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Kicking off my #aashtoAM tweeting with a few relevant tweets from #WalkBikePlaces below. And really, you should just go look at that whole thread if you work in transportation.
Taking @RelayBikeShare in Atlanta bike infrastructure. Raised path an interesting experience--I like it. Celebratory 100-mile marker a nice touch--recognizes progress. #AASHTOam #infrastructure #BIKES TO #bikeshare
I'm on Stone Mountain Trail next to I85, by the way. #AASHTOam #infrastructure #trails #bikeshare
People on bikes warned about crossing and that it's to an on-ramp, drivers told to yield but the sign is practically on top of the crosswalk. Would sure like to see earlier warning to drivers. #AASHTOam #infrastructure #RoadSafety #VisionZero
First driver didn't stop for me at crosswalk, second one did. One block on, one of those confusing signage combos. Side street has STOP, trail has YIELD. Always wonder what drivers think I'll do on trail. #AASHTOam #signage #RoadSafety #VisionZero
Cheering up the underpass with public art in Atlanta Beltline Trail. Giant group ride passed as I stopped to take these. Friendly waves and hellos all around, race bikes and family bikes. #AASHTOam #infrastructure #art #trails
At some point if you want to get to your destination you have to keep pedaling and quit stopping to take #infrastructure pix. The Atlanta Beltline Trail is AMAZING. Such freedom to ride! #AASHTOam #trails #BicyclesChangeLives #bikeATL
Clarissa McQuiston/@MichiganDOT presenting on gateway treatments to improve pedestrian safety to AASHTO Council on Highway/Streets. Low cost, quick to install, effective in addressing driver failure to yield. #aashtoAM #RoadSafety #VisionZero
TIL Michigan = only state with NO state law requiring drivers to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks; rely on local ordinances. Someone notes media cover a crash after new treatment goes in but ignore all the deaths before that change. #aashtoAM #RoadSafety #VisionZero
For those at #aashtoAM interested in media coverage of vulnerable road user safety, see @SmartGrowthUSA webinar archive… +… for starters. #RoadSafety #VisionZero
Some jesting about "scooter lanes" in AASHTO Council on Highways and Streets. All very entertaining but the question of where small wheeled devices are best used in the right of way is a real one. #aashtoAM #infrastructure #micromobility
Being discussed at AASHTO Council on Highways/Streets: Effects of suburban sprawl/land use leading to need for change on formerly high-speed arterials, traffic calming, road reconfiguration, early plan coordination w/local jurisdictions. #aashtoAM #safetyoverspeed #RoadSafety
.@MassDOT uses a design exception process for bike/ped: Assume projects include this infrastructure, have to justify why you wouldn't. Design Exception Committee includes bike/walk advocates. DOT rep says it's working well 6 years in. #aashtoAM
Common themes on Highways/Streets on active transportation: Great opportunities in resurfacing; need to be planned for. Community coming in late creates challenges--have to back up to earlier planning phase to identify needs early, get redesign concepts. #aashtoAM
Several states talking about their Complete Streets policies, how to incorporate concepts for good project management. Sometimes have to do the paver for pavement life when you can't do everything you want to this year, so put it on list to come back w/project. #aashtoAM
AASHTO Highways/Streets: Mention of a state overlaying crowdsourced bike data on map of substandard width highway shoulders to identify where they need to restripe for more shoulder when resurfacing or widen if possible. Log your rides, people. #aashtoAM #infrastructure #bikedata
Bike #history note: First paved roads came about thanks to @bikeleague advocacy + farm interests. Roads Bureau created in fed Ag Dept, later became @USDOTFHWA. Bike people have been working w/DOTs from the beginning of the nation's road system. #aashtoAM #infrastructure
AASHTO Active Transportation Council meeting w/bike advocacy organization reps to explore partnerships. James Wilson/@Bike_DE shares pic of bridge @DelawareDOT bike as part of $23M investment in trails (mostly CMAQ). Ribbon-cutting party tomorrow. #AASHTOam #infrastructure
Pedestrian safety stats that state DOTs need to know: 56% of all deaths of people walking in US take place on state-owned roads. Nature of state hwys varies based on land use context. (And which roads are owned by state DOT varies.) #AASHTOam #RoadSafety #VisionZero
Years ago state DOTs built highways thru mostly empty farmlands. Development came in via local land use decisions and these hwys are now in midst of very different context. Today's DOT dealing w/legacy problems. #AASHTOam #RoadSafety #infrastructure
Land-use decisions often beyond DOT control. What we CAN work on is choice of treatments to address needs/constraints/opportunities relevant to our right-of-way. #aashtoAM #infrastructure #RoadSafety #VisionZero
.@quietlindak/@CalBike presents research that 60% of people are interested in riding but not comfortable riding where it's stressful. What could you do for mobility if you made it possible for people who WANT TO RIDE to shift to bikes? #AASHTOam #infrastructure
Do an evaluation of bicycle network based on stress/comfort levels. Pattern that emerges is one of comfortable "islands" not connected to each other due to uncomfortable/stressful roads that create gaps/barriers. #AASHTOam #infrastructure Linda Khamoushian, California Bikes policy director, points to map of San Jose showing bike network analysis based on level of stress/comfort.
Julie Harris/@NeBike_Org shares ideas for ways advocacy organizations can provide much-needed professional development for state DOTs, from conference workshops to study tours. Why? Pic of a hwy in small town where 200 kids cross every day. #AASHTOam #infrastructure
Bike transpo design course offered by Sacramento State funded by @CaltransHQ Active Transportation Program. Another resource: @IBPI weeklong seminars… …. State DOTs how do you train in active transpo design? #AASHTOam #infrastructure
FYI: When trying to capture conference takeaways if I accidentally tag the wrong person/organization & see it right away I delete/redo the tweet. I keep it within the thread, then delete the one w/errors. If I don't catch it immediately I reply w/correction. #aashtoAM
One idea floated for tackling bike/ped safety TN DOT is doing now: Whatever % of fatalities people walking/biking represent of total fatalities, dedicate that % of HSIP $$ to addressing their safety. #aashtoAM #RoadSafety #VisionZero
Trail innovation ideas being shared w/AASHTO Active Transportation Council: Think of multi-use trails as fallback travel corridor for emergency response/evacuation if main routes flooded (extra reason to invest in complete network). #aashtoAM #trails #infrastructure #resilience
Have to add this @voxdotcom piece to #aashtoam stream since "scooter lanes" were mentioned this morning: . #infrastructure #RoadSafety #micromobility #mobility
Hiral Patel Director of Engineering @GADeptofTrans presents a few of the projects dive under their Complete Streets policy to AASHTO Active Transportation Council. Cites value of partnerships to make the Atlanta Beltline Trail happen. #AASHTOam #Infrastructure #trails
Byron Rushing, chair of @apbp board and Bicycle/Pedestrian Program Manager at @AtlantaRegional, presents their Walk Bike Thrive plan to AASHTO Active Transportation Council.… #aashtoAM
Transportation burdens on lower-income households in Atlanta region: Trip reliability, household/transportation total cost. Byron Rushing/@AtlantaRegional notes importance of walk/bike safety/mobility for people who rely on it most. #aashtoAM #MoveEquity
Byron Rushing/@AtlantaRegional: Creating a Complete Streets workbook to answer questions about where to use specific treatments by pulling together info on various guides, pointing people to sources. He's looking forward to new AASHTO Bike Guide. #AASHTOam
Has your MPO/other regional agency done regional trails study, or do you have a statewide trails plan done by DOT or a rec/parks/other state agency? Drop link here. @AtlantaRegional Atlanta metro trail network feasibility report:… #aashtoAM #trails
If you're at #aashtoAM + work on bike/walk/active transpo, check out @apbp membership, resources, webinars, policy Community of professionals. Come to Portland Aug. 25-28, 2019 conference for great professional development
A confession from someone who shall remain nameless (you're welcome) that until asked to present to AASHTO Active Transportation Council on relevant research, they hadn't heard the term "active transportation". Made them think of driving as "passive transportation." #aashtoAM
Asset management data collection: @GADeptofTrans Semi-automated sidewalk inventory + assessment of accessibility on 1352 miles in Atlanta Derived block-level pedestrian potential/deficiency indicators to prioritize planning investments. #aashtoAM
ND DOT undertaking active transpo plan at direction of governor to revitalize small towns as walkable, bikeable places. #bikesmeanbusiness #biketourism #econdev #walkability #AASHTOam
ND DOT 9 active transpo pop-up demos. Coordinated planning/design/installation process, worked w/local partners, developed customized data collection tools for project evaluation. Step 1: Explain what a pop-up is. #aashtoAM
Defining edge of travelway carefully lets you do things you won't see in MUTCD manual. People in communities want color--ND DOT got 2000+ comments on their active transpo pop-up demos. #AASHTOam
For more info on North Dakota DOT active transportation pop-up demos see…. One lesson learned: If people don't like the color you pick they don't like the whole project. Choose carefully. #walkability #aashtoAM
Next up at AASHTO Active Transportation Council: Patricia Levanworth, chief engineer @MassDOT on their Complete Streets program. 2014 transpo bond bill funded program aimed at incentivizing local adoption/implementation. #CompleteStreets #aashtoAM
>85% MA municipalities went thru @MassDOT #CompleteStreets training. WOW. Tiered approach in technical assistance. Gave 132 tech assist grants up to $38K planning; 95 construction grants up to $400K/each. More at…. #AASHTOam
Patricia Levanworth @MassDOT chief engineer: We need to make sure active transportation isn't an afterthought in the design process. Their Design Exception process: justify why you *wouldn't* include walk/bike rather than justifying why you would. #AASHTOam
Common mistake: Look at corridor, say "well, there's nobody walking/biking." Focus on PEOPLE to understand that they may not be walking/biking because it doesn't feel safe, but build it and they will come. -Patricia Levanworth/@MassDOT #aashtoAM
Look at project scope EARLY to see if you have opportunity to improve an adjacent intersection, make other improvements to walk/bike connectivity. Consideration often happens too late in process. Can't be treated as an afterthought. -Patricia Levanworth/@MassDOT #aashtoAM
Separated Bikeway Design Guide from @MassDOT…. They did internal trainings for staff: Biking in MA; why roadway design matters; how to design roads; road diets. #aashtoAM
DOTs need to develop guidance for pavement/bridge preservation projects to make $$ go as far as you can while improving walk/bike connectivity. @MassDOT developing heat maps of high-demand corridors, adding GIS layers to improve project scoping. #aashtoAM
ITS World Congress in Copenhagen gave people opportunities to see incredible bike infrastructure. @_LeslieRichards, chair of AASHTO Active Transportation Council, just got back and is sharing the experience. #aashtoAM
Whenever Stefan Rasmussen, transpo director for Copenhagen, talked about what they do to @_LeslieRichards he talked about moving PEOPLE. Not cars, not vehicles, but PEOPLE whether they walk/bike/take transit/drive. #transportation #mobility #aashtoAM
Stay with me here.... Stefan Rasmussen, Copenhagen city transpo director, told @_LeslieRichards that when it rains they put out PSAs as reminder that cars move slower in rain so people may want to consider biking instead for greater mobility. And they do. #RideInTheRain #aashtoAM
Copenhagen survey on why people bicycle: 53% say they ride because it's faster. Natl gov has bike stats on their site:…. #BicyclesChangeLives #aashtoAM
.@_LeslieRichards sharing pix of the amazing variety of cargo bikes, family bikes in Copenhagen, plus your typical transportation tourist pix: #infrastructure like runnels (on every set of stairs), bike turn lanes/signals. #aashtoAM
Copenhagen uses different materials/surface treatments +separation to distinguish between spaces for people walking and bicycling. Very intuitive and people respect the mode separation. Pavement markings point path for faster riders to overtake slower. #infrastructure #aashtoAM
.@_LeslieRichards notes that US is much further along in ADA #accessibility than Copenhagen. She didn't see many curb cuts, designs need improvement to work well for people w/low-no vision. #accessibility #aashtoAM #MoveEquity
Traffic signal timing in Copenhagen gives people on bikes 4-second leading interval. Interesting note on people not crossing against the light when they walk: When you have a Metro train coming every 2min you don't need to run to catch the train. #TSMO #aashtoAM
Toks Omashakin/TNDOT on what US DOTs can do to support active transportation, maybe someday get to Copenhagen mode split: Leadership. Policy. Funding. #aashtoAM #infrastructure
As TN population grows, % 65YO is going to double. Toks Omashakin/TNDOT notes transportation needs will shift. Transportation demand mgmt a key tool. #mobility #TDM #AASHTOam
Toks Omashakin/TNDOT: TN growth: expecting to add 2.1+M by 2040, 70% of growth in urban areas. This means active transportation *has* to play a key role in addressing mobility. #aashtoAM
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