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The 133rd daily thread of #Russia's war on #Ukraine

One of Putin's closest allies confirmed it's not just about #Donbas; the goal remains regime change & to effectively conquer the whole country.

But big damage was inflicted by 🇺🇦 y'day on Donetsk.
Here's the news updated⬇️
Starting with the view from UK's Ministry of Defence Intelligence.

#Sloviansk (and #Kramatorsk) the next big targets for #Russia and losing these would be a huge psychological blow (more than Lysychansk) for #Ukraine

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia Image
However, #Ukraine's Defence staff says they beat off a Russian offensive yesterday.

"the enemy shelled civilian infrastructure in #Siversk + #Hryhorivka. (we) inflicted significant losses on the enemy during his attempted offensive. The occupiers left."
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Another small thread on #Uzbekistan, which has disappeared from headlines around the world as quickly as it briefly appeared.

It would seem the Government's tactics are working in stifling opposition and the truth from getting out of #Karakalpakstan.

You will remember dozens reported dead when a peaceful protest in #Nukus, the capital of autonomous #Karakalpakstan was violently broken up by #Uzbekistan riot police. They claim people rioted, 15 was the official death toll but most opposition activists claim much higher

There's scepticism about a swift U-turn from #Uzbekistan's authoritarian President, scrapping plans to take away #Karakalpakstan's autonomy & hopes to become independent.

Internet access was cut; some new videos are just emerging. This from Saturday shows peaceful protesters
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Thread on #Uzbekistan
Very difficult to obtain information following the State of Emergency in #Karakalpakstan.

A reminder that the President has done a U-turn and won't now try to deprive the region of its autonomy.

Last night many died, over 1,000 injured
#Karakalpakstan capital #Nukus saw many deaths after riot police tried to break up a huge rally in the centre

In tactics identical to those seen in #Belarus + #Russia when confronted with domestic protests, armed police were this morning brutal arresting suspects
#Nukus appears to be calm this evening, at least I've not seen reports of gatherings, which would be illegal under the new emergency measures

However, the #Uzbekistan riot police snatch squads continued their terror tactics on the streets throughout the day (unverified video)
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Terrible scenes in #Uzbekistan.
Here #Russia is not so keen on backing separatists.

Last night another huge demo in #Karakalpakstan which has been autonomous but among growing independence sentiment, that was abolished with the state being brought back under central control

Predictably for former #Soviet states still tied to #Russia, things quickly turned violent - horrendously so.

#Uzbekistan #Karakalpakstan

As protests spiraled in #Uzbekistan, President Mirziyoev did a U-turn scrapping plans to limit autonomy and possible secession for #Karakalpakstan, but then imposed a month-long state of emergency.
The violence continued...
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#Karakalpakstan events concerning on several levels: 1) illustrates how LACK OF CONSULTATION in the proposed re-write of #Uzbekistan's #Constitution can backfire in various, unpredictable ways, such as setting off fears/concerns among Karakalpaks about a loss of autonomy (cont'd)
2) reports of internet outages/flight blackouts in/out of Karakalpakstan point to heavy-handed tactics out of step with #Uzb's international human rights obligations; 3) authorities must employ transparency in any detentions of protesters & avoid any disproportionate responses.
The statement of the independent #Uzb media outlet in #hookreport illustrates the INCREDIBLY sensitive territory anyone is wading into commenting on this situation. Statement makes the following points: (contd)
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Day 128 of #Russia's war on #Ukraine.

The illegal, insane, inhumane war which was Putin's choice.

More murder and war crimes today as the little man in the Kremlin orders revenge for the loss if Snake Island

All the news right here in one place, welcome to the daily thread
The revenge from #Russia for the anger at losing #SnakeIsland is an horrendous missile attack on residents in #Odesa/#Odessa region.

17 dead and 31 injured as rescuers work at the site.

Yet another war crime

#RussiaIsATerroristState #StandWithUkraine
#Putin loves symbolism and to leave calling cards.
It's no coincidence that he ordered the murderous strikes on an apartment block and two leisure complexes in #Odesa region with exactly the same delivery as #Kremenchuk - three X-22 missiles fired from Tu-22 strategic bombers.
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Just in: 34yo #Brooklyn #NewYork resident from #Uzbekistan sentenced to 15 years for conspiring with & attempting to materially support #ISIS

Dilkhayot Kasimov raised money, provided some of his own to send 2 coconspirators to #Syria to fight w/ISIS in 2015, per @TheJusticeDept ImageImage
"Kasimov is an #ISIS supporter who collected & gave money to another individual to fund his travel to join the terrorist group" per @TheJusticeDept Asst AG Matthew Olsen "With this sentence, Kasimov is being held accountable for his crimes"
Kasimov's co-defendants, Abdurasul Juraboev & Akhror Saidakhmetov, were previously sentenced to 15 years in prison

A 3rd codefendant, Azizjon Rakhmatov, got 12.5 years

Two more, Akmal Zakirov & Abror Habibov, are awaiting sentencing

Per @TheJusticeDept
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1/4 🇷🇺 travel companies organize "plastic tours" to neighboring countries to obtain international $ or € cards (after @Visa and @Mastercard left the market due to sanctions). #Uzbekistan, #Turkey and #Armenia are most popular destinations as well as virtual currency accounts.
2/4 This could result in negative consequences for the banks issuing these cards.

Solution: bank policy updates to comply with current sanctions.

#Russia is getting creative in sidestepping the sanctions, and the world should be vigilant not to sponsor a terrorist state.
3/4 Almost 36,000 russian citizens have received a tax number in #Kazakhstan this year, a 16 times increase from 2021. It is impossible to open a card account in Kazakhstan without one. And Kazakhstan isn't among the largest cards issuers for russians.
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By all accounts, the NRF have launched a major offensive against the #Taliban across #Panjshir today -- taking multiple districts.

No doubt the #Taliban can respond in force, but it's yet another sign (beyond #ISKP) that #Afghanistan's new rulers are far from unchallenged.
NEW - x7 rockets fired into #Tajikistan from #Afghanistan.

In one month, #Pakistan, #Uzbekistan & #Tajikistan have all been hit by cross-border attacks, and #Iran affected by border clashes.

Tajik incident comes amid NRF (long associated with #Dushanbe) offensive in #Panjshir.
#ISKP have claimed today’s cross-border rocket attack on #Tajikistan.

This comes weeks after a similar volley was fired into #Uzbekistan & amid #TTP cross-border attacks into #Pakistan & clashes along the #Iran border.

#Taliban coming under mounting pressure.
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1. #IS deployed 342 attacks globally during Ramadan, 219 of them since 17 April as part of its global revenge campaign.

This is ten attacks more than it reported during Ramadan last year.

Here’s what that surge looks like when charted out.
2. Most attacks (by far) were reported from #Iraq, followed by #Nigeria, #Syria and #Afghanistan.

These four states accounted for three quarters of all #IS’s attacks in Ramadan.
3. Besides the sole attack reported from #Uzbekistan at the beginning of the month, no major new fronts were opened anywhere outside of #Nigeria.
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1. Here’s a new update on #IS’s global Ramadan campaign.

In the last week, #IS has deployed more attacks than at any other point since last Ramadan.
2. Since 17 April, #IS has carried out some 132 attacks as part of this campaign.

That's nearly three times more ops per day than usual.
3. #IS’s attacks have been spread far and wide, but with four clear front-runners: #Iraq, #Nigeria, #Syria, and #Afghanistan.

#Iraq: 43
#Nigeria: 34
#Syria: 19
#Afghanistan: 13
#Niger: 5
#DRC: 4
#Egypt: 5
#Somalia: 4
#Pakistan: 2
#India: 1
#Libya: 1
#Uzbekistan: 1
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#Afghanistan #Uzbekistan: In a not-entirely unsurprising but still very curious attack, IS-K claimed to strike a Uzbek military position in Termez with 10x Type 63-2 pattern artillery rockets. (Observe they have been painted over to obscure origin) Image
Video was also released with improvised launcher seen. Most likely took place over the border between the countries.

Of course, this has significant implications RE: Taliban claims/ability to ensure that Afghanistan isn't used as a (literal) launching pad for IS attacks.
Not particularly important, but it seems the rockets are fitted with M-12 mortar fuses (or some Chinese derivative) as opposed to the normal MJ-1. Thanks @blueboy1969 for pointing out that detail!
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1. #Uzbekistan has long claimed to be talking with all political parties in #Afghanistan. Is Tashkent still doing that or just working with the #Taliban at this point? President Mirziyoyev's Special Representative Ismatulla Irgashev confirms... @uzbekmfa
2. #Uzbekistan mainly deals with #Taliban and maintains contact with former president Hamid Karzai and former CEO Abdullah Abdullah. "Those who left are out of the picture," says Irgashev referring to Ashraf Ghani and others. How about Uzbek leader Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum?
3. Irgashev denies that #Uzbekistan had an exclusive relationship with Dostum even though many in Tashkent and Afghanistan would say otherwise. For Mirziyoyev admin, special rep explains, only those staying behind matter. "We'll work with them if they make themselves relevant."
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1. #Uzbekistan President's Special Rep on #Afghanistan Ismatulla Irgashev argues it's unreasonable to expect #Taliban to deliver everything the world wants right away, such as educational/academic development. "They don't have expertise and resources."

2. Why isn't #Uzbekistan supporting ethnic Uzbek scholars who fled the #Taliban, by welcoming them as many wish? Irgashev says Tashkent is focused on those inside #Afghanistan and that it will continue aiding them in any way it can. "We are in touch with the Uzbek communities."
3. Irgashev says #Uzbekistan has been urging #Taliban to allow girls to go to school. "Because of our push, schools are opening in Balkh." He admits the Taliban must do a lot more to improve the situation. INTW w/ 🇺🇿President's Special Rep on Afghanistan:
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1. #Uzbekistan Special Rep on #Afghanistan, Ismatulla Irgashev argues 🇺🇿 "is not taking a risk" by supporting #Taliban. "The Taliban rule of Afghanistan is a fact. For the first time in 40+ years, country has a government without foreign interference."
2. Irgashev insists #Uzbekistan's #Afghanistan approach is the right path, partnership with #Taliban is already bearing fruits. "Afghanistan is relatively more peaceful now. There is order there... Kabul consults with us, is open for our proposals... We have a common future." Image
3. When, under what terms will #Uzbekistan recognize #Taliban govt in #Afghanistan? "We won't do it alone," says Ismatulla Irgashev, President Mirziyoyev's Special Rep on #Afghanistan. "We believe this should be a collective decision with our partners." (US, Central Asia, etc.) Image
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L'Assemblea Generale #Onu ha approvato con 93 voti a favore la richiesta #Usa di sospendere la #Russia dal Consiglio dei diritti umani di Ginevra. Nella bozza di risoluzione - tra i co-sponsor c'è anche l'#Italia - si chiede di "sospendere il diritto della Russia di far parte👇 Image
del Consiglio" e si esprime "grave preoccupazione per la crisi umanitaria in Ucraina, in particolare per le notizie di violazioni e abusi del diritto internazionale umanitario da parte di Mosca".
Da notare i voti contrari: #Cina leva la maschera, non più astenuta, ma contraria.👇
Paesi contrari alla sospensione della #Russia:
🇧🇮 #Burundi
🇨🇫 #RepubblicaCentrafricana
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Three weeks since the start of Russia's illegal war against 🇺🇦#Ukraine, I wanted to take stock of where different regional players and influential states are in respect of support for Ukraine and the imposition of sanctions on Russia. (🧵)
🇦🇲 #Armenia: A muted response. No sanctions or public comments from the Pashinyan govt. 10k Russian troops on Armenian territory plus concern about Nagorno Karabakh security have neutered the country's response. Clearly concerned at alienating/antagonising Russia.
🇦🇲 #Armenia: Voted against expelling Russia from the Council of Europe. Abstained on the UN votes on suspending Russia from the Human Rights Council and resolution condemning Russia's actions in the UN General Assembly.
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Our newest release is coming your way next week!! Over the next few days I'm going to tell you all about the beer, the story behind it and why it's so symbolic. Let's start here. What is Nowruz? It's the #Persian New Year! #Nowruz falls on the first day of Spring (March 20th) 1/3 Image
It's the largest celebration and the traditions extend for several weeks. More than 300M people celebrate #Norwuz - including select populations from #Afghanistan, #Iraq, #Albania, #Uzbekistan, #Azerbaijan, #India, #Kazakstan, #Pakistan, #Turkey & #Turkmenistan (among others) 2/3
The word "#Nowruz" translates to "New Day", as it marks a celebration of new beginnings. so it only made sense to name our beer NEW DAY IPA. That's it for now! If you got to this point, thanks for reading. Any questions, comment below! 3/3 Image
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THREAD Aktuální postoj střední Asie k #Ukrajina:
#Kyrgyzstán je jediný stát v regionu, který #Rusko alespoň slovně podpořil (prezident). Pod čarou: Kyrgyzstán je ekonomicky silně závislý na Rusku a domácí ekonomika je ve velmi špatném stavu.
#Uzbekistán drží pozici aspirujícího regionálního lídra, který se nechce nechat přímo zatáhnout do konfliktu. V sobotu aktivně vyzval k „neutralitě“ mezi oběma zeměmi a k respektování mez. práva.
#Kazachstán měl údajně odmítnout ruskou žádost o vyslání vojenské mise; není ale nijak doloženo, že by taková žádost skutečně padla. Vláda od začátku odmítala možnost nasazení sil jinak než mimo mandát OSN. Navíc veřejnost po lednových protestech by mohla reagovat ostře.
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#Singapore, #Japan, and #Taiwan joining the Western effort to sanction #Russia for the assault on #Ukraine…
Details on the #NATO (re)deployments to cope with the fallout from #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Details on #Ukraine's reservist mobilisation: far from complete (since that would require martial law), but still of a scale that it will take weeks to complete ... and the assault on the capital is days away at most
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Thread con aggiornamenti da #Almaty #Kazakhstan 👇
Ieri è stato attivato lo stato di emergenza ad #Almaty, dove il controllo della città è stato assegnato a un comitato comandato dalle forze di polizia.
Dalle fonti (principalmente @nexta_tv) sembra che i protestanti abbiano la meglio al momento: ieri sera hanno messo in fuga i mezzi corazzati dell'esercito. Oggi hanno preso il controllo di altri corazzati, con cui hanno marciato verso il palazzo del governo regionale.
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WH issues readout of US Nat'l Security Advisor #JakeSullivan's conversation today with #Russia's presidential foreign policy advisor, #YuriyUshakov, re: Russia and #Ukraine.

#Ushakov #Putin #Zelensky Image
WH / US Nat'l Security Council spokesperson issues readout of US Nat'l Security Advisor #JakeSullivan conversation today with nat'l security advisors, foreign ministers & other officials from #BucharestNine of #NATO Allies re: #Russia & #Ukraine.

#B9 #Putin #Zelensky Image
WH / US Nat'l Security Council spokesperson issues readout of US Nat'l Security Advisor #JakeSullivan's conversation today with #Russia's foreign policy advisor to the president, #YuriyUshakov.

#Putin #Zelensky #Ukraine #Ushakov Image
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The #Taliban Deputy PM Abdul Salam Hanafi speaking in a press conference said that People should use Afghan currency in their daily transactions and smuggling dollars abroad is a crime. Image
He also said that #Uzbekistan wants to fund the Afghan section of the #TAPI project. He added the economic situation will improve and foreign countries are interested in investing in Afghanistan.
According to Hanafi the Taliban are trying to build an army and would recruit former government soldiers. He said that a large number of specialists from the former government are currently working with the Taliban.
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آرک فورٹریس (بخارا، ازبکستان)
یہ قلعہ چوتھی صدی قبل مسیح میں تعمیر کیاگیا۔ ایک ہزار سال سے بخارا کے حکمرانوں کاگھر یہ قلعہ بخاراکی طرح ہی پراناھے۔
یہ قلعہ بخاراکے خانوں (Khans)کی رہائش گاہ تھی۔ قلعہ کی بالائی سطح بوکھران امراء کےدوران بنائی گئی۔
یہ قلعہ گویا شہر کے اندر ایک شاہی شہر بھی تھا اور بخارا کا قدیم ترین ڈھانچہ بھی۔ متعدد بار گرنے کے باعث یہ قلعہ بارھا تعمیر کیا گیا۔
ماہرین آثار قدیمہ کا خیال ھے کہ یہ قلعہ پہلی بار 5ویں اور 6ویں صدی عیسوی کے درمیان تعمیر کیا گیا تھا۔
عربوں نے یہاں 713 میں پہلی بخاران مسجد
ایک زرتشتی مندر کی دھواں دار راکھ پر تعمیر کی تھی تاکہ اسلام کو دوسرے عقائد اور ان کے ماننے والوں پر ظاہر کیا جا سکے۔ نویں سے بارھویں صدی میں اسےسامانیوں *اورکارخانیوں نے اس قلعےکومضبوط کیا۔
کارخیتائی اور خورزمشاہ*نےاسےاپنے ادوارمیں تین بار تباہ کیااوردوبارہ تعمیر کیا، اور یقیناً
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