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"I would argue that there has been lethality... I've been told there have been cases of people at hospitals who have died due to cyber incidents and it hasn't been publicized & pushed because there's not really a response that can be made to it"
And then -- after @thegrugq acknowledges a massive gov't conspiracy to hide the true cause of patient death(s) because it would supposedly serve no purpose to, say, improve hospital cybersecurity -- he asserts "until it's a huge big deal, it's sort of ignored."
He then immediately hedges his conspiracy theory as if he's now a voice of reason: "But even if that hasn't happened..."

@thegrugq then goes straight into a thoroughly debunked "Ukrainian artillery app" that killed many #imaginary artillerymen
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Imagine a near future in which the fictional University of #Leonia announces a degree program in #DiscardStudies. In doing so, they help to establish this emerging field with a full #curriculum, dedicated faculty, and eager student population. 1/10 @DiscardStudies | #Discard2020 Image
At U of L, teaching discard studies is about more than talking #trash. This new program’s core trains students to use #SystemsThinking to critique #power as the structural force that renders material, people, and land as #waste in a globalized #ColonialCapitalist society. 2/10 Image
Treating objects and organisms as "#disposable" has consequences, but the root of this #WickedProblem runs deep below the surface. Traditional disciplines are insufficient for studying waste bc they focus on the details and fail to recognize the full picture (Brown, 2010). 3/10
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🚨🚩🔞🛑I am going to expose the whole #atheistRepublic #sexykali #hinduHating #Hinduphobic #pervert #rapist #hooligans #SickCult. Dear #atheist if you have an ounce of #conscience, i bet youll unfollow #arminNavabi #atheistRepublic. See👇 all:🕉️
(1/30) #lovejihad #HindusGirls Image
(2/30) Morality of #atheistHub: Normalizing #hindus to #pedofilo #Pedohunter : #atheistRepublic.
But #arminNavabi (Incessant Blocker)Refuses To Hear Our Pleas.
#underaged #hindus Matter #hinduDignity matters Image
(3/30)@AGAtheist_ (Employee of atheist Republic)
#sexykali , @ArminNavabi @AtheistRepublic Groomeers of #pedofilia #Pedohunter #pedofiliaecrime #pedo ImageImageImage
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I started playing #guitar in college. Some of my friends back home played, so I thought I'd learn. It's been years since I kept up with it. With no job and an empty house, I had time. Plus, I could crank up my amp. Ava would have hated it. All the more reason to do it.
Strumming a few chords or playing a riff through a loud amp usually makes me feel better. It's more of a distraction this time. My amp is a little old. Even a #ragpicker might pass on it. "If you're not going to play it, sell it," Ava nagged. Life always got in the way.
Or I got in the way. Not even ten years ago I kept getting sick all the time. Painful stomach cramps would radiate weakness throughout my body. I learned how to wash it away like healing #rainwater. That's when I really started to figure out who I was and what I could do.
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1/.@khamenei_ir is absolutely RIGHT, very few #Decent unknown people know it too. @MessageFromLen before further comments just ask ur boss who knows everything even the #Imaginary whistleblower #WhiteHouse!
This is a #Biological_Attack from CORRUPT #DeepState/a #Global CRIMINAL Image
2/network NOT just in the US/politicians &rich persons #EU #UK #US/#Bipartisan, #China+few states as puppet/s. korea
Influenced everywhere as DIRTY cops, CORRUPT agents/cia fbi mi6..judges, many religions’ leaders&clerics who all involved in sexual&financial CORRUPTION(deep state
3/knows their secrets, so they have to cooperate otherwise get discredited, killed…)
The relationship between #Deep_State’s leaders/main members &extraterrestrial creatures is NOT new.
It is a REAL anti-humanity danger& must NEVER been underestimated/@POTUS @VP @seanhannity @GOP
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1/ THREAD: Reigniting the radical #imaginary spirit of the #revolution is essential at a time when streets have been stripped from some of their earlier momentum.

How do we overcome attempts at taming our econ expectations by elitist "realists" & those sectarianizing the mvmt?⬇️
2/ Disappointment followed the Diab's appointment. Coupled with the worsening econ situation, people are drained, distressed, & depressed.

Most are tired and desperately want any kind of resolution to the existing situation. That's how elites manage to reproduce the status-quo.
3/ We're at a point where the two dominant trends re. econ "solution" are far from systemic.

First, there are those who'd settle for a right-wing plan (IMF-led or not) based on austerity, bailing out banks, continuing to pay bulk of debt, privatization, etc. (similar to Greece).
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