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@cityofportland just banned the used of #FacialRecognition, and all due to Commissioner @JoAnnPDX’s invited testimonies, which included our own board member @hamidtasnuva. Grateful for @b_haddy’s too

Some say cancel 2020, we say bring it on!

Sarah's testimony attached:
Pg 1 & 2
Pg 3 & 4
Pg 5 & 6
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BREAKING: Portland, OR just became the first city in the US (possibly the world?) to ban both government and corporate use of #FacialRecognition surveillance technology. Every city council should follow suit!
The city council and mayor unanimously approved two ordinances. The first is similar to those passed in Boston, San Francisco, etc. it bans all government use of facial recognition including use by police, schools, etc. notably this also includes use by TSA or airlines at PDX
The second ordinance is historic. It bans private businesses from using facial recognition in places of “public accommodation” as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. That means stores can’t use it on their customers, or on people walking by. It’s a huge deal.
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1/8 👂 WHEN THEY HEAR US: After a majority of respondents called on the EU to ban biometric identification in the #AIWhitePaper consultation, the @EU_Commission says a ban is still being considered.
#BanThisBS #FacialRecognition #MassSurveillance #DemocracyInAction #PeoplePower
2/8 What is at stake with biometric surveillance? Our reality as we know it! We must protect our democratic public spaces– and with them, our freedoms to speak, to assemble, to protest and to express ourselves.

#BanThisBS #FacialRecognition
3/8 Europe, right now 🇪🇺: more than 15 countries have secretly experimented with harmful #Biometric systems like #FacialRecognition in public spaces. They have often ignored existing laws & showed no respect for democracy or critical public opinion.
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(1) Hey @Brkfldproprtl, looks like you just installed a terrifying #biometric #surveillance system in my building without notice or consent.

First off, when you subject tenants to disturbingly invasive surveillance systems, you might want to, you know, ask if we agree. 😡
(2) Next, the fact that I have absolutely no idea what the capabilities of the system are. Does this include #FacialRecognition? Clearly it has both computer vision and thermal imaging, but what else? One person in the lobby says it has mask detection AI, is that true?
(3) Who keeps this data? For how long? Is it routinely shared with police and/or public health authorities? Do you have a #privacy policy, and if so, where is it?

I know not every tenant is a #surveillance expert, but did you think none of us would care?
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Your #socialdistancing at work - to advance the #greatreset of servitude & oppression.

#IoT #DeepLearning #AI #Algorithms #4IR #SmartCities #Surveillance


#Data is the new oil.
The illusory dream of corporate responsibility...

The Corporation, 2003: What the study illustrates is that in the its behaviour, this type of "person" typically acts like a dangerously destructive psychopath without conscience."
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What are the costs for a country by not having a national strategy on #AI? I would love to learn from your inputs in this thread: @maria_axente @johnchavens @AnnCavoukian @dmonett @ShannonVallor @vdignum @DorotheaBaur
#AI #SurveillanceState #FacialRecognition 1/10
It is certainly difficult to measure, in monetary terms, issues such as the suppression of freedom and loss of sovereignty, but it is easy to imagine the impact of the absence of a national strategy, based on a "ethics first and by design" model 2/10
According to a report from Oct/19, from the @AtlanticCouncil, this map shows how surveillance technologies from Chinese companies have been adopted. It's happening even in countries able to develop their own technologies and where a national #AI strategy exists 3/10
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@ylecun "Turing award winner" & @timnitGebru, groundbreaking researcher of #AI #bias, #facialrecognition, faced off on how a #machinelearning system could make pics like Obama's pixelated face into a white person. @ruchowdh @mutalenkonde @kharijohnson @mer__edith @miaD 1/
Yann states it's the data. Seems reasonable. Oversimplified. But @timnitgebru pts out there's more going on behind the scenes to get us to this point - more systemic issues beyond just the data that need to be acknowledged. @mutalenkonde @kharijohnson @sethcolaner @mer__edith 2/
Give it deeper thought. Question deeper how we got here... to a publicly available way to take pixelated faces and make them whole based on data that is majority white faces. @timnitgebru @mutalenkonde @kharijohnson @ruchowdh @mer__edith 3/
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1. New City of #Austin Policy:
#FacialRecognition Tech (#FRT)

... stated policy of the City that NEITHER FRT designed or used to identify members of the public, NOR info obtained from such FRT, SHALL BE USED by the City for criminal investigation purposes, law enforcement...
2. ...NOR shall such tech be ALLOWED to be used by private corporations on City property. If such info or use of tech is obtained by City inadvertently... it MUST be approved by City Manager and promptly reported to the Council and public with FULL details about purpose...
3. As this policy relates to the Austin Airport, the City should comply w all federal rules and requirements, but the City should MINIMIZE and ELIMINATE discretionary use of FRT to the greatest extent possible.
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I have heard some of you. Updated digital security tips for #protesters. Everyone must make their own decisions based on their own circumstances. Ideally, leave all electronic devices at home. Burner phones are a second best choice. #protests #GeorgeFloyd
I know that is not realistic for many of you so bring as few electronic devices as possible. Disable face/fingerprint unlock. Use a 6+ digit passcodes, alphanumeric codes are even better. Don't consent to searches of your devices. Do not unlock your device for police. #protest
Use @signalapp to communicate with each other. Use its disappearing messages feature. Turn off GPS, NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi, and any location services. Lock down your social media privacy settings. Don't tag or post identifiable images of people without their permission.
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i dunno if anyone maybe needs some good news for a change but ... remember those students who were told by their administration that they weren't allowed to introduce a student gov resolution to ban facial recognition?

it just passed overwhelmingly.…
Here's the story: students at Oakland Community College, near Detroit, were originally told by their administration that they were not allowed to introduce a student government resolution to ban the use of facial recognition surveillance on campus.
Then, on top of that, they were told they were not allowed to even host A FORUM on the topic of banning facial recognition surveillance on campus. They already had the event planned and had invited speakers from @justcitydetroit and @ACLUofMichigan.
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#Coronathon #TECH #ProjectHighlights Thread 1/3

1. #Safeslot to find your nearest #retailstore & manage #essentials buying abiding the #socialdistancing policy in these trying times!
2. #Hospital Bed tracker enabling access to realtime status of nearest hospital availability
Thread 2/3
3. #PanMan to empower #HospitalLeads have clear visibility on COVID19 patients & suspects and accordingly plan the resources
4. #Covid-19 PPE Tracker to provide hospitals with a common platform showcasing #supplydemand info of personal protective equipment
If you or #community #network can support these #projects please get in touch with us!

#hackathon for a change - #coronathon2020

Keep following this thread for other project details!
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Lecturas sobre #Tecnologia y #COVIDー19:
1. UK contrata a #palantir para gestionar los datos de la crisis. Contrato controvertido, pero interesante que el foco no es espiar a gente sino tener cifras sobre camas, respiradores, pacientes... Esto es crucial.…
2. Los pedófilos se cuelan en las videoconferencias escolares ⚠️.
👉 Importante que mayores y escuelas entiendan cómo funcionan (se puede limitar quien se conecta) y no pongan los links de conexión en redes sociales!
#COVIDー19 #ethics…
3. Sobre #apps y #COVID19: uno de los pocos artículos que habla de COMO FUNCIONAN REALMENTE y no cae en el optimismo tecnológico. La realidad en China es uso desigual, sin geolocalización y mucho control con papel y boli 🤷…
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Thread on #facialrecognition & police surveillance databases. #CAAProtests

Facial recognition is a new technology, cops have start adopting since 2015. National Crime Records Bureau recently issued a tender for national facial recognition system.…
But what people are missing out is facial recognition system will be a part of Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and System. Again this system became operational post the Mumbai 26/11 attacks to link all police stations starting with the one in coasts…
CCTNS will link all police databases, so that any police department can access criminal records of other departments. All of these criminal records are essentially with NCRB, which is why they are issuing this tender for facial recongition.
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#Facebook sta implementando la tecnologia di #riconoscimentofacciale

La funzione, individuata dalla ricercatrice Wong ti chiede di scattare un video selfie e girare la testa da un lato all'altro per verificare che non sei un robot

Non è possibile sapere quando verrà implementata/utilizzata questa funzione né come memorizzerà questi dati
La società ha detto che sta sperimentando questa funzione con chi ritiene un fake, chiedendo di inviare un breve video selfie per la verifica #FacialRecognition
FB vuole migliorare la sua verifica tramite il processo di identificazione. Fb vuole contribuire a rendere più sicuro il suo social network, dice.

Si amplifica l'enorme problema della condivisione di dati sensibili #FacialRecognition

cc @meobaldo
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The @StanfordHAI (Human-centered #AI) Conference on #AiEthics, Policy, & Governance is getting started, live stream below. Speaker list is fantastic. Will be tweeting.

#machinelearning #data4good
@StanfordHAI "Silicon Valley, we have a problem" opens @erikbryn

Speaks to the 'great decoupling' - where productivity and GDP expand with technology, but don't take household incomes with them.

Part of the problem is lower-paid occupations have more automate-able tasks.
@StanfordHAI @erikbryn Both @Susan_Athey and @erikbryn speaking to ML adoption in private sector and the important distinction between labor replacing vs. labor augmenting #automation.

The "Suitability for Machine Learning" or SML scores from this
@MIT_IDE is useful here:… #ai
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Music fans should feel safe and respected at festivals and shows, not subjected to invasive biometric surveillance. Today we're launching a new campaign mobilizing artists, fans, and promoters to oppose the use of #facialrecognition at live music events.
#FacialRecognition is a uniquely dangerous form of surveillance. It enables ubiquitous monitoring of an entire crowd and could easily be used to target music fans for things like minor drug possession, immigration status, or having a warrant.…
There's no evidence that using #FacialRecognition at festivals and concerts will keep fans safe. In fact, studies repeatedly show… that mass surveillance is largely ineffective at preventing violent crimes. And the technology is currently far from accurate.
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#FacialRecognition is being used by police and private companies in public places. It’s use is discriminatory and authoritarian. We need to ban it.

Sign the petition now
Facial Recognition cameras scan everyone within range, making a biometric map of their face – which is more like taking a fingerprint than a photo. This is hugely disproportionate surveillance.
Facial recognition cameras will make us more likely to self-censor, affecting where we go and who with.
We shouldn’t have to change how we live our lives to protect ourselves from unwarranted surveillance.
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BREAKING: Kings Cross under private facial recognition surveillance @kingscrossN1C

This is the worst case scenario for privacy. Huge areas of our capital have been sold off, privately policed - and now are being covered with Chinese-style surveillance.…
UPDATE: Silkie here. Just spent some time in Kings Cross Ltd

Look up at this helpful sign! 👀

Also spotted this. This is an Avigilon H4 camera. It’s features include ‘self learning video analytics’ such as ‘unusual motion detection’.
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Recently, the National Crime Records Bureau of India published a tender for the Automated Facial Recognition System (AFRS). Some background (B), and key takeaways (T). #AI #FacialRecognition #ML #India 1/n
B1. The AFRS is conceptualised to modernize the police force, for “criminal identification, verification and its dissemination among various police organizations and units across the country.” 2/n
B2. The rationale: face recognition will help with “facilitating easy recording, analysis, retrieval and sharing of Information” and help in identification of: criminals, missing children/persons, unidentified dead bodies and unknown traced children/persons. 3/n
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Today, we’re launching a campaign to #BanFacialRecognition nationwide.

This weapon is too dangerous to be regulated piecemeal, city by city. It's unlike any other form of government surveillance.

We must stop it. Join us:
Silicon Valley lobbyists are calling for light regulation on facial recognition.

They're trying to avoid the real debate: whether this tech should even exist.

It's misdirection. Companies like Microsoft & Amazon will benefit tremendously from the expansion of total surveillance
It’s not a hypothetical: Facial recognition programs are sweeping across the country. Just this weekend, we learned ICE & the FBI scan millions of Americans’ drivers license w/out consent.

But the tech is fundamentally flawed. It cannot be made safe.…
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(1) @NYPDONeill is in the @nytimes today, defending the #NYPD’s #FacialRecognition, but his defense left us with more questions than answers. S.T.O.P. and other advocates have challenged the #NYPD’s facial recognition dragnet. #NYC needs reforms, not PR.…
(2) The truth is that the #NYPD’s #FacialRecognition system is biased and broken. Their database will return more than 200 possible “matches” for every single photo. Meaning that AT BEST it is wrong 99.5% of the time. All too often, NONE of the “matches” will be the real suspect.
(3) #FacialRecognition can be a powerful tool, but only when used correctly. Per @GeorgetownCPT, #NYPD artists #Photoshop images before testing them, altering the faces and copy/pasting #celebrity photos. This isn’t #ForensicScience; it’s an art project.…
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The first-ever UK court case against police use of #FacialRecognition tech on our streets starts tomorrow.

South Wales Police has used the rights-abusing, discriminatory tech on the public over 50 times. We’re going to put an end to it.

#FacialRecognition cameras are light-years away from regular CCTV. They scan everyone within range and make unique biometric maps of their faces - more like a fingerprint than a photograph.
The biometric maps made by #FacialRecognition cameras are then matched against watch lists the police put together. These lists can include entirely innocent people. In 2017, the tech was used to target people with mental health conditions.…
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@ParthapratimKh3 @AkbAsis @barua_ashish @PaulGambles2 @RonnieChopra1 @mektronik @MonetaryWonk @BudimanJayaS @vtchakarova @ContextMatters4 1. The bigger picture: Most of the #US #Tech-tools you use have or build-in #spyware or can easily be #hacked - #Windows has backdoors, which can be used to access your system, your #iPhone (#spyphone) can be hacked with just bluetooth (giving away location, address-book, calls).
@ParthapratimKh3 @AkbAsis @barua_ashish @PaulGambles2 @RonnieChopra1 @mektronik @MonetaryWonk @BudimanJayaS @vtchakarova @ContextMatters4 2. Your #laptop has backdoors giving access to #camera & voice (and do you use #fingerprint-recognition? One more personal #data-set). Your #SmartTV has a backdoor & camera & #voicerecognition. Do you use #Alexa? Real people listen to your conversations!
#Privacy #Security
@ParthapratimKh3 @AkbAsis @barua_ashish @PaulGambles2 @RonnieChopra1 @mektronik @MonetaryWonk @BudimanJayaS @vtchakarova @ContextMatters4 3. #Assange called #Facebook "the wet dream of the #CIA": Rightly so - Used #facialrecognition without your consent, gives full access to #apps to all your personal information & some #SocialMedia give #NSA-access to servers.
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1. Not Dead Yet: Our own @NicheIntel and @Intel_Prof use #FacialRecognition app @Betaface and voice comparisons to examine the rumours Abu Rofiq of #MalhamaTactical faked his own death in February of 2017.

We discuss some of the interesting findings here.
2. On Feb 7th 2017 Malhama Tactical announced that its leader Abu Rofiq had been killed in a Russian airstrike on his apartment in #Idlib, Syria. A report by @ForeignPolicy entitled The Blackwater of Jihad, countered that Abu Rofiq was not present at the time; per a local source.
3. After almost a year absent on social media, Malhama introduced Abu Salman Belarus as its "new" leader. Since then, there have been rumours that Rofiq faked his death. The biggest deterrent to testing the rumours were the lengths Abu Salman went to in masking his identity.
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