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🚨SOON: The #MoSen Committee on Appropriations will begin the hearing to address funding for Medicaid & reckless attempts by extremists to block birth control coverage for Missourians on Medicaid.

3️⃣bills will be heard today. Here’s what you should know ⬇️#CleanFRA #MoLeg Image
Extremists are trying to pass #SB1 & #SB2 which include language that intentionally & purposefully conflates abortion & birth control, calling them “abortion drugs.” This is dangerous disinformation.

Let’s be clear: Birth control prevents pregnancy, it doesn't end it. #CleanFRA
#SB1 and #SB2 would block birth control coverage for people on Medicaid, and as a result, jeopardize Missouri's entire Medicaid program.

We oppose this reckless legislation—and we’ll do everything we can to fight it. #HandsOffMyBC #MoLeg
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Hi everyone, this is Da Hae from NAPAWF. Sadly, no would-be pithy tweets from me today, as I take over our account to share the SCOTUS ruling from PA v Trump, also known as Little Sisters. #HandsOffMyBC
If you’ll remember, this case was about whether the Administration can allow employers with religious or moral objections to exempt itself from the ACA’s requirement that health care plans must cover contraception. Today, SCOTUS ruled employers can do that
Justice Thomas sent this case back down to the lower courts and dissolved the nationwide preliminary injunction. This ruling is a clear blow for many. As Justice Sotomayor piercingly pointed out during oral arguments, 75k to 120k women would be affected
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Today, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Trump-Pence rules allowing nearly any employer and university to deny #birthcontrol coverage to their employees and students. #HandsOffMyBC

A statement from our Senior Vice President of U.S. Programs, @LourdesARivera, on this decision:
“Contraception should not be singled out from the rest of health insurance coverage.”

“Today’s ruling has given bosses the power to dictate how their employees can and cannot use their health insurance—allowing them to intrude into their employees’ private decisions based on whatever personal beliefs their employers happen to hold.”

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Let’s break down this Supreme Court decision on birth control, and what it means for all of us and our ability to have our birth control covered by insurance ⬇️⬇️⬇️

The Court ruled that the Trump administration’s discriminatory rules – which allow virtually any employer to refuse birth control coverage to employees (and in the case of schools, students) on religious/moral grounds – were allowed under the Affordable Care Act.
This is disastrous. Thousands of people could now have their birth control coverage determined by their boss. It’s invasive, archaic, and dangerous. We know that without coverage, many people struggle to afford birth control. It doesn’t have to – and shouldn’t – be this way.
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Amidst a public health crisis, SCOTUS heard arguments today about employers trying to limit employees' access to birth control under guise of "religious exemptions." Again.…
"Not only, in their framing, does freedom of religion exempt any large employer claiming a religious or moral motivation from having to include birth control coverage in its employee health care plan, it also exempts them from participating in the objection process." —@JennyPizer
The implications for women’s health if the administration’s argument is accepted are dire. Additionally, this dangerously over-broad interpretation of religious freedom has enormously negative implications for #LGBTQ people and everyone living with #HIV. #HandsOffMyBC
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I realize that #HandsOffMyBC is trending now, and I just want to say that it's shitty what they're trying to do. Birth control is essential to hundreds of thousands of women, and it's not only used for preventing pregnancies. It's used to help with things such as endometriosis1/2
And, for many people like myself, excruciating period cramps. Birth control is essential. That's all there is to it. To allow employers to refuse that right to medical care on the basis of religion that employees may not share with them is disgusting. #HandsOffMyFuckingBC 2/2
You know what. I know that I said this was a two parter but I am MAD MAD. Birth Control without coverage is $300 annually. An IUD is $1000. Getting your tubes tied is $6000. It shouldn't be up to my employer's PERSONAL OBJECTIONS to restrict me from getting the care I require.
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1. Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in two cases challenging the #TrumpAdmin's rules that would allow virtually any employer or university to deny birth control coverage...

2. Under these rules, you could lose birth control coverage otherwise required by law simply because your boss has a personal religious objection to it. Your boss’s personal beliefs shouldn’t dictate the care you get.
3. If these rules are allowed to take effect, hundreds of thousands could lose their birth control coverage.
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Good morning, all! It's Sam (@samsokol19) back live-tweeting Day 3 of the #KavanaughHearings. We're all a little tired 😴... but let's do this!
Yesterday, Kavanaugh dropped some major hints about how he plans to undermine church-state separation on the Supreme Court. #StopKavanaugh
Yesterday, Kavanaugh clearly stated that he thinks it's ok for the government to fund religious activities with taxpayer funds.

Each of us should get to decide for ourselves whether & how our money supports religion–that’s a guarantee of the U.S. Constitution. #StopKavanaugh
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BREAKING: The Trump administration just released a discriminatory rule that rolls back the birth control benefit. #HandsOffMyBC 1/
2/ We’re reading the rule now – watch this thread for updates.
3/ Admin claims no evidence showing BC is good for women, ignoring DECADES of research and all the women who use BC to PROTECT their health.
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