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The #GOP, a coalition between Big Business farmers and turkeys who'll vote for Christmas (Red Scare cowards, apocalyptic white nationalists, religious fanatics) has fallen to its bizarre, violent radical wing, obsessed with policies that are irrelevant to most Americans.

1/ The title page of Richard H...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

As @owillis writes, the views of the radical right - which are also the policies of the GOP - are wildly out of step with the US political view:…

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Spread the word that Barbie has been taken over by a realm of perverts with a dark side!

6 logs 6 wheels released in 2006 = 666
66 Logging Truck with 6 grills = 666

#Barbie Creator #MarkRyden #FashionGate #Groomer
6-6-6 Candles
No 99 (Turn upside down) + 6 Sided Die = 666 I would not what this guy artwork influencing my children or
Hey @xDisarmYoux this grandma wants to know if you think this would count this as satanic?

Or is it just normal conceptual art that should be involved with children?

#FashionGate #SatanicCult #Hollywood
Remember Pee Wee Herman and how he was charged in Kid Porn?

Well guess who one of his best friends is!?

If you guess this guy, then you got it!

They like to travel in packs. #CancelBarbie
#FashionGate #PeeWeePervert #MarkRyden👁️
#Barbie #BAAL #BAALenciaga #Hollywood #Satanic
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For anyone wondering how a 6 yr-old thinks of using a gun, conceals, and then successfully shoots his teacher with that firearm. #groomer #guns #grooming
“This is a statistic I came up with…”
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1. Who actually believes this article from @CNN that @donie wrote painting @yoyoel as a victim?


Let’s do a quick thread to reflect exactly who Mr. Roth is:…
2. By him own account:

He cares DEEPLY about building technology that’s resistant to threats and helps people and communities connect SAFELY and AUTHENTICALLY.

3. As illustrated by @ShellenbergerMD, @yoyoel’s version of authenticity is limited in scope to those with the same political leaning.

Well, this guy did get a PHD in communicating, so maybe I’m not that decent at being receptive of what he’s attempting to communicate.

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Ya ha pasado un año desde el verano del #CasoDeInformáticaForense que os voy a contar hoy.
Es de esos que, como perito judicial, te encuentras de rebote mientras estás estudiando otro que era tu verdadero encargo.
Uno que demuestra, una vez más, que #TikTokNoEsParaNiños.
Pero antes:
@CiberProtecter es la iniciativa de atención pericial gratuita a familias con menores acosados en entornos digitales y/o escolares.
Su fondo está casi a 0 y le siguen llegando solicitudes.
Si quieres ayudar o necesitas ayuda, entra en su perfil y el tuit fijado.
No suelo pedirlo tan claramente como hoy… pero de verdad que la iniciativa necesita apoyo 😞

A nivel #grooming, el verano está siendo muy intenso.
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Normalmente cuento los casos de informática forense que, en mayor o menor medida, acaban bien. No es una estrategia mía: simplemente, es más fácil conseguir consentimiento de los implicados cuando sucede.
Muy pocos de los que acaban mal me dan consentimiento.
Y es una pena. Creo
que aprendemos más de los errores y malas experiencias que de los logros.
El próximo #CasoDeInformáticaForense es excepcional porque acaba fatal y nos enseña todo lo que NO hay que hacer.
Es por eso que pido consideración hacia los implicados: nada de juzgarlos ni señalar los
errores. Me han dado su permiso para que los relate… no hagáis que se arrepientan con comentarios del estilo “¿pero en qué estaban pensando?”.
Pensad que ellos no tuvieron la suerte de leer un hilo como este antes de verse envueltos en el fango de un #groomer.
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When two of your first authors are a former Trump intel chief from the Pentagon and a former Navy intel officer—both of whom are insurrectionists known for spreading Kremlin disinformation to try to destroy America—look in the mirror: you’re the #Groomers.
His site says—I’m not kidding—that “[Brave Books CEO] Trent [Talbot] is arming himself and other conservative parents with children’s books to enthrall their children...” When you’re hiring intel agents to weaponize books to “enthrall” kids with disinformation, you’re a #Groomer.
The books “equip [children] to fight” against “villainous ideologies” in the real world—which include basic ideas long associated with civil rights, trans rights, not publicly being a giant turd to other people, and more. I worry that the kids who read these books will be doomed.
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1/ School superintendent flat out lies to parents to keep CSAM grooming books in Texas schools @McKinneyISD. He blames, "political agendas, sensationalism, and exaggeration." He is a #groomer.

#edchat #parenting @SenTedCruz @mass_tx @RonnyJacksonTX…
"McKinney ISD in no way supports obscene or pornographic materials of any kind in our public-school libraries."

False. He doesn't tell you his definition of those terms means only those already adjudged as much by a judge and only on a case by case basis.
"On rare occasion, it is possible that a book ... could slip through the cracks...."

False. He doesn't tell you his books come from lists recommended by others that are known to make inappropriate materials available and other superintendents aren't so fooled.
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Hey, @brianstelter perhaps you can join me on my successful global media streaming service to discuss your company’s $300 million dollar failure. PS: I won’t ambush you AND my statements will be based in FACT. So sad 4 U. #CNNPlusRIP
2. Did I mention, my streaming service had 300k subs, when streaming services didn’t yet exist? It was MLB and the blaze. That was over 10 years ago. I could say that fact that your pompous ass didn’t make 10 weeks didn’t bring me joy. But, I will leave the lies to you and #cnn
3. I am sorry @brianstelter for that last tweet. I just lashed out after hearing the news about the biggest media failure of all time, without thinking about how worried you must be about your upcoming unemployment situation. Please know you are in my thoughts. #CNNPlusRIP
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