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We call it the Smart Battery and it’s the world’s smartest, safest and most powerful light electric vehicle battery. 🔋🔋🛵

#Gogoro $GGR #urbanmobility #urbantransportation #micromobility #electricmobility #SwapAndGo Image
Nearly all Smart Batteries released in 2015 are still in circulation today.

#SwapAndGo #Gogoro $GGR #urbanmobility #urbantransportation #micromobility #electricmobility Image
According to @UN estimates, the number of megacities (pop. 10m+) will balloon from an estimated 32 today to 43 in 2030. Most will be in developing countries like India and Singapore. How many will be getting around on two wheels? #SwapAndGo Image
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Hidden within the @ITF_Forum report on #micromobility "30 km/h is the maximum limit recommended for cars in city streets to reduce the risk of death or serious injury from a collision of cars with pedestrians and other vulnerable road users."…
On the topic of shared micromobility itself: "Shared micromobility predominantly replaces walking, cycling and public transport trips yet could also substitute short car trips. The broadest benefit ...could be increasing
the catchment area of public transport. " /
"Their widespread availability, particularly for first/last-mile connections, could improve access while shortening commuting time and reducing reliance on cars. However, micromobility ... raise concerns of nuisance on sidewalks, the safety of users and pedestrians" /
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"Sprawl was cheap when land was cheap.
Land is not cheap anymore.
This century will not be the century of asphalt."

@asymco right now in #MicromobilityMoment keynote.
"Paris is reclaiming its public spaces."
@asymco #MicromobilityMoment
"If you believe we will live in fear, invest in cars.
If you believe we will live in peace, invest in micromobility.
Car is a response to fear, it's as simple as this."
@asymco #MicromobilityMoment
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“We know no one car be long term profitable is there are 10 operators running simultaneously in the city.” Jasmin Rimmele from @voitechnology scooter sharing right now on @EITUrbanMob Bootcamp. #urbanmobility #micromobility
“We all knew consolidation will come to micromobility. The #covid19 and lockdowns around the world will likely speed it up.” @voitechnology’s Jasmin Rimmele on @EITUrbanMob Bootcamp. #urbanmobility
“Our fresh cooperation with @BlaBlaCar and @BlaBlaBus_FR is all about providing a complete option for longer trips. Bundling scooters and buses, long and short sections of their trips.” @JasminRimmele on joining forces of @voitechnology scooters with other mobility players.
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With @limebike’s president Joe Kraus on #TripleM call by the amazing folks @MicromobilityCo.

Micromobility in the post pandemic time: make, or break?
“Cities are starting to recognize micromobility as a vital part of the vehicles portfolio that keeps the city moving.” Joe Kraus/@limebike on #TripleM call right now
“Tourism, recreation and commuting.” Three tent poles for #micromobility in the eyes of @limebike’s Joe Kraus live on #TripleM call.
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At @AASHTOSpeaks Joint Policy Conference of Committee on Design and Council on Active Transportation (I'm a member of that). Flexible design workshop to kick it off. #infrastructure #RoadSafety
Joyce Taylor, Maine DOT Chief Engineerb Over the years people have debated names for different approaches to streets that serve people. Let's call it GOOD DESIGN. #AASHTO #infrastructure #RoadSafety #PeopleStreets #HealthyStreets
Shari Schaftlein, FHWA Office of Human Environment, on context sensitive solutions/design. Case studies/resources #AASHTO #infrastructure #RoadSafety #PeopleStreets
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Why should you be paying attention to #micromobility? Because it represents a fundamental rethink of transport as we've known it.

I presented at the @motnz yesterday about this very topic. It tied a lot of what we've discussed on the podcast, so thought I'd share here. 1/n
I start with asking when the first year canned dog meat was produced. When do you think it was? More importantly, what caused it?
It was 1922. The year after peak horse in the US. It was enabled by cheap horse meat from the slaughterhouses as people started using their cars for more things. Important: this was 10 years after the first cars. Initially, they were additive to the existing transport paradigm.
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I get asked a lot about the waste from #micromobility - e-scooters, and those big piles of Chinese shared bikes. They definitely wear out faster and have short lifecycles. Lime's average 45-60 days. Look at all that waste!! Here's why that's the wrong way think about it.
The average Chinese bikeshare bike weighed 15-20kgs. There were 25 million of them deployed over the last few years and are mostly scrapped by now. But here's the thing. In aggregate, those 25m were made from steel that weighed about half a million tons (25m*20kg=500k tons).
Your average car weighs 1600kgs/3500lbs. So all of the Chinese bikes that have been produced equate to around 300,000 cars. For reference, that's only about 1-2% of what the US will *scrap* THIS YEAR. Man, if you worry about this waste, I have a pile of used cars to show you.
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Neuigkeiten für alle #PLEV - Fans! Die Verordnung für Geräte mit Lenk- und Haltestange ist in der Schlussphase. Gestern haben wir die Verordnung der #EU-Kommission zur Notifizierung zugeleitet.

#LastMileVehicle Image
Die Ausnahmeverordnung für Geräte ohne Lenk-/Haltestange wird gleichzeitig auf den Weg gebracht. So werden #Hoverboards etc. im 1. Halbjahr 2019 gefahren werden können. Die Ausnahmeverordnung ist nicht zustimmungspflichtig im #Bundesrat, dadurch ist das Verfahren recht schnell.
Nun ist die Verordnung online 🙂:… @skate702 @MannheimBeauty
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1/5 I believe I have seen the pre-future of civil society at the 2019-01-31 #micromobility conference #MMCA by @asymco @oliverbruce @James_Gross. I call it #Microurbanism
2/5 #Microurbanism is redesigning the infrastructure of cities to optimize physical, social, and economic mobility (HT #UBM @AlexRoy144) using the technology, data, and cycle times of #micromobility #MMCA
3/5 Real-time data on mobility and livability (HT #MDS @seletajewel) is the new newspaper: a common set of facts citizens can use to make informed decisions for the public good. #MMCA CC @remix @RideReportApp
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1/ OK let's talk some @BirdRide TLV statistics.
2/ I’m a huge fan of @BirdRide and dockless scooter-sharing in general. I once heard @noam say that regulation gaps are the best place for disruption, and I think that Bird is a prime example for that.

Wondering about the numbers of their TLV launch, I decided to go birdwatching
3/ Unfortunately, Bird doesn’t have a public API yet. However, because their internal API wasn’t so carefully protected, many external services started collecting the scooters location data (mostly to serve the growing chargers community).
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Kicking off my #aashtoAM tweeting with a few relevant tweets from #WalkBikePlaces below. And really, you should just go look at that whole thread if you work in transportation.
Taking @RelayBikeShare in Atlanta bike infrastructure. Raised path an interesting experience--I like it. Celebratory 100-mile marker a nice touch--recognizes progress. #AASHTOam #infrastructure #BIKES TO #bikeshare
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