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Tuesday's thread on #Russia's war of choice starts here.

It's Day 132 of the illegal conflict.
A late start to the thread today, primarily because it's been one of the quietest days so far since the bombs started falling

Read on for all the news of #Ukraine's fight for survival
I've spent the last 30 minutes going through replies, DMs and questions etc. The most common comment is along the lines of "Is the game up for #Ukraine?"

Certainly things are not going well for Ukraine right now for reasons I'll come to shortly

The main thing to remember is:
Any sort of "peace deal" even a ceasefire, plays right into the Kremlin's hands.
Following the 2014 invasion, the #Minsk accords were foisted on #Ukraine by two western partners🇫🇷+🇩🇪. #Russia refused to allow 🇬🇧+🇺🇸 to the table.

Putin used the last years to massively..
..increase defence spending.
Any sort of weakness from the West now will repeat the mistakes of the 1930s and 2014-2021.

Dictators don't voluntarily stop. #Russia may pause, paying lip service to an agreement, purely to rearm and go again.

#Kyiv and then NATO states are next

At the start of the war in February, big intelligence failures led Putin to believe #Russia would force #Ukraine to wilt within 3-4 days and be completely taken over within 10 days.
The attack on many fronts was never likely to work. But since concentrating their forces...

..on specific targets, such as the more easily supplied eastern parts of #Ukraine (#Donbas, east #Kharkiv etc) it's been much more successful for #Russia.

This was predictable, but the west was negligent. Despite strong words and promises, useful weapons were not forthcoming
Maybe stupid assumptions from some leaders such as "🇺🇦 won the battle for #Kyiv, they will be ok & win in the end" played a part or maybe still scared of #Putin

Also IMO Zelenskyy was culpable for not asking for a No Fly Zone 20-23 February when #Russia promised not to invade

Eventually the west has reacted and big weapons are coming. The way to win any conflict is surely to be proactive. Baltic States, Poland and UK were the prescient hawks, the others the head in the sand doves, with USA somewhere in between.

Had jets, helicopters, howitzers..
..been given to #Ukraine as soon as possible, I guarantee #Luhansk would not have been lost. The war would look totally different.

It's not quite too late. HIMARS, Caesars are starting to have an effect (eg #SnakeIsland).

To save ourselves in the west we must be strong..

Fight #Russia's nationalistic evil committing war crimes

100% support for the brave people and army of #Ukraine

Keep Ukraine on the agenda, in the media

No negotiations until Putin is driven back, preferably to 2013 borders

Long-term ideal free media + education in Russia
Sorry for the rant! Hope you agree!
#Ukraine's border guard is playing its part. In #Kharkiv region, where #Russia is desperately trying to make ground, Ukraine drones monitor for movement in the forest and then take action.

This bomb killed 4 Russian soldiers and destroyed their equipment
Shelling from #Russia's troops continues across the front line. The north-east regions of #Sumy and #Chernihiv are coming under heavier fire the past few weeks.

Helicopter also launched unguided missile attacks in #Esman and #Bilopillia leaving this behind:

For those who like to read the daily update from Britain's MOD, here it is, but no new information.

#RussiaIsATerroristState #SaveUkraine
#Ukraine, with longer range and high precision howitzers, has had much greater success in targeting #Russia's ammunition and fuel dumps - previously very difficult in highly populated areas.

Another hit in central #Donetsk this morning on the KAMAZ centre
It's also reported by #Russia's occupiers in #Donetsk that a bridge has been hit in the #Voroshilivsky district.

Shelling hit something in, or near, Shcherbakov Park

#Donbas #Donbass #Ukraine #StopRussia
The bombardment of #Donetsk is getting heavier.

Reports suggest the central Kievsky area is receiving the brunt of the attack but also fires in the north of the city and Kuibyshev district. Two people have died.

Rumours #Ukraine may have hit an army barracks.
The Kamaz centre is still under attack in occupied #Donetsk. This was filmed just minutes ago.

Meanwhile the puppet government is reporting 66 miners may be trapped underground because of the shelling. One might say somewhat strange they still send miners down in a war zone.
Kamaz ostensibly make trucks, armoured vehicles etc., but by the sounds of explosions on this video it would seem the Kamaz centre was also making or storing explosives/ammunition. If so, pretty stupid!

#Donetsk #Ukraine #StopRussia
#Putin sold this war to his people on
1) "Nazism" of #Ukraine, which is easily disprovable nonsense, but chimes well with the public, evoking memories of WWII
2) NATO being at #Russia's borders.
How's that going Vova?

More countries clamouring to buy grain stolen from #Ukraine.

#Iran, #Iraq and #SaudiArabia will reportedly profit and contribute to #Russia's killing of civilians and destruction of a free nation.

Yevgeny Balitsky, head of the occupied part of #Zaporizhzhia announced the news.
Back to the KAMAZ centre in #Donetsk.

Now we can clearly see a huge fire in the plant. No killing weapons will be made, or repaired, there for a while.

#SlavaUkraini #StandWithUkraine
I also reported earlier about strikes in the north of #Donetsk, in the #Kuibysheva district.

Video from here - a house well ablaze. No news on whether it was a direct hit or incidental cause, or indeed who/what may have been here.

#Donetsk again.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we have footage now of the exact moment the KAMAZ centre in the city was hit.
Multiple rockets and some big booms!

#Donbas #Ukraine #StandWithUkraine
An important read. Hopefully #Austria can be fully purged quickly and back in the fold soon.

All at @Bellingcat do a tremendous job.

#RussiaIsATerroristState #StopRussia

#Ukraine's general staff has effectively tightened up on the movement of men in the country.

Already not allowed abroad without a permit, men of fighting age now also need a permit if they plan to leave their home city for any period of time

Here's the announcement (translated)
A second French fighter has died in #Ukraine.

Identified only as "Adrien D" he was seriously injured a month ago in #Kharkiv region in an attack which also killed the other fighter from #France, Wilfried Blériot

Adrien was in a coma until losing his life
Let's check back in again at the KAMAZ centre in occupied #Donetsk.

Oh look, still ammunition exploding.
Fewer ways to kill Ukrainians

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
Damage to a building on Artyoma Street in north-west #Donetsk.
This is only 300m from the Donetsk Railway Transport Institute. I honestly don't know what the target here was.

#Donbas #Donbass #Ukraine
The occupiers of #Mariupol had great delight in showing on #Russia's propaganda channels a concert in the city.

I wouldn't have bothered - even for a free gig in the centre they can scarcely assemble a crowd.
Not surprising, Russia left many without power, water or even a home.
More shells landing across #Donetsk in what's presumably a new wave of incoming missiles from #Ukraine. Five shells reported in Yasynuvata, north of Donetsk.

Unconfirmed reports that #Ukraine has regained control of #Solodke/#Sladkoe midway between #Donetsk and #Volnovakha.
#Ukraine's ousted Mayor of #Melitopol confirms an attack on the airfield in the city.

Not exactly clear but fairly sure this refers to an attack 2 days ago. Iven Fedorov says 200 Russians were killed, 300 injured.
He also confirms that UA guerillas destroyed a bridge in Tokmak
#Sloviansk has come under heavy attack today too.

The #Ukraine city almost right on the front line now reports deaths from the shelling.
It's 8 years to the day since #Ukraine's army raised the flag over #Sloviansk (RU: #Slavyansk) after liberating it from #Russian occupation in the war which the invaders started in 2014.

#Putin never forgets anniversaries. This is the market in central Sloviansk now
#Ukraine Presidential adviser @Podolyak_M has claimed in a TV show that almost 50,000 invaders have been killed.

Podolyak says as well as 36,000 #Russia army soldiers, up to 12,000 more from Private Military Companies have also died.

He reckons 115,000 total dead + wounded.
Meanwhile in #Uzbekistan, still tension in the independent region of #Karakalpakstan

In this video, kids here cycling and holding a banner "freedom" -

I cannot verify the veracity, but it is timestamped yesterday evening.
An armoured train of #Russia's troops passes over a pontoon bridge at #Kupyansk in the #Kharkiv region of #Ukraine

#Donetsk, occupied #Ukraine

In the latest round of shelling reports of explosions near the "Green Plaza" shopping centre

#StandWithUkraine #Donbas
In #Donetsk local (Russian) officials claim a 10 year old girl has been killed in today's shelling.

It's unclear which district of the city this is.

#Donbas #Ukraine #PutinsWar
One person has died in #Sloviansk and 7 injured as a result of Russian shelling.

Head of the city, Vadym Lyakh also confirmed the central market caught fire. Shells landed in the Warshava, Severniy and Slovkurort districts.

#Donetsk #Donbas #Ukraine
The gear cannot come quickly enough!

President @ZelenskyyUa has been forced to "clarify" that men can still travel around #Ukraine, after an avalanche of criticism.

The instruction is now aimed only at those who want to permanently relocate, who must seek permission to be reregistered:

Well @BorisJohnson may not be everyone's favourite in the UK right now, but safe to say he's Number One in #Ukraine.

And quite literally - he could be "top of the pops" soon. This new tribute to the British PM, "Dobriy Den' Everybody" has just been made.
(Twitter 2'15" edit)
I was about to tell you that two more areas of #Donetsk have been shelled this evening.

Then I saw this video which shows you perfectly!

Fair to say #Ukraine's been on the offensive today; seemingly good intel on targets to hit in occupied areas with new high-precision weapons
We've all heard the expression "life goes on"...
Well how about this. The market may be on fire in the centre of #Donetsk. But not this stall yet, fruit to sell, so carry on trading
364 shells reported fired on #Donetsk today and I doubt it's finished yet.
As light begins to fade, the flames will light up the night sky.

#Ukraine #Donbas #StopRussia
I see morale remains high among the rank and file in #Russia's army.

Yes, I know this is great propaganda, but none of these intercepts has seemed fake so far.

Finally good news for everyone (except Putin) today as oil prices fell again.

The cost of a barrel of Brent crude dipped below $102 for the first time since May 11

#StopRussia #StandWithUkraine
After the torrent of abuse and indignation at the threat to ban #Ukraine's men from moving around the country without a permit, President Zelenskyy distances himself

"I promise the people to deal with this and I ask the General Staff not to make such decisions without me again"
Just what the world needs... tons of grain going up in smoke in #Romania today

With zero proof whatsoever, #Russia's Army TV blames "Ukrainian Nazis" for the destruction of this church in #Lysychansk.

Strange how they only find, and report, this a couple of days after #Ukraine has retreated from the #Luhansk town.

#StopRussia #RussiaIsATerroristState
#Russia's forces have taken the village of #Novoluhanske. It's just north of #Horlivka.

Life under occupation becoming less attractive by the day!

This is what happens if you run the tap in many parts of #Donetsk this evening.

#Donbas #Ukraine
Four rockets were fired on the western city of #Khmelnytskyi this evening.

Just before 8pm the Russian attack began. One rocket was shot down, the debris fell in Shepetiv district.

The other 3 missiles landed - officials say the target was a water tower. Just one injury.
Three more Russian ships may be carrying grain stolen from #Ukraine.

Turkiye has been asked to investigate.



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Jul 6
The 133rd daily thread of #Russia's war on #Ukraine

One of Putin's closest allies confirmed it's not just about #Donbas; the goal remains regime change & to effectively conquer the whole country.

But big damage was inflicted by 🇺🇦 y'day on Donetsk.
Here's the news updated⬇️
Starting with the view from UK's Ministry of Defence Intelligence.

#Sloviansk (and #Kramatorsk) the next big targets for #Russia and losing these would be a huge psychological blow (more than Lysychansk) for #Ukraine

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia Image
However, #Ukraine's Defence staff says they beat off a Russian offensive yesterday.

"the enemy shelled civilian infrastructure in #Siversk + #Hryhorivka. (we) inflicted significant losses on the enemy during his attempted offensive. The occupiers left."
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Another small thread on #Uzbekistan, which has disappeared from headlines around the world as quickly as it briefly appeared.

It would seem the Government's tactics are working in stifling opposition and the truth from getting out of #Karakalpakstan.

You will remember dozens reported dead when a peaceful protest in #Nukus, the capital of autonomous #Karakalpakstan was violently broken up by #Uzbekistan riot police. They claim people rioted, 15 was the official death toll but most opposition activists claim much higher

There's scepticism about a swift U-turn from #Uzbekistan's authoritarian President, scrapping plans to take away #Karakalpakstan's autonomy & hopes to become independent.

Internet access was cut; some new videos are just emerging. This from Saturday shows peaceful protesters
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Jul 3
Day 131 of #Russia's unprovoked war on #Ukraine.
In total though it's 8 years, 4 months - more than twice as long as WW1 and 2 years longer than WWII.

All the news, events and analysis as it happens, updated in real time right here in the daily thread, so scroll below!
Yesterday saw many civilian lives lost as Russia unleashed a barrage of missiles on eastern regions.

6 died in #Sloviansk, civilian buildings struck in #Kramatorsk and, as it only just made Sunday's thread, a repost of 🇷🇺 hitting a hospital in #Sumy

Three days ago I broke the news about @NHLFlyers losing a player - Ivan Fedotov arrested as he attempted to go to the States.

I can now confirm the Finnish born ice hockey star is in Severomorsk, #Murmansk to start his military service on Novaya Zemlya

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Jul 3
Thread on #Uzbekistan
Very difficult to obtain information following the State of Emergency in #Karakalpakstan.

A reminder that the President has done a U-turn and won't now try to deprive the region of its autonomy.

Last night many died, over 1,000 injured
#Karakalpakstan capital #Nukus saw many deaths after riot police tried to break up a huge rally in the centre

In tactics identical to those seen in #Belarus + #Russia when confronted with domestic protests, armed police were this morning brutal arresting suspects
#Nukus appears to be calm this evening, at least I've not seen reports of gatherings, which would be illegal under the new emergency measures

However, the #Uzbekistan riot police snatch squads continued their terror tactics on the streets throughout the day (unverified video)
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Jul 3
Terrible scenes in #Uzbekistan.
Here #Russia is not so keen on backing separatists.

Last night another huge demo in #Karakalpakstan which has been autonomous but among growing independence sentiment, that was abolished with the state being brought back under central control

Predictably for former #Soviet states still tied to #Russia, things quickly turned violent - horrendously so.

#Uzbekistan #Karakalpakstan

As protests spiraled in #Uzbekistan, President Mirziyoev did a U-turn scrapping plans to limit autonomy and possible secession for #Karakalpakstan, but then imposed a month-long state of emergency.
The violence continued...
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Jul 3
Welcome to my 130th daily thread on #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine.

While #Luhansk looks to be lost, a fightback continues from the Ukrainians in the south of the country.

All the news right here in one thread...

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
Two big news events overnight as #Ukraine hits #Russia in both 🇺🇦+🇷🇺

First the strike over the border in #Russia.
Officials in #Belgorod say 3 people died and four are injured.

A local TG channel helpfully put together a "highlights" video of the night's action!
#Ukraine has not yet admitted the attack in #Russia and no confirmation of what was it. But could well be an ammunition store.

A house in #Belgorod' also seems to have been targeted but I cannot verify this video.

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