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Well, having supported many programs in academia as a librarian & looking at career paths, it seems I have to go back to school to work in the fields for I educated & supported for many years. At least I can be put in advanced standing due to my undergrad, so here’s the vote:
Fun thing about being a librarian is that is truly a Jack/Jill of all Trades kind of work. I am a master of information, but beyond that… I’m not considered qualified enough for much else & overqualified for everything else. So, how does one overcome this career conundrum?
I am still trying to find ways to be the ultimate worker that I am but now to find a new niche to do that within is the challenge. I grew up nursing & educating, went to school to harness information, & worked a lot along the way, confirming I can do a great many things.
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🚨greylitsearcher update🚨

Significant upgrade to greylitsearcher! Now supports advanced searching of Google AND provides a search report text file.…

Here's some details... 🧵

#medlibs #InformationRetrieval @SystematicSearching #EvidenceSynthesis greylitsearcher hex logo
You can now build complex Google site: searches the same way you can in Google Scholar... screenshot of the search pa...
And you can search across multiple sites simultaneously... (just be sure they support Google site: searching)… Screenshot showing filled i...
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A quick #medlibs thread
I've had a few people ask me lately to explain how I think about searches. (Why anyone wants to know that messy process... 😂 ) A lot of my expert searching thoughts and habits are so ingrained, it can be challenging to parse. But here's one example:
Something that I immediately notice about this #SystematicReview is that they don't include a keyword for the term they use to refer to the condition throughout their paper. They have pericarditis and myocarditis, but not myopericarditis.…
(screenshot from supplementary material)
Thoughts I have: Why don't they have myopericarditis? If they use truncation, why don't they do that for immuni(z/s)ation term? If they want immunization terms in title and abstract, why not also have Immunization[Mesh]? Image
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There are a lot of resources out there that have search hedges /filters beyond published articles. Here's a thread of some I like and have used.
#medlibs #canmedlibs #ukmedlibs #ExpertSearching #SystematicReview
First, the new kid on the block as it were: searchRxiv hosted by @CABI_Research (full disclosure: I gave them feedback during the development)
The ISSG Search Filter Resource from @ISSG_Filters…
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New research on #LongCovid a thread
"LONG COVID"-A hypothesis for understanding the biological basis and pharmacological treatment strategy < proposes research on melatonin #LongCovid
Could SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Be Responsible for Long-COVID Syndrome? < suggests the spike protein enters the brain but protective antibodies do not #LongCovid
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Watching ⁦@PeterHotez⁩ discuss BCM’s Corbevax (COVID vax) today at a presentation just for us at work. ⁦Great info!! @TexasMonthly⁩ wrote this article:…
And yep, we bought his book for our library.
@PeterHotez said he no longer refers to it as “misinformation” or “disinformation”, that the term he is now using is “Anti-science aggression.” Oh yes, I have to agree that’s better and more accurate. #MedLibs
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Changes to MeSH terminology for 2021 are posted!!!…

I went looking for something else, saw this page had been updated on 02 Nov (!!). Time to drop everything and look at what's there. You know what that means... #medlibs thread incoming!
Yes, I know it's super nerdy to go all fangirl about this. Don't care... if you've followed me for any length of time, you know this is my crack. So let's dive in and see what's up. In case you want to follow along, I'm looking at New Headings first.…
First up, the elephant in the room: COVID-19. It's now a full MeSH term (lots of #medlibs have been talking about it being needed). There's A LOT to unpack here, so I'll probably come back to this and make COVID indexing terms it's own thread. COVID-19 A viral disorder generally characterized by high FE
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🧵 Many of my fellow #medlibs are really into consumer health and patient education. Glad you like it and do those services. TBH I hate it and avoid as much as possible. I can do it - we all do it to some degree, don't we? - but not a fan. I avoid it as much as possible. +
One of the downsides of being a medical librarian is that I'm the closest thing to a medical professional in my family. I've become the go-to person to ask for medical advice or to explain medical things. It's consumer health on steroids, which makes me hate it even more. +
So many countless conversations in which I've had to remind them "I'm not a doctor / nurse / pharmacist."

Examples of specialties I've been consulted on recently: infectious disease (of course), orthopedics, radiology (x2), oncology (breast cancer), and mental health. +
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Thread: reading list (or more accurately, collecting with the intention of reading) of literature on the covid literature (metalit, if you will), in no particular order.

#medlibs or others might find some of it interesting.
JAMA Netw Open: Comparison of the Proportions of Female and Male Corresponding Authors in Preprint Research Repositories Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic…
JAMA Intern Med: Effect and Reach of Medical Articles Posted on Preprint Servers During the COVID-19 Pandemic…
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Happy Wednesday! Join me, won't you, for another #medlibs rant thread / tweetorial in which I discuss the age group filters in #PubMed. I'm going to use the search

[ cyclic vomiting[tw] ]

as my example. You have been warned. 😅 screenshot to show the age filters in PubMedscreenshot of age filters in PubMed where you can select to
My question that I referenced in this tweet was asking about what is really happening with these filters. I eventually got an answer, but I had to do the work myself to really get it. Sharing here with y'all since it's not documented elsewhere.

A few caveats: these age filters are all based on Medical Subject Headings, or MeSH terms, which immediately restricts their usefulness since not everything in PubMed is indexed with MeSH. That's not to say they are 'bad' though - they can be very helpful. For example:
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Check out our new paper on the need for better understanding of academic searching:…

#InformationRetrieval #MedLibs #EvidenceSynthesis

A thread with our key points... (1/20) Image
We agree with others that we now face an 'information crisis' (#infodemic). There is SO much published research we need to find and digest.

Doing this reliably requires systematic review approaches, but even then, it's hugely challenging to find all relevant research.
(2/20) Image
Academic searching/information retrieval is an art form, and there is no 'perfect' search strategy - it takes careful planning and requires substantial skill and training.

These searches are highly complex and must be used in fit-for-purpose bibliographic databases. (3/20) Image
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I've built an R package to scrape search results from up to 100 pages of hits from Google Scholar:…

It's probably a bit buggy, but feedback greatly appreciated!

Here's a thread on how it works...

#AcademicTwitter #InformationRetrieval #MedLibs
1) It generates a set of up to 100 URLs, each corresponding to a page of visible search results Image
2) It then downloads each of these pages of results as an HTML file Image
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It's been a while since I had a new PubMed #medlibs thread. Actually no idea when I last did one. Could've been yesterday, last week, who knows. Time has lost all meaning.

Let's dive in to one since I've got a few minutes to kill while I eat lunch. Shall we? For funsies. +
In looking for something else, I came across this article from BMJ: "Covid-19: What do we know about 'long covid'?"

And I thought, hey, folks like @krafty have talked about difficulty finding literature on long haulers... I should look at this, see how it's been indexed. +
So being a bit lazy, I copy paste the title into new PubMed to pull it up there. First thing I see - "Quoted phrase not found: "long covid""

Well, that's not good. But it's only 18 results so I scroll down and yup, there it is, #4. +
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I just have a little Friday favor to ask of all would-be authors hoping to embark on a #SystematicReview.

Before you start, could you please read about #SysRev?

It will help you know what you're getting yourself into.

Thread: Required Reading for #SysRev would-be authors.
There are so many resources out there, like the Cochrane Handbook:…

This can apply to any SR, need not be a Cochrane SR.
Same for the MECIR Standards:…
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Okay. I know I've come off as one of the whiny #medlibs who won't accept new PubMed.
But I'm TIRED.
And I'm MAD.
It didn't have to be this way.
(a thread)
I have tried to embrace new PubMed. That's not just lip service, either. Going back to February 2018, I've spent hours and HOURS testing features for new PM, giving formal feedback to the developers as part of their focus groups. (I met with them 5-6 different times, I think?) +
I'm not some newbie coming in without warning and crying over "change". I have given freely of my time, my expertise, shared my work, taken time outside of work, to do what I can to make PubMed better. I am exactly the kind of champion you'd want, I tell people to use it. +
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Do you know any system or library that can provide us copies of China journal articles through ILL service?
It is increasingly common when we conduct #sysrev that need access the full text of articles in chinese.
What are you doing? #medlibs Image
There is an interlibrary loan department at the Chinese National Library that provides global ILL…
Thanks Lis Lubar Unger, DOCLINE Team Lead, National Library of Medicine
@juanmacamara @angelmones
#ChinaDirect thanks to the SUBITO agreement w the Chinese National Library. You can order articles from printed Chinese journals & have them delivered by email. Access to holdings of 3 Chinese libraries: National Science Library Beijing, Univ Library Beijing & Shanghai Library
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A thread:
Since it's #LISMentalHealth week, I'd like to start a conversation with #medlibs and adjacent folks about something I've been pondering for a while now: the emotional impact/toll of our work, and how we cope (or don't cope) with it.
Content warning: This thread may include discussion of medical things and things that may have a negative impact on mental health. Not everyone should or is willing to go there, and that's okay. That should be a discussion, too.
I'm going to hold off on giving specific examples from patient rounds or ref desk work, to avoid triggering folks unnecessarily. If you came here looking for gruesome examples, well... you need to take a long, hard look at why. I'm not here to entertain or titillate.
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Alright, this is bothering me enough that I'm going to do this. Settle in for a #medlibs thread.
2/ A bit of background to start: I mainly search PubMed with tagged terms - that is, I don't rely on automatic term mapping (ATM) unless I'm 1) playing with a search, 2) feeling lazy, or 3) already know what's happening with ATM that I let it do the work for me.
3/ I also tend to rely on ATM when doing my #medlibs clinical rounds, since I'm usually doing things on the fly on my iphone (so, bit of 2 and 3). I heavily depend on myNCBI acct for the various filters and collections I've set up to support rounds. (But that's another thread.)
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Since a few #medlibs asked... I've dug up some of my favorite examples of bad / wtf MeSH indexing, along with a few of my go-to searches to show how automatic term mapping (ATM) in #PubMed can do unexpected things.

A thread 👇
"The importance of good images in using hair to screen for breast cancer" ( has been indexed with "Magic"[Mesh]. I'm guessing it's because the next letter, on page 2 of pdf, has the title "Science or Black Magic?" #medlibs…
I mentioned this one during the #medlibs chat:

MeSH fun includes being indexed with "Telepathy"[Majr]. I assume based on context it should maybe have been "Telepathology"[Mesh]. But also... did you know there is a Mesh term for telepathy?
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