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Motive behind #UDAIPUR incident:

Radicalised Jihadis r remote controlled by their masters to cause chaos.
~TIMING: PM is in UAE today to discuss #I2U2.
~Place: Udaipur, not a pro-govt state.

Chaos ws created to RE-IGNITE issue which had died few days ago.Far fetched❓❓
2/3 Ideally both the nations would not have discussed this issue but they r being FORCED to. More examples of “timing” INTERNATIONALLY: March 27: Negev Meeting in #Israel, representatives from UAE and other countries are in country when an attack takes place killing 2 policemen.
3/3 Ilhan Omar introduced res in US condemning India for human rights violations, US released a report condemning India on “religious freedom”, UN and others made statements. Still dont believe me? Why did they record VIDEO in Udaipur? To cause SENSATION! Do u get me now?
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Did you know that before the 9/11 attack happened Pres #Bush had a thing against CHEEN and that he was talking incessantly against the commie country? And 9/11 became the BIGGEST DISTRACTION! @MD_Nalapat good one! 👍👍👍 Image
And I am not even kidding about how CHEEN used hired goons. Its explained here>>>
So why Nalapat sir’s theory resonates with me is—- in my article on Sri Lankan attack, we had posted about how #lSlS was a mere HIRED GOON. 👇 Its a fact that Sri Lanka’s economy had come under attack and #Pk cld not hv done it alone.…
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In the pandemonium created by #IndVsPak cricket U may hv missed an IMPORTANT & funny update by #NIA. 😃👇
Y’day NIA arrested a dentist who ws an #lSlS recruiter.
Interesting bit that is not in the PRINT is—-he hd escaped to MIDDLE EAST last yr yet NIA managed to catch him.😄
2/4 Story behind how Tauqir Mahmood (dentist) made it back to India and got arrested may get published later. 😃

This is NIA’s 22nd arrest this month and agency carried out a whopping 55 raids in October itself. APPLAUSE! 👏

The above case is related to #lSlS recruitment…
3/4 …and lsls’s “voice of Hind” magazine, in which NIA has arrested 10+ people so far from #Kashmir, #Kerala, Karnataka etc.
Bt most imp CATCH in the case was a Kashmiri couple👇who hd created trouble during #CAA protests.

Trivia: lSlS magazine’s content ws created in Pak. 🙄
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1/2 What’s happening in Panjshir is reminiscent of carnage carried out by TlPU in Northern Kerala when 10-11 yr old boys wr decap!tated.
Today North Kerala produces #lSlS recruits.

Trivia: #Panjshir ws PANCH-SHER ( 5 lions), named after 5 brothers.
Like Kandahar ws GANDHAR!
2/2 There’s also a famous story of PANJSHIR KE JOGI— apparently a stone. Story goes that a Jogi converted himself into a stone here. Another famous story frm Afg is of the #Asamai Temple, (named after Asha Devi) where the AKHAND jyoti (FIRE) has been burning since 4000 years.
Note: Local legend says Panjshir ws named after 5 brothers who built a dam for Ghazni in 11th century AD. I doubt it though! Ghazni massacred people in Afg and continued to do it till he reached India. Somnath Temple is an example of how brutal this man cld hv bn.
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#ISRO truck blocked in Kerala!
Reason why India’s TIP (Kerala) is kept so rogue! #PortStates
Pls read d thread!🙏

On sunday workers union demanded “gawking wages” for an ISRO truck.
A practice where headloaders charge money for STARING at people loading/unloading cargo.🙄
2/10 It’s a banned practice yet workers union protested for it. This is jst ONE example of hw c0mmies work. They create a ruckus when not provided gawking wages. A #sinister practise to make KERALA an UNDESIRABLE location for investments.Ports of KERALA face similar issues.
3/10 Why ports of Kerala r so important? India is well placed geographically and since ancient times we hv hd ports which helped India prosper. Why did #VascoDeGama arrive in Kerala? Kerala was always an opening to Indian subcontinent. Thats why! (Pic: yozivag)
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8⃣ Serial blasts planned for #15August by Al Q@eda backed terr0rist grp foiled by UP ATS y'day.

9⃣ #lSlS module busted in a joint op by #NIA, IB, RAW, 5 arrested & 9 r being questioned.👏

🔟3 Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) terr0rists arrested by Kolkata Police.
The above is a serties of attacks which wr planned by terr0rist grps and watered down by our agnecies.
10 such attempts thwarted!!!

I hv been saying this-- a major pan India attack is being planned. And agencies are being kept on their toes.
Pls b careful!
The above mentioned 9th attempt in which NIA, IB & RAW conducted a joint op-- is one of it's kind.

Could we have a huge round of applause for our agencies pls.👏👏👏

Frm Al qaeda to LeT all the terr0roist grps are suddenly active. And how!
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