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1/5 HUGE #Spygate #milanrendition
#JohnBrennan’s attempt at framing @realDonaldTrump in a #Russiacollusion hoax, was by agreeing to swap me for a Russian spy
Kudos to @nrogeiro for confirmation that I was part of discussion 2016
Brennan the Worst DCIA in far.
2/5 Swap failed, as Italy likely pressured by #Putin, halted my extradition, by officially reneging on #milanrendition retrial guarantee
Italy used a legal loophole to allow #Russianspy’s (an "illegal") repatriation
3/5 Attempt 2. Post Election Brennan/Italy “agreement” (again related to #Spygate) required my immediate extradition before Trump took office; thereby cutting short the Portuguese judicial appeal process.
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They (spies) went crazy Mr President when they realized you were going to encourage Ukraine to look into the 2016 election.
The SPIES🕵️‍♂️and democrat stooges know AG Barr and US Atty John Durham cannot be intimidated or bought. God speed all who serve this nation. Let JUSTICE ring.
The fact SPY is a perfectly good word and can be good people...#GinaHaspel ❤️🇺🇸 Italy 🇮🇹
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1. "#Whistleblower Form": "MUST HAVE FIRST HAND INFO" clause -- mysteriously removed in August.

2. Reports #AdamSchiff traveled to #Ukraine from Aug.24-29 with the allegedly #Burisma funded Atlantic Council.

3. #GinaHaspel's MENTOR was #JohnBrennan.
@OANN NOTE: Haspel as director of #CIA -- counts Brennan, a literal communist during the Cold War, a reported muslim who converted to Islam as CIA Director under Obama, as her MENTOR.

Keep these points in mind as #ImpeachTrump drags on.
Do your homework - you be the judge.
@OANN UPDATE: REPORTS SCHIFF TRAVELED TO UKRAINE LATE AUG -- appears trip was planned. Still verifying.

Opens another can of worms: Schiff's close ties to Atlantic Council is VERY noteworthy. Atlantic Council is... surprise, funded in part by Burisma Oil. AKA Hunter Biden's Cash Cow.
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9. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?

#Hypocrites #DoubleStandards #Liars #Warlords #USRealTerrorists
Wrong US policies in the Middle East. Sanctions against Iran. Sanctions used by the USA as a war weapon🤨👇🏼
1. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world? 🤨👇🏼…
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1. #QAnon: Senate Intel w Brennan, Clapper, & Rogers now on Intel Comm Assessmnt (ICA) of Russians in election . Comey a no-show. ADM Rogers'd refused 2endorse ICA. Strzok (PS) wrote it. Cleaning out FBI/DOJ 1st then CIA/State. Nunes/Gowdy future roles? #Q…
2. #QAnon suggests we "follow the pen." @POTUS's already written orders to release all. Today Rep Jordan tweeted the request to auth release of DOJ docs. Visible letters in #Q's May 10 pic of pen with filename "DOJNUNESRELEASE" will match WH release order.
3. #QAnon affirms that 90 days before 2016 election, #Strzok's visit to London on #Comey's orders for "#CrossfireHurricane" was for Strzok to collude with UK's Secret Intel Svc (SIS, ie, MI6) to subvert US election via collusion with foreign nations.…
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Our inability to "call a thing a thing" is why #GinaHaspel can be considered as CIA Director. Because like the refusal to call a "lie" a "lie," and to call racism by its name, much of the media and govt officials for years during the Iraq War refused to use the word "torture."
Phrases like "enhanced interrogation" were created to cover the reality of our moral descent. And then, of course the tactic of avoiding an obvious wrong by endlessly questioning, "is waterboarding torture?" These terrible evasions continue to haunt us.
Asking whether we received "good information" from torture is yet another moral evasion. Like people willing to tolerate racism if the economy improves. We have to decide who we are. Are we a nation of laws? Do we have common moral codes in the broadest sense?
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Accessible introductory information (as it sticks closely to the #PrimarySource, the #Senate's #CIA #TortureReport):…
" Read the Senate’s executive summary of the CIA torture report
The report found that the methods used by the CIA were more brutal than the agency acknowledged either to Bush administration officials or to the public. "…
"the CIA itself determined from its own experience with coercive interrogations,that such techniques'do not produce intelligence,"will probably result in false answers,'& had historically proven to be ineffective…[🤔]#futurepresident #withthestrokeofapen"…
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Trump names #GinaHaspel as new Director of the CIA.

From 2003 to 2005, Gina Haspel led a top-secret #CIA program that subjected suspects to savage interrogation tactics incl. sleep deprivation, squeezing them into coffins, and waterboarding.…
Gina Haspel oversaw the torture of terrorism suspects and took part in an order to destroy videotapes documenting their brutal interrogations at a secret prison in Thailand.…
Civil rights groups in Germany once pushed their government to arrest Gina Haspel for human right violations. This is our country's new CIA Director.…
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