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🧵 ladies and gentlemen, presenting #CoalGate:

(yet another) case study into the "questionable" integrity of @AngusTaylorMP🤥.

yesterday #CaymanAngus tabled an instrument formalising a $3.6m grant to brisbane-based #ShineEnergy.

…and the whole saga is dodgy AF.

in sep 2016 colourful queenslander #AshleyDodd establishes #ShineEnergy with ambitions to make waves in the renewables sector.

at the time his website said “as a traditional owner company which understands the natural economy, the RE sector is a natural fit for Shine Energy”.
shine shopped around an idea for a “solar production model” where someone (gov’t?) would pay for a solar farm, and shine would get to keep half. 🤷‍♂️
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Ok here's an attempt to collate all of this Government's scandals in one thread... wish me luck!
A property owned by Energy Minister Angus Taylor's brother was alleged to have illegally burned 30 hectares of native grassland classified as endangered under existing environment laws.
After Angus Taylor personally intervened and met with then Env. Minsiter Josh Frydenberg about the investigation into his brother, the Government suddenly announced a review into the part of Commonwealth environment laws that specifically deals with endangered native grasses.
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101 Questions Speers might ask Morrison if his aggotts dropped.

1: Why allocate 12.5 billion litres a year for 50 years to a profit shifting, environment vandalising corp called Adani?
2: Why are we giving away $29 billion a year in fossil fuel subsidies to private enterprise?
3: Why are 90 towns out of water?
4: Why does Peter Dutton choose what the AFP investigates?
5: Why did Angus Taylor set up a Cayman Island front for the Australian govt to do business through?
6: Why did Mr B Joyce pay $80 million for imaginary water to the Cayman entity in Q5?
7: Why do we give huge grants without any probity or oversight?
8: Why do we have to beg whenever something goes wrong in Australia?
9: Why does a sacked marketing man have the keys to Kirribilli?
10: How much does the govt pay the media every year to get them to play dead?
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@RonniSalt #angusgate #grassgate

Meet John....John Auer. John is a farmer from Tubbut in Vic, near the NSW border. We can't show you John's face...oh hang on a sec we can.

When John's not busy farming he's plotting to kill Australia's native wildlife,especially eagles.
You see John is the "mastermind" behind the deaths of at least 406 wedge tailed eagles over the period 2016-18. John, coached his farm hand, Murray Silvester, on how to poison the majestic raptors. The full stories are here:…
John, may self-identify as a quiet Australian - we're not sure perhaps the ABC can ask him?

Before John was plotting a species extinction on and around his farm he was also a long time director and part owner of a company called Jam Land.

You may have heard of it.
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#grassgate Stuart Burge, who gave the go ahead for Jam Land (a company co-owned by the Taylors - Angus, Richard, Duncan and Bronnie et al), to spray herbicide on endangered grasslands is the same person NSW Farmers used to inform the EPBC review.…
Stuart Burge, was also engaged and no doubt paid to produce this report. But who paid him? As it turns out Burge was engaged by Monaro Farming Systems (MFS). MFS is chaired by Richard Taylor. MFS are collaborating with NSW Farmers.
A grant of $75,000 was awarded to MFS by NSW Deputy Premier and local Nationals member John Barilaro. Barilaro is a close associate of fellow NSW Nationals MP Bronnie Taylor.
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#grassgate - a thread on importance of native grasses from an article I wrote for Town & Country Farmer:
Years ago, my partner and I bought a farm near Mansfield, Vic. BECAUSE of its native grasses: Microlaena stipoides, Austrodanthonia spp., Themeda Triandra & Bothriochloa macra
The facts on the loss of our biodiversity in Australia are alarming. In the last 30 years, we have cleared millions of hectares of native vegetation in Australia. Victoria has lost 3/4 of its wetlands and less than 2% of Australia’s native grasslands remain undisturbed.
Preserving remnant native veg is one way of preserving biodiversity. Also helps maintain diversity of plants & wildlife which, in turn, encourages a wide variety of bird species to help control insects, thus, economic benefits for farmers. Here's why:
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For those following – @corybernardi @Senator_Patrick @PaulineHansonOz – here's a thread with key stories from the @GuardianAus investigation of Angus Taylor, Josh Frydenberg & endangered grasslands, as revealed by @_LisaMCox & @annefdavies. This is #grassgate: THREAD👇
We first revealed the meeting between Taylor, Frydenberg's office and environment officials took place at the same time a company Taylor part-owns was under investigation for poisoning the grasslands he sought a briefing about… #grassgate
Next, Josh Frydenberg's office sought advice from environment department on whether protections of the grasslands could be watered down without seeking the advice of the threatened species scientific committee & whether that could be kept secret… #grassgate
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The company Jamland Pty Ltd is at the centre of the #grassgate allegations. Once you strip away the family companies the individual shareholders of the company are as per the graphic. #auspol
Taylor advised #QT yesterday that he declared his personal interest in the issue. There is nothing in the @GuardianAus published FOI docs to corroborate this statement.…
@GuardianAus If minutes/notes were taken at the various meetings it would be beneficial to see if any of conflict of interest was relayed/noted.
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The corrupt Taylors - it's never ending #watergate #grassgate #educate > NSW funded $16m project run by MP Bronwyn Taylor's husband…
If the NSW cost benefit analysis was a dud, I wonder what the Federal one said.....or even if there was one undertaken. Come on @DanTehanWannon you handed out the C'wealth money $5.1M to these shysters, come clean about your involvement.
Here's education guru Duncan Taylor - I'm not sure what this photo represents but I'm sure it says "education" to someone, somewhere perhaps at sometime
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