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British journalist @joannalillis was detained while reporting on the protests in #Uzbekistan. She was also ordered to delete videos with witnesses, but police later apologised, let her go and returned her phone
#Karakalpakstan #Nukus
@joannalillis 1/
Here's a long thread trying to determine whether the red on the streets of #Nukus in #Karakalpakstan was blood, or dye sprayed by water cannons.

In short they make no real conclusion, it may have been red dye.
I counter with it may have been blood.

@joannalillis 2/
I'm not saying Brecht is wrong and there's some great analysis. But I find it strange there is not one single photo or frame of video which shows any vehicle spraying red dye during the violence in #Karakalpakstan

Two more points:
1) There's an injured person on the ground -
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250K views for a terrifying video from Nukus, #Karakalpakstan.

A street "covered in the blood of protesters" or "red paint"?

Investigation by @Lotte_Lambrecht and me. 🧵👇1/...

#Verification 🎥
#GeoLocation 🌍
#HowToOSINT 🧐 Image
@Lotte_Lambrecht Some context first.

Karakalpakstan is a semi-autonomous region in Uzbekistan, Central Asia.

Authorities in Uzbekistan have said that 18 people were killed during last week’s unrest after plans to strip Karakalpakstan of its autonomy. 2/...…
@Lotte_Lambrecht Thousands took to the streets in the biggest protest in Uzbekistan in recent years. President Mirzijoev declared a state of emergency.

Blood was certainly shed in Karakalpakstans capital, Nukus.

Official figuers confirm, we've seen a lot of gruesome videos of victims. 3/... Image
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The 133rd daily thread of #Russia's war on #Ukraine

One of Putin's closest allies confirmed it's not just about #Donbas; the goal remains regime change & to effectively conquer the whole country.

But big damage was inflicted by 🇺🇦 y'day on Donetsk.
Here's the news updated⬇️
Starting with the view from UK's Ministry of Defence Intelligence.

#Sloviansk (and #Kramatorsk) the next big targets for #Russia and losing these would be a huge psychological blow (more than Lysychansk) for #Ukraine

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
However, #Ukraine's Defence staff says they beat off a Russian offensive yesterday.

"the enemy shelled civilian infrastructure in #Siversk + #Hryhorivka. (we) inflicted significant losses on the enemy during his attempted offensive. The occupiers left."
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Another small thread on #Uzbekistan, which has disappeared from headlines around the world as quickly as it briefly appeared.

It would seem the Government's tactics are working in stifling opposition and the truth from getting out of #Karakalpakstan.

You will remember dozens reported dead when a peaceful protest in #Nukus, the capital of autonomous #Karakalpakstan was violently broken up by #Uzbekistan riot police. They claim people rioted, 15 was the official death toll but most opposition activists claim much higher

There's scepticism about a swift U-turn from #Uzbekistan's authoritarian President, scrapping plans to take away #Karakalpakstan's autonomy & hopes to become independent.

Internet access was cut; some new videos are just emerging. This from Saturday shows peaceful protesters
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Tuesday's thread on #Russia's war of choice starts here.

It's Day 132 of the illegal conflict.
A late start to the thread today, primarily because it's been one of the quietest days so far since the bombs started falling

Read on for all the news of #Ukraine's fight for survival
I've spent the last 30 minutes going through replies, DMs and questions etc. The most common comment is along the lines of "Is the game up for #Ukraine?"

Certainly things are not going well for Ukraine right now for reasons I'll come to shortly

The main thing to remember is:
Any sort of "peace deal" even a ceasefire, plays right into the Kremlin's hands.
Following the 2014 invasion, the #Minsk accords were foisted on #Ukraine by two western partners🇫🇷+🇩🇪. #Russia refused to allow 🇬🇧+🇺🇸 to the table.

Putin used the last years to massively..
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Thread on #Uzbekistan
Very difficult to obtain information following the State of Emergency in #Karakalpakstan.

A reminder that the President has done a U-turn and won't now try to deprive the region of its autonomy.

Last night many died, over 1,000 injured
#Karakalpakstan capital #Nukus saw many deaths after riot police tried to break up a huge rally in the centre

In tactics identical to those seen in #Belarus + #Russia when confronted with domestic protests, armed police were this morning brutal arresting suspects
#Nukus appears to be calm this evening, at least I've not seen reports of gatherings, which would be illegal under the new emergency measures

However, the #Uzbekistan riot police snatch squads continued their terror tactics on the streets throughout the day (unverified video)
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Terrible scenes in #Uzbekistan.
Here #Russia is not so keen on backing separatists.

Last night another huge demo in #Karakalpakstan which has been autonomous but among growing independence sentiment, that was abolished with the state being brought back under central control

Predictably for former #Soviet states still tied to #Russia, things quickly turned violent - horrendously so.

#Uzbekistan #Karakalpakstan

As protests spiraled in #Uzbekistan, President Mirziyoev did a U-turn scrapping plans to limit autonomy and possible secession for #Karakalpakstan, but then imposed a month-long state of emergency.
The violence continued...
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We have collected data on protests in Uzbekistan since 2018. The current events in #Karakalpakstan are significantly different from other examples of protest in the country in recent years
SCALE: The scale of the protests are the largest in the country's recent history. Our data on 266 protests in Uzbekistan between 2018 and June 2021 showed an average of 38 protesters at each event, with a maximum of 1,000…
The current protests appear to be much larger, with reports of tens of thousands taking to the streets:
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#Karakalpakstan events concerning on several levels: 1) illustrates how LACK OF CONSULTATION in the proposed re-write of #Uzbekistan's #Constitution can backfire in various, unpredictable ways, such as setting off fears/concerns among Karakalpaks about a loss of autonomy (cont'd)
2) reports of internet outages/flight blackouts in/out of Karakalpakstan point to heavy-handed tactics out of step with #Uzb's international human rights obligations; 3) authorities must employ transparency in any detentions of protesters & avoid any disproportionate responses.
The statement of the independent #Uzb media outlet in #hookreport illustrates the INCREDIBLY sensitive territory anyone is wading into commenting on this situation. Statement makes the following points: (contd)
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