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Kylie Kilroy never wanted to be famous. She still isn’t really.

She’s only featured in a few media articles over the years.

But Kylie is dying.

And she wants you to remember her story. #watergate
I did a lengthy thread last year about Kylie & what happened to her life after she was flooded out by the levy banks at Kia Ora.

Kia Ora is the property at the centre of the #watergate buybacks controversy.

In 2011 it was owned by Eastern Aust Agriculture.

Yes, that one.
Because the levy banks on that farm were built so high (9 metres in parts) they impeded the natural water flow of the Balonne river in flood.

And so Kylie and her husband and animals, on their little farm opposite Kia Ora, were destroyed by the flood.

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The #SCOTUS held in #Trump v. Vance that Article II and the #SupremacyClause do not categorically preclude,
or require a heightened standard for, the issuance of a state criminal
subpoena to a sitting #President. #scotusToons
See the oral argument:
" In 1807, John Marshall... granted Burr’s motion for a subpoena duces tecum directed at President Jefferson...
...In rejecting the prosecution’s argument that a #President was not subject to such a subpoena, Marshall held that a President does not “stand exempt” from the #SixthAmendment’s guarantee that the accused have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses for their defense. "
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THREAD (re-do after 3rd fat-finger delete)

1/ **Below quotes by Alexander Hamilton, unless indicated otherwise.
“A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one.”
2/ “…When a man unprincipled in private life desperate in his fortune, bold in his temper…—despotic in his ordinary demeanour—known to have scoffed in private at the principles of liberty—when such a man is seen to mount the hobby horse of popularity…
3/ …—to join in the cry of danger to liberty—to take every opportunity of embarrassing the General Government & bringing it under suspicion—to flatter and fall in with all the non sense of the zealots of the day…
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The Big Secret is that Watergate was a frame job just like SpyGate/MuhRussia/MuellerHoax that WORKED. Who worked under Ehrlichman? STEFAN HALPER. Who tried to hide evidence? HILLARY CLINTON. Who got FBI leaks and Noble Prizes? Two crony cubs named WOODWARD and BERNSTEIN.
It's critical to understand (1) the left-wing and globalist domestic players arrayed against Nixon, (2) the vulnerability of the Nixon administration to CIA-FBI deep-state betrayal, and (3) China forcing Nixon's hand (Sun Tzu) on opening - a "done deal".…
Start with Hillary Clinton. Just before the CIA-organized useful failure (Bay of Pigs, Vietnam) of the 1972 Watergate burglary, we find HRC clerking (1971) not with a future SCOTUS pick, but with one of THE most notorious communist law firms - Treuhaft.…
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A 5 mois de la présidentielle US, le sortant D. #Trump est convaincu- il l'écrit,pas moi- d'avoir été espionné par #Obama en 2016, de subir 1 future fraude électorale et d'être victime d'1 complot des réseaux sociaux qu'il veut faire fermer. Comment envisager 1 élection"normale"?
2) Ca fait 1h que le président des #EtatsUnis D. #Trump est réveillé et il a déjà déclaré vouloir fermer les réseaux sociaux, empêcher le vote par correspondance source de fraude et dénoncé de façon 1 #Obamagate d'espionnage par son prédécesseur plus grave que le Watergate...
3)... la 1ère question est déjà formelle. Où s'arrête D.#Trump? Parce qu'accuser l'ex-président Obama d'espionnage est aussi mettre en cause son VP Biden et nier sa légitimité à le concurrencer en novembre prochain. Et pour l'instant, il n'apporte rien. Aucune preuve.
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HILO. Para los que no saben que es #ObamaGate y #Qanon
1-El presidente #Obama en 2016 espió a #Trump usando al FBI, la CIA, la NSA y al Reino Unido para impedir que ganara las elecciones presidenciales y hacerle una fraudulenta transferencia del poder a #Hillary
2-Esto jamás había ocurrido en la historia de Estados Unidos, y es algo de carácter gravísimo pues que un presidente de USA invalide y bloquee la decisión del pueblo estadounidense es para que lo ejecuten en Guantánamo en un Tribunal Militar por traición a la patria y al pueblo
3-El alto general del ejército Michael Flynn (héroe)@GenFlynn y el Almirante Michael Rogers (héroe) sabiendo lo que ocurría desobedecieron a Obama y entonces Rogers "escapándose del Pentágono" fue en secreto a la Trump Tower a avisarles que los Obama los estaban espiando.
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La crise du #COVID__19 aura permis de dévoiler plus nettement les traits distinctifs de l'exercice du pouvoir de #Trump. Et parmi ceux-ci, le refus complet de tout contre-pouvoir. Ainsi, le Dr. Fauci n'est pas autorisé à aller témoigner devant la…
2)... tandis que les inspecteurs généraux, autorités indépendantes créées dans chaque ministère après le Watergate pour évaluer le bien fondé du pouvoir exécutif, sont l'objet d'1 véritable purge par #Trump à l'occasion de la crise sanitaire du #COVIDー19.…
3) Depuis le début de la crise du #COVIDー19,#Trump a viré l'inspecteur général du renseignement Atkinson qui avait transmis le signal d'alerte sur l'#Ukraine. Il a viré l'inspecteur général du Pentagone devant contrôler la distribution des fonds d'…
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Die @Volksverpetzer arbeiten sich gerade an Verschwörungstheoretikern ab. Deswegen möchte ich der Diskussion über #Verschwörungstheorien anhand des Buches «Nichts ist, wie es scheint. Über Verschwörungstheorien» von #MichaelButter eine theoretische Grundlage geben. Ein Thread:
Wie wird "#Verschwörungstheorie" (VT) überhaupt definiert?

VT gehen davon aus, dass nichts durch Zufall (bspw. Chaos oder evtl. Dummheit der Akteure) geschieht. Alles musst irgendwie miteinander verbunden sein und nichts ist, wie es auf den ersten Blick scheint. 2/23
Welche Arten von VT gibt es?

Einige VT richten sich gegen Bedrohungen von innen und bedienen sich meistens der Sprache der Infektion (Krebsgeschwür, Verpestung); andere gegen Bedrohungen von außen, die sich oft der #Sprache des Militärs (Invasion, Unterwanderung) bedienen. 3/23
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And we're off - Senate estimates ~water edition~

DAWE, MDBA, CEWH, and IIG are appearing today.
MDBA boss Phillip Glyde providing an update on the bruising summer and recent rains.
CEWH's Jody Swirepik: "there is a lots of misinformation out there that I would like to correct:"

On Narren Lakes: recent rains are a welcome relief, and water is now flowing into them. Water coming from QLD WSPs, CEWH perm entitlements, and more CEHW top up water.
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#FunTimes to compile arguments:

1- The Bidens... were not/are not under investigation.
2- The Bidens are corrupt.
Go ahead and investigate. Officially. Legally. Get your gov. to deal with Ukraine gov. and launch an investigation.
That's why you have all those branches.
3-But the Bidens...
Non-affiliate gov. person has NO authority to launch investigations on behalf of the US. I.e #Parnas, #Giuliani, #Fruman, etc.
4-Trump was rooting out corruption.
Is that why no FORMAL investigation was launched and everything was a #BackRoomDeal???
5-The Ukraine is corrupt.
So why was aid not withheld by Trump in previous years under more corrupt administrations?
It was.
Show me...
6-He had every right to pause the aid.
No. He didn't. That is exactly the shit he is getting impeached for.
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Ok here's an attempt to collate all of this Government's scandals in one thread... wish me luck!
A property owned by Energy Minister Angus Taylor's brother was alleged to have illegally burned 30 hectares of native grassland classified as endangered under existing environment laws.
After Angus Taylor personally intervened and met with then Env. Minsiter Josh Frydenberg about the investigation into his brother, the Government suddenly announced a review into the part of Commonwealth environment laws that specifically deals with endangered native grasses.
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101 Questions Speers might ask Morrison if his aggotts dropped.

1: Why allocate 12.5 billion litres a year for 50 years to a profit shifting, environment vandalising corp called Adani?
2: Why are we giving away $29 billion a year in fossil fuel subsidies to private enterprise?
3: Why are 90 towns out of water?
4: Why does Peter Dutton choose what the AFP investigates?
5: Why did Angus Taylor set up a Cayman Island front for the Australian govt to do business through?
6: Why did Mr B Joyce pay $80 million for imaginary water to the Cayman entity in Q5?
7: Why do we give huge grants without any probity or oversight?
8: Why do we have to beg whenever something goes wrong in Australia?
9: Why does a sacked marketing man have the keys to Kirribilli?
10: How much does the govt pay the media every year to get them to play dead?
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#Liveblogging the .@NYDLC #Impeachment CLE program featuring #Watergate prosecutor Nick Ackerman, Richard Emer Jerry Goldfeder, and Prof. Rebecca Roiphe.
@NYDLC What's a high crime & misdemeanor, what did it mean when #Constitution was written? It was a well-known term at the time, dating back to 1386 in England. The phrase draws on hundreds of years of case law.
@NYDLC Andrew Jackson impeachment case - he was the Donald Trump of his time. Process related to his firing of Sec'y of War Stanton (Lincoln's Sec'y of War during Civil War). It was a policy difference. Edmund Ross, a partisan Republican, decided he couldn't vote for impeachment -saved
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1. #QAnon #PanicInDC: @SidneyPowell1 says #Durham investigation will reveal the #Russian-style #SpyGate political take out of individuals as a "remarkable revelation that'll shake all of us who love this country to the core", ineluctably outing the #DeepStateCoup, the #CoupCabal
2. #QAnon #PanicInDC: Christopher Steele was recently interviewed by John Durham. The #DeepState #CoupCabal has #PanicInDC over whether #Steele will "hold firm" as the #Clown cutout, or tell the truth.
3. #QAnon #PanicInDC: John Durham is curious to know why Peter #Strzok would've opened a case on Donald Trump July 31, 2016 on a Sunday. On a Sunday? With no solid evidence? Strzok approves himself? Lisa Page explains (more than she intended).
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Murray Darling Basin deception

**UPDATE** E petition is now closed, however due to the severity of this issue we are applying for a second petition and will combine the signatures. We want to give every Aussie the chance to sign and have their voice heard.
Comment your name in the original post and we will reply when it’s up, so you can continue to share and spread this message. (Second petition ETA is Wednesday 16th October)
This petition is addressed to the House of Representatives who have the power to call for a Federal Royal Commission investigation into corruption of the Murray-Darling Basin. Closing date for signatures: 09 October 2019 (11.59pm AEST)
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Join me today on #MSNBC at 3 pm CT/4ET w @RichardLui. #JillsPin shows unraveling of cover-up of Trump's abuse of power for personal benefit as he starts throwing aides under the bus. Remember Nixon did same to Dean, Mitchell, Rose Woods and others.
Lots of #Watergate terms back in use: #DeepSix. #CircleTheWagons. #FollowTheMoney. #TheCoverUpIsWorseThanTheCrimw (not true here IMO). #ThrowUnderTheBus. Here, as #MayaWiley said, the ones thrown under the bus are getting back on & he's driving over them repeatedly!
Today's #JillsPin inspired by Trump's blaming #RickPerry, Maya and my friend, Jason.
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Thinking a little today about Congress's powers related to subpoenas, which date back to materials requests in 1792, Warren in 1957 “The power of the Congress to conduct investigations is inherent in the legislative process." Here's a good overview:…
Odd to me that some right now question this, so let's begin with the Constitution: "All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives." U.S. Constitution, Article I, section 1
So from that we get Congress's power to conduct investigations, including "under" "penalty" (i.e. subpoena) requests for evidence, testimony...Thanks @Susan_Hennessey @lawfareblog "The Rules of Congressional Investigations & Trump’s Growing Russia Problem"…
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Because large follower Twitter accounts like to compare everything to the Watergate Scandal, while knowing nothing about the #Watergate Scandal.

Here it is, summarized in 12 convenient, easy-to-read tweets:…

1/ 1972 Break-in at the DNC headquarters
2/ Where members of Nixon's reelection committee broke in to offices, stole documents, and bugged phones
3/ The wiretaps failed to work properly, so they broke in again and were caught
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#Epstein #Wexner #Lindner #Riklis

In 2006 Charles Linder (partner of my abuser and his father Meshulam Riklis) was named as the 2nd wealthiest man in Ohio.

The first wealthiest man in Ohio was Leslie Wexner.

NOTE: These men all know each other. Connect the dots.
In this 1991 lawsuit Rapid American Corp v Harris you can see Meshulam Riklis's name as the owner of Rapid American.

Carl Lindner's name is mysteriously mis-spelled.

Linder was Riklis's partner.

Riklis also went to Ohio State like Leslie Wexner.…
Riklis served in the British army in 1942-1946.

It is during the war it has been said that Riklis worked as a covert agent aka intelligence asset aka spy.
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@realDonaldTrump TraitorTrump,

In his own quiet Eagle Scout mix of dry, laconic & droll ... @FBI's Robert Mueller was the Clint Eastwood anti-hero in Unforgiven:

hard to understand...
but methodical, effective and focused.

For those wanting an Unforgiven link:

@realDonaldTrump @FBI There are tens of millions of Cravens like you ... @FoxNewsSunday + guests, panelists & host come to mind.

Yelping and braying for an "Unforgiven" sh#tshow spectacle.

Lost are:

The Gravity + History of That Moment...

@realDonaldTrump @FBI @FoxNewsSunday Hark back to when Tip O'Neil was #SpeakerOfTheHouse during #Watergate...

TraitorTrump: Read about Watergate-era Chairman of the Judiciary Committee ...

a WW2 Veteran + shortlist @VP-choice for Jimmy Carter's 1976 POTUS campaign...Congressman Rodino…

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Who Is British Socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s

Longtime Partner?

By Ed Dickson
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@MmeScience @waltshaub @chucktodd Chuck Todd is MoscowMitchMcCancer x MafiaLeech-BonespursBankrupt-PornstarShagging-DictatorCuddling-WannabeLéonDegrelle-TraitorTrump's _ _ _ _.
@MmeScience @waltshaub @chucktodd Chuck Todd: in his own quiet Eagle Scout droll manner...@FBI's Robert Mueller was the Clint Eastwood anti-hero in Unforgiven: methodical, effective and focused.

...cravenly, you call for "spectacle"...
@MmeScience @waltshaub @chucktodd @FBI There are tens of millions of Chuck Todd + Cravens like him...

Cravenly yelping and braying for an "Unforegiven" shitshow spectacle.


Gravity of the moment...

History of the moment...

Hark back to when Tip O'Neil was #SpeakerOfTheHouse during #Watergate...
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