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@CGasparino @SBF_FTX @FoxBusiness #SBF opened #FTX Europe in Cyprus in 2014. Ukraine relationship started then?
#SBF opened #Innovatia in Cyprus in 2016
#SBF opened #ALAMEDARESEARCH in 2017
#SBF opened #WestRealmShires #FTX in almost every state in 3rd week March 2020. #JoeBiden became presumptive nominee April 8
@CGasparino @SBF_FTX @FoxBusiness #MindTheGap was founded in 2019 by Barbara Fried, Paul Brest & Graham Gottlieb. Graham Gottlieb helped Obama's 2008 & 2012 campaign and worked for US Aid....
"The company FTX, in its bankruptcy filing appears to have held tens-of-billions in American “military aid” to Ukraine."
@CGasparino @SBF_FTX @FoxBusiness "According to Turner, it seems that Ukraine was receiving money from the US, and then sent it to FTX, and FTX sent it to the same Democrats, who had originally voted to send it to Ukraine. "…
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1/🚨New Episode🚨
The Lipid Panel Reimagined: #MindtheGap Segment

How do you interpret the #lipidpanel to help inform patients' risk for #cardiovascular disease? Do you use #ApoB? 🧐

2/ Unfortunately, our patient is stuck in "bumper-to-bumper" #cholesterol traffic 🚗!

See traffic analogy to understand why ApoB can give us information that LDL-C may not:

#Mindblown! 🤯
3/ Overall, LOWER ⬇️ is better for both #LDL-C and #ApoB in terms of reducing #CV disease risk!

But #discordance between LDL-C vs. ApoB is actually quite common!

Take a look at the orange line to see how ApoB confers a higher CVD risk over time 👇
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@ArviPalanisamy presents his philosophy on the Future of #OBAnes Research in this final session of #OAA3DC2022: practical, aspirational, inspirational (skipping the queue to catch a train, @noolslucas & @OAAinfo) very accommodating in view of train/tube strikes affecting London)
#OBAnes research has plateaued, advancing in increments. A change in thinking is required. Several low hanging fruit, #MindTheGap between #OBAnes research and practice - implementation science something for future? #OAA3dc2022
One subject ripe for implementation science study is awareness. DREAMY study factors associated are known, awareness common (perhaps we’re losing a skill?) & linked to PTSD. #BridgeTheGap #OAA3DC2022
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The Land Gap report reveals that countries’ so called 'climate pledges' are dangerously over reliant on inequitable, and in fact, unsustainable tree planting plans. #MindTheGap

Read the #LandGapReport here:
In the current plan, 6 630 000* square kilometres would be monocultures of planted conifers (e.g. spruce or pine) or eucalyptus!

*This area is almost as large as all of Australia or the continental United States, and larger than all of Europe outside Russia.
"Current tree planting plans should be scrapped or rather reoriented. Mitigation actions should prioritise protecting and restoring the existing carbon stocks in ecosystems. The most important thing is to protect the remaining natural forests" #Landgapreport
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1/🚨New Episode🚨
Aspirin for Primary Prevention: #MindtheGap Segment

What do current ACC and USPSTF guidelines say about daily low-dose #aspirin for the primary prevention of #cardiovascular disease?

Sponsor: Image
2/Throwback to medical school pathophysiology!

Remember how the #atherosclerotic process takes place in blood vessels? 🫀

Now, where does #aspirin exert its effect during this cascade? 🤔 Image
3/What do the most recent #RCTs inform us about the use of aspirin for primary prevention ⁉️


#CoreIMJournalClub 📕 Image
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Photo 🧵 1/👇Some facts about the #cyber company NSO Group: the maker of #PegasusSpyware, from the research for our latest visual in partnership with @alhaq_org, @BisanResearch, and #MindTheGap Consortium.
2/NSO Group and #PegasusSpyware continued...
3/NSO Group and #PegasusSpyware continued...
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1/4آخر منشور لنا بالتعاون مع @alhaq_org و @BisanResearch و مجموعة #MindTheGap تشرح كيف أن التقنيات التي تدعم الفصل العنصري الإسرائيلي تنتشر مثل أثر الفراشة إلى الخارج لتؤثر على المجتمعات على بعد آلاف الكيلومترات عن فلسطين. Image
2/4 مكّنت هياكل الاستعمار الاستيطاني الإسرائيلي والاحتلال العسكري والفصل العنصري إسرائيل من بناء واحدة من أكبر #الصناعات_السيبرانية في العالم.
3/4 إن تصدير #برنامج_التجسس_بيغاسوس يعني أنه يتم تصدير التجربة الفلسطينية ل #المراقبة_الجماعية
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How Pegasus spyware is piloted on Palestinians and deployed globally. New visual on #apartheidtech and #pegasusspyware via @visualizingpal, @alhaq_org, @BisanResearch and #MindtheGap Consortium. Image
Pegasus sypware enables the Israeli dirty tech giant NSO full access to targeted devices and data without the user clicking any malware. The rise of dangerous technology like Pegasus spyware marks the exportation of Palestinian mass surveillance to global civil society.
Journalists and rights activists across the globe have all been targeted by Pegasus spyware. In response to the pilot of Pegasus spyware and its subsequent global expansion, Palestinians are calling for a ban on the trade of mass surveillance technology.
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The Israeli government + private companies like NSO Group are exporting the Palestinian experience of mass surveillance under apartheid, threatening civil society globally.

New visual on #PegasusSpyware via @visualizingpal, @alhaq_org, #MindTheGap Consortium, @BisanResearch.
Pegasus spyware is just the latest example of #ApartheidTech piloted on Palestinians and deployed globally. Palestinian civil society is calling for a ban on the trade of mass surveillance technology.
Learn more about how the Israeli military functions as an incubator for private cyber companies like NSO Group, the maker of #PegasusSpyware in this fact sheet:…
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1/ 🚨New Episode Alert🚨
Bringing you the latest edition of #MindTheGap: Hyperkalemia in CKD

Available on any podcast app:
Show Notes:
CME/MOC: Image
2/ Learn more about pseudohyperkalemia

Can there be pseudohyperkalemia if the lab doesn’t report it as #hemolyzed?!

What happens with whole blood collection that ⬇️ chances of pseudohyperkalemia?!

Sounds like you want to Keep listening right #MedTwitter ?... Image
3/ #MedTwitter, what have you learned in the past about restricting potassium in the diet in the context of CKD?

Talking with @sjoshimd, we discussed his approach, especially since high K foods have significant CV benefits, especially for those with CKD. Image
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1/🚨 New #MindtheGap Episode🚨

#MedTwitter, Can you use oral diabetes meds in the hospital? If so, which ones?!

🎶Listen on any podcast app!
Show Notes:
2/ What about DPP-4s?

Usually well tolerated because they ONLY release insulin with a glucose load

So we don’t have to be too concerned if the patient will be NPO!
3/ What about GLP-1s? They act similarly to DPP-4s.

When should we avoid GLP-1s?
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すべて集団でのアクションにつなげられものばかり。再エネに切り替えるとか電気を消すとか個人の生活を変えるのではなく、声をあげる、仲間と行動する、政治に関わるなど、システムを変えるための行動。大事なこと。 #MindTheGap
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I 100% endorse this point. It is pure tokenism for the media and politicians to acknowledge the climate and ecological crisis for a few hours, a day, at most a few days. Then to forget about, and to move on to relative trivia.
I see the way the media, politicians, vested interests and PR manipulators create bandwagons and whip up public concern and opinion. They hammer away, keeping an issue in the headlines for weeks, months, years. They produce a deluge of stories and headlines.
We never see them do this with the climate and ecological crisis ever. This is why we know they are insincere and disingenuous. Do they think we never notice this? They insult our intelligence. #MindTheGap
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My 123rd week on #ClimateStrike 🌍 Deeply sorrowed by floods in the north and wildfires in the south of Turkey. That's clearly the climate crisis manifesting itself across my country 🌏 #ClimateCrisisIsHere #FaceTheClimateEmergency #MindTheGap #UprootTheSystem #FridaysForFuture +
#İklimGrevi'nde 123. haftam 🌍 Ülkemizin kuzeyinde yaşanan sel felaketlerinde ve güneyinde devam eden orman yangınlarında kaybettiğimiz canlar için iki haftadır içimiz parçalanıyor. +
Sel ve yangınların ortaya çıkış sebepleri ne olursa olsun, sonuçlar iklim krizi yüzünden iyice büyüyüp kötüleşiyor. Bu felaketleri iklim krizinin ülkemizde kendini açıkça gösterişi olarak yorumlamak ve iklim politikamızı buna göre değiştirmek zorundayız. +
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1) We need to urgently develop a new simple and clear cut way of defining the climate and ecological crisis, and defining what measures are actually necessary to avert catastrophe. I make this request to all working scientists in this field, and indeed all concerned scientists.
2) Currently we have a serious problem where world leaders are playing a deceitful game of pretending they are trying address the climate and ecological crisis, when neither their acknowledgement of what the crisis is, and nor their measures are at all realistic #MindTheGap.
3) This is a convoluted version of the straw man logical fallacy, in which a dishonest person tries to win an argument, by misrepresenting the argument of their opponent and arguing against the misrepresentation as if that were the issue.
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1) I want to illustrate the problem here with this article from @RHarrabin who is supposedly the BBC "environment analyst". See the thread below.
2) In an otherwise good article, @RHarrabin bizarrely concludes.

"What do we imagine things will be like with a rise of 2C, which was until recently considered to be a relatively "safe" level of change? "…
3) If you understand the history of the 2C figure as regards to climate change, and how it was defined and explained, it is impossible to understand how any informed person thought it was a safe figure.…
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10 numbers that show gender pay gap in healthcare- a thread from a recent report
#gendergap #genderpaygap #healthcare

#womeninmedicine @WomenAs1 @DrToniyaSingh @Drroxmehran @DrJMieres @cardioPCImom @athenapoppa @mikevalentineMD @DickKovacs @DBelardoMD @JulieSilverMD
#1: The pay gap is widening: from 25.2% in 2019 to 28% in 2020: earning ~$116,000 less than men in medicine per year
#gendergap #genderpaygap #healthcare
#2: The gaps varied by specialty, where the widest pay gaps were for orthopedic surgery (an average pay gap of $122,677) and otolaryngology (an average pay gap of $108,905)
#womeninmedicine #genderpaygaps #mindthegap
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Emitted CO2 (excluding land use) vs captured CO2.
A must read for anyone with even a remote interest in future living conditions.

#MindTheGap between words and action, rhetoric and reality.
@KetanJ0 1/n…
"The IEA report assumes around a 3–4x scale up in the annual addition of renewables, by 2030, compared to 2020. But it assumes a 59x scale up in the annual additions of CCS capture capacity, by 2030."
"Not only is the gap between promise and reality much, much bigger compared to renewables, there is no evidence that its corporate proponents are much inclined to put effort into filling that gap, and plenty of evidence that they’ll continue stalling for as long as they can." 3/n
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1) In this mini thread, in responses to my tweet below, I lay out irrefutable proof, that 50 years ago, world leaders were well aware that our economies and societies had to radically change direction to avoid an ecological crisis in the future.
2) In an Orwellian re-invention of history world leaders, politicians and other establishment figures peddle the lie that we have only recently discovered the depth of the climate and ecological emergency, and that is why we have taken no action until now.
3) As the UN documents and conferences I link to in that mini-thread make crystal clear, our state of knowledge about the ecological crisis was well enough established 50 years ago, to understand that we had to radically change direction to avert a future crisis.
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What my thread is about here is the reality gap between how the physical and natural world described by science actually operates, and the convenient fiction narrative of the natural environment as imagined by classical economics sees the world. #MindTheGap
@GretaThunberg is accurately and pertinently highlighting the reality gap between the climate action pledged by politicians, and the action the science tells us we need to take to avert dangerous climate change and ecological catastrophe. #MindTheGap
However, the problem goes much, much deeper than this. Politicians, economists, business leaders and a large proportion of the public have a totally false view of the world in which we live. The reality gap is much bigger than just the pledged action. #MindTheGap
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1/ You've surely seen constant recent messaging & articles imploring you to improve quality of both #mask fit & filtration, in part b/c of worrying COVID variants.

Good news that the #CDC is catching up w/ those messaging efforts w/ updated guidance today.

Short 🧵 of links.
2/ Another good summary thread of the CDC changes; by @AbraarKaran, who has been among ardent supporters lobbying hard for #bettermasks:
3/ One good example summarizing the new #CDC guidance changes on masks, w/ helpful infographics, interviews, and short video w/ CDC chief Dr. Walensky.

By @bylenasun & @FenitN…
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We schalen niet op, dus onvoldoende capaciteit, dus zullen we straks nog meer tests nodig hebben. De logica van neoliberale 'efficiëntie': vooral niets op de plank willen hebben.
#testcapaciteit #neoliberalisme 1/
De aanname dat het leven voorspelbaar zal zijn, en beter zal worden. Zonder daar veel voor te hoeven doen. Wat waarschijnlijk voor een groot deel van de voorstanders ook altijd zo is geweest.
De ironie, degenen die pleiten voor weinig steun & zorg vanuit de overheid vanuit het idee dat mensen consequenties moeten ervaren van eigen handelen, zijn vaak degenen die zelf nooit met die consequenties geconfronteerd worden.
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🧐¿Por qué siguen apareciendo casos de abusos empresariales, mientras la justicia no llega a las víctimas?

🔎¿Qué estrategias usan las empresas para evadir la rendición de cuentas por violaciones a los #DDHH?

Descúbrelo en:
👉 El proyecto es un esfuerzo de investigación global sobre impunidad corporativa, liderado por @SOMO, con la participación de PODER, @conectas @acidhcd @afrewatch @alhaq_org @Cividep @ECCJcorpjust @Inkrispena y más.💥
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