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I've always been a firm believer in school uniform.
A fair, accessible and affordable uniform does have benefits, reducing bullying of those who can't afford branded clothing, introduces discipline in a fair way as everyone appears equal.
But current uniform policy has gone far beyond being uniform.
It is no longer affordable and accessible.

It is now teachers and schools who bully and abuse the pupils, who make lasting judgements based on appearance.
There is no such thing as a uniform size where children are concerned but the child is punished for their size, shape not conforming to the manufacturers average.

Girls are taught by their educators to expect judgement and abuse because of what they wear and how they wear it.
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Thread. #VAW #MaleViolence
Men who threaten, injure or murder women who refuse to have sex with them.
1. An 89-year-old Melbourne man fired a double-barrelled shotgun at a sex worker who rejected him.…
2. Man kicked his 29-year-old Thai wife to death when she refused to have sex with him.…
3. Man strangled his wife to death because she refused to have sex with him, saying she was too embarrassed to do so, with her father, who was visiting, staying in an adjacent room in their house.…
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"Some men fear the falling number of male OB-GYNs could lead to them being excluded ..."

Men *should* be excluded from gynecology. They took over the medical field from women by force, by killing midwives & denying us knowledge of our own bodies.…
"A Utah gynecologist has been sentenced to 15 years in state prison, in addition to time to be served in federal custody, for live streaming the sexual abuse of a 13-year-old girl."

#MaleViolence #SexNotGender…
"Charges against an Oklahoma City doctor have been dropped after he agreed to give up his practice.

In 2014, Fuller was charged with rape by instrumentation and sexual battery after a female patient told police that Fuller inappropriately touched her."…
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This really needs to be front page news. A man who wants to 'bond' with naked ten-year-old girls and tries to compel low-income women to wax his balls may not be outed, but women who warn about someone whose behaviour is abusive and predatory are censored.
I think you need to explain exactly whose side you're on @jack, @TwitterSafety . I think you need to say it explicitly, so we can all see exactly what we're dealing with. We're going to say it whether you like it or not. When can we expect the @TwitterPaedo account to be up?
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For me, the real issue in the #trans #GRA reform is #maleviolence against #female & trans. I note #transmen seem to be absent from discussion. They obvs don't present as #women so don't use women's spaces. But they can't draw attention to themselves as trans because... (1/2)
(2/2) in a male space they would run the risk of attack by men who would see their bodies as still female. I can't find stats on transmen being violent, or female violence on transmen. I guess there will be some, but very small no's. The problem is male violence. #patriarchy...
So we need to be looking at #male #violence and how/why our society raises #boys to think violence is a way of dealing with the world. NB I know this is a generalisation and not all males are violent & not all females are peaceful!
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#MaleViolence is so prevalent & traumatic, that the world has become desensitised and detached. This is #MaleTerrorism on a global scale,that leaves countless victims traumatised,fearful,injured,maimed or dead. #Governments really need to address this #NOW…
Man jailed for raping woman before dousing her in petrol.…
Doctor who raped heavily sedated patient as she lay in hospital room walks FREE from court.…
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