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Thread🧵- How I Got 2.6 Million Pageviews Yesterday By Using Google Trends and Google Top Stories

#NicheSite #SEO #onlinemarketing #WebsiteTraffic #SEOExpert #digitalmarketing #LinkBuilding #Backlinks #Link #Outreach Image
1/ Attention all #contentcreators and #digitalmarketers! Do you want to skyrocket your website's traffic and get more #pageviews? I've got just the trick for you.
2/ By using #GoogleTrends and Google #TopStories, you can tap into the power of search engines and put your content in front of millions of people. Are you ready to learn how I did it?
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1/ Get rid of complex, traditional backend servers while building your #websites.

According to @HTTPArchive, now more than 1% of ALL websites are based on the Jamstack architectural approach


(image by C. Fayock)

#webapp #coding #developer #innovation
2/ Whether you are an experienced or a novice web developer, your main, urgent goal is to avoid:

🐢Slow loading times

🔒Security vulnerabilities

📈Scaling issues


3/ The Jamstack is a way of building web applications that utilizes modern tools and technologies based on #JavaScript, #APIs, and Markdown (J.A.M. stack), in order to decouple the #frontend from the #backend
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حکومت پاکستان نے 58.2 ارب روپے کی لاگت سے تھر کول اور پورٹ قاسم کو پاکستان ریلوے نیٹ ورک سے منسلک کرنے کے منصوبے کا اعلان کیا ہے۔ پراجیکٹ، جس کا مقصد ایک قابل بھروسہ اور موثر ریلوے انفراسٹرکچر فراہم کرنا ہے 🚂، ایک 105 کلومیٹر کا ٹریک بنانا شامل ہے، جس میں 24.58 کلومیٹر لوپ لائن
اور 18 کلومیٹر ڈبل لائن کے ساتھ ساتھ 14 پلیٹ فارم والے سات ریلوے اسٹیشن شامل ہیں۔ اس منصوبے کا بنیادی مقصد تھر کے کوئلے کو پورے ملک میں پہنچانا، ماحولیاتی آلودگی اور سڑکوں پر ٹریفک کے ہجوم کو کم کرنا ہے۔ پاکستان میں کوئلے کی مانگ، بنیادی طور پر پاور اور سیمنٹ کے شعبوں سے چلنے
والی، آنے والے سالوں میں بڑھنے کی توقع ہے۔ تھر کے کوئلے کے استعمال سے درآمدی بل کو کم کرنے اور ایندھن کی لاگت کو معقول بنانے کے ساتھ ساتھ مقامی آبادی کے لیے رائلٹی اور ملازمت کے مواقع پیدا کرنے میں مدد ملے گی۔ توقع ہے کہ اس منصوبے کو پبلک سیکٹر ڈویلپمنٹ پروگرام اور سالانہ
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We've been studying #traffic, #environment, #economic, #equity & #policy implications of #Uber & #Lyft in US cities for the past 6 yrs

Our new video & policy brief summarize what we found


@CMUVEG @CMU_EPP @CMU_Mech @CMUEngineering #VEGFindings
Our new policy brief series on Transportation Network Companies (#TNCs) like #Uber & #Lyft has bottom-line findings on

1) Effects of Uber & Lyft Entry on US Cities
2) Traffic Implications
3) Environmental Implications
4) Equity Implications

1) Effects of Uber & Lyft Entry on US Cities

Uber & Lyft affect different cities differently:
⬆️ vehicle ownership in car-dependent & slow growth cities
⬇️ transit ridership most in cities with higher income & fewer children

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"#Emergence, #SelfOrganization, & #Complexity"

🧵 In today's SFI Seminar, Visiting Scholar @cgershen presents the second in his series of talks on core concepts in #ComplexSystems science, streaming now:

"In high school #physics class you are taught that with the initial conditions of a system, you can predict its future states. In #complexity, this is not means #reductionism is not appropriate, #Platonism is not appropriate..."
- @cgershen
"You can see a layer of circuits computing something. What is it computing? Itself. In a 248x248 array, you can program the #GameOfLife inside the game of life. Computers allow us to explore #Complexity, and it's no surprise complexity became a science in the 1980s."
- @cgershen
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काही महिने पुण्यात राहण्याचा योग आला. खरंच पदरी थोडंतरी 'पुण्य' असल्याशिवाय 'पुण्यनगरीत' प्रवेश मिळत नाही. हे वाक्य म्हणजे पुणेकरांबद्दल पुढं जे काही बोलणार आहे त्याआधी त्यांना खुश करण्याचा 'असफल' प्रयत्न आहे.
असफल एवढ्यासाठीच की पुणेकरांना तुमच्या स्तुती किंवा टीकेनं फरक पडत नाही. म्हणजे शुद्ध मराठीत चाटु लोकांना पुणेकर भाव देत नाहीत. उर्वरीत महाराष्ट्रातल्या लोकांनी पुणेकरांवर  कितीही विनोद करावेत पण पुणेकरांना राग येत नाही. कारण ते बाजारातून जाणाऱ्या त्या निर्विकार हत्तीप्रमाणे आहेत
ज्याला भुंकणाऱ्या कुत्र्यांकडं  लक्ष देण्यात रस नाही. याचा अर्थ त्यांना अजिबात राग येत नाही असं नाही. कारण एकदा एका पुणेकरानं 'तुम्ही सांगली, सातारा, कोल्हापूरचे लोक! तुम्हाला जर एवढाच प्रॉब्लेम आहे पुण्याचा तर इथं नोकरीसाठी का येता?' असा चारचौघात माझा उद्धार केला होता.
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"I never check Google Analytics because reports are always wrong - most of my sales are shown as DIRECT or REFERRAL, and it doesn't help me."

This thread is for you if you are a #Shopify merchant who lost faith in Google Analytics' credibility on your sales data.
The basics of #traffic

Understanding where your traffic comes from will help you make sense of your organic traffic and the outcomes of your marketing efforts. Here are the two common traffic #attributions that, if not configured correctly, might mess up your sales data.
Direct traffic: Users enter your shop by typing your URL into a browser.

Common DT problems:
-The cross-domain tracking is not set correctly.
-Unnecessary #redirections
-Not having proper #UTM parameters on your Facebook Ads.
-The #GA4 pixel is installed on your website twice.
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The first Network Security session at #PESW (organized by @FIT_CTU) has been started by @vaclavbartos1, the chair who introduces our speaker Lukáš Hejcman @FIT_VUT & @CESNET_cz. You may still visit us in Horoměřice at until Saturday!
Matej Hulák (@FIT_CTU & @CESNET_cz) is the second speaker. We move from Packet Capture by Lukáš H. to Traffic classification topic by Matej.
3rd speaker of "Session 3 - Traffic Capture and Detection" - Richard Plný presents #CryptoMining #detection in #network #traffic. Using #IPFIX and "weak classifiers".
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I promise a thread 🧵when the paper gets accepted. It's about the thermodynamics of traffic flow near the critical density.

Next up is to show that the entropy of an urban network is the travel time!

The paper below by @jianxi_gao @LouisShekhtman and others reveals macroscopic emergent behavior in the Beijing urban network consistent with self-organized criticality. This changes everything.…
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1/ Going to #Kyiv first time since 20 Feb 2022.

#Ukraine will never be the same as before #Russia full scale #war, so during this comeback trip, I will share my impressions about dramatic and subtle changes that I see on every corner.

Join me on this journey in this thread!
2/ First hours of drive, we’re on a very good, European quality, yet unfinished, highway. New roads across the country was perhaps the last ambitious pre-war project by president #Zelenskyy.
It’s hard to grasp that #Ukraine will have to start from scratch once the #war is over.
3/ #Vinnytsia region central Ukraine. Russia attacked it with rockets just last night, but I see a granny and a little boy outside, painting their fence as we’re driving by.

Can’t stop to ask about their views on the future, but it’s obvious they see one.

#Kyiv #PutinsWar
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(1) NEW: How bad are structural issues with the T.R. Bridge? It isn't just the public impacted by emergency repairs. STATter911 has learned both @ArlingtonVaFD & @dcfireems are restricting how fire apparatus can access the bridge for emergencies. (more) #vatraffic #dctraffic Image
(2) @ArlingtonVaFD confirms it's following the lead of @dcfireems which limits speeds to a maximum of 25 mph, prohibits fire apparatus from parking side-by-side, keeps apparatus at least 30 feet from each other & 30 feet from open bridge joints. (more) Image
(3) @dcfireems also makes it clear that heavier pieces of fire apparatus like Tower 3 and the department's foam units aren't to use the T.R. Bridge "under any circumstances." #firefighters #traffic Image
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There was a time a freshly graduated urban student from #Karachi 🏙️ (#Pakistan 🇵🇰) upper urban middle class, with an expensive British education, had a real talent for writing fictions and for advertising an expertise...1/20
Photo: Casey Horner
...she did not have thru her re-formulation of trendy topics. Surfing the wave, she considered herself as a #Writer and as a #Consultant.
Unfortunately, nobody in “patriarchal #Pakistan 🇵🇰”, as she says, was ready to hire a young... 2/20
Photo: #BernardGrua @BernardGrua Ramla Akhtar, Postgrowth, @BarfeootRara at Baltit fort, Kari
a young professional #female with no experience for the jobs she was pretending to. Her career disillusions and her unsuccessful personal life caused her severe depressions with more and more frequent mental disorders. 3/20
Photo: #BernardGrua @BernardGrua Ramla Akhtar, Postgrowth, @BarfeootRara at Karakoram mountai
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Being an #expert in #SEO means you have to keep track of #Google's updates and algorithms. So, How can you do that? 🧐

A #thread on the #updates to Google's algorithm & how to track them 🔍

#searchengineoptimization #digitalmarketing #marketing #marketingtips Image
First, Google updates its search #Algorithm thousands of times a year. And these changes or updates can either help or hurt you. Keeping #monitoring #tools to track is handy and smart! 😎
Why should you track it? 🔍
If you’re in the profession of optimizing websites and content for #SearchEngenes. It makes sense to keep track of big and important changes that could impact your SEO strategy and tactics. 👌🏻
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1. Hello all! @FantomFDN made a presentation on UN, for ITU (International Telecommunication Union), and this is just a guess but it was also probably about smart cities.

This is going to be a thread about how this can work in real life for traffic! Let's start!

$ftm Image
2. People living in big cities know that traffic is a huge problem. When there is an intersection, we put traffic signs/lights in order to avoid collusions.

In a 4-leg intersection, there are 32 conflict points. Image
3. The more conflict points there are, the more waiting time in signalized intersection.

But don't forget that traffic lights are just a communication language for the drivers, and the language has only 3 sentences.

🔴 Don't go
🟡 Almost Ready
🟢 You can go
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This is a plot of the daily reported #COVID19 (c)ases (light blue), (h)ospitalizations (light orange), and (f)atalities (light red) in #Switzerland. In addition, I plotted the cumulative numbers added up over 14 days for (c) and (f) and over 22 days for (h), corresp. dark colors.
What do we learn from the data? The second #COVID19 wave in #Switzerland has reached levels in all indicators (c,h,f) (somewhat) larger than the first wave. The peak daily reported (c)ases are a factor 8.5 times higher than in the first wave.
The peak reported (f)atalities and (h)ospitalizations per day are 1.5 and 1.25 times higher than in the first wave. Both likely have not reached their maximum yet. Also (h) data comes in with a delay of up to 7 days from the current date, while for (c) and (f) it is ~3 days.
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**October 6th marked 6 months since MAX GLOBAL #lockdown**. That was achieved on April 6 when 76% of global cities had #traffic congestion down 40% y/y or more. Now, only 8% of cities have congestion down 40%. (see thread - 6mo mark)
Charts: Side-by-Side Comparison - Top 30 Global Cities Most Depressed #Traffic Congestion. April 6 (Max lockdown) % Oct 6. Apr 6 (left): smoothed shows cities Manila & Kuala Lumpur top 2. The US had 7 cities in top 30. #India had 4. Other cities included: #Wuhan #Paris #Istanbul
Oct 6: smoothed data (right) US has 2 of the 3 top cities: #Honolulu #SanJose. #TelAviv is top city most depressed traffic congestion. #China cities make list, but has to do w/ Golden Week holiday.#Melbourne #Australia on list - has been a recent coronavirus hotspot
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"#Mumbaikars, train services on Central, Harbour lines have been suspended due to water logging following the heavy #rainfall yesterday. However, Western Railway is functioning as usual": tweets @mybmc

#MumbaiRains #Mumbai
@mybmc #MumbaiRains | Water logging at Bhendi Bazar, Gol Temple, Nana Chowk, Mumbai Central Junction, Bawla Compound, J J Junction, Hindmata, Kala Chowky, Sarthi Bar, Worli Sea Face: @mybmc

@mybmc #MumbaiRains | Intense to very intense rainfall is likely to continue in #Mumbai during next 2-3 hours, reports @Indiametdept

#Mumbai #rainfall #rains
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A thread to track vehicle collisions and major traffic incidents in Gloucestershire. Starting on 1st September 2020.…
Day 2: BREAKING: details coming in of a fresh incident that has completely closed the M5 -
Gloucestershire man dies in 'tragic' crash with van.
The 56-year-old was struck on the A420 in Oxfordshire.…
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#researchpaper #Traffic #Health: In his piece for @DeccanHerald, @cksaysso presents the findings of ISEC’s recent study which measures the impact of pollution on productivity in Bengaluru. 1/3…
Last year, we developed a replicable methodology to estimate the environmental and economic costs of road congestion in #Mumbai. We used half a billion @Uber data points to assign monetary values to additional carbon dioxide emissions from petrol- and diesel-fueled vehicles. 2/3 Image
The analysis was conducted by @VasantDhar, @hvpachisia ,@VaidehiTandel, @kadambari_shah and @jammastergirish. 3/3

Access our Interactive
Read the Paper: Image
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#ThursdayThoughts : Today marks 4 months since **MAX Global #Lockdown** (Thread). It was achieved on April 6 when 76% of global cities had #traffic congestion down 40% y/y or more. Now, only 12% of cities have congestion down 40%. #COVID__19 #pandemiclife #OOTT
*Side-by-Side Comparison*: Top 30 Global Cities w/ Most Depressed #Traffic Congestion. April 6 (Max lockdown) & today’s release. Apr 6th (left) Smoothed data showed #Philippines & #Malaysia cities top 2. US - 7 cities. #India - 4. #Wuhan #Paris #Istanbul #Moscow included. #OOTT
Now, (chart on right): #SaudiArabia is in focus w/ 2 cities in top 3: #Riyadh & #Jeddah . #Cairo is top in smoothed data. #Honolulu (US) is still in the top. US has 15 cities included now. #Manila & #kualalumpur still included. #COVID__19 #SocialDistancing #OOTT #Transportation
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Last Saturday, @souvikdg and @hallidude chatted about #TechnicalSEO on the #ContentWeb series. Here’s a summary of takeaways: thread (1/12)
@souvikdg @hallidude Everyone wants to rank high on Google. Rarely do people care to understand how things work. Most want a quick fix. Hence SEO is often sold like Snake Oil. It may work. It may not work. And sometimes it may seem to work and then you’re busted for trying out evil tricks. (2/12)
@souvikdg @hallidude #Search engines are #website #aggregators, just like the food delivery aggregators who try to list every restaurant around us. But they also want to ensure that customers have a good experience. So they’ll prefer to recommend restaurants that offer great food and service. (3/12)
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On why we need to increase investments in #roads: Our report, Infrastructure Priorities for Job Creation in India, finds that investing in roads has the largest impact on employment generation for agro-allied and services firms. ( (1/3) Image
The report also found that poor quality of roads are a major hindrance to businesses, as reported by 84% of industrial firms, 64.5% of services firms and 61.4% of agro-allied firms. (2/3) Image
Our working paper on Mumbai's #congestion finds that long commutes are eradicating the economic productivity of India's financial capital. Mumbaikars waste 11 days a year stuck in #traffic. Congestion also has high environmental costs. ( (3/3) Image
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Between 1993 & 2017, total freeway lane-miles in the 100 largest U.S. metro areas increased by 42% (31% more than the population growth of 32%). So, free-flow on highways resulted, right, DOTs? Wrong: congestion skyrocketed by 144% (4.5X higher than the population growth).

And yes: 42% is 31% higher than 32%. Errors with percentages, especially regarding #elections, are made constantly. OK, back to crushing the “building your way out of congestion” logic: #Nashville’s traffic delay increased by 329%, or ~5.5X the % increase in lane-miles added. 3/7
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As I journey back to #Lagos, the nightmare of #traffic dawn on me again. Trying to seek solution instead of complain, I noticed the major reoccurring cause of traffic is bottleneck across junctions/turning, our junctions/turning are not well planned. #FERMA @tundefashola @nitpng
I studied #URP & one of the fundamentals of #TransportationPlanning is to avoid reduce the number junctions/turning especially along major transport corridor hence the need for service lane.@tundefashola @nitpng @Gidi_Traffic @trafficbutter @EniadeYomi @Mz_dholarike @abiolanoble
Since it's almost impossible to have reduced turnings and service lane on all transport corridors, I strongly feel the need to expand the U-turning points should be considered. It's the highest causing factor for traffic. @tundefashola
@ferma @nitpng @Gidi_Traffic @trafficbutter
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