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Liebe Grüße aus #Minsk/ Belarus!
Ich dachte mir, ich spar mir das Trauerspiel am Reichstag heute und gönn mir lieber ein paar Tage Urlaub in der letzten Oldschool-#Diktatur Europas. So geht social distancing auf Weißrussisch. Cheers! 🍺
2/ Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, Geschäfte, Museen, Theater, Kino, Sportstätten, Sauna - alles ist offen. Tagsüber sieht man zwar durchaus Masken in Innenräumen (geschätzt 50/50) ABER ES IST FREIWILLIG!!! Nachts wird gefeiert wie in Berlin noch vor etwas mehr als einem Jahr...
3/ Bar Maslow. In Minsk geht sogar am Dienstag was. Ich will nichts schönreden, es ist eine Diktatur. Aber Tatsache ist, dass in dieser "echten Diktatur" aktuell mehr bürgerliche Freiheitsrechte bestehen als bei uns. Keine Pointe.
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"We continue to see Russian forces arrayed along the border with Ukraine, in #Crimea specifically, more toward the southeast" per @PentagonPresSec "We're monitoring that very very closely...The intent is not completely clear"
#Russia|n troop movements near #Ukraine

"We have seen them build up forces along the southeast, including in #Crimea" per @PentagonPresSec "It is concerning"
"We call on #Russia to make their intentions more clear as to what they're doing w/this array of forces along the border [w/#Ukraine]" per @PentagonPresSec

"We continue to call for the cease fires that were called for by the #Minsk Agreement...& to bring the temperature down"
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A new proposal for peace in Eastern Ukraine has been overshadowed by renewed bloodshed btw the Ukrainian army + Russia-backed separatists. Here is a shamelessly long twitter thread:
France and Germany have apparently been working on a new approach to a settlement since November 2020, when it became clear that the warring sides had run out of reasonable proposals to offer.
“Clusters” propose a sequence of actions sides must do to implement the “Minsk-2” agreements. After agreeing on them in the Normandy Four they are passed to the Trilateral Contact Group, where the OSCE moderates negotiations of Ukraine🇺🇦, Russia🇷🇺 with participation of “LDPR”.
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Boeing KC-135T Stratotanker


20+ logs March other names QID34 QID23 QID11 QID858 QID858 QID858 QID861…


Boeing C-17A Globemaster III

RCH544 04-4130 from #Trenton @ 00:38 UTC

more than 20 logs over UK this year……

Beech Shadow R. MK 1


4 logs this month
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#Belarus: fireworks over the streets of #Minsk as some Belarusians are already celebrating Belarusian Freedom Day, which is tomorrow, March 25th.
#Belarus: small scale protests are taking place in #Minsk today as Belarusians are marking Freedom Day.

Larger protests are expected coming weekend.
This video tell you all you need to know about the current level of repression in #Belarus.

Watch the woman walking behind Nina Bahinskaya
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#Belarus #Poland #Minsk

Following his participation in an unofficial event commemorating an event in Belarus for Polish resistance groups who fought Soviet authorities,
the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommended that Polish consul in Brest Jerzy Timofiejuk leave the country. “Poland will immediately and appropriately, using the rule of reciprocity,
respond to Belarus’s unjustified decision to declare Polish consul Jerzy Timofiejuk a persona non-grata,” stated Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz.
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#Belarus #Minsk #Raid

In several cities in Belarus, security forces raided journalists 'and human rights activists' private rooms. According to Viasna-96, 25 members of the independent Belarusian journalists' association BAJ and the human rights organization Viasna-96
were affected. Accordingly, the security forces confiscated smartphones, among other things. State investigators told Telegram that the aim was to determine how the protests against President Alexander Lukashenko had been financed.
The authoritarian leadership repeatedly claims that the demonstrations are funded from abroad. Since August there had been repeated mass protests against Lukashenko. Since then, more than 30,000 demonstrators have been arrested, dead and injured.
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Unpopular THREAD. Peaceful protests are for democracies. In authoritarian countries like #Russia & #Belarus peaceful protests don’t work.

You need a specific location and you need to be ready to use force.
The main accomplishment of regimes in #Russia & #Belarus is that they were successful in demonizing Maidan. Even those who hate #Putin & #Lukashenko are scared of being associated with Maidan and rush to reassure their abusers that they will protest peacefully.
Yet, a peaceful protest is good in a country where public opinion & perception matters. In democracies, even a small protest can sway public opinion for or against a politician during the next election. In authoritarian states, public opinion is useless - there’s no elections.
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Across #Belarus another Sunday protest march, and more inhumane actions from the regime. Here a guy, seemingly unconscious is hauled away, his head almost on the snowy ground, to be dumped next to an unmarked police van
Security forces in #Belarus firing shots, but people are brave and don't flee this time.
Once again Lukashenko's muppets seem out of control in #Minsk
#Belarus protests continue as the snow falls.

credit: @Belsat_TV
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In #Belarus today the usual Sunday protests, but things are sinking to a new low.

Many people have come to a provincial neighbourhood of #Minsk to pay tribute to, protest against, the brutal murder of Roman Bondarenko by police
The regime turns the memorial site into a war zone
Meanwhile, nearby on Pushkinskaya in central #Minsk, another attack on protesters. One can hear the screams, the crack of the batons, and shots of some description

credit: Кулуары KYKY
A good aerial shot of the situation around "Changes Square" in #Minsk where the 31 year old artist was murdered by police this week. Thousands trying to pay respects, view the makeshift memorial and protest.
The regime responds with more violence

credit: Кулуары KYKY
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#Belarus #Minsk #Coronavirus #BorderClosure

Belarus temporarily suspends the entry of foreign nationals and stateless people at the border crossing on 1 November. The official explanation for the measure, published in a resolution of the Council of Ministers,
is the coronavirus pandemic. According to the paper, it temporarily restricts the entry of foreign people at road checkpoints, simplified checkpoints, checkpoints at railway stations and checkpoints at river ports.
The limits do not extend to diplomats and foreign nationals who provide free international services. drivers of international transport and postal items, as well as railway workers. But foreigners can fly to Belarus through the airport.
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Dept of (In)justice's G550 N708JH 10/25-10/26/20 Manassas-Stewart Int (~1h 35m)-Kyiv #Ukraine 10/27/20 Kyiv-Stewart Int
No doubt its connected to bogus H Biden laptops. Stewart Int is used for flights to/from NY

ICYMI: DoJ investigated FBI NY office leaking to Giuliani in 2016 ImageImageImage
Phoenix Air Group's (US Govt contractor) 10/25/20 Cartersville, GA-D.C. (~1h 20m)-Reykjavik-Ramstein Airbase (~3h)-Kyiv #Ukraine 10/27/20 Kyiv-Reykjavik-D.C. en route

Connected to DoJ's N708JH's flight to Kyiv? The jets departed Kyiv 14 minutes apart🤔
Sonnig Int's (Mortara/Haftar/LNA) P4-RMA 10/26-10/27/20 Dubai-#Benghazi #Libya-Reykjavik-Bangor, ME (45m)-St Louis
US Navy's Cessna C560 VM714 10/26-10/27/20 Joint Base Andrews-Bangor, ME-Andrews
Not sure if the flights are connected but the jets landed 2 minutes apart ImageImageImageImage
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#Belarus Happening right now across the country. Workers began protesting and striking. At least dozens of workers at various departments of #Minsk Tractor Plant are outside or marching inside the plant urging others to join. The plant's administration doesn't let them go
For you to understand the scale: yes, they are protesting right now at #Minsk Tractor Plant. State television already reported that everything is fine, workers are running to work, and strike isn't happening
This is #Grodno Azot in #Hrodna, one of the largest enterprises in #Belarus. At least several departments didn’t start working. Military trucks were sent to the entrance of the plant. But workers continue protesting
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White-red-white column in the center of #Minsk.


#Belarus #StandWithBelarus
People are marching along Pobeditely avenue in #Minsk.
They are chanting: “#Strike!”


#Belarus #StandWithBelarus
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In #Minsk beginnen wieder einmal die ersten Verhaftungen von Journalisten. #Belarus
Auch sonst wurden wieder große Mengen Spezialausrüstung nach #Minsk gebracht. #Belarus
Das mobile Internet in #Minsk wurde ebenfalls gestört. #Belarus
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And traditionally Sunday morning in #Minsk starts with police special vehicles moving towards the center of the city.

Source @OnlinerBY

#Belarus #StandWithBelarus
#Minsk Near Stella law enforcers are installing barbed wire.


#Belarus #StandWithBelarus
#Minsk The fences are being installed on Oktyabrskaya square.

source @OnlinerBY

#Belarus #StandWithBelarus
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A bit political satiric...
#Belarus #Minsk #Coronavirus

This man knows how to fight corona! As early as March, the Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko recommended vodka, sauna and tractor against the virus. However, these measures apparently did not bring much:
Although, according to official information, "only" 949 people died from the virus, the death rate soared in the first half of the year - for whatever reason.
But now the dictator is presenting a new miracle cure: "Cheese is a good cure for Covid," Lukashenko told journalists during a working visit to the Slutsk region. The video of it was published by Lukashenko's press service on Telegram.
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Wie schön sich Frau Katrin Göring-Eckert und Annalena 'Bärchen' @ABaerbock jetzt über d Proteste in #Minsk äußern und den Mut loben, gegen Unterdrückung und #Totalitarismus aufzustehen! Seit 26 Jahren stört sich der Westen in keiner Form am letzten Diktator Europas und machte /2
bisher gute Geschäfte mit ihm.

Erst jetzt, als #Weißrussland sich gegen die Teilnahme an der Pharma-Korruption (genannt #Covid19 #Pandemie) entschieden hatte, fällt den @GrueneBundestag auf einmal auf, dass #Lukaschenko doch ein ganz böser böser #Diktator ist. Parallelen zu /3
Saddam #Hussein kommen mir in den Sinn. Wie schnell man dahingehen David C. #Sieber fallen gelassen hatte, nachdem dieser öffentlich d Eile beschrieben hatte, mit d #Grünen die #Regierungslinie bzgl. #Plandemie abgenickt hatte, lässt tief, tief blicken! Scheiß #Doppelmoral. Pfui.
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Andy Beal's (Beal Bank) N123AB 9/27/20 Paris-Nice
Len Blavatnik's (Access Ind) N761LE 9/26/20 London-Milan (~1h)-Nice 9/28/20 Nice-London

ICYMI: Rudy Giuliani, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman used Beal's jet for some of their travels
Blavatnik "funneled millions into #GOP campaigns" ImageImageImage
Syrian Air's A320 YK-AKD 9/28/20 Damascus #Syria-Cairo
Third flight to Cairo in September

"Egypt sends forces to Syria for Assad regime. 150 soldiers deployed in Aleppo's western countryside, outskirts of Saraqib in southern Idlib countryside" July 2020… Image
Trump's private jet N725DT 9/28-9/29/20 Waterbury-Monmouth Executive Airport (~2h 15m)-D.C. (~25m)-Waterbury
N725DT seem to fly to D.C. every time there are crisis in the WH.
#TrumpTaxes ImageImage
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Fighting between 🇦🇲/🇦🇿 on the #NagornoKarabakh (#Artsakh) frontlines is heavy.

Footage shows a Azerbaijani APC going up into flames
#NagornoKarabakh: the Armenian side has released more footage of Azerbaijani military vehicles being destroyed on the front.

Reports on the ground however state it's the Azerbaijani side gaining ground on several points
#NagornoKarabakh: Armenian forces are documenting some of the losses suffered by the Azerbaijani military along the front-line.

It is clear the Azerbaijani forces failed to advance on some positions
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#Belarus #Minsk #hackers #Police

In Belarus, unknown hackers released the personal data of 1,000 police officers in retaliation for crackdown on demonstrators. "As the arrests continue, we will continue to release massive amounts of data,"
said a Telegram statement broadcast by opposition broadcaster Nexta Live. "Even under a balaclava, nobody will remain anonymous."
The government announced that it would hold those responsible to account. New protests against President Alexander Lukashenko, who has ruled the former Soviet republic for 26 years, are planned for Sunday.
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[À LA UNE À 21H] - Des dizaines de milliers de manifestants se sont rassemblés samedi à #Bangkok pour réclamer plus de démocratie et demander la démission du Premier ministre, beaucoup exigeant une réforme de la puissante monarchie, sujet tabou en Thaïlande #AFP Image
[À LA UNE À 21H] - Donald Trump s'est prononcé samedi pour un remplacement rapide de la juge à la Cour suprême Ruth Bader Ginsburg, icône décédée de la gauche américaine, un choix politique susceptible d'enflammer la fin de campagne présidentielle #AFP Image
[À LA UNE À 21H] - Les forces anti-émeutes bélarusses ont arrêté samedi des centaines de personnes lors d'une marche de femmes à #Minsk contre le président Alexandre Loukachenko #AFP Image
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#Bielorussia: i teatri sul piede di guerra
Normalizzazione in #MedioOriente: le reazioni dei palestinesi
#VonDerLeyen: un discorso economico eppure molto politico

Benvenuti a una nuova puntata

#Bielorussia #Palestina #AccordiDiAbramo #EU #VonDerLeyen #esteri #wetellstories
"Abbiamo fondato la compagnia @BFreeTheatre perché non c'erano altri mezzi per poterci esprimere e abbiamo subito compreso la necessità di entrare in una realtà clandestina" spiega Natalia Kaliada @BelFreeTheatre co-fondatrice e direttrice artistica del @BFreeTheatre
"1.5 miliardi di $ che #Lukashenko ha ottenuto dal #Cremlino non è affatto sufficiente a salvare #Minsk, specialmente di fronte ad un comportamento molto distaccato di #Putin che spinge per una riforma costituzionale" spiega @zafesova, giornalista per @LaStampa e @ilfoglio_it
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#Belarus. Happening right now in #Minsk. The video shows the current scale of the march. The interior ministry reported that at least 250 people have already been detained. Despite all arrests and repressions, people are on the streets again and again - also, all over the country
Regional cities have become important of the protests as well. Thousands of people came out to the streets in #Brest today. All major cities but also smaller ones are protesting today
*important centres of the protests. And here's today's march in Mahilou, where thousands of people came out to the streets. This is to show that people are expressing their discontent all across #Belarus. Dozens of people were brutally detained in the regions as well
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