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Gun owners usually know that #GunControl laws have their roots firmly planted in #racism. Every last law from the French Black Codes in LA to Saturday Night Special laws to efforts afoot today - ALL are racist and #sexist. What follows is a brief history of Gun Control laws.
Racist gun laws predate the founding of the nation. Those laws were openly stated as a way to keep blacks, free men & slaves, and other POC “in their place.” They were instilled to quiet down the racial fears of whites, especially whites in slave states.
In 1751, the Black Codes in Louisiana allowed whites to stop black people & beat them if they were carrying anything that might be a weapon. If blacks refused to stop on demand, they were authorized to “shoot to kill.” Laws were passed prohibiting blacks from gun possession.
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#NZ This is a long thread on the issue of harassment & threats made against #WomenInLeadership, primarily #WomenInPolitics.

⬇️ Reviews incidents over time, highlights the danger & escalation of #misogyny & the real life consequences on the personal & our democratic institutions.
This thread is being woven, the week Michael Cruickshank was sentenced to jail in #NZ for threatening to blow our #WomanPrimeMinister’s head off & to “..wipe you off this f---planet”- Also arrested this week Richard Sivell who has allegedly been posting threatening messages.
Here you can take a look at #OnlineAbuse ~ ⬇️ is a really useful article by @shesource & @WMCLive that names online hostile behaviour, how it is that #Women are targeted, & explains why “online harassment exists on a continuum with offline violence”…
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why has army been called in to vaccinate,
drive ambulances
& HGVs

why is the govt desperately trying to recruit teachers who've left / retired

reducing the self isolation period from 10 to 7 days

asking hospitals to prepare for mass casualty events next month
how are hospitals going to separate out #Omicron from #Delta patients, given both can infect you at the same time - they are *separate* variants

we don't need a #Delta #Omicron super variant where the *supposed* mild #Omicron combines with the deadlier #Delta variant!!!!!!!
I could really go on, but I just can't

oh, except to say

why the *fuck* aren't all hospital staff being issued with FPP3 masks

who will care for us, if 50% of hospital staff end up isolating 2 weeks from now, when everyone rings 999 after xmas mixing
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Another terrifying article from @BylineTimes

Scientific Racism
Nazi Eugenics (currently happening under the guise of COVID in my opinion - in plain sight) Image
we desperately need to rid ourselves of the current govt & cabinet. They are platforming and employing academic KKK! FFS... Image
yesterday I complained about BOJO's xmas message re boosters for Christians, as earlier in the day the media reported how the Pakistani community is less than 55% vaccinated, today I read this:…
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Between 2010-11 & 2019-20, England’s total no. of #NHS hospital beds fell by 11%, from 144,455 to 128,943. The number of available general & acute beds fell by 8%, from 110,568, to 102,194.…
- Defund the NHS
- Demonise the NHS
- Underpay its workers
- Put a tax hike onto them
- Drive them out of their jobs
- Make the case for privatisation
1. Underfund
2. Leave the EU, lose staff
3. Corrupt £Billions
4. Lower realterms pay
5. Demoralise to point of suicide
6. Raise NI
7. Offer Private Healthcare as solution
8. Publish Anti-GP propaganda
9. Publish Anti-NHS propaganda
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I think its time to talk about #ReligiousFreedom and exactly where one person’s #freedom starts, and another’s ends. And no I’m not talking about a woman’s body dividing cells, I’m talking about breathing adults who #vote
#ReligiousFreedom is SO important to everybody. And I agree that I ALSO want my own #FreedomOfReligion. But other people DON’T get to define that.
I am in charge of my own #belief systems. You could even say I’m RESPONSIBLE for them🤔
No matter how wacky they got, the point in time where I am no longer allowed to practice my #Religion, would start IF it harmed another breathing adult, and that word #harm is pretty loaded too, isn’t it?
How do we define #Freedom?
How do we define #Life?
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پاکستان تحریک انصاف اوران کے "تمام" حمایتیوں سے کسی قسم کی تمیز تہذیب کی توقع رکھنا بیکارمحض ہے، ملاحظہ فرمائیں حسن نثار صاحب کی بدتمیزی جوانہوں نے محترمہ شیریں مزاری صاحبہ سے کی اوربے شرم اینکر ہنس رہا ہے ، بے شرم ، بجاۓ ٹوکنے کے ۔ #HassanNisar
#Women #Misogyny #Misogynist
Expecting any decency from a Loud Mouth Braggart like Hassan Nisar is tantamount to living in Fools Paradise ! He off & on came drunk on live TV & equally obnoxious when he is not drunk ! I am amazed that Salim Safi one on one interview of #HassanNisar #Sexist #Misogynyst
پاکستان تحریک انصاف اوران کے "تمام" حمایتیوں سے کسی قسم کی تمیز تہذیب کی توقع رکھنا بیکارمحض ہے، ملاحظہ فرمائیں حسن نثار صاحب کی بدتمیزی ۔ اور حیرت اس پر ہے کہ سلیم صافی و دیگر ان حسن نثار صاحب کو بڑا معتبر بنا کر خصوصی انٹرویو کرتے ہیں #HassanNisar
#Women #Misogyny #Misogynist
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🚨🚩🔞🛑I am going to expose the whole #atheistRepublic #sexykali #hinduHating #Hinduphobic #pervert #rapist #hooligans #SickCult. Dear #atheist if you have an ounce of #conscience, i bet youll unfollow #arminNavabi #atheistRepublic. See👇 all:🕉️
(1/30) #lovejihad #HindusGirls Image
(2/30) Morality of #atheistHub: Normalizing #hindus to #pedofilo #Pedohunter : #atheistRepublic.
But #arminNavabi (Incessant Blocker)Refuses To Hear Our Pleas.
#underaged #hindus Matter #hinduDignity matters Image
(3/30)@AGAtheist_ (Employee of atheist Republic)
#sexykali , @ArminNavabi @AtheistRepublic Groomeers of #pedofilia #Pedohunter #pedofiliaecrime #pedo ImageImageImage
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Summarizing #BasicIncome @ $196B/yr
Avg cost $5,214 non-taxable

🆘20 Million Canadians
💰 Min $18,329 floor
🛑Perm Job Losses
🚑 Masks & Preventatives
🚑Essential Workers
⛑️BI Helps #CEWS by 📢#CreatingJobs
♿️#RaiseTheRates for #PWD

RT & #SpreadTheWord Image
How many Employers result in Permenant Job Layoffs because they can't commit to hours...

A #BasicIncome is also a means to protect these workers from loosing Weeks to Months of Income before they qualify for benefits. It's FASTER than EI. It's FASTER than Welfare.
How many mothers need to work 2 or 3 jobs just to pay the rent and bills? Sacrificing #FamilyQualityTime is not helping our society increase benefits of life by not having enough time for family outings, and experiences that can benefit creativity in the workplace.
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۱ - اسد عمر صاحب کو جس پیٹیشن پر اعتراض ہورہا ہے کہ اس میں تحریک انصاف کو سیاسی طور پر نشانہ بنایا گیا ہے اور مالک بھی ہاں ہاں کررہے ہیں ، تو یہ الزام تو تحریک انصاف پر خود شیریں مزاری صاحبہ نے لگایا ہے
#Journalists #Pakistan
#SexualHarassment #MeToo…
۲ - اسد عمر صاحب کو جس پیٹیشن پر اعتراض ہورہا ہے کہ اس میں تحریک انصاف کو سیاسی طور پر نشانہ بنایا گیا ہے اور مالک بھی ہاں ہاں کررہے ہیں ، تو یہ الزام تو تحریک انصاف پر خود شیریں مزاری صاحبہ نے لگایا ہے
#Journalists #Pakistan
#SexualHarassment #MeToo…
Why Mr Asad Umar complains ?

Ms Fa’reeha Idrees lodged a complaint with Mr Imran Khan that #PTI ‘s Social Media Team abuse & troll Journalists , particularly #Women Anchors #Sexist #Woman #Journalists #Pakistan #SexualHarassment #MeToo

   #PressFreedom #FreedomOfSpeech
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@ibcurdu خواتین صحافیوں کے ساتھ کس طرح ادارہ جاتی سطح پر جنسی بنیادوں پر ٹرولنگ کروائی جا رہی ہے ۔ IBC اردو کی میزبان بتول راجپوت
کے ساتھ گفتگو میں معروف صحافی عاصمہ شیرازی @asmashirazi نے بتایا کہ انہیں کیسے ہراساں کیا گیا۔
How the #Women #Journalists are Harassed & Trolled in #Pakistan !
@ibcurdu discussed @batulrajpoot

With @asmashirazi

بعض مسائل سیاست سے بالاتر ہیں مثلا” عورتیں ، بچے اور بوڑھے اور ان پر ہرگز سیاست نہیں ہونی چاہیے کہ نبی کریم (صلعم) نے فرمایا کہ “عورتوں کے معاملے میں اللہ سے ڈرو (ابن ماجہ) عورتوں کیساتھ نرمی سے پیش آؤ (ریاض الصالحین و مسلم) بچوں اور بوڑھوں سے نرمی کرو (مسلم)

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Would you like some #greentea #extract #Herbal #supplements drink for #weightloss?
Good, you can enjoy your #weightlosstransformation 6-ft-under. Here is what #greentea extract does👉liver biopsy #marked regions = what is left of liver
#livertwitter #pathology #LiverPath ImageImage
1. Check/declare your supplements.
2. Be wary of #nutrition and #weight management #quacks
3. Want #loseweightfast? - sweat it out, dont sweat your liver out.
4. #STAY away - multilevel marketing #FRAUDS
More 👉
#MedTwitter #MedStudents #media #healthy
Never forget the #sexist, #outrageous, #PANIC inducing #advertisement that #pseudoscience #Ayurveda and #Homeopathy uses as #fishing #bait on unassuming persons
NO '#faster way to lose weight' - its a #myth
#health #education #MedEd #publichealth #shortstories #girls ImageImage
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.@UltraTuneAust has launched its latest #unexpectedsituations TV ad. Nothing unexpected here, just the usual sexism and sexual objectification. #UltraTune… Image
@UltraTuneAust In 2014 @UltraTuneAust produced BDSM themed ads with the slogan "we're into rubber now." These ads are virtually indistinguishable from 1970's era sexism in advertising, exploiting women's bodies to sell tyres.… #unexpectedsituations #UltraTune Image
@UltraTuneAust "Do you come with the car?"

@UltraTuneAust believes men to be so daft that they'll buy products and services based on their proximity to young, sexually objectified women.

These sexist tropes are so archaic they were parodied by the Simpsons **28 years ago.** Image
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-Isms should be uncomfortable. Labeling something as a 'bias' or prejudice does not make it less #racist, #sexist, #homophobic, #ageist, #ableist, etc. Recognizing your own racism, sexism, homophobia - your own -ism, is the first step to fighting it
#diversity #inclusion 1/
Sugar-coating these words to make them more comfortable to work with does us no favors.

Back story:

During the Ignite pre-day I was very open about recognizing my own bias, specifically my own racism. I understand that it exists & I actively work against that conditioning. 2/
It is conditioning. And exists in most of us. I was just willing to admit to it in an open forum. It's sad that instead of asking how we can all get to a place where we are admitting to & working against our own isms, people get hung up on the admission & label me "a racist" 3/
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American #libertarianism is sort of a mixed bag. A lot of male libertarians are very naïve about social reality, placing personal responsibility above everything else. They seem to take wealth concentration in the top 1% for granted, not realizing the complex reasons behind it.
Yet tons of people are born into poverty with almost no way out, particularly blacks in the ghettos and Native Americans in reservations. Yes, inequality is inevitable in any society, but it's morally irresponsible not to give a damn about it.
It's true that they tend to be far less #transphobic than social conservatives, but many of them judge trans women by "fuckability", which, needless to say, is #sexist. And many of them have an I-know-it-all mindset. Eric S. Raymond, father of "open source", is an archetype.
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Recently, a #tenured #prof at a grp dinner made a #sexist joke. I didn't laugh.

He pointed at me & called me out on it.

"See, I knew SHE wouldn't get it."

I reported it to an #administrator & copied a 1st yr prof also present at dinner. She corroborated my story.

Thread 1/7
Like me, she couldn't say anything during dinner as senior prof collaborated w/ our prog, which he reminded us several times. The administrator I spoke to was sympathetic & concerned, & assured us that senior prof is a well-known a**. We aren't the 1st to run afoul of him. 2/7
Hearing their responses validated my experience greatly.

The 3 of us discussed how junior prof & I would deal w/ future events. One way was to ask senior prof to clarify his "jokes."

Junior prof said this was likely to be the least destructive. Administrator agreed. 3/7
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I hear men (who are otherwise not #sexist) say, "I would be uncomfortable with a female doctor" & it makes me so mad, because it never occurred to me to choose a doctor based on #gender. Like, why have I put up with crappy male doctors all my life? #WomensHealth
To be fair, I've had good male doctors. General practitioners, OBGYNs, hematologists, neurologists. But when they're bad, it's almost exclusively because they are men and I'm a woman. #WomensHealth
One time, a male doctor misdiagnosed my kidney stone as mittelschmerz (pain during ovulation), because when a woman has pain in her side, it must be related to her lady parts. This was 10 years ago & I'm still bitter about it. #WomensHealth
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