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Well it’s Thursday so that means it is time for the Week 3 edition of #NarrativeStreet. With two games under our belt it’s tempting to think the hay is in the barn, but that’s dangerous thinking. It will continue to change every week so don’t anchor those opinions....
...stay flexible and keep attacking as things evolve.

So let’s check in with the biggest stories and see what’s happening. We’ll hit some Team Narratives first, then finish with individual players....buckle up, it’s gonna be a long one...Happy Week 3 - LFG!

#Bears 📉📉: People are fuh-REAKing out. But they started v two ferocious pass rushes, and they came out 1-1. Am I excited about them? No. But they get a weak Wash D this week, and the post bye sked is pretty soft. Be patient.
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Okay Andrew, but remember that you asked for this. We're gonna go through every throw of the #Bears first half looking for open receivers and we'll see if you want to continue after that.

We start with the Cohen throw, who's open here. We know that. Tough throw, but open.
Next throw goes to Gabriel to the left, open again
Next throw is PA to Braunecker, who's wide open. The over to Gabriel isn't there, so he takes the checkdown
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Canada was given a warning by the United States. The US learned of Ortis from a Chinese intel officer whom they had “flipped.”
I believe the spy who have up Cameron Ortis was Deputy Division Director Yangun Xu, arrested in Belgium and extradited to the United States in October 2018
He was targeting Aviation and Aerospace secrets.…
The case of Patrick Mallroy…
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🚨🚨Thread Alert🚨🚨
Tarik Cohen is one of the most dangerous players in this game. Here is a thread on Cohen's abilities as a receiver. #Bears
We all know that Tarik Cohen is explosive. When you can give this guy some space, he can make some big plays. On a screen pass where Tarik is given space like this, good luck stopping him. A great block by @TGdadon1 gives Cohen that space down the field. ✌️✌️ #Bears
Tarik Cohen is not just a back that gets all of his receptions off screens, as he can do so much more than that. One of the best routes that he runs is the angle route. Cohen's ability to make people miss makes this a deadly route on an easy throw. #Bears
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THREAD: Though Mizzou WR Emanuel Hall was an UDFA for the #Bears, I see him as essentially another draft pick. Here’s why:
To paraphrase Lightning McQueen, Emanuel Hall is speed. As far as acceleration off the snap and the ability to separate from defensive backs with raw speed goes, Hall may be the best receiver in the class.
Once he’s in the open field, Hall is very tough to catch. After a well-placed deep ball, he is able to maintain his top speed and fly right past defensive backs with ease.
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Many #Bears fans may be wondering why Ryan Pace traded up for David Montgomery when Darrell Henderson could’ve been had by trading up just 3 picks earlier.
The answer: Montgomery’s skillset is a much better fit for Matt Nagy’s run scheme. Ditto Henderson for Sean McVay’s #Rams.

McVay uses outside zone-centric approach, which allows RBs with great long speed who can make guys miss in the open field shine, as Todd Gurley can attest.
It works because it gives guys who may not have great short area quickness time and space to build up their speed and blow by defenders, who are moving laterally and not upfield so they won’t get walled off. Henderson thrived in college with this approach.
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What’s the biggest difference between #Rams Jared Goff and #Bears Mitch Trubisky? One has grown through his weaknesses while the other simply hasn't.

This isn't a thread about Goff.

This isn't about comparison.

This is a thread about @Mtrubisky10's growth. And it's real.
Lets begin with some struggles, shall we?

We'll begin by analyzing how Trubisky's pre-throw play has improved over the year. Here's the setting for this play: 4th and 10, less than 2 min in the game. Trubisky goes down here and the Bears lose. Trubs flops and it's not good.
Fast forward to Week 14 and Trubisky's already exhibiting growth in this area. The Packers get a free rusher from Trubisky's left (almost the same as above) but Trubisky's already sensed it from the snap -- he simply flows right, shakes the tackle, and throws a perfect ball. Wow.
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Will there be a drop off in production from the 2018 #Bears defense to the 2019 version? It's possible, but it's not a given.

A Thread ⬇️

In 2010 the Ravens defense was ranked 6th in DVOA, and in 2011 Chuck Pagano took over as defensive coordinator and it improved to 1st.
In 2010 the Ravens defense allowed 319 yards per game (10th in the NFL) and in 2011 they allowed 289 ypg (3rd) with Pagano as the new play caller.

In 2010 the Ravens’ defense allowed 16.9 ppg, and in 2011 with Pagano as the new defensive coordinator they allowed 16.6.


If you take away the 3 return TDs and the 2 defensive TDs they allowed from the total points, then Pagano’s defense only gave up 14.8 ppg! #Bears
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I wanted to share some of the interesting statistical #Bears nuggets that were shared with us from our friends over at @IE_NFL.

This is going to be a lengthy thread.

1) They are 12-3 when allowing less than 5 yards per rush this season. That's tied for 2nd best in the NFL.
2) According to @IE_NFL the #Bears have averaged 47.8 Penalty Yards per Game this season which is 5th best in #NFL.

3) The Bears are also 5th in the league by running the ball on 44.9% of plays in 2018.
4) I've talked about the good #Bears pass protection all year, and @IE_NFL has them allowing a QB Hit on just 6.1% of dropbacks this season, which is 3rd best in #NFL.

All their nuggets weren't in Chicago's favor, so some bad ones will be sprinkled in. The thread continues ⬇️
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I'm going to say this once, because it's Christmas and it's a rant.

I don't care what Pat Mahomes does, or Deshaun Watson, I'm not interested in comparing them, or second guessing Ryan Pace anymore...

We've had a shit show team for several years now, we've had QBs who are
either ineptitude, or a talented narcissist who is uncoachable (see turnover).

We've been the whipping boy, the laughing stock & a source of amusement for others...

But this year, and for the foreseeable future we have a GM who knows talent in coaching & roster.

We have a HC
who had transformed the culture in a single year, introduced parts of a complicated offense which he's made fit to our team, he's improved players who last year looked bad.

We have a defense that is the envy of the league, & an offense in its infancy which can score on anyone.
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This morning, I called this my favorite stat this year. But then I thought that was an exaggeration. It's my favorite stat for the #Cardinals.

Here's my favorite stat for every other team. #Thread
#Falcons in 2016: 1.57 TDs per FG attempt
2017: 0.85 TDs per FG att
Joe Flacco was 7th in pass atts in 2017, never threw for 300 yds, averaged <200 per game.
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I wanted to wait a bit for things to settle down before assessing what the #Bears accomplished over the past three days from the draft to undrafted free agency.

Here we go.
1. I love how Ryan Pace altered his approach to the early rounds. He shifted to targeting more proven players who were highly productive and experienced in college. #Bears.
2. Roquan Smith is a stud. He was my favorite defensive prospect and I knew he'd make such a good fit for the #Bears. Vic Fangio is a former linebackers coach who's overseen Ray Lewis and Patrick Willis. His push for Smith should be considered gospel. #Bears
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And now I present: a thread based on my love of #science, #scicomm, and #animals, and the fact that I'm a huge #nerd:
The other day at the library, I got this book by Ann Tompert for my 2yo (2/?):…
The premise: an elephant and a mouse want to ride a see-saw. #Physics has other ideas, so some other animals come to help. (3/?)
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