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Una conclusión s/ #CoronavirusRD y cómo el gobierno lo ha politizado de forma tan ruin y hostil. NADIE ha hecho MEJOR PAPEL humano, político, como estadista y de responsabilidad social como Luis Abinader. -Abro un hilo- Cc. @luisabinader / @GonzaloCTerrero / @LeonelFernandez
(2) El #GobDom, @danilomedina y el #PLD desesperados ante la inminente derrota en las #EleccionesPresidenciales, como paso en las municipales del #15M, no solo hace uso politiquero de la crisis #COVID19, sino que también usa la coyuntura para campaña sucia vs @luisabinader.
(3) A parte de lo descarado que resulta usar la desgracia humana que padecemos por el #COVID19, el #GobDom, no solo ha sido grosero en el uso de los recursos del estado, sino también inepto. No tomó las medidas a tiempo, no cerraron las fronteras, han jugado con la vida de #RD.
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If you've been following #Global #Capital #Markets, you'll have noted a significant rebound in some of the world's key stock market indices. This follows a "correction" in the wake of #COVID19. The rebound largely comes on the back of #CentralBank commitment to "lower for longer"
While #CentralBank commitment to "lower for longer" might help rally markets today, it is still imperative for us to consider the #Global #MonetaryPolicy #Toolbox and if policy makers will have enough space to "keep cutting" or providing "stimulus" moving forward.
Below are #CentralBank meeting dates for March 1st to 7th 2020. From this list, Banks that usually "move the needle" as it where, are Bank of #Australia & the Bank of #Canada. As it so happens, Bank of Australia cut policy rate by 25bps to 0.5% citing #COVID19 as downside risk.
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The @UKLabour @LibDems & @TheGreenParty have, clearly & explicitly, supported male entryism into female safe space, gender stereotyping, erasure of lesbian & gay identity, sterilisation of kids, silencing academics and have ignored the violent harassment of #GC women. Women vote.
Scotland is the exception that proves the rule. @theSNP has halted the executive rush to self-ID, has high-profile gender-critical feminists @joannaccherry & @JoanMcAlpine and allies of debate such as @glasgowcathcart. @scottishlabour has too but is considered a UK branch office.
I mean no disrespect to @scottishlabour who have had a hard night and I admire @LabourRichard for supporting debate on this issue. I simply mean the Scottish electorate have not differentiated them from the main UK party that like the other 2 bans debate and excludes dissenters.
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The start of Season V with the chat on #WomenInSTEM, marks the beginning of a new chapter with new leadership at #LeadersGC.

Read on !!
Please join me in congratulating @stephbell81 on taking on the #LeadersGC helm and her continued dedication to building and expanding the community
First, thanks to @nickfrate for considering me for the #LeadersGC team back in April 2016.

In February 2017, I had the opportunity to lead the team right through the end of Season IV in June & had the privilege to experience working closely with amazing team members and leaders.
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Et c’est parti! Pendant les 90 prochaines minutes, écrivez dans ce fil toutes vos questions à nos gestionnaires de produits!

👋 Nous voici: @ClementineHahn @sidewalkballet @danprime @StevieRayTalbot et Bryan, bien heureux de répondre à vos questions sur la #GestionDeProduits! ALT TEXT: Photo de @ClementineHahn @sidewalkballet @danprime @StevieRayTalbot et Bryan qui tiennent une affiche où il est écrit « #AMA sur Twitter!
@ClementineHahn @sidewalkballet @danprime @StevieRayTalbot Q:👋Dans les grandes entreprises (comme le gouv), c'est très facile pour le GP de glisser vers la gestion de projet en renonçant à la littéracie tech et UX. Quelles sont les exigences tech et UX pour un GP au SNC?

@ClementineHahn @sidewalkballet @danprime @StevieRayTalbot 1/2 R: Nous n'avons pas établi d'exigences techniques ou UX pour les GP.
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It’s go time! For the next 90 minutes, ask our product managers anything in this thread!

👋 @ClementineHahn @sidewalkballet @danprime @StevieRayTalbot and Bryan here, and we’re excited to answer your #ProductManagement questions!

#GCDigital Photo of @ClementineHahn @sidewalkballet @danprime @StevieRayTalbot and Bryan holding sign that reads, “Twitter #AMA!”
.@lovskogen We don’t have set tech or UX requirements for PMs. PMs have diverse backgrounds and some might lean more UX or dev-heavy, but we look for experience with problem solving, successful delivery, agile product techniques, and coordinating a multidisciplinary team.
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At our recent #OneTeamGov lunch, I asked the question: “If we keep turning to culture as a root cause for many of the problems we face in the #GC, what steps can we take today to start improving that in our departments and agencies.” I went on to explain that we almost avoid 1/
dealing with “culture” because we acknowledge it as a major system change that not one single person or department can resolve. So, instead the issues stemming around culture continue to build and while modified solutions are introduced, the root cause continues. 2/
For me, the @FreeAgentLibre, #GC Entrepreneurs, #GCworkplace and #FlexGC are all great examples of initiatives working on shifting culture - how we work within the GC. I see these all as successful because the onus for change is placed on the individual, as much as it is on 3/
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Need to rave about some brilliant #GOC collaboration my team and I just experienced 🤩 *a thread* 1/5
We decided to take up ESDC on their offer of #DesignHours at the Innovation Lab 🤓 Best. Idea. Ever. I cannot say this enough: if you’ve got a project or theory you’re trying to hash out—go and see them! They are host to a wealth of resources & information. 2/5
We told them about a project we’re embarking on that may involve similar research methods to those used at the Lab. They were kind enough to share resources & documentation with us, to share lessons learned & best practices. 3/5
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Happy #NPSW to all my #GC colleagues who are working hard each and every day to make a difference in the lives of Canadians! #Canada wouldn't be the same without your contributions or stories!

Here's my public service story ... (thread) #GC2020
When I was younger, I never imagined becoming a public servant. Arguably, back then it wasn't a career that was promoted to me in high school or even university. I didn't grow up thinking: "One day I'll be a Policy Analyst or Senior Advisor" ... #NPSW
Working for the #GC these past five years has been incredible. I've had the opportunity to work on a number of key files across Parks Canada and TBS - from the development of a national parks and marine conservation areas, to protecting national historical sites like the HMS ...
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Gentuza al frente de #AUGC Bizkaia, con apoyo explícito d la Junta Directiva Nacional:

1. La JDN cesa a todos los miembros de la Delegación de Bizkaia

2. Convocan elecciones q no se ajustan a derecho ni a los Estatutos

3. El SG cesado lo denuncia al Comité de Garantías
4. El Comité de Garantías anula las elecciones y sigue la intervención

5. El Comité de Garantías dicta q debe convocarse Asamblea General Extraordinaria para q la intervención sea refrendada

6. Los miembros cesados se reunen y cesan al cesado SG
7. La JDN avala la reunión de los 4 afiliados cuya única finalidad es q las cuotas de los afiliados paguen desplazamientos incomprensibles y dietas q NO autorizó el anterior SGP x estar fuera de lógica

8. El SG cesado pide q la línea telefónica se la facturen y pase a su nombre
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At the request of @OttawaCity and @OttawaPolice to minimize unnecessary commuting, #GC NCR employees have been asked to work from home on Monday, Sept 24. #OttStorm #TornadeGatineau
Critical services will continue to be delivered; but please call ahead.
Government officials are continuing to monitor the situation, updates will be provided as they become available.
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🗝(1) “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”
For over a year we’ve been bombarded with rhetoric about #Russia #NorthKorea and #Iran yet no one seems to remember Clinton/Gore but we should, it’s important.
(2) #ClintonGore ran in 92’ consciously ignoring foreign policy and there’s no doubt America had war fatigue. Gore’s slogan was “it’s the economy stupid” and when they won despite the #ColdWar having just ended both of them barely even mentioned #Russia
(3) #ClintonGore inherited a political dream of sorts. For the first time #Russia was eager and willing to work with America they were cooperating across the spectrum and agreements with Bush Sr. were in place to reduce nuclear arsenals by 66% Democracy was at its most popular.
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