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At @AASHTOSpeaks Joint Policy Conference of Committee on Design and Council on Active Transportation (I'm a member of that). Flexible design workshop to kick it off. #infrastructure #RoadSafety
Joyce Taylor, Maine DOT Chief Engineerb Over the years people have debated names for different approaches to streets that serve people. Let's call it GOOD DESIGN. #AASHTO #infrastructure #RoadSafety #PeopleStreets #HealthyStreets
Shari Schaftlein, FHWA Office of Human Environment, on context sensitive solutions/design. Case studies/resources fhwa.dot.gov/planning/css/. #AASHTO #infrastructure #RoadSafety #PeopleStreets
FHWA multimodal/context-sensitive solutions focus areas 1/2: accelerating networks/connectivity; shared mobility/micromobility/mobility on demand; public space needs assessment; /more
FHWA multimodal/context-sensitive solutions focus areas 2/2: curb space management analysis; complete trips for underserved populations; sustainable transpo/resilience. #AASHTO #infrastructure
Dear Everyone Attending Conferences, for the sake of everyone in the room getting your content:
1/ Use the microphone.
2/ Describe slides if you use them.
Don't assume we all see/hear the same.
#accessibility #AASHTO #MoveEquity
State DOTs are changing, says @JimTymon_AASHTO. It isn't just about highways, it's about making a multimodal system work for everyone. #AASHTO #infrastructure #multimodal
In discussing FAST Act reauthorization @_LeslieRichards specifically notes importance of ADA accessibility so transportation systems can work for everyone. #AASHTO #accessibility #MoveEquity #ADA
"You can find out from a map how kids *should* be walking to school. Without talking to the school district you don't know how they *actually* walk to school--which parking lots they cut through, where they cross the road." -@_LeslieRichards on PennDOT Connects. #AASHTO
AASHTO Council on Active Transportation reflects the way transportation is changing. -@JimTymon_AASHTO #AASHTO #transportation #ActiveTransportation #infrastructure
Pedestrians are being killed when they just need to cross the road to get to the mailbox, says Joyce Taylor, Chief Engineer @MaineDOT1. I'll drop a @schmangee piece here for those at AASHTO Active Transportation/Design conference usa.streetsblog.org/2019/06/21/soa… #RoadSafety
Cheryl Walker, Director Office of Safety Programs @USDOTFHWA, notes that whichever piece of the system you're using (walk/bike/drive) you recognize the need for greater safety, value of good design that works for you. #RoadSafety #DriveSafe #AASHTO #infrastructure
Cheryl Walker/@USDOTFHWA: We want to design the system so that when something goes really wrong we mitigate what happens. Need to advance Safe Systems approach: Look at system as a whole, design so bad decisions don't result in someone's death. #AASHTO #RoadSafety #infrastructure
Cheryl Walker/FHWA notes @NevadaDOT Complete Streets policy nevadadot.com/home/showdocum… and their efforts for pedestrian safety. Today's tweets courtesy of @AASHTOSpeaks Active Transportation/Design joint conference w/@NASEMTRB Roadway Safety Committee. #AASHTO #RoadSafety
Cheryl Walker/FHWA: We've heard you that MUTCD takes too long to update. Watch for opportunities to comment coming soon, especially if you're interested in bike infrastructure, AV issues. #AASHTO #traffic #infrastructure
Roger Bligh, chair @NASEMTRB Committee on Roadside Safety, notes research under way on roadside barriers, how they can be designed to provide better bicycle facilities while fulfilling safety functions. Roadway departures=big crash numbers. #AASHTO #infrastructure #RoadSafety
AASHTO focus areas per @JimTymon_AASHTO, who became executive director January 2019: 1/ Becoming more multimodal. 2/ Focus on moving people via all modes, not just those in vehicles. 3/ Safety for all users of transportation network. #AASHTO #RoadSafety #mobility
Senate doing a mark-up on FAST Act reauthorization next week, says @JimTymon_AASHTO. He speculates that transportation reauthorization could be the thing that Congress/White House could actually agree on to some extent. #AASHTO #transportation #FASTAct #Congress
Time for Q&A with panel at AASHTO Joint Policy Conference for Active Transportation & Design. #AASHTO
1st Q assumes mobility and safety are at odds, invites people to talk about those situations. Why do we start w/that assumption instead of talking how safer designs help keep people moving? #RoadSafety #AASHTO
Multimodal safety IS safety. "Just because you're traveling in a vehicle doesn't mean your safety comes before that of someone traveling some other way." -@_LeslieRichards #AASHTO #RoadSafety
"Reliably" doesn't mean "fast", notes Joyce Taylor, Maine DOT Chief Engineer. People just need to know what time to leave to get places in time. #AASHTO #traffic #RoadSafety
"Engineers are not good marketers" gets a chuckle at AASHTO meeting. Cheryl Walker/FHWA: it's so important to help people understand what's changing in transportation designs, benefits, how to navigate new configurations. #AASHTO #infrastructure
People latch onto what they believe to be true (about transportation designs) and it's hard to get them to let go of that, (We're not just talking about transportation with this observation, that's for sure.) #AASHTO #transportation #infrastructure
Challenge to 1st Q about "conflict" between mobility + safety comes from @jeanww. She notes that this assumed conflict starts from what's good for *auto*mobility. Mobility/safety are very much the same things for vulnerable users. Go Jeanie! #AASHTO #RoadSafety #infrastructure
Streets that are slow by design, like old winding streets in older towns, aren't the problem. It's figuring out the 30-45mph streets, getting safer movements on those for all users will mean change, says Joyce Taylor with Maine DOT. #AASHTO #infrastructure #RoadSafety
Julie Taylor, Maine DOT State Engineer, harks back to being in highway committee meetings with people who were arguing against complying with ADA and her response of "Are you KIDDING?" Old-school mindset being challenged here. #AASHTO #MoveEquity #accessibility
Now in workshop on design flexibility. Florida DOT #CompleteStreets policy, roadway context classification I change how they approach design. Old speed limit table had "fast" and "very fast", no design standards for <40mph. #AASHTO #SafetyOverSpeed Florida DOT table comparing old speed limits for design of roads in various contexts vs new target speeds that are much lower.
Andrdw Beagle of City of Olympia (formerly WSDOT) provides different take on the "context" of context-sensitive solutions: The post-WWII context that had different "constants" within which design standards were set. Far less income inequality, for example. #AASHTO #MoveEquity
"There's nothing I designed or implemented in a DOT office that my son (who is autistic) can navigate." Andrew Beagle's personal insights inform his work as an engineer and understanding of performance measures that will matter in his son's future mobility. #AASHTO #MoveEquity
Andrew Beagle bringing powerful messages about transportation equity, the climate crisis, problems inherent in applying vehicle volume-based models to active transportation, system completeness as measure for level of service. Fantastic talk. #AASHTO #MoveEquity
When we talk about alternatives analysis and tradeoffs between transportation project options we need to understand that every decision the agency makes also forces tradeoffs for the people living and moving there. #MoveEquity
Analysis shown of survey of >4700 people on options to address mobility in a highway travelshed. Stark income differences in which options people prioritized; active transpo/transit priorities for lower incomes. 40% of ppl in area of project make <$40K/year. #AASHTO #MoveEquity
Transportation professionals should be in the business of helping people create "the communities of their dreams." This doesn't mean rubber-stamping with the Green Book, MUTCD etc. Ask what's important to them. -@CarlosUDOT at #AASHTO active transpo/design conference
@CarlosUDOT PennDOT Connects: @_LeslieRichards describes sending an engineer out to listen to the community *without any drawings* on a bridge project. After hearing issues, concerns, hopes, he came back and said, "You made me a better designer." #AASHTO #infrastructure
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards Jay Smith, @MoDOT general counsel, says "just follow the Green Book" is not today's tort liability defense. Design file that documents engineer's thorough analysis--*not* use of a cookie-cutter--is your defense. More trb.org/Publications/B… #AASHTO #infrastructure
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT Who knew that starting the day with a lawyer talking about tort liability could be so interesting? He's telling roomful at #AASHTO that he's tired of being told that tort liability is the reason they can't do something. *Use* the tools/research, Highway Safety Manual.
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT Takeaway: An engineer saying "but that's not in the Green Book" isn't creating a good defense. They're not demonstrating that they've used all available information and engineering judgment in the context of this particular project. #AASHTO #infrastructure
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT Elizabeth Hilton, Geometric Design Program Manager @USDOTFHWA, now giving context on ADA + PROWAG access-board.gov/guidelines-and… to AASHTO Joint Policy Conference on Active Transportation/Design. #infrastructure #accessibility #MoveEquity
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA PROWAG rulemaking started in 2001, isn't final yet. General accessibility obligation for public agencies exists even without rule adoption--we just don't have all the specifics and requirements a rule would provide. #AASHTO #accessibility #MoveEquity
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA For those who aren't aware, current exec order requires that for any new rule *two* have to be withdrawn. US Access Board has very few rules and they all relate to civil rights. To get PROWAG adopted would mean rolling back other important rules. #AASHTO #accessibility
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA Green Book uses "must" for accessibility standards already in law, "should" for standards from PROWAG since those aren't yet adopted to point to them as good guidelines. #AASHTO #MoveEquity #accessibility
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA Q from Andrew Beagle, city of Olympia, about when accessibility standards for transportation will address cognitive disabilities in addition to vision/mobility. In Olympia they have more people w/cognitive than other disabilities. #AASHTO #accessibility #MoveEquity
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA Q from Illinois: transit agencies put up bus stops at inaccessible locations and point to paratransit as their ADA compliance; transpo agencies get blamed. Suggestion that cooperative use agreement could be tool for siting to require accessibility. #AASHTO #MoveEquity
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA .@CarlosUDOT notes that AASHTO has taken policy position in support of PROWAG adoption. #MoveEquity #accessibility #AASHTO
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA Jeff Jesper/Kentucky Transpo Center asks everyone in room to stand and if anyone in immediate family has ever used crutches, walker or wheelchair remain standing. Maybe 2 people sat down in room of ~300 people. THIS is why accessibility matters. #AASHTO #MoveEquity
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA Jeff Jasper/@KYTransport on designing pedestrian facilities for ADA compliance goes over site-specific design; best practice, requires more engineering training, @IowaDOT ADA coordinator who works w/project designers cited as example. #AASHTO #accessibility #MoveEquity
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA @KYTransport @iowadot Critical for transportation agencies to understand that cost is NOT a criterion when determining whether it's technically feasible to make something ADA-accessible. #AASHTO #MoveEquity #accessibility
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA @KYTransport @iowadot Libby Thomas/@CSCRSinfo presenting on NCHRP 15-63, guidance to improve pedestrian/bicycle safety at intersections apps.trb.org/cmsfeed/TRBNet…. #AASHTO #RoadSafety #infrastructure
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA @KYTransport @iowadot @CSCRSinfo NCHRP 15-63 builds on past work addressing crossing safety including @USDOTFHWA Guide to Improving Uncontrolled Crossings: fhwa.dot.gov/innovation/eve…. This is a priority for #WSDOTactive work; we have a pedestrian safety action plan we're working to implement. #AASHTO #RoadSafety
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA @KYTransport @iowadot @CSCRSinfo NCHRP 20-112 Research Roadmap for Active Transportation + Public Health apps.trb.org/cmsfeed/TRBNet…. They found lack of basic resources, data, research, practitioner-oriented guidance; developed a number of research problem statements. Hope this work continues/grows. #AASHTO #health
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA @KYTransport @iowadot @CSCRSinfo Dropping another resource for intersection design into my conference tweetstream: New @NACTO guide nacto.org/publication/ur…. #AASHTO #infrastructure #RoadSafety
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA @KYTransport @iowadot @CSCRSinfo @NACTO Right-Sizing Streets: @Jim_Rosenow, Design Flexibility Engineer/@MnDOTnews opens w/@BlueZones info. Albert Lea Blue Zone Project in MN made #infrastructure changes for walk/bike, "Make the healthy choice the easy choice". Walking up by 70% in 5 years. 70%! #AASHTO #health
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA @KYTransport @iowadot @CSCRSinfo @NACTO @Jim_Rosenow @MnDOTnews @BlueZones Business district performance improved, life expectancy in Albert Lea MN increased by 3 years, thanks to investments in active transportation connectivity. #AASHTO #infrastructure #health #BikesMeanBusiness
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA @KYTransport @iowadot @CSCRSinfo @NACTO @Jim_Rosenow @MnDOTnews @BlueZones .@Jim_Rosenow notes Green Book guidance for wider lanes was an assumption; research found narrower lanes in urban/lower-speed settings reduced crashes nacto.org/wp-content/upl…. Context-based, speed-outcome-based, right-sizing design approaches recommended. #AASHTO #infrastructure
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA @KYTransport @iowadot @CSCRSinfo @NACTO @Jim_Rosenow @MnDOTnews @BlueZones MnDOT research on lane widths found lane width reductions/complete street improvements in general improved safety. lrrb.org/pdf/201331.pdf #AASHTO #infrastructure #RoadSafety
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA @KYTransport @iowadot @CSCRSinfo @NACTO @Jim_Rosenow @MnDOTnews @BlueZones Issues that make lane-width reductions/right-sizing streets a challenge include "inertia and fear". Even in communities that recognize they have problems w/speed, crashes, transportation practitioners have cold feet about change. #AASHTO #infrastructure #RoadSafety
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA @KYTransport @iowadot @CSCRSinfo @NACTO @Jim_Rosenow @MnDOTnews @BlueZones "Do something but don't change anything" won't work to fix problems with over-built streets. #AASHTO #infrastructure #RoadSafety
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA @KYTransport @iowadot @CSCRSinfo @NACTO @Jim_Rosenow @MnDOTnews @BlueZones We love our snow so much we keep it all winter, says @Jim_Rosenow/ MnDOT. Issues: Snow buildup along curb line cuts into lane width; maintenance fleet vehicle size lacks versatility; urban geometry more complex than highways. #AASHTO #maintenance #infrastructure
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA @KYTransport @iowadot @CSCRSinfo @NACTO @Jim_Rosenow @MnDOTnews @BlueZones Toks Omashakin, @myTDOT, draws parallel between Hippocratic Oath "do no harm" and "public welfare above all other considerations" in engineering creed. If transportation engineers are the doctors of the system, how are we doing? #AASHTO #RoadSafety #infrastructure
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA @KYTransport @iowadot @CSCRSinfo @NACTO @Jim_Rosenow @MnDOTnews @BlueZones @myTDOT Toks Omashakin asks how state DOTs are addressing/incorporating pedestrian/bicyclist safety in project design. Room was quiet for a while until Marshall Elizer (my boss at @WSDOT) raised his hand. Now the ball is rolling. #AASHTO #infrastructure #RoadSafety #ActiveTransportation
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA @KYTransport @iowadot @CSCRSinfo @NACTO @Jim_Rosenow @MnDOTnews @BlueZones @myTDOT @wsdot Paul Hiers, Florida DOT, says their active transpo coordinators are on project scoping teams to point out where bike/ped elements can be included; local govt also helps identify priorities. #AASHTO #infrastructure #ActiveTransportation
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA @KYTransport @iowadot @CSCRSinfo @NACTO @Jim_Rosenow @MnDOTnews @BlueZones @myTDOT @wsdot Joyce Taylor/Maine DOT says they'll actually pull a project out of the design process if they can't get agreement around how to address ped/bike safety and it wasn't caught in scoping. Local govts included in these conversations. #AASHTO #RoadSafety #infrastructure
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA @KYTransport @iowadot @CSCRSinfo @NACTO @Jim_Rosenow @MnDOTnews @BlueZones @myTDOT @wsdot .@jeanww/ CalTrans: They're doing asset management inventory data collection for infrastructure + condition of ped/bike connections using LIDAR. 47 states use this; WA isn't one of them. #AASHTO #infrastructure
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA @KYTransport @iowadot @CSCRSinfo @NACTO @Jim_Rosenow @MnDOTnews @BlueZones @myTDOT @wsdot @jeanww Interesting use of traffic model data: @MassDOT ran model to identify 3mi trips by car, prioritizing bike infrastructure improvements to facilitate mode shifts where lots of those short trips occur. mass.gov/service-detail… #AASHTO #infrastructure #mobility
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA @KYTransport @iowadot @CSCRSinfo @NACTO @Jim_Rosenow @MnDOTnews @BlueZones @myTDOT @wsdot @jeanww @MassDOT Up next at Joint Policy Conference on Active Transportation/Design: #WSDOTactive colleague Charlotte Claybrooke on AASHTO Bike Guide update. She chaired the NCHRP panel that oversaw research informing the guide, vice-chair of Nonmotorized Design Subcommittee. #AASHTO
@CarlosUDOT @_LeslieRichards @MoDOT @USDOTFHWA @KYTransport @iowadot @CSCRSinfo @NACTO @Jim_Rosenow @MnDOTnews @BlueZones @myTDOT @wsdot @jeanww @MassDOT New AASHTO Bike Guide has 3x more figures/images, 3x more content to highlight both preferred treatments and minimum standards in constrained contexts. Design for all ages/abilities, not just fearless folk. "More info is better" approach. #AASHTO #infrastructure
Minimum values should NOT be considered default for bicycle facilities. Larger values preferred to serve wider variety of rider comfort levels, abilities. #AASHTO #infrastructure Page in AASHTO draft Bike Guide chapter 1.3 Design Values comparing minimum standards (which shouldn't be set as the default) and preferred, which will serve more people.
[image] New AASHTO Bike Guide addresses rider types, infrastructure to serve range from the "Traffic Tolerant" to those who can use a basic bike network to a low-stress network for all ages/abilities. #AASHTO #infrastructure #MoveEquity
[image] New AASHTO Bike Guide helps engineers recognize different line of sight for driver in lane, rider in bike lane, and what this suggests for treatments to minimize potential conflicts. #AASHTO #infrastructure #RoadSafety
Signal timing info in new AASHTO Bike Guide provides green time equation to calculate how much time a rider has in a given green phase vs a driver. #AASHTO #infrastructure #traffic #RoadSafety
A couple of the images from Charlotte's presentation on new AASHTO Bike Guide are on @TooleDesign page on this project: tooledesign.com/project/update…. #AASHTO #infrastructure #ActiveTransportation
@tooledesign Wayfinding signage important for safety of bike travelers. Charlotte notes value of @USBicycleRoutes signage for travelers we'll be installing on #USBR10 in WA state. #AASHTO #infrastructure #RoadSafety #wayfinding #signage #BikeTravel
@tooledesign @USBicycleRoutes New AASHTO Bike Guide guidance for bikeway type selection grounded in research on crashes/outcomes, driver speed, traffic volumes. Fewer-> /slower cars different context than more/faster. Higher speed/volume = more separation needed for all ages/abilities. #AASHTO #RoadSafety
@tooledesign @USBicycleRoutes Apologies to everyone in #AASHTO conference tweet thread who's being tagged on ALL my tweets. New Twitter app doesn't show me where I can untag you.
@tooledesign @USBicycleRoutes Article by @schlthss on engineering judgment and decision-making suggested by @RobinMazumder as a good read for those at #AASHTO active transportation/design conf tooledesign.com/insights/2018/…. #RoadSafety #infrastructure
Next up at AASHTO active transportation/design conference: Touring SR28 shared use path built by @NevadaDOT amp.rgj.com/amp/1552242001. I love my job. #WSDOTactive #ActiveTransportation #AASHTO #infrastructure
Lining up to get our bikes for tour of shared use path at Lake Tahoe. #AASHTO #infrastructure
Lightweight fiber reinforcef decking keeps weight of this trail bridge down. [images] Beautiful views of/from bridge on Lake Tahoe trail. #AASHTO #infrastructure #trails
Cooling off in Lake Tahoe provides a great break on a hot bike ride. #AASHTO #trails #Infrastructure #bikeNV
Jumping into Lake Tahoe provides a refreshing break on a hot bike ride. Trails + water = fantastic. #AASHTO #infrastructure #trails
[image] At some point in our life the world's beauty becomes enough. - Toni Morrison

Quotation engraved on metal plaque along Lake Tahoe trail. Quotation engraved on metal plaque: At some point in our life the world's beauty becomes enough. - Toni Morrison
Key to getting Lake Tahoe trail built per @NevadaDOT: agencies getting outside their silos and talking with each other to coordinate, address terrain, safety, environmental concerns, other challenges. #AASHTO #infrastructure #trails
@nevadadot Quite a mix of job titles and organizational structures in AASHTO Council on Active Transportation meeting: engineers, planners, policy people. And we have the coolest URL in #AASHTO site structure: active.transportation.org #ActiveTransportation
@nevadadot Shari Schaftlein says FHWA is stressing multimodal network connectivity as THE key to system safety/mobility. That's right in line with where we're taking #WSDOTactive state active transportation plan update. #AASHTO #ActiveTransportation
@nevadadot FHWA terminology: Recreational Trails and Networks. There's that network connectivity again. New Rails with Trails lessons learned report: fhwa.dot.gov/environment/re… #AASHTO #trails #railtrails #infrastructure
@nevadadot FHWA Rails with Trails Report: 343 rails with trails, 917 miles, 47 states. fhwa.dot.gov/environment/re… #trails #railtrails #AASHTO #infrastructure
@nevadadot BUILD grants: 30% of 2018 awards incl active transpo elements.
@EnoTrans analysis
INFRA freight grants: Grade-crossing and intersection projects include active transpo safety benefits. #AASHTO #infrastructure
@nevadadot @EnoTrans FHWA Bikeway Selection Guide grounded in all ages/abilities. Resources to *attract* new riders with comfortable, connected bikeways. safety.fhwa.dot.gov/ped_bike/tools… #AASHTO #infrastructure
@nevadadot @EnoTrans Great news: FHWA working w/National Hwy Institute to create a free web-based training in bicycle facility design. #AASHTO #infrastructure
@nevadadot @EnoTrans Interesting research coming out in future from several FHWA studies under way: sign comprehension for bicyclists/drivers (think "Right turn yield to bicycles"), crosswalk marking selection and more. #AASHTO #RoadSafety #infrastructure
@nevadadot @EnoTrans Research to watch for: inclusive mobility study apps.trb.org/cmsfeed/TRBNet… examining new tech/shared mobility. Outcome: playbook with guidance on corrective actions with data, methods, and metrics to achieve inclusive mobility. #MoveEquity #AASHTO #AV #MOD #micromobility #BikeShare
@nevadadot @EnoTrans New automated vehicles resource from @PedBikeInfo: pedbikeinfo.org/resources/reso…. Described as university course but available to anyone. #AV #AASHTO #RoadSafety
@nevadadot @EnoTrans @pedbikeinfo SO much happening for active transportation at FHWA that I legit can't keep up with the tweets. And you know that's saying something. #AASHTO
@nevadadot @EnoTrans @pedbikeinfo FHWA interested in having research done on last-mile freight logistics with #eCargoBikes. @AndreaLearned can you help spread the word? #VeloFreight #AASHTO #freight #eBikes #CargoBikes #CycleLogistics
@nevadadot @EnoTrans @pedbikeinfo @AndreaLearned I should clarify that there's no specific application or fund pool right now on ecargobikes. It's a question they'd like to explore. Interested researchers could contact Darren Buck to find out where opportunities may lie. Contact info here fhwa.dot.gov/environment/bi…
@nevadadot @EnoTrans @pedbikeinfo @AndreaLearned Libby Thomas/ @CSCRSinfo presenting on systematic pedestrian safety study that involved Seattle data: journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.11… #AASHTO #RoadSafety #VisionZero #Seattle
@nevadadot @EnoTrans @pedbikeinfo @AndreaLearned @CSCRSinfo Systematic safety in transportation: data-driven, network or system level approach to identify/treat high-risk roadway features correlated w/specific or severe crash types. Not just places w/crash history--locations w/similar risk characteristics. #AASHTO #RoadSafety #visionZero
@nevadadot @EnoTrans @pedbikeinfo @AndreaLearned @CSCRSinfo Resources for systematic safety analysis: AASHTO Highway Safety Manual highwaysafetymanual.org/Pages/default.…. FHWA Systematic Safety Project Selection Tool safety.fhwa.dot.gov/systemic/fhwas…. #AASHTO #RoadSafety #VisionZero #transportation
@nevadadot @EnoTrans @pedbikeinfo @AndreaLearned @CSCRSinfo Libby Thomas: Systematic safety analysis enables you to bundle multiple locations, which can streamline project delivery, cost-effectiveness, evaluation. #AASHTO #RoadSafety #VisionZero
@nevadadot @EnoTrans @pedbikeinfo @AndreaLearned @CSCRSinfo Seattle data: driver going straight/pedestrian crossing 802 crashes. Darkness: 404 crashes at night. Both types greater severity % than average. journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.11… #AASHTO #RoadSafety #VisionZero #Seattle
@nevadadot @EnoTrans @pedbikeinfo @AndreaLearned @CSCRSinfo Why systematic safety research matters: If we have more crashes because there are more people, that doesn't tell us what specific changes to make to the roadway. Need to understand contributing factors to be able to address them. #AASHTO #RoadSafety #VisionZero #infrastructure
@nevadadot @EnoTrans @pedbikeinfo @AndreaLearned @CSCRSinfo Recommended potential countermeasures described in appendix of Systematic Safety Project Selection Tool: safety.fhwa.dot.gov/systemic/fhwas…. #AASHTO #RoadSafety #VisionZero #infrastructure
@nevadadot @EnoTrans @pedbikeinfo @AndreaLearned @CSCRSinfo Systematic safety tweets are on work being presented by Libby Thomas/ @CSCRSinfo at AASHTO Joint Policy Conference for Active Transportation/Design. #AASHTO #infrastructure #RoadSafety #VisionZero
@nevadadot @EnoTrans @pedbikeinfo @AndreaLearned @CSCRSinfo NCHRP report on systematic pedestrian safety analysis trb.org/Publications/B…. Tweet above that referred to project selection tool referred you to the wrong publication. (lots of tabs open!) #AASHTO #RoadSafety #VisionZero #infrastructure
@nevadadot @EnoTrans @pedbikeinfo @AndreaLearned @CSCRSinfo Switching gears to NCHRP 08-36, task 141: Evaluation of walk/bike demand modeling practice apps.trb.org/cmsfeed/TRBNet…. #AASHTO #BikeData #WalkData
@nevadadot @EnoTrans @pedbikeinfo @AndreaLearned @CSCRSinfo Resource: Estimating Bicycling and Walking for Planning and Project Development: A Guidebook trb.org/Publications/B… #AASHTO #BikeData #WalkData #planning
@nevadadot @EnoTrans @pedbikeinfo @AndreaLearned @CSCRSinfo Robert Chamberlin, RSG: Longitudinal analysis NHTS data 1995-2017. People walk/bike less as they grow older BUT each generation walks/bikes more than the previous one. Important to include this in planning scenarios. #AASHTO #BikeData #WalkData #HealthyAging
@nevadadot @EnoTrans @pedbikeinfo @AndreaLearned @CSCRSinfo Survey of MPOs on how they're modeling walk/bike trips (~60% doing some kind of active transpo planning): activity-based vs trip-based; interest in passive data, trace data, network tools. Need more comprehensive data, more count data. #AASHTO #BikeData #WalkData
@nevadadot @EnoTrans @pedbikeinfo @AndreaLearned @CSCRSinfo Transportation Analysis Zones too big for good active transportation modeling; need to come down to microzones (census blocks), all-streets network w/infrastructure coded. (I'm hearing we need ASSET MANAGEMENT DATA.) #AASHTO #infrastructure #WalkData #BikeData
@nevadadot @EnoTrans @pedbikeinfo @AndreaLearned @CSCRSinfo We know census data is incomplete for active transportation; doesn't include many non-commute short trips that may be walk/bike. With that caveat, ACS data: 60% of bike/walk commuters live in just 10% of block groups. #AASHTO #BikeData #WalkData
@nevadadot @EnoTrans @pedbikeinfo @AndreaLearned @CSCRSinfo Presentation on Markell Trail in Delaware delawaregreenways.org/portfolio_page…. Lots of partners made it possible: @DelDOT + cities + counties + nonprofit. Has been economic boon. #AASHTO #infrastructure #trails #railtrails #BikesMeanBusiness
Bike commuting time via Markell Trail in Delaware can be as fast as or faster than driving during peak hours. Chart in pic has footnotes; average times shown don't tell the whole story. #AASHTO #traffic #mobility
Kelly Hardy, @AASHTOSpeaks Senior Engineering Program Manager for Safety, on Highway Safety Manual highwaysafetymanual.org/Pages/default.…. Next edition will include a chapter on pedestrian/bicyclist safety and will include systematic safety approach. #AASHTO #RoadSafety
@aashtospeaks For those who wonder how these official transportation guides get developed, you should know that people working on it are reviewing at least one chapter of Highway Safety Manual every month from now into 2021. People do this on top of their regular workloads. #AASHTO #RoadSafety
@aashtospeaks Kevin Mills/@RailsToTrails speaking as a board member of @AmericaWalks on their work. *Everyone* is a pedestrian (or whatever word you want to use for folks engaging in that general type of locomotion whether or not they're using an assistive device for #accessibility. #AASHTO
@aashtospeaks @railstotrails @americawalks Mission of @AmericaWalks: America Walks advances safe, equitable, accessible, and enjoyable walking and moving conditions by empowering people and communities to effectively advocate for change. #MoveEquity #walkability #AASHTO
@aashtospeaks @railstotrails @americawalks America Walks serves as hub of Everybody Walk collaborative everybodywalk.org. 700 allied organizations. Webinars, trainings, National Walking Summit, Walking College, advocacy. CDC funds their webinars--great resource. #AASHTO #walkability #walking #accessibility
@aashtospeaks @railstotrails @americawalks Toks Omashakin of @myTDOT, vice chair AASHTO Active Transportation Council, board member @AmericaWalks, describes Walking College Fellows americawalks.org/walkingcollege/. #AASHTO #walking #walkability
@aashtospeaks @railstotrails @americawalks @myTDOT Safe Systems program of @AmericaWalks americawalks.org/america-walks-… for #RoadToZero efforts. Has increased cross-sector collaboration, systematic safety principles incorporated into plans. #AASHTO #walking #walkability #VisionZero #safety
@aashtospeaks @railstotrails @americawalks @myTDOT National Walking Summit Sept. 29, Columbus OH, and March 10-11, 2020 in St. Louis walkingsummit.org. #WalkSummit #AASHTO #walking #walkability
[image] Laura Crawford of @AdvCyclingAssoc on mapping bike route safety. Be proactive in addressing trouble spots, identify potential reroutes, create tools for @USBicycleRoutes work, build shared understanding of road conditions. #AASHTO #BikeTravel #infrastructure #RoadSafety
[image] Laura Crawford of @AdvCyclingAssoc on partnership with @DriveSafeKansas to map conditions, crashes, asset inventory. #AASHTO #BikeTravel #infrastructure #RoadSafety
@advcyclingassoc @DriveSafeKansas .@AdvCyclingAssoc partnership with @DriveSafeKansas to ground-truth asset data. How wide is the paved portion of that shoulder, really? Where are rumble strips? Provides info about rural roads independent of Google. #AASHTO #infrastructure #BikeData #AssetManagement #BikeTravel
@advcyclingassoc @DriveSafeKansas State DOTs should have at least some data; smaller counties may not have resources to have good asset data. Route research fills in data gaps. Data decays over time just like the shoulder as grass eats into the pavement; both need maintenance. #AASHTO #infrastructure #BikeData
@advcyclingassoc @DriveSafeKansas Laura's questions: How can state DOTs assist in data collection/mgt for rural jurisdictions that lack capacity to do it? How can AASHTO AT Council help improve data/analysis of bike routes? How can we collectively fund complete safety map w/pix online? #AASHTO #infrastructure
@advcyclingassoc @DriveSafeKansas Active Transpo Council discussion: Robust asset inventory data critical both for state DOTs/other agencies managing those assets and for bicyclists to understand route conditions and choose what works for their abilities. #AASHTO #infrastructure #BikeData
@advcyclingassoc @DriveSafeKansas .@AdvCyclingAssoc working w/AASHTO Multimodal Task Force to update process/standards for what makes a good US Bicycle Route. #AASHTO #infrastructure #RoadSafety #BikeTravel #USBRS
@advcyclingassoc @DriveSafeKansas In discussion of US Bicycle Routes, Utah DOT mentions they're going to transition all their "Share the Road" signage to "Give Bicyclists 3 Feet", which is unambiguous in what drivers need to do--over 500 signs statewide. #AASHTO #RoadSafety #signage #DriveSafe
@advcyclingassoc @DriveSafeKansas Q posed on the ongoing challenge of all safety analysis: How do you find $$$ to address locations identified as needing change to reduce crash exposure? We need to be discussing how we can't afford NOT to fix or identify better routes. #AASHTO #infrastructure #RoadSafety
@advcyclingassoc @DriveSafeKansas Next up in my "You Are There" conference coverage: Kevin Mills/ @RailsToTrails presenting to AASHTO Council on Active Transportation on Great American Rail-Trail. #AASHTO #RailTrails #trails #infrastructure #BikesMeanBusiness #GRTAmerican
[image] Kevin Mills/ @RailsToTrails gives history lesson on 1920s highway planning: map laid out w/networks and spines. That's what we need now for active transportation. #AASHTO #infrastructure #trails #RailTrails
@railstotrails History of federal funds allocated for active transportation in report from @RailsToTrails: trade.railstotrails.org/index. Kevin Mills refers to "leaky bucket" of losses through rescissions, lapsing, transfers. #AASHTO #infrastructure
@railstotrails Resource: Webinar archive of Trails Transform American @RailsToTrails discussion of federal funds analysis (trade.railstotrails.org/index) railstotrails.org/policy/trailst…. #AASHTO #infrastructure
Kevin Mills/ @RailsToTrails: Federal funds have been lifeblood for active transportation /trails but is project-focused. Policy direction all levels needs to focus on *network connectivity*. #AASHTO #infrastructure #trails #RailTrails #ItsAboutTheNetwork
@railstotrails Kevin Mills/@RailsToTrails: Great American Rail Trail = "The Interstate of Trails". East Coast Greenway also fits this definition. #GRTAmerican #AASHTO #RailTrails #trails #infrastructure
@railstotrails Kevin Mills/@RailsToTrails on opportunities for networks + spines:
MPOs: Plan/fund connectivity.
State DOTs: Trail/AT plans, fund connectivity (have a structure, criteria, state $$ + other sources)
Fed govt: Invest in connectivity. #AASHTO #infrastructure #ItsAboutTheNetwork
@railstotrails Bill Nesper @BillNesper of @BikeLeague up next at AASHTO Active Transportation Council. Great lineup of advocacy organizations working on partnerships w/public agencies to advance active transportation safety/mobility. #AASHTO #infrastructure #BicyclesChangeLives
@railstotrails @BillNesper @BikeLeague Resource: Bicycling + Walking in the US: Benchmarking report funded by CDC bikeleague.org/benchmarking-r…. #AASHTO #BikeData #WalkData #health #ActiveTransportation
@railstotrails @BillNesper @BikeLeague Reminder to my transportation colleagues: Original Good Roads Movement sparked by bicycle advocates as well as farm-to-market interests. @BikeLeague began in 1880 advocating for paved roads. #AASHTO #infrastructure #BicyclesChangeLives
@railstotrails @BillNesper @BikeLeague .@BillNesper/@BikeLeague: A Bicycle Friendly America for all provides comfortable connections for people of all ages, abilities, incomes, human differences across the board. #AASHTO #BikeFriendly #BicyclesChangeLives #MoveEquity
@railstotrails @BillNesper @BikeLeague I know, I know, you're all waiting for me to talk about WA state being #1 Bicycle Friendly State every year since it was established. Who am I to disappoint? (link: bikeleague.org/states) bikeleague.org/states #BikeFriendly #AASHTO #bikeWA #WAbikes
@railstotrails @BillNesper @BikeLeague Bicycle Friendly Communities program: Application process itself brings together cross-sector partners, then the community gets valuable feedback on policy/practice, areas needing improvement. Next deadline 8/8 bikeleague.org/community. #AASHTO #BikeFriendly #BFC #infrastructure
Ken Rose/@CDCgov on Active People, Healthy Nation initiative cdc.gov/physicalactivi…. Critical for health, safety, military readiness that we make the healthy choice the easy choice. Active transportation infrastructure a key. #AASHTO #infrastructure #health
Resource: @CDCgov on connecting routes + destinations through active /public transportation and land use/built environment strategies cdc.gov/physicalactivi…. #AASHTO #infrastructure #health
Active Transportation resource: State health departments can fund pedestrian/bicycle master plans, community engagement, coalition building, state level policies, training. #AASHTO #planning #ActiveTransportation #walking #BicyclesChangeLives #MoveEquity
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