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We need to talk about male violence - men killing women & children. Too many women & children have already been killed & it’s the start of a new year - Bruna Fonseca, Natalie McNally & Tausha Haight, her mother Gail Earl, & Tausha’s five children -
identified by family and friends as Macie (17), Briley (12), twins Ammon and Sienna (7), & Gavin (4). I can’t tell you whether these men thought it right to kill, but what I can tell you from 27 years of profiling cases is that they thought it was THEIR RIGHT.
We need to talk about this supercharged sense of entitlement and ownership men believe they have over women and children and stop saying it’s ‘senseless’ ‘tragic’ ‘gun violence’ ‘motiveless’ It’s not.
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WE are really concerned about the project @ManduReid & @WEP_UK are now involved in.

Right2Equality do not have a grasp of #VAWG sector principles nor #maleviolence.
Moreover none of the key names have the requisite experience to be campaigning on law not its consequences in this area.
Proudman has little history in this field beyond those curling self promotion on tiktok.

Here she is on day time TV bragging about how she advises male abusers to use ‘parental alienation’ to gain access to their ex & children.

At best a contrarian.

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What follows now are the images we caught from our #HeartsForMurderedWomen vigil yesterday, which we held during the #16DaysOfActivism, the day after #IDEVAW #16days #SayHerName @tweet_tdas @FemicideCensus @CountDeadWomen
The #HeartsForMurderedWomen were strung from the statue of #OurEmmeline and hung between the trees lining #StPetersSquare in #Manchester #16DaysOfActivism #IDEVAW #16days
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Rape is an act of power & control. It's why rape victims give terrible witness testimony. Often they are unreliable witnesses. Their memories are fractured & if their rapist was a man who groomed them, who they know, they most certainly tried to protect that person at some point.
Usually victims of rape act through rage. Any time someone challenges you about that person in your life at first you will seem strange & defensive but then eventually insane & full of rage. As the memories grow into something tangible you realize how no one will believe you.
You realize how Your Story now sounds exactly like all those women's stories you heard before you. Maybe some who you supported or some you didn't. You probably Didn't support them if the man controlling you convinced you to compete with other women for affection. This is common.
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"I even booked in an emergency session with my therapist to work out a coping strategy for my mental health."
Well, well, well!
I couldn't even have known I'd need one in my social groups or my political ones as I got into this debate, Ayesha. But here's the rub:
I could not afford therapy, if I did know, before I got into this discussion. While you remained silent about the abuse that comes with the word TERF or the gaslighting and unbelievable levels of coercive pressure I encountered as I defended that women are female and that's a...
...difference of major importance between women and trans women because the very way males are automatically believed about their identities versus the way women are dismissed when they speak of their #maleviolence related problems reflects the misogyny that permeates society.
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Thread. #VAW #MaleViolence
Men who threaten, injure or murder women who refuse to have sex with them.
1. An 89-year-old Melbourne man fired a double-barrelled shotgun at a sex worker who rejected him.…
2. Man kicked his 29-year-old Thai wife to death when she refused to have sex with him.…
3. Man strangled his wife to death because she refused to have sex with him, saying she was too embarrassed to do so, with her father, who was visiting, staying in an adjacent room in their house.…
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For me, the real issue in the #trans #GRA reform is #maleviolence against #female & trans. I note #transmen seem to be absent from discussion. They obvs don't present as #women so don't use women's spaces. But they can't draw attention to themselves as trans because... (1/2)
(2/2) in a male space they would run the risk of attack by men who would see their bodies as still female. I can't find stats on transmen being violent, or female violence on transmen. I guess there will be some, but very small no's. The problem is male violence. #patriarchy...
So we need to be looking at #male #violence and how/why our society raises #boys to think violence is a way of dealing with the world. NB I know this is a generalisation and not all males are violent & not all females are peaceful!
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#MaleViolence is so prevalent & traumatic, that the world has become desensitised and detached. This is #MaleTerrorism on a global scale,that leaves countless victims traumatised,fearful,injured,maimed or dead. #Governments really need to address this #NOW…
Man jailed for raping woman before dousing her in petrol.…
Doctor who raped heavily sedated patient as she lay in hospital room walks FREE from court.…
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