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Dec 6, 2022
15 Azar, 1401

Strikes: There have been strikes in more than 70 cities in across Iran
#Gilan: Stores in Anzali, Rasht, Lahijan
#Isfahan: Stores in Isfahan incl Naghshe Jahan Sq., Najaf Abad, Shahin Shahr, workers at Sepahan Cement Factory and Isfahan Steel Company

#Kermanshah: stores in Paveh, Kermanshah, Kerend-e Gharb
#RazaviKhorasan: Stores in Mashhad, bus drivers in Mashhad
#NorthKhorasan: Stores in Bojnurd
#Qazvin: Stores in Qazvin, incl. Molla Sadra neighborhood
#Kerman: Stores in Kerman
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#BREAKING: Anti-regime protests continues for the fifth day all over #Iran over murder of #MahsaAmini by morality police of the regime. This video recorded a few minutes ago shows the protest in city of #Amol, North of #Iran.
#BREAKING: In several cities of #Iran including #Sardasht in west of the country, snipers of #Iranian Police are positiooned over the roof tops of the buildings to kill the protesters tonight. Protesters filmed one of them secretly.
#BREAKING: People in city of Gonbad-Kavus in North of #Iran have started their anti-regime protest. Today is the fifth day of nationwide protests across #Iran over murder of #MahsaAmini.
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1) Why is #Khuzestan thirsty?
The people of Khuzestan have been facing the problem of lack of drinking water, destruction of farms, destruction of groves, and death of their livestock for many years.
Meanwhile, 5 rivers are flowing in Khuzestan province.
2) The reason for this problem is the construction of dams and large tunnels to divert water from the Karun, Dez, and Karkheh rivers.
3)Why were these dams built?
Many reports indicate that dams and tunnels are built for water use in IRGC military industries in the middle of the desert. Many state media have mentioned this issue.
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Reports regarding the internet outage in southern #Iran (#Khuzestan) and even #Isfahan province are growing in numbers.
#IranProtests ImageImage
Full internet outage in Ahvaz, #Khuzestan province of #Iran
Koureha neighborhood, Mahshahr.
#Khuzestan province of #Iran.
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Thread on #IranProtests.
Thursday, 22 July, 2021 / 31st Tir, 1400.
Demonstrations in Gonaveh, #Bushehr province.
#Iran, #IranProtests
Wednesday, #Mahshahr clashes.
#IranProtests #Iran
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The National Council of Resistance of #Iran, the country’s present and future asset - Speech on the 40th anniversary of the National Council of Resistance of Iran #NCRIAlternative
Our warmest salutations to the arisen #Khuzestan that is suffering & thirsting under the mullahs’ rule. Naming this NCRI session as the gathering of the arisen Khuzestan, let us honor the memories of their innocent martyrs and the sacrifices made by this suffering Province.
The NCRI is honored to have elevated the democratic legacies of the Constitutional Movement and the National Movement of #Iran in four decades of relentless struggle against the backward religious fascism and put forth a progressive alternative.
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The report by @farnazfassihi on the protests in #Khuzestan is an example of producing propaganda in favor of the gov and spreading misinfo.
She's not a journalist, she's a propagandist. We must stand up against her because of her involvement in the regime's system of propaganda.
Revealing the truth about her false report and her actions is an obligation of media outlets during the period of oppression.

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#BREAKING: Iranians in several cities of #Iran are now protesting against #Iran's Islamic Regime in solidarity with the people of #Khuzestan. Video shows people of Yazdanshahr in #Isfahan province protesting now. They chant "Reza Shah, Bless You" during their anti-regime protest.
#BREAKING: People of #Bushehr are not protesting against #Iran's Islamic Regime in support of people of #Khuzestan. They have blocked main roads to their cities preventing security forces from mobilizing their troops.
#BREAKING: You can hear in this footage that the security forces of #Iran's Islamic Regime have started firing at the protesters in city of #Bushehr in south of #Iran.
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Thread /
Wednesday, July 21, 2021.
A wounded protestor pulling out the rubber bullets from his body,
Ahvaz, #Khuzestan province
#Iran, #IranProtests
"Farzad Furaisawi", moments before passing away in hospital.
He was shot by the regime forces in Kuy E Alawi, Ahvaz, #Khuzestan.
#Iran #IranProtests
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#BREAKING: Video shows people of #Izeh protesting against #Iran's Islamic Regime in support of people of #Ahvaz. They chant: "Death to #Khamenei". Khamenei is the supreme leader of #Iran's Islamic Regime, on his order security forces killed protesters few days ago.
Video shows protesters from Bakhtiari tribe confronting security forces of regime in city of #Izeh, North of #Khuzestan province. They are protesting #Iran's Islamic Regime over water shortages.
Another video shows protesters in city of #Izeh chanting "Death to #Khamenei" in support of people of #Ahvaz & #Susangerd who had their peaceful protests brutally suppressed by the security forces of #Iran's Islamic Regime.
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Anti-regime demonstrations are still underway in Iran's #Khuzestan province. This video is from #Susangerd where security forces are seen shooting at innocent protesters asking for water.

Khuzestan doesn't have water and the regime is to blame for wrong water policies.
Watch this video. These innocent people of #Kuzestan want to water. The regime has deprived them of this vital source of life. Watch how the Islamic Republic of Iran shoots at protesters in #Susangerd because they simply ask why they lack water.
More videos are emerging of the police brutality towards #Khuzestan's protesters. This poor young man was injured in his head while demanding water. While Islamic Republic of Iran uses arms, this poor man's only weapon is his voice. Will the international community hear him?
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On January 21, Iranian citizens held at least five rallies in different provinces to voice #IranProtests against officials’ mismanagement.…
#IranProtests on January 21:
1–Rally of Municipal Workers
2–Rally of House Customers
3–Rally of Taxi and Bus Drivers
4–Rally of Textile Workers
5–Rally of Preschool Educators
#IranProtests on January 21:
1—Rally of Municipal Workers
#KohgiluyehAndBoyerAhmad province—a group of municipal workers held a rally in front of the Provincial Governorate. They protested officials’ failure to change their recruitment conditions and lack of job security.
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On January 19, Iranian citizens held at least six rallies in different cities, venting their anger at the regime’s plundering and profiteering policies. House customers, students, stockholders, car customers, and merchants organized…
#IranProtests on January 19:
1–Rally of House Customers
2–Rally of Housing Cooperative Members
3–Rally of Ph.D. Students
4–Rally of Tehran Bourse Stockholders
5–Rally of MG360 Automobile’s Customers
6–Rally of Merchants
#IranProtests on January 19:
1—Rally of House Customers
#Khuzestan province—for the second consecutive day, people who had registered for houses, held a rally in front of the Provincial Governorate. Image
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On January 9, Iranian citizens once again took to the streets to vent their anger at the regime’s plundering and profiteering policies. People from different walks of life continued #IranProtests, by at least seven rallies and strikes in various cities.…
#IranProtests on January 9:
1–Rally of Medical Staff
2–Rally of Tehran Stock Market Shareholders
3–Municipality Destroys a Shed
4–Rally of Dey Bank Stockholders
5–Sit-in of Laboratory Sciences and Medical Genetics Ph.Ds.
6–Rally of Haft-Tappeh Workers
7–Rally of Truck Drivers
#IranProtests on January 9:
1—Rally of Medical Staff
#Khuzestan province—medical and health staff affiliated to the Health Ministry’s Health Change plan once again rallied in front of the local health department.
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Breaking: #US Airstrikes on Hashd al-Shaabi Forces West of al-Anbar

According to reports, the US warplanes have targeted the positions of the 45th Brigade of Hashd al-Shaabi in the al-Mazraah area on the road to Akashat, west of Anbar province.…
The #US terrorist command in the region, #CENTCOM releasing a statement said that they attacked five positions of Kata’ib Hezbollah forces in Iraq and Syria.…
First images from the one of the bases which targeted by the #US warplanes
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By tripling gasoline prices, the mullahs further impoverish the people. #Iran #IranProtests
The economic lifeline are controlled by Khamenei, Rouhani & the billion-dollar thieves working with them. They pillage ppl’s wealth for warmongering, unpatriotic nuclear & missile programs to usurp ppl’s sovereignty. #Iran #IranProtests
Repressive forces are on full alert fearing popular protests. As long as this anti-human regime remains in power, high prices, unemployment & other calamities will only intensify. #Iran #IranProtests
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A 29 year old poet, Hassan Heidari, died yesterday under suspicious circumstances in a hospital in the SW city of Ahvaz. Locals believe he was poisoned by the #Iran regime. Following his death, hundreds gathered in Ahvaz to demand answers. #IranProtests
29 year old Arab-Iranian poet, Hassan Heidari, killed under suspicious circumstances yesterday in the SW city of Ahvaz, reciting one of his poems. Locals say he was killed by the regime. #IranProtests
Following Hassan Heidari's death, locals in Ahvaz demonstrated in vast numbers chanting for "Ahvaz to rise up". Angry protesters obstructed the main roads in the city demanding answers on the death of the popular poet, detained last year by the regime for his poems. #IranProtests
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#Iran: several thousand people gathered o the central market in the Arab city of #Ahwaz to protest against the Iranian regime and what they describe as "discriminating policies against the Arab people"
#Iran: the situation later turned violent after Iranian police tried to break up the Arab protest in #Ahwaz, using tear gas and rubber bullets on the people.

The protests are a response to insults being made towards the Arab people on Iranian TV
#Iran: the Arab city of #Ahwaz today. Women are facing off against the Iranian police as they protest the regime's discriminating policies
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3rd day of #IranProtests; in this thread I'm going to post some of the videos that are verified by BBC about the date and location.
#Zanjan, #IranProtests:
#Kerman, #IranProtests: "the ppl are living like a begger, the Leader is behaving like the God".
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In #Iran, thousands take to the streets for day two of anti-regime protests. Flashback to 2009 #IranProtests? So who is demonstrating now and why? I'll compare/contrast movements. Some thoughts & on-the-ground insights to follow:
The protests are largely targeting government economic policies, price surges on basic goods & the regime's economic & material support of Hezbollah & movements in Syria, Gaza, Yemen, etc. #Iranprotests #مظاهرات_ايران
But grievances have expanded, similar to the #GreenRevolution of 2009, which started out as a contested election but evolved into a movement against the entire regime..Now protesters' slogans are targeting President Rouhani & Supreme Leader #Khamenei #Iranprotests
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