contract, says "we'll cross that bridge when we come to it." Says it will be a negotiation and conversation. Giants will begin to get into those decisions and scenarios Thursday
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If you want the TLDR, #Giants Brian Daboll is the obvious Coach Of The Year b/c he made the playoffs w/ THIS roster.
But having analyzed the tape of every game (check out the YT show linked at end of thread!), there's a non-TLDR case to be made.
So here's my thread on that(1/?)
Most of the Daboll COTY talk focuses on his roster maximization. Gettleman left him with more than 25% of his cap allocated to players off the roster or not playing. AND he burned multiple 1st-round picks (Baker, Toney). But I want to focus on his actual coaching so.. (cont)
The key to Daboll’s success has been his (w/ help of Kafka/Tierney) development of DJ. We’ll get to that. But his decision in Week 1 to go for the win (2-pt conversion call) was momentous. The #Giants hadn’t had a winning record at any point since 2016 before that W (cont)
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Here we go y’all - this is it. It’s #FantasyFootball championship week.

Here’s our list of final starts and sits of the year.
#Cardinals at #Falcons:

James Conner
Patterson (flex)
Tyler Allgeier
Drake London

David Blough
Robby Anderson
Hollywood Brown
Greg Dortch
Tre McBride
#Bears at #Lions:

Justin Fields
D’Andre Swift
David Montgomery
Jamaal Williams (low flex)
Amon Ra

Khalil Herbert
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At the risking of horning in on @Mitch_Seattle's bit, I've attempted a definitive outline of Seattle's playoff possibilities.…
Really short version: The #Seahawks need multiple teams to lose at least once to have any chance at the playoffs.
Slightly more specific version: The #Packers are an issue for Seattle in addition to needing the #Commies to stumble or the #Giants to collapse.
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🏈Every shortseller knows this feeling. We're getting fucking squeezed after being deep in the money (85% win probability at one point).

I sound like a traitor for rooting against all NY teams but come on, we can't lose to the Giants after beating Buffalo.

We got the afternoon trendbreak / late day offering !!! LFGGGG

That TJ Hockenson trade was a such a f**ng POWER move !!

🐻This is where every shortseller tries to decide if he should add to winner (on the bounce into trendline) , take profits, or start shitting his pants.

🐂This is where every Bull bagholder decides if he should sell for small loss or hope for squeeze

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What on Earth Happened?
Episode 1 “Turning Inwards” 👉🏻…

What on Earth Happened?
Episode 2 “Of Maps and Magicians” 👉🏻…

What on Earth Happened?
Episode 3 “Flattening the Curve” 👉🏻…

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Per @Doug_Analytics the #Giants win probability dropped 19% after Daniel Jones' first INT, but he also had some of his best throws of the year v DET. He also didn't pull the trigger on throws they need him to.
More good than bad.✅
Here's some of the film in this thread (cont)
Starting the thread w/ the good clips
This was my favorite Daniel Jones play of the game:
Escapes pressure✅
Generates ++velocity completely off platform w/ pure arm talent✅
Changes trajectory to layer over second level's fingertips✅
Ball placement straight up PERFECT✅
The above clip was a 3rd&10; this one is a 3rd&15
I love the growth from Daniel Jones here re: resetting the pocket and finding a new pass lane rather than rolling to his right and cutting off half the field. This keeps the Hodgins dagger route in play and DJ drives it.
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After watching the #Giants Week 10 film, I've grown such an appreciation for what Daboll/Kafka did. It had Parcells-ian vibes. They lined up w/ extra offensive linemen and did everything to shout "we're running the ball, we know you know we are, and you can't stop, and (cont)
we know we'll win the physical battle at the LOS." This set up multiple play action pass attempts where the second level defenders cheated up so much that there was WIDE open separation (Slayton crosser X2). For the most part they just ran it and although they could have (cont)
Thrown the football if they wanted to, it was the RIGHT plan to run like that. Why? Because it minimizes the variance. When you throw the football more often, it will always lead to higher variance. The #Giants staff were confident they would win the trenches and they were right.
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It's time to talk about Daniel Jones 4-game stretch so here's a thread. Why? It was the best 4-game stretch of his #Giants career on tape (context considered).
On this week's #BigBlueBanter I described DJ as a starting pitcher in full command of his arsenal. Let's start by (cont)
Daniel Jones' 4-game stretch has some INSANE advance stats:
4.1% off-target throw % (best in NFL)
4th-best EPA behind (Mahomes, Allen, Burrow)
Second-most yards per scramble (10.0)
3rd down conversion rate (45.5%) (fourth-best)
1st down per pass attempt rate (38.1%) (third-best)
We'll dive into some film clips shortly, but:
His off-target % on the year (6.9% nice) and 4.1% over the last four (best in NFL) combined w/ his rushing EPA are a big reason for the high conversion rates on 3rd and 1st downs
This is what I mean by a pitcher in full command (cont)
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Week 4 Fantasy Football Snap Counts...

To Stay Ahead for Week 5.

Adam Thielen - 97%
Justin Jefferson - 94%
KJ Osborn - 85%
Irv Smith - 64%
Dalvin Cook - 62%
Alexander Mattison - 38%

Marquez Callaway - 97% 👀
Chris Olave - 68%
Adam Trautman - 65%
Jarvis Landry - 63%
Juwan Johnson - 48%
Mark Ingram - 48% 🤕
Latavius Murray - 43%
Tre’Quan Smith - 23%
Taysom Hill -20%
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Week 4 Fantasy football Takeaways

To get ready for Week 5.

Here. We. Go.

Dalvin Cook didn’t seem limited by his shoulder.

22 touches for 86 yards, but Alexander Mattison got the TD on just four touches.

Justin Jefferson is FINE. More than fine actually.

The Vikings WR earned 13 targets to the tune of 10 catches for 147 yards.

Added a rushing TD.

37% target share.
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A couple of years ago I published a weekly matchups thread with charts for each game, and this year I'm bringing it back! While I'll normally share on Thursdays, I'm so excited for Week 1 to start that I'm sharing this week's today!

Let's have a great season, everyone! 🏈
Before I start, here's a description of the 3 charts:
1. Comparing OFF vs. DEF key stat rankings
2. Player distribution of 2021/22 DK points
3. Player % of team rushing/receiving expected fpts

In addition to these charts, I'll also include one stat nugget relevant to that game!
#Bills @ #Rams (+2.5)
Game total: 52
BUF implied team total: 27.25
LA implied team total: 24.75
Key stat: Buffalo's defensive pass EPA/play went from -0.112 (2nd) with Tre'Davious White (weeks 1-12) to 0.035 (15th) without him (weeks 13-20). He's out Thursday night.
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Incredibly insightful info from the GOAT film analyst Greg Cosell on Inside the Birds about the #Giants re: Daniel Jones, Joe Judge and Brian Daboll
Doing a quick thread w/ key takeaways
1. Joe Judge was even worse than you think. From what Greg heard, JJ wouldn't allow a (cont)
a single mistake to happen. He would freak out for any kind of error. This is a horrific way to coach, obv, but it can also have a debilitating impact on a QB no matter who the QB is. "It was almost as if you weren't allowed to make a mistake."
This more than anything (cont)
Serves as a viable excuse for DJ to me. That's two years of his career listening to/playing under that kind of nasty environment (I still have no clue why JJ was celebrated for winning a few games down the stretch of 2020 against backup/out of league QBs). Dabes will be (cont)
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🚨NFL Free Agency Thread 2022🚨
Dolphins and Emmanuel Ogbah have reached agreement on a 4-year $65 million deal, $32 million fully guaranteed at signing. Image
#Rams bring back OT Joe Noteboom on a three-year deal with a base value of $40M that includes $25M guaranteed. Image
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Texts from Bill Belichick to Brian Flores, congratulating Brian for landing the #Giants job.

Belichick thought he was texting Brian Daboll. He was texting Flores by mistake.

Not all teams are trying to win, we knew that, now here's proof.

#Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was upset with Brian Flores for being too successful. Resented him for it.

Probably has something to do with him firing a coach that has been wining the past two seasons in Miami.
Story keeps getting wilder and wilder.

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John Mara is speaking now: "I haven't given [fans] any reason to believe"" I'm going to get it right this time around. "We have to earn back the fans' trust." #Giants
John Mara says he wishes the last hiring process "had been more extensive" and that the Giants had "taken more time with it."

Five questions in and no one has asked John Mara about Joe Judge's firing. Strange
John Mara vehemently pushes back against his family as the problem. Says Chris Mara has "no authority," but grants he has personnel input and was part of today's first GM interview.
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Without further ado…the #FantasyFootball Week 13 Starts and Sits (all caps = super start/sit):
#Giants at #Dolphins:
Saquon Barkley
Tua Tagavailoa
Jaylen Waddle
Myles Gaskin
Mike Gesicki

Everybody else
#Colts at #Texans:
Carson Wentz
Michael Pittman
Brandin Cooks

Rex Burkhead
David Johnson
Tyrod Taylor (duh)
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Multiple teams are interested in #Giants tight end Evan Engram, according to @JFowlerESPN

Teams around the league are very intrigued with his skill-set.

@JFowlerESPN #Giants WR Darius Slayton, #Dolphins WR DeVante Parker and #Cardinals WR Andy Isabella have been discussed in trade talks according to @AlbertBreer
@JFowlerESPN @AlbertBreer #Colts pass-rusher Kemoko Turay and Ben Banogu, both former 2nd round picks, have been discussed in trade talks. Image
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