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Those of us who have been keeping an eye on so-called “#GCRFs”, and other assorted #transphobes, have noticed that over the course of this year the conspiracy theories that these bigots are spinning out have become more and more convoluted as they seize upon...

more and more fanciful notions trying to explain why, in the UK, trans people exist, get to use single sex services matching our gender identity, and do actually have the protections in law that we do

The latest concept that’s been stolen, twisted, and shoe-horned into their ever-growing mountain of lies is that of ‘regulatory capture’ – the claim that bodies that are responsible for producing guidelines, or enforcing them or the law have been overtaken...

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Can somebody remind the #EqualityNetwork that their £275,000p/a they get from #ScotGov is for LGBT+not
TTTT+T,they already get full & separate funding for their*PROJECT*"Scottish Trans Alliance"(£200,000)so WHY r they co-opting #Pride for their single issue? Lies!Not a T rally!
The Equality Network Funding received from the Scottish Government . What do they actually do for intersex people? They barely mention them.
Source :…
Scottish Transgender Alliance funding
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I’m dismayed that a Member of
@ScotParl is clearly so misinformed on the issues surrounding the #GRA consultation

That she’s in a position of significant power to influence others is extremely concerning

I don’t have the platform of Joan McAlpine but refute her statement
🧵 👇🏻
Joan talks about the “David and Goliath” struggle against ‘well funded trans lobby groups’...

Trans people are 0.6-1% of the population. Women are 50%

Who’s Goliath?

The ‘campaign groups’ are also actually CHARITIES - the money they receive is to support LGBT minorities!
I suspect the reason Joan feels like her ‘gender critical’ view on trans issues is like David to Goliath, is because the vast majority of people - including cis women - disagree with it, and are 💯 supportive of transgender equality!
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@charliekiss @Tara_Hewitt 1/ You are aware that NHS trust patient databases have, for some time now been required to have fields disclosing transition? Not the central one of all names, addresses, phone numbers, NHI number, & GP, fortunately though. I think I've avoided being so recorded, have you?
@charliekiss @Tara_Hewitt 2/ They did try to get it as required information in all electronic referrals, but we stopped that, but there's a national advisory committee run by all all the royal colleges pushing for it. It is likely the data from Equality Monitoring forms is used to fill gaps in the records
@charliekiss @Tara_Hewitt 3/ As you know, NHS records show current gender; they added a "Sex at Birth" field, which is labelled as "this will normally determine medical treatment". Yes, Really. They got that in without testing, consultation, or notice. I'd love to know what @UKTELI has done about it.
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And so, as much threatened, Tuesday Tweet mayhem as a I finally get to address points around the #GRA and why I think the Government is pushing ahead and is going to change the process.

But first, it’s time to clear up a few misconceptions—mostly T*RF-created...

misconceptions but also, weirdly, a misconception put out by the EHRC as well.

So gather up your chairs, bean-bags, footstools, and pouffes (It’s a Sin, I know) and sit awhile and listen, ‘cos this is going to be a long one.

So; misconception number one...

That legally you are your sex on your birth certificate, unless you have a #GRC, no exceptions.

As anybody who studies this area of law knows, that’s just wrong. And not even a little bit wrong. Very wrong. And the reason why it’s wrong stems mainly from...

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For me, the real issue in the #trans #GRA reform is #maleviolence against #female & trans. I note #transmen seem to be absent from discussion. They obvs don't present as #women so don't use women's spaces. But they can't draw attention to themselves as trans because... (1/2)
(2/2) in a male space they would run the risk of attack by men who would see their bodies as still female. I can't find stats on transmen being violent, or female violence on transmen. I guess there will be some, but very small no's. The problem is male violence. #patriarchy...
So we need to be looking at #male #violence and how/why our society raises #boys to think violence is a way of dealing with the world. NB I know this is a generalisation and not all males are violent & not all females are peaceful!
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It seems lots of organisations have got all muddled about equality law. They need reminding that 'sex' is a protected characteristic. We have already helped lots of councils and others to get their guidance right. Let's make sure everyone is compliant.…
Here's a statement on the successes you have had so far and why it matters… #sexnotgender #sexmatters
And here is our statement on the government's recent commitment to upholding single sex exemptions under Equality law…
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