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CUPCAKE is so annoyed by the Giants she refuses to turn around and watch the game #NYGvsCHI #Giants #NFL Image
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(1) Come on @NFL—you idiots opened this can of worms!

#Patriots—some owned slaves
#Jets—create climate change
#Texans—fought the Mexicans
#Bengals—endangered species
#Giants—tried to eat Jack
#Vikings—raped & pillaged

These names gotta go!
#Broncos—oppressed by rodeo riders
#Chiefs—obviously racist
#Seahawks—use NW indigenous symbols
#Raiders—pillaged & raped
#Buccaneers—raped & pillaged
#Browns—you cant say brown!
#Packers—what?? Meat packers? 😱

All these names are OFFENSIVE!

Oh there’s more!
#BuffaloBills—evil bison hunter
#Steelers—damn capitalists
#Saints—religion??? oh no you dit’n!
#Eagles—symbols of hate
#Colts—horse racing is cruelty
#Jaguars—sacred to the Mayans
#49ers—mining destroys Mother Earth!

Hateful, oppressive names!

Come on, @NFL!
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Instant Round 2 Grades! Here we go! #NFLDraft2020

Starting with...
33. CIN - Tee Higgins WR9 ... C

My 44th overall player, I think there are better values & better WRs available.

I also would've gone OT here, unless an AJ Green trade is imminent.

Building around Burrow is a good move, though. #Bengals
34. IND - Michael Pittman Jr. WR12 ... D

I'm lower than many on Pittman - 53rd - I just think there are much better prospects at WR. Multiple are still on the board: Laviska 21st, Mims 36th, Edwards 43rd.

Also, not the route I would've gone here with such a valuable pick.
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My 1st Round Grades w/ Analysis in the thread:

Referenced my Big Board for value (linked again below w/ my other #NFLDraft content)
All my #NFLDraft content, including my Top 100 Big Board, in one spot👇
A+ (5 total) = Elite pick - great player & fit + excellent value
A (6) = Great - great player & fit
B (5) = Good - would've done it differently
C (5) = Reach / Left value on the board
D (6) = Come again? ... Why.
F (5) = See gif👇
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The Contested Catch "If It Were Me" Mock #NFLDraft!

I pretend to be all 32 #NFL GMs for 2 Rounds using my Big Board (🔗👇) & rough team needs.

LOTS of trades factored in. Summary of them in the thread below.

(again this is what I'd do- *not predictive*)

Summary of all trades in the Contested Catch "If It Were Me" Mock Draft!
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With ALL The monies YOU

from #WEThePeople; DAILY:

This is what [ @NASA] comes

up with!?!😛

L👀ks [they] just slapped some

Cement on Drywall used

sponges for effects and

shot w/wide angle lenses; come

on [@NASA] getting REALLY


#Firmament #LowEarthOrbit
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Phil Simms had his first career 4th-quarter comeback in his 21st career start.

Eli Manning had his first career 4th-quarter comeback in his 7th career start.

Daniel Jones just did it in his 1st career start.

📸: Perry Knotts/NFL Image
@Giants @Daniel_Jones10 Daniel Jones is the first rookie QB in the Super Bowl era with 300+ pass yards, 2+ pass TD and 2+ rush TD in a game. #Giants
@Giants @Daniel_Jones10 Eli Manning is 0-43 when trailing by 18+ points as a starter.

Daniel Jones is 1-0 when trailing by 18+ points. #Giants
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I like how fast Daniel Jones works through progressions. He has quick eyes and much quicker release than I originally anticipated. PA game will only improve once he takes a few keepers, too. Here, he quickly diagnoses his best option and finds RE to get out of 3rd-&-long #Giants
Another one of DJ's top traits: throws a 'runner's ball' AKA + placement to maximize YAC, on crossers, making 2nd-and-18 a 3rd-and-doable. This is Russell Shep. Room for more with Sterling, Engram
Not captured (length issues): DJ changed the Oline protection 5 sec before the snap
2nd&short. Jones is thinking BIG. He immediately looks left to perceived 1st read. Subtle pump fake to further sell/hold the safety in the middle. Whole time he has plans to go backside post. Snaps body right, throws to WR's backside away from defender. The safety is lost #Giants
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I appreciate wanting to hit an elite WR at 3 with no cover down on 3rd and goal from the 3... but there is a little more to this play than just the below... #GiantsPride
First off, let's start with the All-22 vs broadcast... and immediately we see the #Giants were in Empty to start and Manning motions in Barkley to the backfield. What we learned later is PS had called 2 plays, and Manning killed the pass to run IZ to the trips side...
If you notice from the endzone view... the D is in a Bear front and the OC does not cleanly climb to get the MLB (who ironically prob should have covered down on #3, OBJ), so to the 2 man surface EM's kill to run IZ is "correct" yet poorly executed
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Watched a few games of #Giants UDFA Paul Adams, like his athleticism, movement skills, power at times and ability to get the job done. His transition will depend on how coaches see him. Think at MINIMUM he can slide in as “TE” in overload situations (Shurmur likes) #GiantsPride
Run Game
Best known for getting downhill in gap schemes where he uses his power and big hands (10”) to his advantage. Like him as puller in Counter GT, has good quick feet, redirects well, plays w/high motor. Executed down blocks w/good leverage regularly #GiantsPride
Run Game (2)
I differ the most, in that I REALLY like his potential as Zone Blocker. By his 3rd step his balance, and inside hand were VERY consistent. Showed some savvy cutting off 2i DTs (not easy), and again his balance/nimble feet can be weapons on perimeter #GiantsPride
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@MoveTheSticks made a great point recently ab explaining why teams make picks, etc from film (instead of citing BS). That means seeing #Giants Jones' traits through the lens of DG/Shurmur. Throwing on the run, placement, poise, and shot plays rank top of the list #GiantsPride
Throwing on Run
Jones is comfortable throwing on the run in BOTH directions, w/details like getting depth in his roll so he can then come downhill to the target. Cutcliffe did not move Jones much, but just bc he wasn't asked to do so often does not mean he can't #GiantsPride
Throwing on the Run (2)
Jones’ mobility was mostly seen out of structure, as he flashes athleticism, awareness and the arm to make NFL throws like this. When I first viewed this in March, wrote “Shurmur guy” in my notes #GiantsPride
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The ‘18 Auburn-Georgia game was a good preview of 1 of the practice battles #Giants fans will see this offseason. New Auburn WR Darius Slayton faced off against new Georgia CB Deandre Baker for many reps. See below: #GiantsPride
Baker Break Up
Slayton as Lone-X into the boun gets squeezed after his outside release by Baker whos physicality at the top of routes really frustrated him. DS does not sink his hips/create separation at the top of the Comeback, and Baker plays through catchpoint #GiantsPride
Slayton Release
DS’s releases improved from ‘17 to ‘18, flashing a solid Single Move Release getting Baker to open his hips early. He then smoothly cuts underneath the DB’s near hip on the Slant finishing with a nice stab #GiantsPride
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Took a look at new CB Julian Love from ND. 5’11” 195 lbs 2.5 year starter in a cpl diff defenses. Was a boundary corner mostly (always goes to short side of field), & comfortable in both press and off coverage (more frequent) #GiantsPride
Soft Press
Solid patience able to Mirror and Match WR early in route. Solid twitch capable of playing through the catch point reading WR’s eyes to find ball. Good rep, think he can handle majority of snaps this way against NFL level competition #GiantsPride
Not speaking out of school, his length, play speed, and hands lack at times. This rep vs. a now Eagle WR, he does everything right with good body control, etc,. But his length limits against the long-armed JJAW & just can not get the PBU #GiantsPride
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Prob some #Giantsnation Sunday Scaries going around, gonna look at some things Oshane Ximines (OX) CAN do for Big Blue. #GiantsPride #Giants #NYG #sundayscaries
Vs the Run
At 6’3” 253 lbs setting the edge can be a challenge vs. larger sized OTs. OX’s upper body strength is solid, his lower body will benefit from NFL locker room. Nice job setting edge here vs Outside Zone #GiantsPride
Vs the Run (2)
FAU mostly ran their stud RB at OX’s side (played exclusively on the D’s left), but here OX reads flow away. At his best as a see it chase it run defender. Solid finish, but again lower body strength improvement will help #GiantsPride
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Quick Clelin Ferrel Thread: 6040 264 lbs with good get off/burst, and solid athlete in space too make him more scheme diverse than advertised. His story is unique and easy to root for. Traits below: #NFLDraft #GiantsPride #Allin @ClemsonFB
Get Off (+)
Almost a little overlooked at this point, consistently good stride length timing the snap well puts a lot of pressure on OL in their sets. Shows solid play speed when K&Ding, w/+body control and timing for UoH early in down
2nd best technician in class (Bosa #1), lot of arrows in quiver to beat OL on both high and low side. Power combos w/+Long Arm or ++UoH can collapse pockets early. Club move dominated at times to smaller OL. Nasty swim move/twitch vs oversets
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#Love can never be #satisfied. If it is satisfied, it is not much of a love. The #greater and #deeper it is, the more #dissatisfaction there will be. It simply shows the vastness, that it will never be satisfied. The moment it is satisfied, it is dead.
#Satisfaction is not a great #quality. It belongs to the little #minds, to the little #hearts.

There are people who are satisfied with a little #money, with a #house, with a little #name, a little #fame, these are #pygmies.
#Giants are never #satisfied. On every new step, they find the #journey is becoming #deeper, more #miraculous, more #mysterious. The #longing is #growing and the heart is full of a sweet #ache.
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Today's topic: Ancient Giants and Elongated Skulls found around the globe.

Ask me anything.
Back in the early 2000s, there was a photoshop contest where people were required to make semi realistic imaged of giant skeletons being excavated.
Those image are fake.
That does not mean there wasn't a race of very large humanoids living along side us before the deluge.
Some examples of the fake giant excavation.
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This morning, I called this my favorite stat this year. But then I thought that was an exaggeration. It's my favorite stat for the #Cardinals.

Here's my favorite stat for every other team. #Thread
#Falcons in 2016: 1.57 TDs per FG attempt
2017: 0.85 TDs per FG att
Joe Flacco was 7th in pass atts in 2017, never threw for 300 yds, averaged <200 per game.
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