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In ANY type of criminal case, Rape, Assault, Robbery etc., a person can be convicted solely on the word of a complainant.

If you think that's not enough in a Rape case, you should be similarly concerned about every other type of criminal prosecution.
Until relatively recently in most US states, in order to prosecute rape cases there was an additional legal requirement of "Corroboration." This was only needed in rape cases. So in a robbery case, I could say you stole $1000 from me & that would be enough for a conviction.
But in a rape case, there had to be something more, for instance, an eyewitness. Clearly rape cases were the least likely to have this sort of "corroborating" evidence, by their very nature, so to require this extra proof was illogical & unfair.
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.@realDonaldTrump is kicking off his rally in Erie, Pennsylvania. Follow this thread for live fact-checks! #TrumpRally
@realDonaldTrump What's up with Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson?
@realDonaldTrump Trump brought up the #KavanaughHearings. Here are your Kavanaugh-Ford hearing questions answered
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☦️☦️☦️💥💥💥💣BOMB: How the Kremlin uses a network of the agents of influence to stack courts with #KavanaughConfirmation and stop the investigation into the global organized crime, money-laundering and political machinations of Putin and Trump. #Kavanaugh #KavanaughHearings
The article shows how conservative religious groups and networks like the Federalist Society, the National Prayer and Chabad were infiltrated and/or manipulated by the Kremlin to support critical decisions like Kavanaugh's nomination. 👇…
This thread+article show that, willingly or not, the Federalist Society, Fellowship Foundation, The National Breakfast Prayer, Russian Orthodox Church, and Chabad movement are being instrumental in lifting the economic sanctions against the Russian oligarchs & officials.
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1/ There are many nonverbal signs indicating relative levels of confidence. During last week's hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford exhibited contrasting examples of one such signal.
2/ When a person raises their right hand to be sworn-in before testifying, if their fingers and/or thumb are spread apart - it signals low levels of confidence.
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Like many in US, I've been watching the #KavanaughHearings closely. I don't know what happened or didn't happen 36 years, but I do know what I'm seeing now & quite frankly, it's not good.
As a conservative woman, I've spent the last couple of weeks agitated, uncomfortable, & confused. I couldn't put my finger on it. I support both survivors & due process, but something's been off.
Yesterday, I finally found words for my agitation & then I read this article this morning & it confirmed what I've been struggling with.…
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1/ The following is my second analysis of a portion of Brett Kavanaugh's testimony during his hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on 27 September 2018.
2/ JOHN KENNEDY (beginning at 3:45:39): "I’m — I’m sorry, judge, for what you and your family have been through. And I’m sorry - for what Dr. Ford and her family have been through. It could have been avoided [long pause] Do you believe in God?"
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Flake-y FBI Thread - 1
A. At first glance I was discouraged by (what a) Flake's appeal for FBI to investigate for 1 week.
B. I thought "No...No more delays" vote, asap
C. I realized rushing it through is what u have 2 do if u r afraid, if u r afraid something else will come out
Flake-y Thread 2
D. Ford supplied no real or tangible evidence that can be investigated
E. But she did testify under oath, so what could the FBI find.
F. They could find who paid 4 lie detector test, who leaked her story, They can also search Ford's phone, email, &social media
Flake-y FBI part 3
G. After Kavanaugh testimony I believe him & I dont think any additional false accusers or claims is going 2 do any damage bc they wont be "credible"
H. Dr. Fords testimony & accusations aren't credible either. The only reason we r hearing about it is politics
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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4347: Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings - Part I • #Nonverbal #Emotional #Intelligence #KavanaughHearings #ChristineBlaseyFord #BrettKavanaugh #BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage
1/ In case you hadn't heard, on Wednesday 27 September 2018, both Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
2/ This hearing could supply a year's worth of nonverbal teaching examples and it would close to impossible to analyze the entire event in one session. Thus, what follows is the first of several analyses of this historic exchange.
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THREAD: Since I published a secret recording last week of the Bergen County Sheriff going on a racist rant I've fielded several tips about shocking remarks made by public officials in Bergen County, NJ. In this thread I'll highlight two that recently aired in public meetings.1/7
"I'd like to kill her, but I can't do that. I look at the 'Shawshank Redemption' and say, 'Hmmm.'" - Englewood Cliffs Police Chief Michael Cioffi on Englewood Cliffs Council President Carrol McMorrow. 2/7
That remark was made on a tape recording made by Cioffi and played by McMorrow at Thursday night's council meeting. The tape was released as part of a lawsuit that both are embroiled in. Hear the tape at 12:45:… 3/7
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Watching #AnitaHill speak at #GraceHopper celebration. You can live stream you go to their site.

Needed this community, this speaker, after witnessing questioning of Dr Ford and Kavanaugh.
no female up for supreme court justice would be able to be vulnerable in the same way" -talking about Judge Kavanaugh being able to cry and be angry in a way we would never allow a woman up for the job. #gracehopper2018 #GHC18 #GHC #AnitaHill #Keynote
Women need to have authenticity (emotions, personality) in how we do our work, and we are in a system that does not allow us to have it, but does for men. -#AnitaHill #gracehopper2018 #Ghc #GHC18
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You voted for those people, America. They represent you.
-The majority of white American women voters vote GOP —> Grassley and the all-male Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee.
-There has never been a woman GOP Senator on that committee. It is 2018. #KavanaughHearings
It is 2018. These are the GOP Senators on the Judiciary Committee.
- Old white men - average is 62, Grassley is 85.
- A majority of white American women voters vote GOP. They are footsoldiers of the white supremacist patriarchy that hurts us all.
It is 2018.
- Regardless of how you vote, as a white American, white supremacy works in your favour.
- But if you’re a white woman, patriarchy does not.
I urge all white American women to remember that and to fight it by fighting gendered racism. #KavanaughHearings
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Feeling drained after the #KavanaughHearings? I've been thinking about why. Objectively, there are far worse injustices going on even as Kavanaugh spoke.

Sure, there's the out of sight out of mind factor. Most injustice goes unreported; yesterday's hearing was not that.
But there was something distinctive about the hearing. It was a rare exposure of several different vectors of underreported injustice, concentrated into one episode.
We hear stories of sexual assault all the time. Or oppression. Abuser protection. Entitlement. Privilege. Character assassination. Lip service to the oppressed. Trauma. Legalized discrimination.

Rarely do we get to see it all in one day, before hundreds of millions of people
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We know two things for certain: That she told the truth as best she was able, and he lied without compunction. Most of the rest of what we know flows from those two facts. #KavanaughHearings
Ford spoke carefully, thoughtfully, forthrightly, even where doing so undermined her current rhetorical point. Kavanaugh issued flatly preposterous untruths without blinking. #KavanaughHearings
Kavanaugh said the party couldn't have been on a weekday, because he worked weekdays. Later he admitted he drank on weekdays, and his diary shows one drinking gathering on a Thursday. A stupid, obvious lie. #KavanaughHearings
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@joncoopertweets Steve N Barb Rachel check this out Copied for some one

This was posted to my blog: Understand why they need this judge:

Sharing: why they need this judge:

"What’s the rush with Kavanaugh you say? Why not investigate? Here is why: So it is now very clear why the GOP is so
@joncoopertweets desperate to get Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court by next month that they would schedule a vote before hearing from Dr. Ford or any other witness that comes forward. BIG STAKES HERE... if you check out SCOTUSblog, you will see that on next month's docket is: 2
@joncoopertweets Gamble v. U.S., No. 17-646. Issue(s): Whether the Supreme Court should overrule the "separate sovereigns" exception to the double jeopardy clause. They are desperate. The plan was to appoint Kavanaugh early this week so that he would be seated in time for this ruling. 3
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"The FBI does not reach conclusions" is one of the weakest talking points I've ever heard in politics. And I used to write talking points for a living.

And let me add: I don't care if Joe Biden said it in 1991. The Republicans and #Kavanaugh are using it as an excuse not to have a thorough investigation.
Crystal clear that the entire GOP and #Kavanaugh have been given the "FBI does not reach conclusions" talking point. What a joke. No one is asking for conclusions, just a thorough, impartial investigation.
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1/ Ahead of today’s #KavanaughHearings, some, including @realdonaldtrump, asked why Dr. Christine Blasey Ford didn’t report her experience sooner.

There are a lot of reasons victims of sexual abuse don’t immediately speak up. And a lot of reporting on the subject, too.
2/ First: Context. 1 in 10 adults – 24 million people – were sexually abused before they reached 18. Yet less than 40 percent of children who are sexually abused tell anyone. And a fraction of those cases end up being reported to authorities.…
3/ Reporter @tennesseejane has firsthand experience with this. It took her decades to tell police that her gymnastics coach sexually abused her as a child.

Her story is at the center of this August 2016 episode:…
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I gotta say, I’m straight up moved by Kavanaugh right now.

You have no heart if you can’t be moved by a man defending the honor of both himself and his family.
This whole thing went from anger inducing to heart wrenching.

No proof and a man is brought to tears.
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Brett Kavanaugh's opening statement makes him seem overtly political. Not a good look for a Judge hoping to be a Supreme Court Justice. #KavanaughHearings
HOLY SHIT!!! Did Brett Kavanaugh really just say this is a political hit by the Clintons?!! Really?! The GOP playbook is so predictable, and getting old, when in doubt blame the email lady. #KavanaughHearings
I cant even pay attention to the rest of Brett Kavanaugh's opening statement I am still dumbfounded that Kavanaugh really just said that this is a plot by the Clintons. How, why, what? How could HRC have orchestrated this? Its just utterly ridiculous. #KavanaughHearings
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Ooooh, Kavanaugh is now yelling at the committee for delaying the hearing.
He's now saying he welcomes an FBI investigation.
Dr. Ford says she wants an FBI investigation.
Who is holding up the FBI investigation?
#KavanaughHearings #drchristineblaseyford
Kavanaugh is now yelling at Democrats on the committee and "outside interest groups". Soon he's gonna call this a "high-tech lynching".

via @atrupar, whose stomach of steel never ceases to amaze.
Does anyone believe that Kavanaugh's 10-year old daughter really said, "let's pray for the woman?"

Also, the woman has a name, Brett. #DrChristineBlaseyFord
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I got a lot grief when I expressed my skepticism about Rachel Mitchell the night she was named as the GOP's hired gun to interrogate Dr. Ford.

I regret nothing.
#KavanaughHearings #Maddow
After her bumbling questioning of Dr. Ford & complete lack of questions to Kavanaugh, GOP's interrogator Rachel Mitchell, who's hoping for a federal judgeship from Trump, told the GOP Senators who paid her, she wouldn't have prosecuted Kavanaugh. Shocker.
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The award for the man having the least empathy and absolute most disgusting politically motivated behavior goes to @LindseyGrahamSC

@ChuckGrassley is not that far behind.. being owned and desperate brings out the worst in people
This tweet only refers to today’s hearing
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Is it me or has @LindseyGrahamSC become one of the most disingenuous, sycophantic, and loathsome Republican senators?
Can anyone guess what Trump/Putin have on #LindseyGraham? Even @mitchellreports just said that there is "talk" on Capitol Hill about how unwaveringly devoted he is to Trump.
Do us all a favor, @LindseyGrahamSC, and Google #MerrickGarland. Now stop hectoring us about how Democrats are dealing with the #KavanaughHearings.
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Another thing #KavanaughHearings should make clear is systemic problem of a panel of mostly-old-men being charged with evaluating victims of sexual assault without expertise in such evaluation--meanwhile also being stakeholders in career advancement of perpetrators.
This is exactly what has been wrong with the military's system of addressing and adjudicating sexual assault. Key evaluations and decisionmaking is in the hands of those with direct conflict of interest, and without expertise needed to make fair, objective decisions.
Why we keep advocating for passage of @SenGillibrand's Military Justice Improvement Act #MJIA #passMJIA is to put decisionmaking in the hands of the military's legal experts instead of stakeholders in career advancement for perpetrators.
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