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Inside: California to smash prison e-profiteers; and more!

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1/ A prison cell. Behind the b...
This Weds (May 10), I'm in #Vancouver for a keynote at the #OSSummit:…

And a book event at #HeritageHall:…

On Thu (May 11), I'm in #Calgary for @WordfestTweets:…

2/ Image
California to smash prison e-profiteers: The Public Utility Commission to the rescue!

3/ Image
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DATA: Americans Fear Their Own Government Spying on Them Almost As Much as Foreign Adversaries 🕵🏻‍♂️ 👁️ #RESTRICTAct #PatriotAct #Surveillance #Cybersecurity #1A…
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The #FederalReserve is paying $275 billion a year to Wall Street to hide inflation it created with the help of the crony Wall Street banks.

A portion of the dollars FED creates and loans out to banks, is parked at the FED by those banks and FED pays out interest on that money.……
Senator Ron Johnson: You’re gonna drive the debt from $32 trillion to $50 trillion… correct

Janet Yellen: Yes… but the metric that matters the most is relative debt to GDP ratio

Who’s gonna buy your debt?

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If you don't know how bad the Patriot Act is, have a listen to @Judgenap #RESTRICTAct #TikTokBill #686CANNOTPASS #PatriotAct
@Judgenap But wait... it gets worse... 2/3
@Judgenap Oh it gets much worse... 3/3

Remember also that this video was from 11 years ago.
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A bipartisan bill called the #RestrictAct has been proposed by Mark Warner of Virginia & John Thune of South Dakota, to protect national security and ending foreign adversaries. Apps like TikTok to be banned from misusing American consumer data or…
Are you a VPN user in USA… too bad #RestrictAct could get you decades in jail for using VPN 🤷‍♂️ Image
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"How I Learned To Love The New World Order"
By: Joseph Robinette Biden | Personally Authored Published Op Ed. while U.S. Senator of the State of Delaware. Image
This is the man who in concert with Criminals who have criminally hijacked our beloved Republic. This is a mentally deranged sick individual and not a real true Christian man who fears God Almighty. He's one of many like this.…
In 1992, long before he wrote the #PatriotAct, Joe Biden expressed his love for the New World Order in a recently unearthed Wall Street Journal essay. Reposted from NewsPunch.
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@CBS6 Sorry @VASchools had unqualified SecEds for 8 years, appointed for political reasons, not qualifications, & the depths of Northam's blackface humiliation. The extremist agenda has been rebuked by @NSBAPublicEd after legal review, but damage done. @8NEWS #RVA @NBC12 @myVPM
This is @GlennYoungkin's HIGHLY QUALIFIED Sec Ed AimeeRogstad Guidera who uses DATA to drive decisions assess standards & recommendations. THIS is a qualifed VA Secretary of Ed, the 1st we've had in almost a decade. @CBS6 @8NEW @NBC12 @myVPM Decade of error is hard to overcome.
@GlennYoungkin @CBS6 @8New @NBC12 @myVPM Check her credentials here. BTW, I think she leans Dem but @GovernorVA chose her because of her expert qualifications you may read her @LinkedIn paeg below. Princeton, Harvard & leadership everywhere.…
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At this very moment Venus is conjunct Uranus while the Scorpion Moon is in direct opposition to their position in Taurus.
This is a tumultuous moment indictive of a sudden reversal in monetary policy effecting the public at large. A decision has been made. ImageImage
The effects of this decision will be played out into the coming Full Moon cycle which starts tomorrow and ends Friday the 17th. This cycle peaks on #FlagDay June 14.
Today as the Scorpion Moon opposed the Venus🔴Uranus position in monetary Taurus, #Bitcoin lost ground. As a matter of fact, as the alignment grew stronger, and the moon opposed exact, #BTC took a sudden nosedive.
Uncanny? ImageImage
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@KimDotcom Wait…you still didn’t know the 🦠 + mRNA 💉 are Pentagon & CIA projects?

And the 🦠 was originally in USA during summer 2019?

It was a false flag 🚩 for WW3…

The evidence is insurmountable = USA orchestrated all this for global regime change…been working on it for decades.
@KimDotcom US created SARS 2.0 in 2015, then the Pentagon + CIA outsourced work on it to EcoHealth Alliance to create plausible deniability/false flag on China
Force the mRNA 💉 that DARPA pioneered into humanity.

2015 ::…

2015 ::…
@KimDotcom Jan 2020…

2017 :: ‘Over the past several years, DARPA-funded researchers have pioneered RNA vaccine technology…’…

2021 ::…
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@BillClinton setting priorities from BBB would have been better. Work requirements make sense. But there are also #PelosiPoisonPills the $275 Billion SALT tax cut for the rich and disturbing trend in many areas by this administration, surveillance of individuals bank accounts.
Surveillance of #Parents after calling #Moms #DomesticTerrorists calling for @TheJusticeDept to invoking #PatriotAct to have @FBI surveil, investigate #Parents is Orwellian. #MerrickGarland is harassing, intimidating ordinary people legitimately concerned about their children.
I know some of these folks in NoVa concerned about their children. They are NOT the #Jan6thInsurrection crowd @BillClinton No one is herding the cats.
Cabinet secretaries are acting, making very bad decisions - @SecMayorkas at the border,@SecCardona in Ed. #MerrickGarland - COI
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Merrick Garland sparked this surge for @GlennYoungkin I am sure his actions must be unconstitutional, are certainly abuse of office. Invoke the #PatriotAct against #Parents designating them #DomesticTerrorists ? It is Orwellian! @TomCottonAR
He's back pedalling now because #Parents in #Loudoun Co, #FairfaxCounty have widely publicized the abuses, and many people think his actions were the final straw turning Suburban #Moms away from VaDems. Independents also broke for Youngkin when #MerrickGarland took those actions
I Tweeted this to POTUS. #MerrickGarland & 3 blunders by McAuliffe, insulting key constituencies, cost TM the election, not JB. Also #ImpeachGarland That surveillance of parents is the same as the surveillance of bank accounts of businesses & persons with $10K pass thru accounts
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"When America’s school boards start calling in the Feds, you know we’re in a bad place." No kidding but NOT the way @KarenAttiah asserts. I'm appalled it is considered acceptable to call @TheJusticeDept & weaponize @FBI against PARENTS as TERRORISTS in America! NO WAY @JoeBiden
Putin's system just classified Navalny as a terrorist. Navalny is already in prison. That's the biggest difference here. This outrage is exactly comparable to the police state in Russia. I'm a Democrat but not this kind. @JoeBiden WHY? You've hurt all Democrats running this year.
The letter they sent contains implicit threats about the loyalty of theri 90,000 members to @JoeBiden and @TheDemocrats You did NOT have to do excactly as THEY dictated to you and use the #PatriotAct !! SHOCKING. You have handed the perfect issue to @GOP
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1.non sono in grado di giudicare la riforma del processo penale,perché non ho le competenze per farlo, ma sono in grado di giudicare la perversa gestione dei cosiddetti "tabulati telefonici", che il resto del mondo sviluppato chiama "metadati telefonici": è il mio mondo
2. abbiamo capito l'importanza dei "tabulati telefonici",che il mondo evoluto chiama "metadati telefonici", grazie ai file di #Snowden.Solo grazie a questi file abbiamo capito che i metadati telefonici sono estremamente importanti,NON sono un sottoprodotto
3. grazie ai file di #Snowden abbiamo scoperto che la #NSA basava la sua sorveglianza di massa soprattutto sui metadati telefonici,perché mentre per capire il contenuto delle intercettazioni delle conversazioni telefoniche serve un operatore umano,per i metadati non serve
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20 years ago, #POTUS was the leader of the free world.

Today, @POTUS is leading the nationalization of a free country.

A history🧵on how we got here..
It didn't start with #September11. Federal interventionism and expansionism began much earlier.

We dove into global conflicts in 1898, when we took Cuba, PR, Guam, and Philippines from the Spanish in a short war that began suspiciously.
Two hawkish POTUS later, #WoodrowWilson (a passive academic) established the #FederalReserve and income tax in 1913 (FTC in 1914), entered WWI and created a propaganda office in 1917, raised taxes in 1918, and formed what became the @UN in 1920.

Federal powers greatly expanded.
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As I stand on this hallowed ground, I think about the lives of those who we lost, what their stories could have been, about the heroism of first-responders, and the remarkable demonstrations of unity that swept our nation.

#September11 #NeverForget thread
I then think about the #PatriotAct, the lies that brought us to an un-winnable war, the way Fox News used the fear brought on by #September11 to stoke division through fear, weaponize the notion of “liberty” & radicalize the GOP electorate.
I ask myself how would the victims and heroes of 9/11 feel about what happened at the United States Capitol on #January6th, not at the hands of Al-Qaeda or The Taliban, but by domestic terrorists incited by the Republican Party.
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Today, we #Remember911. In 2001, the US experienced one of the greatest tragedies our nation's history. We mourn those who were lost, & we honor the heroic first responders who risked their health & safety to serve the American people.

But we also need to remember the fallout.
Six weeks after 9/11, Congress passed the #PATRIOTAct before lawmakers even had time to read the bill. Unfortunately, this new law extended government spy powers to allow data collection on everyone in the US - no probable cause or warrant required.…
For years, government officials told the public that the PATRIOT Act was an important law that helped America’s intelligence agencies fight dangerous terrorists overseas. But they were lying to us. They were even lying to Congress.…
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"Privacy should be a basic right for everyone, & we should all demand that our govts support that right in a post-pandemic world." - @Robert_Beens_, Startpage CEO
Read Robert's @Forbes article on longterm dangers to privacy rights.… @ForbesTechCncl
One danger is the collection of health data: Health organizations and governments are looking at applying technology such as contact tracing apps. It's vital to protect your #HIPAA rights and demand your medical providers protect your right to privacy. #PrivacyPlease
Another danger is the threat of surveillance on your internet activity: Very recently, we've seen take the US Senate and House question of whether to allow the #PatriotAct to continue to allow the warrantees surveillance of your browsing history. #PrivacyPlease
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Congress is trying to ram through reauthorization of the #PatriotAct and #FISA surveillance. These mass spying programs haven’t saved any lives, but they HAVE been used to crack down on protesters and political dissent.

Here’s a short history …

The first wiretaps were used to spy on a cop-turned-bootlegger in the 20’s. The public loved him for defying unjust Prohibition laws, and he never used violence against the public or the police. But the federal government wanted to make an example.

By the 30’s, the federal government was using wiretaps to spy on political activists, helping corporations prevent workers from unionizing in protest against unsafe working conditions and economic exploitation.

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Last night we stopped
from reauthorizing #FISA and #PatriotAct surveillance authorities. Now she's trying to use a "Conference Committee" to get around her own party. This has to be stopped. Go here to take action now:
#PatriotAct and #FISA surveillance programs have repeatedly targeted immigrant communities, journalists, activists, and religious groups, but @SpeakerPelosi and @RepAdamSchiff want to reauthorize anyway. They don't care.
Thing is, the House will have to vote to allow @SpeakerPelosi to move to conference committee with the version the House passed in March (which has no added protections at all.) We can and must stop that from happening!
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I just want to be extremely clear that right now Nancy Pelosi the so-called leader of "The Resistance" is actively trying to gut a bipartisan amendment that specifically protects journalists & religious groups from abusive surveillance, so she can reauthorize FISA & Patriot Act
Here's what's happening: late last night @SpeakerPelosi attempted to ram through a reauthorization of #FISA and #PatriotAct surveillance authorities. But she had to cancel the vote at the last minute when it became clear she didn't have even close to enough votes to pass it.
She's trying to blame that on Trump tweeting about it, but the reality is that the vote was going to fail anyway because the entire Congressional Progressive Caucus (nearly 100 member of the House) came out against the bill after Pelosi let @RepAdamSchiff gut a privacy amendment
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URGENT: Late last night we defeated an attempt by @SpeakerPelosi to ram through a reauthorization of #FISA and #PatriotAct surveillance authorities. Now she's trying to use a "Conference Committee" in an end-run around her own party. TAKE ACTION: Image
By moving this to conference, @SpeakerPelosi is explicitly threatening to weaken the bill even further, most likely by gutting the Lee/Leahy amendment.

So to be clear, House Democrats are threatening to blow up protections specifically for journalists and religious minorities.
This is an absolute disgrace. We know that #PatriotAct and #FISA surveillance programs have been repeatedly abused to target immigrant communities, journalists, activists, and religious groups. But @SpeakerPelosi and @RepAdamSchiff want to reauthorize them so bad they don't care.
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BREAKING: House leadership has officially CANCELLED the vote on reauthorizing #FISA & #PatriotAct after it became clear that they did not have the votes to get it passed.

This did NOT happen just "because of Trump" as many news articles will say. It was the result of ORGANIZING.
It was also the result of @SpeakerPelosi and @RepAdamSchiff siding with the surveillance state over basic civil liberties and human rights. They gutted an amendment that would have prevented the FBI from spying on your Internet activity without a warrant.…
The amendment had broad support, and likely would have sailed through the House and Senate. But once it was gutted by leadership, there was a bipartisan revolt. Rank and file of both parties came out against the underlying bill, including the Congressional Progressive Caucus.
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BREAKING: Politico is reporting that House leadership is listening to us & planning to allow a vote on an amendment to the #PatriotAct that would prevent warrantless surveillance of internet activity. Thank you @SpeakerPelosi for doing the right thing! We will be watching closely
It's crucial that we ensure the final text of the amendment, offered by privacy champions @RepZoeLofgren & @WarrenDavidson, is strong and that leadership does not attempt to undermine the basic protections outlined in the Wyden/Daines amendment.
But most importantly, now we need to fight like hell to ensure that this crucial limit on government surveillance passes the House and Senate and becomes law. The government should not be able to constantly monitor what you do on the Internet without a warrant. Period.
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