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(1) As a fan of Ms. Marvel/ Kamala Khan from the comics to the animation to the video game to now watching the show; I’m just not a fan. They’ve fundamentally changed her character’s personality & turned who cool ability to rainbow sparkles. #MsMarvel
(2) The diversity & cultural representation is great. The casting is generally great minus random White dude who has to be her best friend cuz the show can’t be all brown leads (🙃). I know it’s main actress’ first acting gig, but I wish she embodied Kamala’s personality more.
(3) Kamala & Peter Parker have always been cut from the same cloth. Super enthusiastic, eager, nerdy, & socially awkward & yet extremely endearing. I don’t get any of these traits from the MCU Kamala. Kate Bishop actually acts more like Kamala on every other medium.
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- a thread
Thread ini ditujukan untuk netizen Indonesia serta fans Marvel Indonesia yang meributkan representasi Islam dalam series #MsMarvel . Tujuan saya membuat thread ini untuk meluruskan kesalahpahaman sekaligus membagi ilmu yang saya ketahui mengenai Asia Selatan serta Mazhab Hanafi.
Mari kita mulai dengan permasalahan pada episode 2.
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A whole new young generation of Pakistanis and Indians who are ignorant about the bloody history of partition will be learning about that when watching #MsMarvel

But I will recommend not to stop there as it's a bad idea to learn history only from TV. Please read some books too ImageImageImageImage
This reminds me that I never got to ask my ancestors why they migrated from India to Pakistan. Now both my grandparents are long dead. And we don't talk about that part of our history in my more immediate family.
I myself have never been quite able to reach a conclusion (after breaking free of the BS we were taught in Pakistani textbooks as kids) on whether the partition was good or bad. Because that's a matter of perspective. It was good for many, but very bad for many others.
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“If you have lived like I have, lost what I have, you’ll learn to find beauty in the pieces.” #MsMarvel
#MsMarvel spoiler
Would've loved more time with Farhan Akhtar. His character dropped maybe 1 or 2 exposition bombs and then they just axed him omg. 😭
#MsMarvel got like three lil boyfriends, I love her ???
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I just watched this episode of #MsMarvel, where all I can see is a form of history erasure. This statement made by the 'Nani' of Kamala is very irresponsible, as it states that the Englishmen forced partition for India and Pakistan. Whereas here are the actual facts:
- The idea of a different state for Muslim Majority Pakistan and Hindi Majority India was made to protect the Muslim minority of the sub-continent.
- The British did not force partition, rather it was Jinnah and the Muslim League that asked for it.
- Partition was advocated because of a lot of reasons, which you can start to learn about in Iqbal’s Allahabad Address of 1930.
- Prior to this, muslims weren't given equal rights to their hindu counterparts, mainly as a way to incite division by the British.
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Ok, let's deep dive into the low viewership of #MsMarvel

• all of the other MCU D+ shows involved known characters other than Moon Knight which was driven by the star power of the lead and the villain

Ms Marvel has already started at a disadvantage in that respect
• considering that it's airing on the same day and time as Kenobi, I wonder as to what the decision behind this could be. Maybe they think this show isn't strong enough to retain viewers on the platform and as a result they can claim higher watch times when paired with kenobi
• Another cause of the low viewership is the lack of marketing to the appropriate audiences. This is a very layered show and I don't think the people who are doing the audience analysis understand the difference between Muslim, Islamic, South Asian & Pakistani
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⚡️ For each episode of #MsMarvel, we will be making a new thread with reviews from South Asian & Muslim writers.

Check out reviews of Episode 1, "Generation Why", here ⏬ Image
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19-year-old Iman Vellani of Markham, Ont., is making her acting debut as Marvel’s first Muslim superhero, #MsMarvel who is also known as Kamala Khan💥… Image
“It’s unreal … and now here I am promoting the show, and so many people are liking it and enjoying it and connecting to Kamala," said Vellani.

"It means so much that people are finally seeing what I saw when I picked up those comics for the first time.”… Image
“Film and TV shape how we see people in this world and so often Muslims have been either misrepresented or just played off as the diversity that they need for their screen," said Vellani.…
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➡️ Del 6 al 12 de junio ⬅️
🎥 Salas de Cine y Plataformas. 📺
Estas son nuestras recomendaciones:

🟣 Jurassic World: Dominion
🟣 La primera muerte
🟣 Peaky Blinders
🟣 Ms. Marvel
🟣 Para toda la humanidad

⬇️ ¡Tráileres y Sinopsis! ⬇️
🟣 Jurassic World: Dominion
➡️ [CINE] 9 de junio
➡️ 2h 26 min

Cuatro años después de la destrucción de Isla Nublar, los dinosaurios ahora viven y cazan libres por todo el mundo. ¿Los seres humanos seguirán siendo los depredadores máximos?
🟣 La primera muerte
➡️ [NETFLIX] 10 de junio
➡️ Temporada #01 - 8 episodios - 60 min

Cuando la vampira adolescente Juliette realiza su primera muerte, pone su mirada en una nueva chica en la ciudad llamada Calliope.
#LaPrimeraMuerte #FirstKill
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Marvel's first Muslim superhero is coming to our screens with the new series, Ms Marvel. Set to release on June 8, it follows Kamala Khan, a 16-year-old Pakistani American girl.

The poster for #MsMarvel is giving us Pakistani truck art vibes…

A thread on this artform…
1/ If you’ve spent time in Pakistan you’ve surely seen colorful, ornate trucks rumbling down roads & highways. In Pakistan, truck art is more than just cultural expression, it’s also a deeply rooted tradition. So what is the history & meaning behind these movings pieces of art?…
2/ Pakistani truck art has origins dating back to the 1920s, when Bedford trucks imported from England invaded the country’s streets.

In the late 1940s, when trucks began long-haul journeys, each company designed ornate logos so that people would understand who owned the truck…
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#MsMarvel is trending so as a Pakistani Muslim im gonna explain why this is so important to me
firstly the fact that we are getting a Muslim superhero is unexplainable. I never thought once in my life that my religion would be representing in cinema, especially in a huge franchise like Marvel
the islamophobia in the world is getting so unbearable to the point where I feel suffocated so many exposing the world to a good Muslim character would make people more accepting towards Muslims everywhere
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O ano de 2020 foi difícil para os fãs da @Marvel, sem nenhuma novidade lançada em quase um ano e meio. Porém, em 2021, o universo dos quadrinhos promete recuperar o tempo perdido e a Exitoína organizou um calendário de estreias para você acompanhar:
#WandaVision, que traz #ElizabethOlsen no papel de #WandaMaximoff, a #FeiticeiraEscarlate, chegou ao #DisneyPlus nesta sexta (15). Na trama, ela cria uma realidade paralela para viver a vida perfeita que desejou ao lado de #Visão (@Paul_Bettany), mas nada é tão simples assim.
Com @AnthonyMackie e #SebastianStan, "Falcão e o Soldado Invernal", chega ao #DisneyPlus no próximo dia 19 de março. Com intenção de ampliar o #MCU, os protagonistas procuram uma nova figura para assumir o escudo do Capitão América (@ChrisEvans), após o herói se aposentar.
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#MsMarvel comienza a rodarse en Noviembre, en la ciudad de Atlanta!!

La nueva serie de #MarvelStudios para #DisneyPlus saldría al aire a fines de 2021!!

#MarvelPodcast #Marvel Image
PEEEERO eso no es todo!!!!

Veríamos a #KamalaKhan debutar en otra serie antes que en la propia!!

Se viene el primer crossover de #Marvel #DisneyPlus !!!!
En qué serie te gustaría verla??
#MsMarvel #MarvelPodcast
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