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व्यवसायाच्या सुरूवातीला आमचे ठराविक असे एक दोन खुप मोठे आणि महत्वाचे ग्राहक होते...(आजही ते तेवढेच महत्वाचे आहेत) एकदा त्यापैकी एका कंपनीत नवीन बाॅस बदलून आले. एक महिनाभर होऊनही ते मला टाळत होते.

मला ते अगदी स्पष्ट जाणवतही होते..

#MyStory #BusinessDots #सत्यकथा #मराठी #म
मी तासन् तास त्यांच्या ॲाफिसच्या बाहेर वाट पहात बसायचो,त्यांना ते दिसायचेही पण ते वेळ द्यायचे नाहीत.

आमच्या क्षेत्रात तेव्हा आमची कंपनी नवखी असली तरी जे तंत्रज्ञान आणि त्यातला अनुभव जो आमच्याकडे होता तो अगदी भारतातल्या सर्वात मोठ्या आणि बहुराष्ट्रीय कंपन्यांकडेही नव्हता. 2/18
व्यावसायिक दृष्ट्याही आम्ही कुठेही कमी नव्हतो पण काही केल्या नवे साहेब वेळच द्यायला तयार नव्हते..
नजरानजर झाली तरी ते इतक्या खालच्या पातळीने पहायचे की माझीच मला लाज वाटायची..आणि मी ओशाळून जायचो, तिथले ॲाफीसबाॅय,रिसेप्शनचे लोक ही मला हसायचे,हळूहळू मला काय कळायचे ते कळाले होते.3/18
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1-#MyStory- Decade of my life is lost in search of American Dream,being labor &showing excellence in 9 to 5 job,law-abiding,paying taxes, with kids close to age-out,my dreams are crushed, American dreams are JUST that dreams!
#S386IsFair #PassS386 #HR1044
2-I wish i get back my 10 yrs stolen life,stolen with misinformed dual intent #h1bvisa , #greencardbacklog despite being vetted twice USCIS&US DOL,APPROVED for GC have2wait for150+yrs?
#EBGCountryCap make #NoSense my last hope is #S386 which is also being crushed by @DickDurbin
3-Not untill 4Yrs back was aware of this indentured servitude caused by #NationalityDiscrimination #ModernSlavery in a Great Nation while world is watching & laughing for its ages-old IMMG policy, adding to it, #Durbin who sabtoge #DACA #LegalImmigrants but doesn’t help in REAL
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Got my bachelor's degree in Fisheries Management in 2014.
Took my first programming class (with zero prior experience) in Sept, 2016.
Completed the program in Apr, 2017 (8 months).
Completed my 4-month Co-op in Aug, 2017.
Became a Senior Web Application Developer in Sept, 2019.
From Student to Senior within 3 years 🤯.
I doubted myself if I could handle the Senior role. A tweet from @TundeTASH that I read at 11pm was all it took for me to submit my application for the role the next morning and I got the role — yaay.
What if I didn't apply?
You can achieve whatever it is you set your heart to. I was told I would drop out of the program, did I felt like dropping out — YES.
But I PERSEVERED and I'm happy today that I didn't quit.
Don't let doubts get the best of you. Don't let opinions overshadow your gut feelings.
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1/ #VeChainThor primer:
I am restarting this series because there’s still a lot of misinformation about @vechainofficial

Q: why would companies want to put their entire supply chain info on a public chain?

A: VeChain is a public chain in the sense that every Tx can be looked up
2/ However, the rich data contained within each Tx is cryptographically encoded and is not publicly readable. Only the end user interface authorized by the VeChain customer can decrypt this data. This means that companies can choose what data to show the end customer
3/ e.g. package date, origin info etc. while use other fields such as Supplier ID, employee ID etc. only for internal use. This is extremely powerful.

However, there might still be use cases where the company might want to keep part of the supply chain info on a private chain
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I love the way EFCC are Arresting yahoo boys on daily basis,many people will attack me on this

I work legit and i dont do fraud,i will soon narrate to the world how i was hummilated,my house was raided,beaten up by thugs. Thread
i lost my phone with other valuables and almost got kidnapped in my town by some Owerri based yahoo boys because i asked one of them how he bought 4 cars within 1 year and the source of their sudden wealth.
@lindaikeji @woye1 @efccofficial @segalink
@lindaikeji @woye1 @EFCCofficial @segalink This is a true life story,it happend in 2017 or so,the memory is always fresh in my mind,i choose to keep it secret because they threatened to kill me but now i want the world to know what happened @gidi_traffic @pulseNg
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Feeling excited to share #mystory for voices without frontiers initiative, a part of #IWS_Network. I feel proud to be a part of this great group with so many intelligent, dedicated, ambitious and diverse #womeninscience #VoicesIWS
There is a woman behind every successful woman too :)
All that I am and ever hope to be, I owe to my #mother (by #Lincoln); an intelligent, strong independent woman. My parents are the protagonists in my life story. extremely supportive and let me lead my life my way.#parentslove
#knowledge; supreme form of wealth which manifolds when offered to others #momsays. I love volunteering to spread knowledge #VoicesIWS #IWS_Network @LetsTalkScience #STEM #mystory
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Sharing #MyStory as an #international #immigrant a part of @IWS_Network #Voices without #Frontiers initiative! As a #scientist and an advocate for #workplaceequality, I believe in the power of stories. #IWS #VoicesIWS #SayItForward #WomenInspire #WomeninScience #WomenInSTEM
As a child, how would you have liked moving schools in new cities with different cultures every 2-4 years?

Growing up in the #IndianArmy, I absolutely loved it! By the time I was 18, we had moved over 9 times across 9 states! #Diversity #India #TravelTuesday #IWS #VoicesIWS
My #memories of #India include sunny days, welcoming people, rich heritage, vibrant colors, abundant fruits and mouth-watering street food! #IWS #VoicesIWS
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After the #suicide of Anthony Bourdain, so many of you have said that you are available to listen to those who are contemplating suicide.

If that's you, and your DM's are open, please comment in this thread so people can reach out. You can help.

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#IStandWithNationalAnthem. #MyStory. Read the whole thread
Yesterday, the Hon’ble bench of the judiciary made an observation that ‘standing up for d #NationalAnthem doesn’t prove your patriotism’.
As I read that statement with increasing incredulity, I remembered a moment in time.
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