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During the pandemic, unintentional shootings by children in the US increased significantly: between March and December 2020, there was a 31% increase in unintentional shooting deaths, and an 18% increase in unintentional injuries, compared in 2019.…
According to our #NotAnAccident Index, there have been nearly 200 unintentional shootings by children in 2021 alone. Research shows that to protect children and teens, gun owners should store guns unloaded, locked, and separate from ammunition.
To combat this tragic rise in unintentional shootings, @MomsDemand and @StudentsDemand volunteers are working to get the message out about the need for secure gun storage in partnership with schools, teachers and gun owners. The innovative steps volunteers have taken include:
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I am a graduate of Marshall High School in Saline County Missouri.

While in school I earned an education that taught me the history of genocide, slavery, and exploitation that is deeply rooted in this country.

It wasn’t critical race theory.

It was American History.

When I was in college at Missouri Valley (also in Marshall) I enrolled in a Civil Rights History course + African American Literature course.

There I read Morrison, Wright, Angelou, Hurston, Hughes, Baldwin, Ellison, Du Bois and Haley.

That was not critical race theory, either.
In a separate semester, I focused on the loss of matriarchy and matrilineal relationships in American indigenous culture.

I took other literature courses where I read Lahiri, Diaz, Alexie, Tan, Neruda, Erdrich, and Harjo.

Nor was any of this critical race theory.

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Covid is raging in Missouri. We are the national hot spot. MO has the 3rd highest rate of gun deaths, and we haven’t funded Medicaid expansion.

In spite of this, we are here in the Capitol at a public hearing for Critical Race Theory, where public testimony isn’t allowed. #MoLeg
We’re approximately 3 minutes into the first testimony, and right-wing extremist Dr. Mary Byrne has already thrown out Marxism and leftist extremism.
A spox from MO DESE testifies that #CriticalRaceTheory is not being taught in #Missouri k-12 schools. He also points out that the low % of Black and Brown educators compared to the higher % of Black and Brown students needs to be improved. ALL children need representation. #MoLeg
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1/? I spent some time last night reviewing my tweets since the start of the #pandemic; several things jumped out but nothing more than how the lack of #antigen case data from @HealthyLivingMo until March understated the situation. #COVID19Missouri #COVID19 #DeltaVariant
@HealthyLivingMo 2/? The first #COVID19Missouri case was March 7, 2020. Officials had been anticipating it and @GovParsonMO & @DrSamPage held a news conference about it #COVID19 #moleg
@HealthyLivingMo @GovParsonMO @DrSamPage 3/? In November, I tracked the progress of #COVID19Missouri cases, showing the reported cases/day on March 14 (1 week later) and the 14th of each month afterward. #COVID19 @HealthyLivingMo #moleg
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@HealthyLivingMo reports 1,639 #COVID19 cases (1,167 PCR & 472 antigent); Full week avg of reported #COVID19MIssouri cases is 1,450/day, up 68.4% from previous week & highest since 1st week of Feb.; dashboard avg of cases thru Wednesday is 1,178/day #DeltaVariant #moleg #mogov
@HealthyLivingMo New #COVID19Missouri cases in 100/117 local health jurisdictions; at least 1 case in 115/117 so far this month; only Reynolds & Scotland w/no new #COVID19 cases; positive rates at 12% PCR, 8% antigen; #moleg #DeltaVariant
@HealthyLivingMo #DeltaVariant surge continues in SW Missouri, SL & KC metro areas; cases in 8-county Branson to Lake of the Ozarks corridor, ID'd as #COVID19Missouri hotspot by @MO_Independent in early June, up 115% for 1st 10 days of July v. last 10 days of June #moleg…
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.@HealthyLivingMo giving #DeltaVariant briefing w/top officials, including acting director Robert Knodell, @RobertKnodell, & George Turabelidze, state epidemiologist; Knodell says 'no requests' for ventilators, staffing support thru @VizientInc contract #moleg #COVID19Missouri
@HealthyLivingMo @RobertKnodell @VizientInc Turabelidze now giving info on #DeltaVariant: "This is the most transmissible variant so far since the beginning of the #pandemic....(it) shows ability to crate problems in highly vaccinated countries." #COVID19Missouri #moleg
@HealthyLivingMo @RobertKnodell @VizientInc Turabelidze: "We are seeing trends of infection moving from rural & small town Missouri to metro areas"; where there are higher vaccination rates; may be less severe. "We do not things to turn around very quickly." #DeltaVariant #COVID19Missouri #moleg #COVID19 @HealthyLivingMo
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BREAKING: @HealthyLivingMo reports 2,160 #COVID19 cases, most since 1/29, as #DeltaVariant spread continues unchecked; 1,544 PCR-confirmed cases, 616 antigen-tested cases; 7-day avg of reported #COVID19MIssouri cases is 1,245/day, up 32% in 7 days & 211% since 6/1 #moleg #mogov
@HealthyLivingMo .@HealthyLivingMo dashboard avg of cases thru Tuesday is 1,108/day, up from 356/day on 6/1. New #COVID19Missouri case in 104/117 local health jurisdictions, most since 1/24; state has reported >1,000 cases on 8 of past 10 days after only 3 w/>1,000 since 2/12 #moleg #DeltaVariant
@HealthyLivingMo St. Charles County seeing biggest #COVID19 surge this month, w/ 119% more cases (318) in past 7 days than in last 7 days of June (145); eastern Jackson County up 55%, St. Louis County up 54%, Kansas City up 43% #COVID19Missouri #DeltaVariant #moleg @HealthyLivingMo
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#MoLeg 🧵

Today, I was contacted because there are no foster placements to put some of Missouri's children who were taken out of the home due to abuse and/or neglect. For the past few months, when no beds are available, our hospitals have stepped in...

putting children in hospital rooms until a foster home opens. Now, due to 📈 rates of COVID, that is no longer an option. Our residential homes are on lockdown and quarantining. So tonight, some Children's Division employees are going to stay the night in their offices
...with these kids to keep them safe. In their offices. Away from their own families.

Do y'all remember when the Governor cut 85 Children's Division workers?

Do you remember when the legislature tried to give pay raises and additional funds for staffing?
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Lots asked “what do we do about this” after my thread on the 2 decades of GOP-caused #moleg disaster. Here’s a rough road map of how to dig our way back. Missouri is a failed state right now, but that doesn’t mean we have to throw our hands up and accept it. 1/
1. Get involved. If your political activity starts and stops on social media, you aren’t doing your part. Find your local Democratic club and go to their next meeting. This is easier than ever with most meetings going virtual. I promise they’ll be thrilled to see you 2/
More than likely there’ll be food if they’re back in person. You don’t have to run for office just show up, listen, and meet other folks in the fight. Real damage or progress starts with local races. If you need help finding a local group, ask me and I’ll get you connected. 3/
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🚨SOON: The #MoSen Committee on Appropriations will begin the hearing to address funding for Medicaid & reckless attempts by extremists to block birth control coverage for Missourians on Medicaid.

3️⃣bills will be heard today. Here’s what you should know ⬇️#CleanFRA #MoLeg Image
Extremists are trying to pass #SB1 & #SB2 which include language that intentionally & purposefully conflates abortion & birth control, calling them “abortion drugs.” This is dangerous disinformation.

Let’s be clear: Birth control prevents pregnancy, it doesn't end it. #CleanFRA
#SB1 and #SB2 would block birth control coverage for people on Medicaid, and as a result, jeopardize Missouri's entire Medicaid program.

We oppose this reckless legislation—and we’ll do everything we can to fight it. #HandsOffMyBC #MoLeg
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Let’s talk about the failed state of Missouri. Long🧵

Since 2001, Republicans have held the #moleg House. Since 2003, they’ve had both the House and Senate. In 2012 Republicans won a supermajority in both chambers, being able to pass any law they want without fear of a veto. 1/x
Since 2016, they’ve held all but 1 statewide office. With this unchecked power, they destroyed the state budget and crushed Missouri’s future. They attacked education, slashing funding by changing the definition of what “fully fund” means while demonizing our universities. 2/x
They pushed laws allowing foreign corporations, mostly from China, to control our farmland and pollute without consequence. They grew more extreme each year as they search for more red meat culture war nonsense to drive fear and anger in their base. 3/x
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While I have your attention, lets talk about childcare. The weekly rate for my 2yr old is $348 or $1,740 per month. When he turns 3 the weekly rate is $296 or $1,480 per month.
When my new baby arrives, his weekly rate will be $412 or $2,060 per month.

Together both children will be $3,540 per month.
So stop telling women to have children. There are so many reasons why the choice to carry a pregnancy full term ain't nobody else's business. This is one.
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Federal Firearm Laws Nullified in Missouri 🧵

This story has everything:
-Defund Police
-Police Opposition
-Threatened Lawmakers
-Domestic Abusers keep Guns
-Pile of Rifles
-Pulse Nightclub Shooting
-Notorious Gun Shop/Range
@MomsDemand @Everytown
Missouri knows Nullification of Federal Gun Laws is Bad- like really really bad. 👎🏼
@MomsDemand @Everytown #MOleg
This whole thing is unconstitutional. Federal Gun Laws in Missouri can’t just be pushed aside.
It’s like the Supremacy Clause means nothing! 😳
@MomsDemand @Everytown #MOleg
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If you were following the #moleg on Tuesday, you may have noticed that lawmakers ended up completing work on some issues that have been long sought — but have never made it to the finish line.
Perhaps the biggest news was the House passed a gas tax increase, which has been a major priority for @DaveSchatz26 and other GOP leaders. Missouri's 17-cent per gallon tax will go up 2.5 cents for the next five years:…
. @GovParsonMO will likely sign the measure. While it received support from some rural lawmakers and House Democrats, it had to withstand blistering criticism from GOP legislators before finally passing:…
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Ok here we go.

Yesterday while advancing a disgusting and blatant attack on trans children in Missouri, #HB53 Rep. Justin Hill employed several racist and misogynist attacks. And we’re going to break them down. (🧵)
Hill’s outburst: “Maybe if (Dems) spent some of that effort ‘fighting for the voiceless’ waiting to see the sex of the unborn maybe we wouldnt kill so many bab- people in this state." What is insurrectionist Hill talking about here? (And sidebar: why hasn’t he been arrested yet?)
Hill argued Dem leaders should spend their time, not fighting for children, but advocating for “the unborn people”— showing us that Republicans are more obsessed with controlling pregnant people’s bodies than they care at all for actual children living in our state. #LetKidsPlay
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Here's my statement regarding the resignation of DHSS Director Randall Williams: #moleg (1/6)
“Dr. Randall Williams’ tenure as director of the Department of Health and Senior Services was controversial to say the least. From tracking women’s menstrual cycles to a medical cannabis program riddled with conflicts of interest, to a slow and oftentimes befuddling (2/6)
"COVID-19 vaccine rollout, Williams has struggled to adequately, responsibly, and apolitically manage a department that provides important services for Missourians.

I also find it troubling that Robert Knodell has been named as acting director of the Department of Health (3/6)
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A paper published by physicians at Washington University in St. Louis found "States that restrict abortion have higher maternal mortality than states that either protect or are neutral towards abortion...”. /1…
The authors note that “it’s not simply women dying because they wanted an abortion and couldn’t get one” though there are situations like that. It’s also likely that “states that restrict abortion may have broader hostility towards women’s health”. /2
Dr. Andante, an OB-GYN and co-author noted “the legislatures are ‘really prioritizing passing anti-abortion legislation’”. By decreasing access to care, making it more difficult to get contraceptive care, slashing family planning, states are not prioritizing women’s health.
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Yesterday we lost Dominique Lucious, a 26-year old Black Trans woman, to hate-fueled violence in Springfield, Missouri. Our hearts are broken for Dominique, whose bright beautiful light was extinguished far too soon, and for her family facing this horrific tragedy. Image
Everyday we work to end the stigma around transgender individuals. Such stigma fuels a culture of fear: transphobia, biphobia, and homophobia sit at the intersection of racism and misogyny, and fosters violence. ⁣⁣
Every anti-trans piece of legislation filed in #moleg is an open invitation for hate filled violence. If we are not working to end the societal violence that ended Dominique’s life, we are part of the problem.
#DominiqueLucious #transisbeautiful #sayhername #TransEqualityNow
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For those not in Missouri, you may not be familiar with the fact that our state government has been replaced with a death cult. Here are just a few examples.

A thread on the GOP #moleg. 1/
Their constant bullying of trans kids (have you ever seen the suicide numbers on bullied trans kids?); their oppression of people with uteruses; WE NEVER HAD A MASK MANDATE; 1/2 the folks I know drove 3+ hours into rural areas of the state to get a vaccine 2/
DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE A BLACK PERSON IN MISSOURI? ; that I can't go to Jeff City to lobby without being surrounded by hundreds of unmasked Republicans; all the conspiracy theories questioning the existential threat of climate change; 3/
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For The People Act, in part, works to limit secret campaign spending. This is so popular across all political ideologies that Koch & allies own polling found NO message effectively countered idea that billionaires shouldn’t be allowed to buy elections.…
The fact that the bill would stem the flow of dark money (from likes of KS billionaire oil magnate Charles Koch) proved so popular, the poll makers said it wasn’t worth trying to mount a public-advocacy campaign to shift opinion. 2/
Instead (a senior Koch operative said), opponents would be better off “ignoring the will of American voters and trying to kill the bill in Congress.” You want to know where #MOLeg gets the balls to ignore the will of MO voters to defund Medicaid expansion? 3/
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Missourians have driven hours to find vaccines in rural counties. Doses are still slowly being rolled out in a federal long-term care program. Black residents are getting left behind.

Here's what went wrong in Missouri's vaccine rollout.
#moleg @KHNews…
If Missouri were on par with the national rate of vaccinations, that would be roughly equivalent to more than 162,000 additional people vaccinated, or almost the entire population of the city of Springfield.

Instead, MO is in the bottom of states for its rocky rollout.
The former director of the St. Louis health department put it simply:

“You get what we pay for."

Our 2020 @AP @KHNews #UnderfundedUnderThreat investigation found that Missouri public health staffing at the state level had fallen 8% from 2010 to 2019, a loss of 106 employees.
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Good morning, Missouri! Today, we all need to focus our attention on what @cody4mo and the @MissouriGOP is doing to KILL #medicaidexpansion — once again, actively defying the will of Missouri voters. Tune in: #moleg 1/…
Here's how it happens: Rep. Smith, Chair of the Budget Committee, pulled medicaid expansion out of the budget and made it its own bill—HB 20. They're now planning on simply killing that single bill in committee today—actively preventing the FUNDING required to enact expansion. 2/
Let's keep in mind:
1. Expansion passed as a constitutional amendment by a majority of MO voters in 2020
2. @GovParsonMO included Medicaid Expansion funding in his proposed budget
3. Missouri is currently experiencing a budget surplus & more $ is on the way from the feds 3/
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“She made me go off, and now there’s three (explicit word) dead people”
“You know, I wish I could take it back, but on the other hand, I really wish I hadn’t been put in that position,” #moleg 1/…
This what toxic masculinity looks like folks. Men are victims of the patriarchy as well—unfortunately, it can turn men into monsters, and the people around them suffer the most. But we CANNOT discount the role that access to firearms has in these situations... 2/
I’m so tired of having this conversation every time someone dies by gun violence in our state. I’m tired of hearing that this problem isn’t solvable. And I’m dead set on working with any Republican colleague who is willing to find a BIPARTISAN solution to this epidemic. 3/
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@GovParsonMO Parson’s errors were part of the plan. 🤔 From the start Donald’s confidence man cities underresourced and lengthy drives endorsed. His remarks nearly come off deadpan. Jackson Co. he shorted by ½. In St. Louis, ⅔rds was his gaffe.

@GovParsonMO Mike discussed the Johnson Co. list. (City-center K.C. he just missed.) Jackson-Jackson’s #vaccine can help make that list clean, or at least that seems to be the gist, ’cause with Parson you can’t be too sure and the mass vax plan was premature.
@GovParsonMO .@beedubyah1967 then the
atmosphere helped to leaven.
K.C.’s mega-#vaccine 💉🤝🏈
can be taken to mean
senators in District [11 – 2]
local folks would assist, rather
than from #vaccine to blacklist.
#Missouri 🤷🏼‍♂️
#moleg #mosen #mogov

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