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1. The #Trump administration would like us to believe its sanctions policy is about changing “the behavior of the leadership in #Iran to comport with what the Iranian people really want." Now we have the chance to test whether this is really true.…
2. As I write in @bopinion, #Iran has a new central bank governor, Abdolnasser Hemmati. He has a lot on his plate. A currency crisis exacerbated by sanctions fears took his predecessor down. The Central Bank of Iran is going to be placed under sanctions once again next week.
3. European governments are working to find ways to facilitate payments to #Iran's central bank despite the returning US sanctions. But Iran needs to meet the reform requirements set by #FATF to better prevent financial crime. This is a precondition for these special solutions.
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Because THIS guy draws another false equivalence between the torrent of lies he spun selling the #IranDeal and Trump’s meetings that resulted in nothing similar, I’m compelled to call him out in vivid detail as I did in 2015 with this thread for the record 👇🏼
You can follow along with the article I wrote in @TimesofIsrael in 2015, "Framework Iran’ Sequel Leaves Audiences and Critics Confused" in which I demonstrate that at nearly every turn, #Iran's version of the deal was accurate and the White House lied.…
We should recall that in 2015, there was a sizable disagreement between the garbage Ben Rhode's and his #EchoChamber were selling, what Europe was saying, and what #Iran said happened.
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“People have muted the curators in the world —the experts.” —@SalenaZito, author of The Great Revolt, on why the public isn’t buying the spin that release of Page FISA app somehow undercuts Nunes. It doesn’t. It might in future but no evidence other than Steele Dossier thus far.
The collective assertion of the usual suspects that “X means Y” just doesn’t fly in the world of hyper-partisan journalists. I’m a partisan journalist and have always been transparently so when I began in business in 1990. Public has recognized every journalist is a partisan.
This isn’t a condemnation, just a recognition that our inherent biases and the pull of our colleagues and the weight of the crowd usually press journalists into conformity with the Manhattan-Beltway media master narrative. Page FISA warrant the perfect example of this coverage.
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1/Heated rhetoric between Washington & Tehran over recent days culminate in an ALL CAPS threat from #Trump directed at #Iran's president #Rouhani (flash-back to his tweet in Jan for N.Korea's Kim Jong Un on "bigger & more powerful" nuclear button). Trajectory deeply problematic:
2/#Trump's tweet response to #Rouhani saying yesterday:"America should know peace with #Iran is mother of all peace & war with Iran is mother of all wars".Rouhani left open prospect for diplomacy although SL #Khamenei said on Saturday further talks with US "useless" "major error"
3/In Middle East context Rouhani is right that Iran-US conflict is"mother of all wars".If you thought #Iraq invasion was bad: military conflict with #Iran would be devastating & costly:Iran roughly 4x size & 3x population size of Iraq in 2003.Niether Iran nor US interested in war
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The #Podcasters3 don’t have a law degree between much less Nat Sec law experience and it shows. If they would like to have a debate w/ me and say @AndrewCMcCarthy and @KurtSchlichter we could perhaps make a dent in their collective ignorance regarding assertion v evidence. 1
Until then they can carry on not understanding that the files released do not support a FISA warrant against Page, but that the redacted portions might, though if those portions did, it would be hard to see why the Obama DOJ both padded and misled the FISC re provenance of 2
Steele Dossier. The Catholic Church has a doctrine of “invincible ignorance” —…— which may pardon them here. They r burdened by a presidency that, w/ it’s #FantasyLeagueForeignPolicy, is summarized by references to “leading from behind,” red line, Libya, 3
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1. @Najmeh_Tehran, the journalist who wrote this piece, is immense. This is an issue she has been covering for years on the ground in #Tehran. You and colleagues at @FDD have cited her reporting in papers, briefings, and testimony. But let's put that aside for a second.
2. Maybe we can find another source that's "capable of writing accurately." How about Ken Katzman, who @FDD has welcomed to its events as "a foremost expert on Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps and sanctions policy at Congress’ think tank, the Congressional Research Service."
3. The phenomenon described in @Najmeh_Tehran's piece is a simple one. The reapplication of sanctions undermines a moderate president whose primary foreign policy achievement was their removal. As sanctions return, hardline elements, such as the IRGC, are poised to regain power.
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1. So here is something most reports on the Friday July 6 #JCPOA Joint Commission meeting missed. #Iran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif made an unplanned trip back to Tehran the night before the foreign ministers' meeting on the nuclear deal.
2. Zarif was already in Vienna in the days leading up to the #JCPOA meeting as part of President Rouhani's official visit to Austria. Rouhani returned to Tehran on July 4 and the idea was that Zarif would stay on until Friday.
3. But just a few hours after Rouhani's departure, Zarif also rushed back to Tehran. This is easy to confirm if you check the flight history:
◢ Rouhani (EP-IGA)- 4 July, Dep 11:05 PM, Arr 5:17 AM
◢ Zarif (EP-IGD)- 5 July, Dep 2:28 AM, Arr 8:44 AM
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#Putin now on Channel one gives interview on #HelsinkiSummit, says he agreed with Trump to continue working at the expert level on some of the "new ideas that there are on how to fix conflict in east of #Ukraine."
#Putin after having studied #Trump today: @realDonaldTrump can listen, but keeps his own opinion on many issues" adds many mistakingly call his approach that of businessman but he is acting as a pure politician because he is very much catering to his base, his constituency.
#Putin on #JCPOA:It’s the tool to guarantee nuclear non-proliferation across the region.#Iran one of the most controllable countries by #IAEA.We understnd #Trump’s position,he was saying IRN should stop destructive regional policies. But this[approach]shouldnt lead to nixing deal
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In their @WashingtonPost piece, @McFaul & @milaniabbas criticize Trump exiting the #IranDeal based on it not bringing calm & peace.…
We probably have to thank #Obama for signing the deal & allowing #Iran further open the gates of hell across the region.
@McFaul & @milaniabbas claim Trump's new #Iran policy is “vague.”
That is because these Iran apologists know that @SecPompeo’s logical 12 conditions will support the Iranian people & the region, while bringing the regime to its knees.
And the two writers aim to prevent that.
@McFaul & @milaniabbas base their entire piece on the old pretext of anything other than the #IranDeal will lead to war.
They, of course, don't care to raise the fact that #Iran actually used the #JCPOA to further its wars & deadly influence in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon & Iraq.
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Over the course of 2 years, US violated #JCPOA, several times, while the Europeans remained silent. These 3 European countries should prove that they won’t be as dishonest & untrustworthy as they were during nuclear talks in 2004-2005. Europe needs to compensate for it:
The US has violated Resolution 2231. Europe must issue a resolution against US’s violation [of it].
Europe must guarantee it will not raise the issue of the Islamic Republic's missiles and regional affairs.
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(1) In my latest, I discuss how #Europe could be able to keep #Iran in the deal, and the #JCPOA alive.…
(2) #Europe must reject notion pushed by #Washington and its allies that being pro-JCPOA means being pro-Iran. Also, #Europe must reject narrative suggesting it puts wedge in transatlantic relations by trying to safeguard JCPOA.
(3) #Iran can be kept in the deal if its economic, political and security dividend makes it conclude it’s better off with the deal. While economic dividend is part of #JCPOA terms, and the other two aren’t, they will play a role in current situation.
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1/ @SecPompeo -- the hardest thing in government is often setting priorities realisticly given limited resources. That's what the #JCPOA did -- identified Iran's nuclear program as the main international concern and painstakingly developed leverage to address it.
2/ Your speech does not describe a realistic set of goals or a way to develop leverage to achieve them. It's a lightly camouflaged call for regime change that is likely to scare off potential international partners and get Iranians to rally round the flag.
3/ We do not have the leverage to force the kinds of Iranian policy changes you demand. And worse, you policy has squandered what leverage we do have to address non-nuclear issues.
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#Total CEO Patrick Pouyanné: [#Trump's] announcement on #Iran clearly is pushing the price up. And I would not be surprised to see $100 per barrel in the coming months because, clearly, you will have some impacts. 
#Oil #IranDeal…
#Pouyanné: we know we are back to the situation we were before the 2016 agreement, and in the meantime #Iran has grown its exportation by 1 million barrel(s) per day. So this 1 million barrel(s) per day is in question today.
#Total CEO Pouyanné: We have decided to look to that project in Iran because of the #JCPOA, which means end of secondary sanctions. As soon as the U.S. decide to put back in place the secondary sanctions, there is no possibility for us to be a major company, a global company.
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1. #QAnon responds to an anon's rant at @RealAlexJones by reminding us that, when it comes to divisiveness, it's

"Time to move on.
Big week ahead!
2. #QAnon's response to the anon refers to the criticism of Alex Jones "making us all look crazy." But, in the spirit of it being "time to move on", #Q posts a link to the Alex's representation as a "performance artist."…
3. To #QAnon's point, clearly, Alex Jones is a performance artist. A lot us are. Nothing wrong with that!

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Let’s be honest here. Trump’s strategy on pushing back Iran has worked so far.
A.Khameni said “if Trump nixes #IranDeal I will burn it.”But he didn’t dare to withdraw from #JCPOA. Iranian regime may accept whatever Trump asks them to do. Why? 1/1
Many were arguing that IRI will use its proxies in the region to counter US and Israel but as we can see Israel is doing pretty well in defeating IRGC. This has frightened Tehran. At the same time Khamenei&Rouhani are extremely worried about the future of their regime. 1/2
Did you notice that for the first time Khamenei claimed what Rouhani said a night before him on negotiating with Europe?This is the tip of the fear in Tehran which has untied so called hardliners&Moderates for the first time in public[as they are always united behind science].1/3
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BREAKING : United States #US and United Arab Emirates #UAE disrupt large scale currency exchange network transferring millions of dollars to #Iran’s #IRGC -Qods Force. Exchange Network CHART published by @USTreasury…
According to statement @USTreasury: “Today the US and the UAE jointly took action to disrupt an extensive currency exchange network in Iran and the UAE that has procured and transferred millions in U.S. dollar-denominated bulk cash to #Iran’s IRGC-QF) to fund its malign
activities and regional proxy groups.”
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Goodbye to the rest of my day. Here are all of the Russian ads.…
One of the first more successful/costly ads, from 2015. Posts promising "updates" (including one about the Charleston shooting) seem to perform better so far. Also notice targeting- Baltimore, Ferguson, and surrounding.
Nothing like some good old patriotism to generate some clicks 🇺🇸

Just like with RT's cat and tsunami videos, this page was looking to draw people in before delivering more divisive content...

#breaking #RussianAds #Facebook #disinformation
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#ICYMI: Iranian forces fired 20 rockets at Israeli army outposts on the Golan Heights last night. In response, Israeli military set out on an extensive retaliatory attack against Iranian targets, the largest Israeli attack in Syria since 1974
No casualties reported on the Israeli side. Several targets connected to the #IRGC & Hezbollah attacked by Israel. Syrian media claims dozens of Israeli missiles were intercepted. There are reports of casualties in Syria.
More bomb shelters opened in northern Israel
The rocket barrage from Syria was directed at Israeli army outposts on the Golan Heights, like the intelligence assessment that the Iranian response will be limited so it won't lead to war. It is the 1st time Israel blames Iran directly for an attack on its territory
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If you missed my long survey of #Iran hardline social media activity on the #JCPOA, make sure to check it out in @BulletinAtomic. This threat provides a quick update post-@POTUS announcement of US withdrawal.…
Several themes are emerging in #Iran's social social media accounts. First and foremost is: "We told you so." Hardliners are reminding the population and Rouhani government that they'd warned against trusting America.
Next is the criticism of Rouhani for still putting his faith in the Euros and believing that the #JCPOA can be preserved despite US withdrawal. As I noted in the piece, they see the EU and the US as two sides of the same coin.
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Rouhani's live TV address to the nation just began. #Iran #IranDeal
Rouhani: Iran is a country that will always stay true to its commitments and America is a country that will never abide by it's promises. Our 40-year history demonstrates this fact. #Iran #IranDeal
Rouhani: America should tell us when did they abide by the #JCPOA that now they want to pull out? With the acceptation of some empty statements, they never did. #Iran #IranDeal
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@realDonaldTrump announced the #USA revokes #IranNuclearDeal.

#Iran will follow & is expected to deny any access to #IAEA inspectors to any nuclear facility in the country and re-open closed nuclear facilities.
Iran will never renounce on its missile development.
The @realDonaldTrump will sign in few moments (as he said) more sanctions on #Iran as #USA withdraw from the #IranNuclearDeal

#Iran has prepared for this day its financial and business backup in other countries but will be affected by #USA decision.

#Russia is also expected to take a position in relation to @realDonaldTrump withdrawal from the #IranNuclearDeal

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Trump Tells Macron the U.S. Will Withdraw From Iran Nuclear Deal
Teleprompter Trump will say he's pulling out of Iran deal over nuclear fuel production after 2030 as if he has a clue. For him it's unraveling Obama's legacy. Even if it rips up alliances, tears up the country, leads to war. US has ZERO credibility w/ Trump in WH. This seals it.
The least credible president in American history calls Iran deal a "lie" and "lunacy" as a pretext to withdraw, actually violate, the #JCPOA Iran nuclear deal.
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Iran (un() Deal Day THREAD: 1) @realDonaldTrump hasn't been consistent on a lot, but he has been consistent on the Iran Deal. He's been against it for years and called it a "disaster" and "insane" on the campaign. So this time he's not flip flopping.
2) Pulling out of the deal may have been on faulty analysis of what we could achieve vis-a-vis a better deal. Wonder what @CIA @ODNIgov assessed was or was not achievable and if @POTUS thought he knew better
3) Also wondering whether this approach was based on any analysis that NO deal is better than THIS deal or was this an @WhiteHouse negotiating tactic that misfired
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It appears the @OrgIAC #2018IranFreedomConvention has raised some eyebrows amongst #Iran apologists.
@ishaantharoor’s recent @WashingtonPost article sheds light on how this convention is making Tehran & the pro-appeasement camp very nervous.…
@ishaantharoor get’s to the point quickly:
“We have a president who is as committed to regime change as we are," said Rudy Giuliani, describing him as a “Republican Party grandee and President Trump's newly appointed lawyer.”
On the #IranNuclearDeal, @ishaantharoor claims Trump “looks poised to violate its terms by reimposing certain sanctions on #Iran...”
Reminder: Tehran has been violating the #JCPOA from day one.
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