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Infection prevention & control #IPC & #sustainability - a thread inspired by #ACIPC22
🦠🌏🧵 (1/17)
Prof Brett Mitchell highlighted the issue of #IPC #waste in his plenary @1healthau #ACIPC22
Finding #sustainable solutions is clearly important to the #IPC community… #ACIPC22
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How do we solve the liquidity problem in the #securitytoken (STO) industry?

Let's do a short ramble thread on this🧵

Before #Uniswap, alot of #crypto projects were suffering from the same liquidity problem.

#btc #eth #blockchain #realestate #web3 #investing #sto #trading Image

So what did Uniswap do to help alleviate this issue?🤔

They used an Automated Market Maker (developed by #bancor) where any crypto project could create their own liquidity pools. Allowing those that couldnt afford to list on a big #exchange to make their #tokens tradable.

Pools attract liquidity by incentivizing people to provide liquidity.

In its basic form, liquidity providers add an equal value of the 2 #tokens in a pair, and then get a proportional passive % of all swap fees in that pair.

Incentives on top of that are also possible.
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Norsk og svensk narkotikapolitikk!
En tråd...

Norge og Sveriges narkotikapolitikk er de strengeste i verden i stater som påberoper seg å være åpne, liberale, demokratiske rettsstater. Her straffer vi brukerne for å ha påvisbare sporstoffer i blod eller urin.
Politiet har fått (eller tatt seg) rett til å bruke tvang, vold, og uforholdsmessige virkemidler, som husransakelse, 3. persons ransakelse, bruk av hund for villkårlig ransakelse og «hvit inngang» som vil si en ulovlig konstruering av bevis, for å ransake, sikte og dømme
rusbrukere til bøter og fengsel. Den svært repressive politikken har ført oss til en henholdsvis 1. og 2. plass i Europas overdosestatestikk.

Big congrats!

Forskning og praksis har vist oss at strenge straffer ikke fører til lavere bruk av rusmidler.
Det viser seg i praksis
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Cuneiform is a writing system developed over 6,000 years ago used in Mesopotamia, Persia, & Ugarit. It provides information about the ancient Sumerian history, & the history of humanity as a whole. It uses wedge-shaped characters impressed on clay tablets. #Archaeology #history
Most agree that cuneiform began as proto-writing-like African drumming and Incan quipa, & evolved into the first full-fledged writing system, with signs corresponding to speech. The root of cuneiform lies in tokens, or chits, used by Sumerians to convey information. #Archaeology
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Time for a 🧵 on two charts (at the end) that seem to tell an interesting #Bitcoin story.

For several yrs @CaitlinLong_ has openly discussed the potential negative impact of #rehypothecation of #bitcoin by banks, wall street, hedge funds & the broader #tradfi community.
@saylor has discussed and shown the need for sound money and the value that having a savings mechanism brings to the system.

@JeffBooth has shed light on the fact that #deflation isn’t such a bad thing when #technology is actually making our lives better and costs cheaper.
@saifedean taught the 🌏 the importance of time, effort, and energy & the value that living by the #Bitcoin Standard can bring to individuals and countries across the globe.

@FossGregfoss has done a phenomenal job helping to #educate on the benefits of owning #volatile #assets.
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#France has voted to ban the wearing of the #hijab in public for those under 18, burkinis in public pools, and wearing of the hijab for those accompanying children on school trips.

While all 3 of these votes are absurd to say the least, the last one hit me personally.

A few years ago when my eldest son was in 2nd grade, his class took a field trip to Washington D.C.’s famous Natural History Museum.

When he mentioned the field trip to me, I instantly decided to volunteer as a chaperon.

However, his response left me heartbroken. To my utter surprise, he said, “No, Ami I don't want you to go with me.” His reasoning was truly devastating. He said, "Ami, I understand it's your choice, but my friends think you are bald.

#HijabBan #France

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New important thread.

Explored: Rockefeller communique on #contacttracing, Verified (UN) guide on #vaccine #communications, insights via #Vaccine Confidence Project, & a Behavioral Insights report. Today> special report from Oct 15 2020 meeting, #WHO, Technical Advisory Group. Image
"On 15 Oct 2020, the WHO Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on Behavioural Insights & Sciences for Health held a special meeting w/ the WHO Department of Immunization, Vaccines & Biologicals to discuss behavioural considerations in relation to COVID-19 #vaccine #acceptance & uptake." Image
The report was developed by members of the WHO Technical Advisory Group on Behav. Insights & Sciences for Health, chaired by Cass Sunstein, largely credited w/ developing/popularizing notion of "nudges" as policy tools.

Technical Advisory Group members:… Image
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Screening patients has made me realize how few actually know anything about #COVID19. They know cover coughs, wash hands, but rarely anything of how it's actually spread, which events or places are risky... A simple & effective response is to #educate #SouthDakota. @govkristinoem
@SDDOH @RCJournal @argusleader need to do massive campaign on outlets outside of & on local news (because not all watch it) & let people know simple facts and stats that aren't being emphasized. Such as:
1. A Negative test is NOT a ticket to freely socialize without precautions.
2. Estimates by CDC suggest:
*60% of #COVID19 spread is done by those absent of any symptoms!
*35% are pre-symptomatic
*25% asymptomatic

JUST because someone seems OK, doesn't mean they are! #StayHome #MaskUp #SocialDistancing #EveryMaskUp #MasksSaveLives
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Here is the thread for Protests Against the Caste Oppression and the Sexual Assaults from all over INDIA 🇮🇳 on 2nd October 2020 (02.10.2020)

The threat of the pandemic is still very real. So if you can't go that's okay.
Just Amplify!
Get over your numbness and get on to the streets, a pandemic is scary but the current situation this country and especially the women of this country are going through is much more scarier.

Time: 5 PM | 02.10.2020

Location : India Gate

A call by Concerned Citizens of India
Delhi : India Gate @ 5PM
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The corrupt Taylors - it's never ending #watergate #grassgate #educate > NSW funded $16m project run by MP Bronwyn Taylor's husband…
If the NSW cost benefit analysis was a dud, I wonder what the Federal one said.....or even if there was one undertaken. Come on @DanTehanWannon you handed out the C'wealth money $5.1M to these shysters, come clean about your involvement.
Here's education guru Duncan Taylor - I'm not sure what this photo represents but I'm sure it says "education" to someone, somewhere perhaps at sometime
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