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Published content of #Macron - #Putin phone call 4 days before #Russian invasion of #Ukraine confirms that failure to implement #Minsk agreements to end civil war in #Donbas was major stumbling block in conflicts between #Ukraine & #Russia & West & Russia…
English version of leaked #Macron - #Putin phone call 4 days before #Russian invasion of Ukraine. It confirms that failure to implement #Minsk agreements to end civil war in #Donbas was major stumbling block in conflicts between #Russia & #Ukraine & West.…
"In a hugely unusual glimpse into a confidential telephone call between heads of state, Macron and his team were filmed at the Elysee taking the call and the footage will now be broadcast as the centrepiece of a documentary on the French president's handling of the Ukraine war."
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Update #Ukraine .
Im Überblick:
- Kessel Zolote-Hirske vernichtet;
- #Severodonetsk gefallen, Kämpfe sollen #Lyssytschansk erreicht haben;
- heftige Gefechte nahe Wuhledar;
- Russen erbeuten angeblich französische CAESAR-Artilleriesysteme.
Neuer Thread 👇
Der Kessel um Hirske-Zolote im #Donbass ist nach übereinstimmenden Angaben komplett vernichtet worden.
Zuvor hatten russ. Einheiten den Kessel geschlossen, danach soll er fast sofort eingenommen worden sein.
Auch ukr. Karten bestätigen den Fall von Hirske-Zolote.
Die Schnelligkeit, mit der der Kessel schließlich implodierte, lässt darauf schließen, dass ukr.Armee die meisten seiner Einheiten aus diesem Gebiet kurz zuvor noch abziehen konnte.
Entsprechende Meldungen hat es vor wenigen Tagen in der Tat gegeben👇
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NEW: #Ukraine forces retrograde from #Sieverodonetsk - "putting themselves in better position" to defend themselves, per a US senior defense official, saying US #HIMARS, artillery assistance will help

"The Russians are just eeking out inch by inch of territory" per the official
US training in place to make sure #Ukraine forces can use the #HIMARS & other "@NATO-standard systems", per a senior US defense official
Latest US aid to #Ukraine result of "extensive consultations" w/Ukrainian officials, per a senior US defense official

Says US officials consulting w/Ukrainian officials on aid & "moving heaven & earth" to get it to them
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🇺🇦🧵🗣️Report from Kenneth Gregg from yesterday (1/8): "Some info from #Kherson that I am allowed to publish: there has been a whole series of explosions in Kherson today [yesterday]. No information if it is our guerilla squads or our artillery that have been at it.-->
2:" I have 4 fellow soldiers who are active on this front and they have not been active on their phone apps since yesterday afternoon. This means that the info lock is tight.
In #Kharkiv no frontal changes, nor any major changes on the eastern front. -->
4:"The airfield near #Sieverodonetsk is still held by us. The #Bakhmut line is holding and the Russian attacks today have been repulsed. I have informed you that HIMARS have arrived and so have other weapons. -->
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US sending another $450 million of security assistance to #Ukraine - including new #HIMARS, tens of thousands of ammo rounds & patrol boats, per @WHNSC 's John Kirby
At upcoming G7 in #Germany, @POTUS will work to secure new commitments to isolate #Russia from the global economy & target #Moscow's defense supply chain - "tighten the screws" - per @WHNSC's Kirby
@NATO-#Africa: "In general, the security situation on the southern flank of NATO is almost always on the agenda" per @WHNSC's Kirby "We recognize the challenges & the threats that continue to affect security of our NATO allies on the southern flank"
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#Ukraine is weathering significant attrition in the battle to defend #Severodonesk in the #Donbas.

Given the losses in lives and the relatively static front line, some are beginning to dismay that perhaps the tide is turning to #Russia.

That could happen. But it hasn't yet. 1/
#Ukraine is still winning the war strategically. It survives as a state & a people & has secured its capital. It has denied #Putin his ambition to seize the entire country & has forced Putin to fight extremely hard for a limited goal of seizing the Donbas, at which he may fail 2/
Operationally, Ukraine is nearing a grinding stalemate in the East. As we @TheStudyofWar warned in March, stalemates are bloody & dynamic at the tactical level. This is already on display in the brutal attrition battle for incremental advances in #Severodonesk 3/
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US bracing for long slog btw #Ukraine, #Russia forces in the #Donbas

"This is a part of the country that both armies know well & both are digging in" @WHNSC's John Kirby tells VOA Ukrainian @holosameryky
"The #Russia|ns are making incremental but not consistent progress. The #Ukrainians are pushing back" per @WHNSC's Kirby
US "we want #Ukraine to succeed on the battlefield & we want them to succeed at the negotiating table if & when it comes to that" per @WHNSC's Kirby to @VOANews' @holosameryky

"Obviously, we're not at that stage right now..."
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1/10 Thread!

Some #European companies are still helping #Russia maintain their military-industrial complex, despite the #sanctions!

Now I will tell you about it in detail!
Europe imposed sanctions against #Russia after the annexation of #Crimea and the occupation of #Donbas back in 2014. Since then, the sanctions have been extended. But several companies still managed to get around the sanctions: from #Switzerland, #France, and #Germany.
3/10 Last week I was at the positions of the Armed Forces of #Ukraine in the south of щur country, where I managed to see the captured #Russian military equipment. It turned out that there are components of European production!
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Day 120 📌 ‘It is the only country where people got shot because they wrapped themselves in a European flag. 🇺🇦 has gone through hell and high water for one simple reason: and that’s their desire to join the EU,’ – @vonderleyen said. More in our brief ⬇️…
@vonderleyen EU leaders will decide today whether to grant Ukraine candidate status, following a positive recommendation from the European Commission last Friday 🙏 Ukraine’s president, @ZelenskyyUa, said he had spoken to 11 EU leaders on Wednesday about Ukraine’s candidacy.
@vonderleyen After the Russian army invaded Ukraine, the #Czech government decided to suspend the issuance of visas to citizens of the Russian Federation and later to Belarus, except for humanitarian causes, till March 2023 🤷‍♀️
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Update #Ukraine .
Im Überblick:
- Ukr. Truppen bei Zolote fast eingekesselt, laut manchen Quellen "Kessel de facto schon zu";
- massive ukr. Raketenangriffe auf die "Schlangeninsel";
- Litauen verhängt Transitsperre für Kaliningrad, Moskau droht mit Konsequenzen.
Thread 👇
Ukr.Verbände bei Zolote-Hirske sind beinah eingekesselt - nach einigen ersten Meldungen, die jetzt gerade (Mittwochvormittag) kommen, ist es schon geschehen.
Die Lage entwickelt sich rasant, folgendes ist derzeit bekannt:
Am Dienstagmittag erreichten russ.Verbände Pidlisne
Das russ. Vorrücken auf dieser Richtung wurde am Dienstag auch vom ukrainischen Generalstab sowie von westlichen Kriegsreportern bestätigt.
Die Rede war von "bedeutenden Vorstößen".
Ukr. Verbände bei Zolote-Hirske seien "jetzt fast umzingelt".
#Ukraine #Donbas
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 119) - Iniciamos aquí, como cada día desde hace casi cuatro meses, nuestro #hilo diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 119) - Esto que vemos es el lanzamiento de dos misiles P-800 Oniks rusos desde una batería de defensa costera Bastion-P en función de ataque a tierra.

🟥 Seguramente se trate de los misiles que atacaron #Nikolayev horas atrás.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 119) - Imágenes del ataque a un depósito de municiones ruso en Krasny Luch el pasado día 16 empleando un misil balístico Tochka-U.

🟥 En el enlace se pueden ver varios vídeos más relativos a los efectos de la explosión.

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1. @ELuttwak correctly warns that #Putin cannot give up the #Donetsk and #Luhansk regions, as he would loose face, and that he will therefore fight for them to the end. 1/4…
2. But #Luttwark also thinks that #Putin would be ready to allow, conduct, and accept genuine #plebiscites in the regions which could leave #Russia without the #Donbas. 2/4
CC: @Konflikt_Sicher @GSPSipo @FiS_Heidelberg @ukraine_world @intercourier_ua @TerekMedia @KyivIndependent
3. However, we and Putin know from many opinion polls that support for #separatism was always much lower than 50% in the #Donbas. See the relevant opinion polling data collected by #KMIS @PA3yMKOB @dem_initiatives and other Institutes. 3/4
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 118) - Una mañana más, aquí comienza nuestro #hilo 🧵 sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania 💀.


🟥 Hoy comenzamos con el lanzamiento de un ATGM Kornet ruso en algún punto cercano a #Toshkivka, en donde han roto las líneas ucranianas.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 118) - Para quien no haya podido ojearlo, en el informe de ayer explicamos cómo las tropas rusas han roto las líneas ucranianas en algunos puntos al sureste de #Lysychansk a causa de un error que venimos denunciando semanas.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 118) - Incendio en curso en #Shebelynka, al SE de #Járkov, en una zona controlada por Ucrania.
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#BREAKING Russian television now broadcasting in southern Ukraine: Russian army Image
Russia's blockade of Ukrainian grain exports sparks fresh tensions with Europe as fears grow of a global food crisis, while Kyiv accuses Moscow of stepping up attacks in the east of the country Image
VIDEO: Hollywood star Ben Stiller meets Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv
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2014. Hunting Russians in Donbas #Lyashko #nazis #ukraine #donbas 1/3
2014. Hunting Russians in Donbas #Lyashko #nazis #ukraine #donbas 1/3
2014. Hunting Russians in Donbas #Lyashko #nazis #ukraine #donbas 2/3
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NEW: US slapping sanctions on key supporters of the Russian Imperial Movement (RIM) - a designated white supremacist terror group - for boosting #Russia's efforts in #Ukraine

@USTreasury says RIM, supporters have been actively fundraising & recruiting
RIM " has sought to raise & move funds using the international financial system w/the intent of building a global network of violent groups that foster extremist views & subvert democratic processes" per @USTreasury UnderSec Brian Nelson
Specifically, "RIM & its supporters continue to exacerbate #Russia’s war of aggression in #Ukraine through their fundraising effort" per @USTreasury UnderSec Brian Nelson
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 109) - Aquí iniciamos nuestro #hilo diario sobre la #GuerraUcraniaRusia.

🟥 #Berdyansk, bajo dominio ruso, ha amanecido con lo que parece un importante incendio.

🟥 Gracias por vuestro #RETWEEET
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 109) - Sobre uno de los videos que compartimos ayer por la noche, ésto ⬇️


🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 109) - Vía @jpartej. En #Alemania habría ya un centenar de IFV Marder en condiciones de ser entregados tras haber pasado por una revisión profunda. En realidad un anuncio similar se publicó semanas atrás y no han hecho nada.

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1/ Ukrainian TVD, Day 98-107. The first week & a half of June has seen the Russo-Ukrainian War escalate into a deadly attritional phase dominated by artillery duels and positional battles with little major change in the forward edge of the battle area. #UkraineRussianWar Image
2/ Weather Outlook. Forecast for the next ten-days will see an initial 4-day period of thunderstorms in the Donbas that may slow operations in non-urban terrain. Temps will range from 31-14 C with higher humidity. Cloud cover & wind speed will make toss bombing problematic. Image
3/ Kharkiv OD. This remains a critical front and has become an unstable region over the past week. The RAF needs to expand its northern enclave to maintain pressure on Kharkiv & pin down UAF units still defending here. #Kharkiv Image
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BBC documents by name 3,502 killed #Russian military, National Guard, police, FSB, etc members during #UkraineRussianWar in #Ukraine. DNR ombudsman reveals 2,061 killed & 8,509 wounded members of all DNR separatist formations. Some 1,000 are killed in LNR.…
This puts minimal combined #Russian & #Donbas separatist losses in #RussiaUkraineWar close to 7,000 killed, or about 65 per day since start of #Russian invasion of #Ukraine on Feb, 24. Casualties exclude missing in action, and they are the minimal number.…
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#Zelenskyy presidential office adviser states that #Ukrainian military casualties are now 100-200 killed per day. It equals 3,000-6,200 killed per month. Typical wounded ratio suggests that 500-1,000 are wounded per day that equals 15,000-30,000 per month.…
Officially admitted #Ukrainian military losses of 100-200 killed per day in #UkraineRussiaWar exclude missing in action & apparently SBU, police & other non-military personnel. Armchair warriors, who push to continue the war to the last Ukrainian, need to go & fight themselves.
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More evidence that #Russia plans to annex #Donbas: New prime minister of separatist DNR is ex-head of department of Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia. Two other #Russian ex-officials are his deputies. Recently killed Russian general was commander of DNR military. #Ukraine
Member of #Ukraine parliament from #Zelenskyy party, who choose to stay in #Russian-occupied #Kherson, said that first deputy head of presidential administration of #Russia stated at their meeting there "that Russia is here seriously and for a long time."…
Various evidence shows that #Russia also plans to annex #Kherson Region, parts of #Zaporizhzhia & #Kharkiv regions & other parts of Eastern & Southern #Ukraine that it would manage to occupy. Russia appointed there administrations led by local pro-Russian politicians & officials.
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Thread – Part V – “How ‘Vladi the Provoked’ attracts clueless narcissists”

#Russia #Donbas #Ukraine @TimothyDSnyder @anneapplebaum #Merkel #NATO #SPD #Offenerbrief #colonial #Putin #Waffen #Zelensky #Melnyk Image
60/ INTRO: Assumption is that Putin appeaser views follow the stereotypes set out in the MATRIX in Fig. 19. The MATRIX is discussed in Part 1 (tweets 3-9).

#Nato #colonial #Ukraine #Russia #Waffen #Merkel Image
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#Bakhmut, Donetsk region. 20 km from the Russian positions. One of the most beautiful cities in #Donbas. Now it is under shelling 24/7. I've heard dozens of incoming and outgoing in just 2 hours.
Surprisingly, the city is well-groomed. Flowers and rose bushes are everywhere. Image
#Bakhmut is a key city for the evacuation from the Luhansk region: people who flee from #Severodonetsk or #Lysychansk stop here to take a breath and move on further, to Pokrovsk and out of Donbas.
It's not safe here. You can see a school that was hit by a rocket, in the photo. Image
Russian army can’t reach the city with mortars so they use rockets like Iskander and Tochka U. I’ve heard sounds of heavy weapons very close to the city center. Image
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@Kassandra_1909 @JoernLinnertz @Puettmann_Bonn @51Zuschauer
Dann würde ich mich mal informieren über:
- Parlamentswahlen 2019 in Ukraine
- Über #Azov bei @ColborneMichael:…
- (Neo)nazis sind wir alle im Westen nach Putins Propaganda
@LtTimMcMillan:… Sitzverteilung in Werchowna Rada nach Wahlen 2019, Swo: Vere
@Kassandra_1909 @JoernLinnertz @Puettmann_Bonn @ColborneMichael @LtTimMcMillan @51Zuschauer
Ja, es gibt Neonazis in der Ukraine, wie in jedem Land.
Bevor man auf die Ukraine mit Fingern zeigt, zuerst mal vor der eigenen Haustür kehren:…
@JoernLinnertz @Puettmann_Bonn @CharlesMichel
Nach #TerrorGruppenListe #EU gesucht. #Buergerfreundlich? Zero!
Endl. gefunden:… Anhang II
#RIM Russian Imperial Movement &
#RIL Russian Imperial League: NICHT in EU-Liste gefunden.
#RIL: Русское Имперское Движение…
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